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  • Chefs - Pasta

    Andreotti,Carlos A.

    Chefs Pasta é o mais completo livro sobre massa, macarrão... enfim, pasta. Nele você encontra 150 receitas de 31 grandes chefs. Tem receitas modernas, inusitadas, caipiras, criativas, vegetarianas, doces, rápidas, sofisticadas, cada uma delas com...

  • Perfect Pasta


    Perfect Pasta

  • Pasta



  • Pizza And Pasta


    Pizza And Pasta

  • 100 Receitas de Macarrão - Col. L&pm Pocket


    Aqui estão as melhores e principais receitas de macarrão. No entanto, para gostar deste livro não é preciso gostar de cozinhar. Sílvio Lancellotti escreve como cozinha, e faz as duas coisas da mesma forma que fala: encantando seus convidados....

  • Encyclopedia of Pasta

    De Vita,Oretta Zanini; Fant,Maureen (trn)

    Encyclopedia of Pasta

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  • Everyday Pasta


    Everyday Pasta

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  • Perfect Pasta


    Perfect Pasta

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  • Rice Pasta Couscous


    At the heart of Mediterranean cuisine lies a trio of traditional staples: rice, pasta, and couscous. Join the author as he travels from Morocco to Syria to Italy to Spain, discovering such delectable treats as Classic Seven Vegetable Couscous and...

  • Perfect Pasta And Pizza


    Italian cuisine is known throughout the world for its hearty combination of ingredients and simple cooking techniques. Pizzas and pasta dishes epitomize this traditional approach to cooking, and they have become Italy's most popular culinary export.

  • Pasta



  • Pasta

    Antonio Carluccio

    At last, the ultimate book on pasta from the master of Italian cookery! Pasta's huge variety of shapes, textures and flavours makes it the perfect basis for every kind of meal, from sophisticated dinner parties to simple suppers at home. In his...

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  • Pasta



  • Pasta


    Introduces the various types of pasta and techniques for making and cooking pastas, and offers recipes for salads, vegetarian, fish, and meat dishes, and baked stuffed pasta specialties.

  • Pasta



  • Pasta

    Franco, Silvana


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  • 365 Recetas de Pasta


    Un plato para cada día del año, ya sea para cenar, comer o para ocasiones especiales u originales. Una introducción a la pasta: formas y tipos que existen, cómo se prepara y cómo se conserva. Con claras instrucciones paso a paso para preparar platos...

  • Flour+Water - Pasta


    An elevated guide to the craft of pasta-making by rising star chef Thomas McNaughton of San Francisco's hottest Italian restaurant, flour + water. From San Francisco’s wildly popular Italian restaurant, flour + water, comes this complete primer on...

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  • Low Fat Pasta


    Low Fat Pasta

  • Italian And Pasta

    Flame Tree Recipes; General Editor Gina Steer

    Fill your kitchen with the mouthwatering aromas of basil and parmesan and whisk yourself away to sunny Italian climes. From traditional Lasagne to Stuffed Squid with Romesco Sauce, from soups and starters right though to entertaining and those...

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  • Mini Cooking Pasta


    Mini Cooking Pasta

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  • Easy Kitchen - Pasta Sauces

    Ryland Peters And Small (NA)

    Pasta served with a sauce is surely one of the most popular fast foods enjoyed the world over. This collection of recipes includes classics, plus some newer ideas, all inspired by authentic Italian ingredients now available all over the globe. Some...

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  • 10 Anos De La Pasta Gialla


    O La Pasta está comemorando 10 anos. A data merece nossa comemoração e nosso orgulho. Quando o projeto foi idealizado, com a finalidade de propiciar a difusão da culinária italiana de alta qualidade para o Brasil, buscando em cada local pessoas...

  • Italian Cooking School - Pasta |

    The Silver Spoon Kitchen

    Making pasta at home has never been easier! The Silver Spoon Italian Cooking School: Pasta teaches everything you need to know about making pasta shapes and dishes. Each chapter starts with step-by-step instructions for a technique so the reader is...

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  • e-book

    Handmade Pasta Workshop& Cookbook

    Nicole Karr

    Master the Art of Crafting Pasta from Scratch Create your own pasta using simple and clear step-by-step instructions through 80 incredible recipes, each with its own photo. As more people look to create a restaurant experience at home, readers will...

  • Paulo Pasta - Pinturas


    O livro 'Paulo Pasta - Pinturas', organizado pelo crítico Tadeu Chiarelli, também curador da exposição, acompanha a mostra numa espécie de antologia que abrange quase vinte anos de produção de Paulo Pasta. Cerca de 40 trabalhos, em sua grande maioria...

  • The Silver Spoon - Pasta

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  • William-sonoma Collection - Pasta

    De Mane,Erica; Williams,Chuck; Caruso,Maren; Williams,Chuck

    Offers recipes for more than forty pasta dishes, including whole wheat penne with braised garlic and radicchio, linguine with clam sauce, and roasted-eggplant lasagne.

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  • El Libro De La Pasta

    Gómez Borrero,Paloma

    El libro de la pasta es algo más que una recopilación de 102 platos de pasta y 50 formas de preparar la pizza. Conocedora como pocas de las costumbres de los italianos. Paloma Gómez Borrero nos introduce en los secretos de la pasta y acompaña a cada...

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  • 500 Greatest Ever Pasta Recipes


    Valerie Ferguson uses wonderful combinations of ingredients to create both classic and new and exciting pasta dishes. This is a helpful cookbook for anyone seeking attractive and delicious food ideas that are simple and easy to cook and will make a...

  • Tuesday Night Is Pasta Night


    Tuesday Night Is Pasta Night

  • Williams-sonoma the Pasta Book

    Weldon Owen

    The book takes an up-to-date, comprehensive look at one of our most beloved foods in all its various guises, from spaghetti to soba to lasagna to dumplings. Filled with a vast array of dish types, the book covers fresh, dried, and filled pasta and a...

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  • Pasta - Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook

    Filippelli, Marina

    Pasta - Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook

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  • e-book

    Paleo Pasta - Gluten-Free Pasta Recipes for a...

    Rockridge Press

    Going Paleo shouldn'apos;t have to mean giving up pasta. Paleo Pasta offers delicious and easy gluten-free alternatives to consuming the traditional Italian staple. With simple recipes and easy-to-follow tips, you will be able to make your own Paleo...

  • Pasta - Every Way For Every Day

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Pasta - Every Way For Every Day

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  • e-book

    Vegetarian Pasta and Rice Dishes - A...

    Carton, Paul

    This vintage book contains a wonderful collection of innovative vegetarian recipes, all of which contain either pasta, or rice. From Ravioli and Gnocchi, to Macaroni á la Lyonnaise, this easy-to-digest and novice-friendly cookbook contains a wealth...

  • The Golden Book Of Pasta - Over 250 Great...


    With recipes for 250 delicious pasta dishes, The Golden Book of Pasta can justifiably be called the definitive cookbook for lovers of spaghetti, penne, linguini, fettuccine, ravioli, lasagna, and the many other pasta varieties. But this book offers...

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  • Lest's Cook - Italian & Pasta


    Full of mouthwatering, delicious dishes Italian e Pasta contains a sumptuous range of simple recipes. From light and refreshing summer starters to hearty family suppers there is a recipe for every occasion. This book will help you to develop all the...

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  • Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta


    Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta

  • Guia de Receitas para Apreciadores de Pizza e...


    Este 'Guia de Receitas Para Apreciadores de Pizza e Pasta' traz a você idéias inovadoras para deliciosos pratos de massas e pizza. Receitas simples para refeições rápidas ou mais elaboradas para ocasiões especiais.

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  • The Healthiest Diet On The Planet - Why The...

    MCDougall, John

    The bestselling author and internationally celebrated physician and expert on nutrition offers an appealing, approachable health solution--eat the foods you love to lose weight and get healthy.For years, we've been told that a healthy diet is heavy...

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  • e-book

    50 Great Pasta Sauces

    Johns,Pamela Sheldon

    50 Great Pasta Sauces has all the right ingredients to become a best-selling cookbook: everyday Italian recipes that can be prepared fast and affordably, illustrated with beautiful four-color photography.Living on a farm in Tuscany, Pamela Sheldon...

  • e-book

    Top 100 Pasta Dishes


    For most kids, mums and dads, pasta is the best food in the world! It'apos;s tasty and nutritious, easy, quick and economical to cook, and even better, comes in lots of fun shapes!Here is Annabel Karmel'apos;s ultimate collection of pasta dishes,...

  • e-book



    This friendly, accessible and stylish cookbook from a master chef will prove indispensable for all who love unfussy yet utterly delicious food. Simplicity is the keynote in this handsome recipe book, imbued with the flavours of the Italian...

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