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  • Sem Medo da Rejeição - Como Superei o Medo de...


    Jia Jiang tinha 30 anos, um bom emprego e um ótimo salário. Mas não estava feliz. Ainda adolescente, viera da China para os Estados Unidos com o sonho de se tornar o próximo Bill Gates, mas, conforme os anos foram passando, não teve coragem de se...

  • China Under Jiang Zemin

    Vários Autores

    An analysis of the evolution of China's leader, Jiang Zemin, taking as its starting point the pivotal 15th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It details the personalities and platforms that have been contending for control and the strategies...

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  • Photoacoustic Tomography


    The concept of photoacoustic tomography (PAT) emerged in the mid-1990s, and the field of PAT is now rapidly moving forward. Presenting the research of a well-respected pioneer and leading expert, Photoacoustic Tomography is a first-of-its-kind book...

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  • Strongly Irreducible Operators On Hilbert...

    Jiang,Chunlan; Wang,Zongyao

    Strongly Irreducible Operators On Hilbert Space

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  • Advanced Bioactive Inorganic Materials For...

    Wu,Chengtie; Chang,Jiang; Xiao,Yin

    Bioceramics play an important role in repairing and regenerating defective or damaged bone. Annually, more than 500,000 bone graft procedures are performed in the United States and approximately 2.2 million are conducted worldwide. Advanced Bioactive...

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  • Series In Medical Physics And Biomedical...

    Dawood,Mohammad; Jiang,Xiaoyi; Schafers,Klaus

    Written by an interdisciplinary team of medical doctors, computer scientists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, Correction Techniques in Emission Tomography presents various correction methods used in emission tomography to generate and...

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  • Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics - 67 -...

    Jiang,Qi; Xia,H Amy

    State-of-the-Art Methods for Drug Safety AssessmentResponding to the increased scrutiny of drug safety in recent years, Quantitative Evaluation of Safety in Drug Development: Design, Analysis and Reporting explains design, monitoring, analysis, and...

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  • The Tiger Prince

    Chen,Jiang Hong

    A magnificently illustrated Chinese folklore tale about a tigress, a seer, a King, and the prince, who must leave his family and learn the ways of the tigers so that the war between man and animal can end. Deep in the Great Forest, a tigress is...

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  • The Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Jiang H Jiehong

    The Chinese Cultural Revolution

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  • Second Language Processing - An Introduction

    Jiang, Nan

    Second Language Processing: An Introduction is the first textbook to offer a thorough introduction to the field of second language processing (SLP). The study of SLP seeks to illuminate the cognitive processes underlying the processing of a...

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  • Second Language Processing - An Introduction

    Jiang, Nan

    Second Language Processing: An Introduction is the first textbook to offer a thorough introduction to the field of second language processing (SLP). The study of SLP seeks to illuminate the cognitive processes underlying the processing of a...

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  • Red Scarf Girl


    I have never doubted what I was told: 'Heaven and earth are great, but greater still is the kindness of the Communist Part; father and mother are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao.'In 1966 Ji-li Jian was 12 years old. And oustanding student and...

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  • Cognitive Radio Networks - Efficient Resource...

    Jiang,Tao; Wang,Zhiqiang; Cao,Yang; Zhang,Zhijiang

    Resource allocation is an important issue in wireless communication networks. In recent decades, cognitive radio-based networks have garnered increased attention and have been well studied to overcome the problem of spectrum scarcity in future...

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  • Reforma e Construção da China


    A opção da China de um sistema social e um caminho de desenvolvimento, as políticas internas e externas que segue e as metas que identificou para o próximo século, estão baseadas tanto na realidade como na história. Estão em conformidade não somente...

  • Re-examining the Cold War

    Ross,Robert S. (edt); Changbin,Jiang (edt); Jiang,Changbin (edt); Jiang,Changmin

    Re-examining the Cold War

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  • East-Asian Archaeoastronomy

    Pankenier,David W.; Xu,Zhenoao; Jiang,Yaotiao

    East-Asian Archaeoastronomy

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  • Graphene Chemistry - Theoretical Perspectives

    Jiang, De-En; Chen, Zhongfang

    What are the chemical aspects of graphene as a novel 2D material and how do they relate to the molecular structure? This book addresses these important questions from a theoretical and computational standpoint. 'Graphene Chemistry: Theoretical...

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  • Red Scarf Girl - A Memoir Of The Cultural...


    Publishers Weekly Best Book * ALA Best Book for Young Adults * ALA Notable Children's Book * ALA Booklist Editors' ChoiceIn the tradition of The Diary of Anne Frank and I Am Malala, this is the incredible true story of one girl's courage and...

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  • Computational Intelligence In Medical Imaging

    Hassanien,Aboul Ella; Jiang,Jianmin; Schaefer,Gerald

    CI Techniques & Algorithms for a Variety of Medical Imaging SituationsDocuments recent advances and stimulates further researchA compilation of the latest trends in the field, Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques and Applications...

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  • Current Topics in Computational Molecular...

    Zhang,Michael Q.; Jiang,Tao; Xu,Ying

    Current Topics in Computational Molecular Biology

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  • Quality Strategy for Research and Development

    Shiu,M; Shiu,Ming-Li; Jiang,Jui-Chin; Tu,Mao-Hsiung; Shiu,Mingli

    Provides a clear, useful framework and methods for R&D, including robust technology development, product planning, and product design and development management 'Quality Strategy for Research and Development' integrates the Japanese and Western...

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  • Contemporary Chinese Print Media -...


    This book examines the transformations in form, genre, and content of contemporary Chinese print media. It describes and analyses the role of post-reform social stratification in the media, focusing particularly on how the changing practices and...

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  • Student Solutions Manual To Accompany...

    Jiang,Yue; Miao,Jianjun; Zhuo,Fan

    This manual includes solutions to the odd-numbered exercises in Economic Dynamics in Discrete Time. Some exercises are purely analytical, while others require numerical methods. Computer codes are provided for most problems. Many exercises ask the...

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  • The Clash Of Capitalisms? - Chinese Companies...


    Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States has generated intense debates. Some welcome it for the immediate benefits such as job creation; others view Chinese investments, especially those controlled by the Chinese government, as a...

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  • Fundamentals And Application Of Lithium-Ion...

    Jiang,Jiuchun; Zhang,Caiping; Jiang,San Ping

    'A theoretical and technical guide to the electric vehicle lithium-ion battery management system' Covers the timely topic of battery management systems for lithium batteries. After introducing the problem and basic background theory, it discusses...

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  • Chapman & Hall/CRC Big Data - Big Data -...

    Cuzzocrea,Alfredo; Li,Kuan-Ching; Jiang,Hai; Yang,Laurence T

    As today s organizations are capturing exponentially larger amounts of data than ever, now is the time for organizations to rethink how they digest that data. Through advanced algorithms and analytics techniques, organizations can harness this data,...

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  • Digital Signal Processing

    Tan,Li; Jiang,Jean

    Digital Signal Processing, Second Edition enables electrical engineers and technicians in the fields of biomedical, computer, and electronics engineering to master the essential fundamentals of DSP principles and practice. Many instructive worked...

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  • O Totem do Lobo


    Ganhador do Man Asian Literary Prize de 2007, 'O Totem do Lobo' é um poderoso instrumento de reflexão sobre a China moderna, seu futuro, seu passado e as cicatrizes que o tempo não apagou.

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  • Research On Energy Issues In China

    Zemin, Jiang

    China’s rapid economic expansion raises questions internally and externally about how it will acquire the energy it needs to sustain growth. Currently it is the largest producer and consumer of coal

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  • Digital Signal Processing - Fundamentals And...

    Tan,Li; Jiang,Jean

    Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications, Third Edition, not only introduces students to the fundamental principles of DSP, it also provides a working knowledge that they take with them into their engineering careers. Many...

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  • Wolf Totem


    Wolf Totem

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  • On the Development of China ’s Information...

    Zemin, Jiang

    In the early 1980’s, Jiang Zemin, then Minister of Electronics Ministry of China, assessed the IT industry as ‘the strategic high ground in international competition.’ He &quot

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  • Computing And Combinatorics

    Jiang,Tao; D.T. Lee

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third Annual International Computing and Combinatorics Conference, COCOON'97, held in Shanghai, China, in August 1997.The volume presents 53 revised full papers selected...

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  • Algae And Their Biotechnological Potential

    Jiang, Yuan; Feng Chen; Yue Jiang

    Algae are important organisms that include seaweeds and a number of single-celled and multicellular microscopic forms. Algae are ubiquitous; they inhabit almost everywhere including oceans, freshwater bodies, rocks,...

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  • Microforming Technology - Theory, Simulation...


    Microforming Technology: Theory, Simulation and Practice addresses all aspects of micromanufacturing technology, presenting detailed technical information and the latest research developments. The book covers fundamentals, theory, simulation models,...

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  • Membrane-Based Separations In Metallurgy -...

    Jiang,Lan Ying

    Membrane-Based Separation in Metallurgy: Principles and Applications begins with basic coverage of the basic principles of the topic and then explains how membrane technology helps in the development of new environmentally friendly and sustainable...

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  • China - Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, And...


    Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) play a crucial role in shaping China's development strategies. The development of China's economy creates strong pressures for continuous restructuring. China therefore explores how trade and FDI affect...

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