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622 produtos
  • Edição antiga - Star Wars - A Guerra Nas...

    Mayhew,Mike; Beredo,Rain; Rinzler,J.W.

    Esta é a primeira parte da adaptação do primeiro esboço do roteiro original de George Lucas para o que viria a se tornar Star Wars. Mas esta galáxia distante de muito tempo atrás é diferente daquela que você viu nos filmes. Prepare-se para altas...

  • Acredite


    Talvez você ainda não saiba, mas tem muita energia guardada aí dentro. Isso mesmo: dentro de você existe o potencial para realizar todos os seus sonhos – e até para transformar o mundo! Mais que um guia bem-humorado com exercícios divertidos,...

  • Chuva!

    Mary França; Eliardo França

    Pela janela, Ana observa a chuva cair. Chove também em outros lugares. Na floresta, os pingos molham as árvores e o tico-tico que descansa sobre o galho. No campo, ela molha o boi no gramado e a careca do vovô. Ana sai para ver a chuva de perto e...

  • ¡lluvia!/ Rain! (Bilingual Board Book)


    From the Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator of Last Stop on Market Street, this bilingual board book is perfect for on-the-go storytime--rain or shine!

  • O Guarda-Chuva do Vovô - 2ª Ed. 2013


    O vovô era misterioso, um avô que “nunca saía do quarto”. Esse fato intrigava a neta, porque pairava um silêncio em torno do assunto. Assim são as nuances da relação entre esse avô, que está muito doente e morre, e sua neta. O elo que vai deixá-los...

  • audio livro

    A Chuva de Ouro


    Esta é a história de uma linda e dedicada jovem, que tinha uma irmã feia e preguiçosa, e uma madrasta que lhe mandava fazer sozinha todo o trabalho de casa. Certo dia, a bela moça entrou dentro de um poço e foi parar numa terra encantada, onde havia...

    R$ 29,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Midnight Rain


    Working undercover to find the evidence to convict an accused murderer, FBI agent Katie Cavanaugh finds her supposedly open-and-shut case complicated by her growing feelings for John Brighton, the prime suspect in the killing. Original.

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  • Sudden Rain


    A vivid, gripping, emotional, and addictive read, Sudden Rain is also a rare and valuable portrait of an era: the long-lost final manuscript of Maritta Wolff--the author who, at the age of twenty-two, published what Sinclair Lewis deemed 'the most...

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  • Stone Rain


    Metropolitan newspaper writer Zack Walker has a knack for stumbling onto deadly stories. But it's one that his good friend Trixie Snelling doesn't want told that's about to unleash a storm of trouble. As a professional dominatrix in the suburbs,...

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  • Wild Rain

    Feehan,Christine; Feehan,Christine

    Finding a safe haven in the rain forest from a relentless killer, Rachael, armed with a new identity, finds her peace shattered by Rio, an exotic native of the forest who harbors a dark secret that could plunge them both into a nightmarish realm of...

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  • Sudden Rain


    Follows the lives of five disaffected middle-class Los Angeles families in the early 1970s, from a long-time married couple that finds their traditional roles unsatisfying, to an unhappily married woman who stumbles into a fatal accident.

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  • Century Rain


    On an Earth of the far future, a planet left uninhabitable by the Nanocaust technological catastrophe, archaeologist Verity Auger is brought in to examine a wormhole leading to a mid-twentieth-century Earth, on which exists a deadly device capable of...

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  • Crystal Rain

    Buckell,Tobias S.

    Twenty-seven years after washing up on the shores with no memory of his past, John deBrun discovers that he retains an understanding about a mythical artifact and becomes Nanagada's only chance for survival against the fearsome Azteca.

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  • Tempo de Chuva




    Carlos Almeida, finalista do 1º Prêmio Saraiva na categoria Literatura Juvenil com este título, parte de sua experiência pessoal e profissional para criar textos breves e reflexivos.Ao misturar memórias, cenas cotidianas e acontecimentos fictícios,...

  • Sheltering Rain


    When twenty-one year old Joy meets handsome naval officer Edward at an ex-pat party in 1950s Hong Kong, the last thing she expects is to fall in love. Quickly wedded, she leaves to travel the world with her new husband. But she soon discovers that...

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  • Red Rain

    Stine,R. L.

    R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series, now sets his sights on adults with a terrifying new horror novel. When two mysterious orphans are adopted by travel writer Lea and her child psychologist husband, Mark, no one can...

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  • Desert Rain


    Holly She is a fragile innocent haunted by memories of her past and by dreams of the man who once shared her secrets...the only man she can ever truly love. Shannon One of the world’s great beauties, her face and figure grace the fashion pages...

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  • Firefly Rain


    When Jacob left home for a new life, he pretty much forgot all about Maryfield, North Carolina. But Maryfield never forgot him. Or forgave him. After a failed business venture in Boston, Jacob Logan comes back to the small Southern town of his...

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  • e-book

    River& Rain

    D.E. White

    Reserved redhead Rain is living a peaceful life with her only son, Phoenix. Memories haunt her at every turn. When her stunning ex-flame reenters her life, after abandoning her at her darkest moment, her world is turned upside down. River, the...

  • e-book

    Mango Rain

    Berta Isabel Arias

    Set in Cuba and Chicago, Mango Rain is a flawlessly told story of intrigue, love, separation and hope.  It is a family story.  The author’s descriptions of the luscious, tropical island are delicious. Readers will savor the flavor of the Cuba so few...

  • e-book

    Red Rain

    Stine,R L

    When Lea Sutter visits the Caribbean island of Chat Noir and witnesses a devastating earthquake, she is moved to adopt two beautiful, blue-eyed orphan twins, Daniel and Samuel, and take them home to America. But Lea'apos;s own children sense...

  • e-book

    Caspian Rain


    From the best-selling author of Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith, a stirring, lyrical tale that offers American readers unique insight into the inner workings of Iranian society.In the decade before the Islamic Revolution, Iran is a country on the...

  • e-book

    Come Rain, Come Shine


    1960. Clare Hamilton is returning home to Armagh to marry Andrew Hamilton, her childhood sweetheart. They plan to open Andrew's ancestral home, Drumsollen, as a guest house. Things start well, but when bookings decline, their business and plans are...

  • e-book

    Come Rain Or Shine


    There were four of them: young women, dressed decorously in black, employed at an exclusive jewellery store in the 1960s. Close friendships were forged as Natasha, Prudence, Rachel and Maisie worked together under the benevolent rule of the two...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Singing Rabbits

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Singing RabbitsA Short Storyby Jane DoeRoy Grey looked at the stripy map in his hands and felt ambivalent.He walked over to the window and reflected on his sunny surroundings. He had always loved idyllic Sludgeside with...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Bouncing Bears

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Bouncing BearsA Short Storyby AnonymousNaomi Greenway had always loved quiet Bangkok with its weary, watery waters. It was a place where she felt active.She was an energetic, considerate, cocoa drinker with grubby eyebrows...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Cooking Pigeons

    Andy Mor

    The Rain that Hammered like Cooking PigeonsA Short Storyby Writer UnknownAndy Williams had always loved hilly Moscow with its nervous, new nooks. It was a place where he felt calm.He was a virtuous, articulate, brandy drinker with wide abs and dirty...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Cooking Mice

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Cooking MiceA Short Storyby AnonymousRoger Pigeon looked at the ribbed rock in his hands and felt surprised.He walked over to the window and reflected on his sleepy surroundings. He had always loved snooty Philadelphia...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Boating Giraffes

    Andy Mor

    The Rain that Hammered like Boating GiraffesA Short Storyby Jane DoeForest Ball looked at the stripy teapot in his hands and felt relaxed.He walked over to the window and reflected on his cosy surroundings. He had always loved chilly Skegness with...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Loving Rats

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Loving RatsA Short Storyby Untitled writerJosh Johnson had always loved dirty Dallas with its rich, rabblesnatching rivers. It was a place where he felt sparkly.He was a stingy, articulate, wine drinker with grubby arms...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Running Mice

    Andy Mor

    The Rain that Hammered like Running MiceA Short Storyby John DoeAlison Torrance had always loved backward Camborne with its unpleasant, ugliest umbrellas. It was a place where she felt happy.She was a greedy, optimistic, brandy drinker with spiky...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Chatting Rabbits

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    Two Modest Uncles Thinking to the BeatA Short Storyby John DoeAlbert Plumb was thinking about Jeff Jolie again. Jeff was a brave author with brunette fingers and brown warts.Albert walked over to the window and reflected on his industrial...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Partying Kittens

    Andy Mor

    The Rain that Hammered like Partying KittensA Short Storyby AnonymousRachel England looked at the solid map in her hands and felt unstable.She walked over to the window and reflected on her urban surroundings. She had always loved wild Shanghai with...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Sleeping Foxes

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Sleeping FoxesA Short Storyby Mr PseudonymDick Bond was thinking about Gregory Donaldson again. Gregory was a modest animal with hairy thighs and brunette lips.Dick walked over to the window and reflected on his sunny...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Talking Foxes

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Talking FoxesA Short Storyby Mr PseudonymTristan Donaldson was thinking about Tom Clifford again. Tom was a remarkable banker with sloppy legs and ample fingernails.Tristan walked over to the window and reflected on his...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Eating Guppies

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Eating GuppiesA Short Storyby Jane DoeDoris Gump had always loved dull Moscow with its obedient, outrageous oceans. It was a place where she felt delighted.She was a sweet, rude, tea drinker with dirty legs and chubby...

  • e-book

    The Rain That Hammered Like Shouting Giraffes

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Rain that Hammered like Shouting GiraffesA Short Storyby Jane DoeKevin Wu had always loved sleepy San Diego with its talented, teeny-tiny tunnels. It was a place where he felt sneezy.He was a delightful, down to earth, cocoa drinker with fragile...

  • Big Rain Coming

    Germein,Katrina; Bancroft,Bronwyn (ilt)

    Though everyone eagerly awaits the rain, it is slow in coming.

    sob encomenda
  • Chuva Sobre Havana

    Travieso Serrano,Julio

    A capital de Cuba, que há mais de meio século tem presença permanente no imaginário do mundo inteiro, é retratada neste romance de Julio Travieso Serrano de forma impressionante. Aqui, um povo cuja vocação parece ser a da alegria, da música, do...

  • O Homem da Chuva


    Você conhece o homem da chuva? Ele vive nas nuvens. Salta de uma nuvem pra outra bem ligeiro. Ele abre e fecha a torneira das nuvens para fazer chover ou parar de chover. Mas às vezes ele dorme demais e então...acontecem coisas terríveis!

  • Chuva Antes de Cair


    Cultuado pelos leitores brasileiros, Jonathan Coe, retrata de modo comovente, neste novo romance, a natureza fugaz do amor e da felicidade, baseada no sólido legado transmitido de uma geração à outra. A derradeira tarefa da vida de Rosamond é...

  • Chuva de Sonhos - Col. Ibep Jr


    O que um menino de seis anos pode fazer num dia de chuva em que todos estão ocupados? André imagina ser vários bichos e, assim, transforma a realidade numa chuva de sonhos. Sua brincadeira acaba encantando a irmã mais velha e reforçando o...

  • Esperando A Chuva


    Não chove há muitos meses. A casa, o quintal e as ruas estão secos e empoeirados. A menina decide então esperar a chuva. Da porta de casa, acompanha o movimento da rua: o caminhão traz a lenha, o barril leva a água para os moradores, o costureiro...

  • Rain

    V.c. Andrews ,; Andrews, V.c.

    Sent to live with her real family after her sister's gang-related murder, Rain leaves the ghettos of Washington, D.C. for a world she does not understand

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