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  • A Treasury Of Irish Fairy And Folk Tales

    Barnes & Noble



    These lrish tales all are reprinted from nineteenth-century sources, but they date back to a centuries-old oral tradition of storytelling that had yet to be committed to the printed page. They were passed down through the ages virtually unaltered and...

  • The Little Mermaid And Other Fairy Tales...

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    This book collects 17 of Andersen's incomparable stories, among them 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Princess and the Pea', 'The Red Shoes', 'The Wild Swans' and his fantasy masterpiece, 'The Snow Queen'. The book is illustrated in full colour by W. Heath...

  • A Fada Que Tinha Idéias

    Almeida,Fernanda Lopes de



    As fadinhas aprendem que não se deve sair por aí inventando mágicas que não estejam no Livro das Fadas. Mas vai dizer isso a Clara Luz! Questionadora e criativa, ela quer ter idéias próprias, como transformar bule de café em passarinho, dar vida às...

  • Fairy Tail Zero


    Mavis morava com sua amiga Zera na Ilha Sírius… Uma garota inocente e leitora assídua, seu sonho era “encontrar as fadas”. No ano X686, caçadores de tesouro vão para a Ilha Sírius, e a partir desse encontro, Mavis viverá uma aventura inimaginável!...

  • Hans Christian Andersen - Classic Fairy Tales

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Andersen: Classic Fairy Tales is one of Collectible Editions classics. Each volume features authoritatitve texts by the world's greatest authors in an exquisitely designed bonded-leather binding, with distinctive gilt edging and an...

  • Fairy Tales From Around The World




    Fairy Tales from Around the World is a treasure trove of the world's best-loved fairy and folk tales. It features more than 100 fairy tales representing more than fifty nations, all selected from The Blue Fairy Book and eleven other collections...

  • Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

    Brothers Grimm

    With the words once upon a time, the Brothers Grimm transport readers to a timeless realm where witches, giants, princesses, kings, fairies, goblins and wizards fall in love, try to get rich, quarrel with their neighbours, have magical adventures of...

  • Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

    Grimm,Wilhelm; Brothers Grimm; Grimm,Jakob

    Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales collects more than two hundred tales set down by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early decades of the nineteenth century, among them some of the best-loved and most famous fairy tales in all literature: “Little Red Riding...

  • e-book

    Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

    Grimm,Jacob; Grimm,Wilhelm; Mondschein, Kenneth C.

    They are the stories we've known since we were children: Rapunzel—Hansel and Gretel—Cinderella—and Sleeping Beauty. But the works originally collected by the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800s are not necessarily the versions we heard before bedtime....

  • The Fairy Ring (Classic Reprint)

    Wiggin,Kate Douglas

    Excerpt from The Fairy Ring Sweet, unseen harpers harp and sing, Faint elfin horns the air repeat; Rapunzel shakes her shining braids. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • The Fairy-Craft Of Nature (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Fairy-Craft of Nature Lucilla. Oh mamma, how I wish you would tell me a story before I go to bed - but do let it be a story in which there are some fairies.' About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • Irish Fairy Tales - Edited With An...

    Yeats, William Butler

    Excerpt from Irish Fairy Tales: Edited With an Introduction AM often doubted when I say that the Irish peasantry still believe in fairies. People think I am merely trying to bring back a little of the old dead beautiful world of romance into this...

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  • Enchanted Fairy Forests - Make It, Wear It,...


    Creative kids can stretch their imaginations to the limit with this exciting craft and activity series. Who needs a smartphone or tablet when you've got paper? A wealth of craft ideas will have children folding, cutting, constructing, and customizing...

  • A Fada Sempre-viva e a Galinha-fada - Ed....


    A fada Sempre-Viva é original, diferente e muito criativa. Vive em uma casa encantada e se veste como uma vovozinha levada. Sabe fazer tudo o que uma boa fada sabe fazer: transformar abóboras em carruagens, sapos em príncipes, além de outros feitiços...

  • e-book

    The Complete Folk& Fairy Tales of the...

    Grimm,Wilhelm; Jacob Grimm

    This is the complete and authoritative edition of the folk and fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, with 212 tales, and including the tale of The Starving Children (which was removed after the 1819 edition).THE FOLK & FAIRY TALES OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM...

  • Sophie The Squirrel - Fairy Animals Of Misty...


    Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends!Sophie the Squirrel can't wait for the Misty Wood fair. She and her friends are going to perform a special dance. But when they try to practice, things keep going wrong. Sophie is upset--she's sure...

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  • Kylie The Kitten - Fairy Animals Of Misty...


    Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends!It's summertime in Misty Wood, and Kylie the Kitten is heading off to camp. She loves making new friends, but when it comes to swimming in Moonshine Pond, Kylie would rather keep to the shore. She's...

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  • The Water-Babies - A Fairy Tale For A...


    Excerpt from The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby One day a smart little groom rode into the court where Tom lived. Tom was just hiding behind a wall, to heave half a brick at his horse's legs, as is the custom of that country when they...

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  • Beauty And The Beast And Other Classic Fairy...

    Vários Autores



    Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic Fairy Tales features 101 stories in which beauties and beasts capture the charm and magic of the classic fairy tale. Chosen from The Blue Fairy Book and other fairy tale collections by Andrew Lang, the...

  • The Water-Babies - A Fairy Tale For A...


    Excerpt from The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby; The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children One day a smart little groom rode into the court where Tom lived. Tom was just hiding behind a wall, to heave half a brick at his horse's...

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  • e-book

    Chinese Fairy Tales

    Martens,Frederick H.

    A captivating collection of authentic Chinese fairy tales, based on legends, ghost stories, and myths. Stories include 'quot;The Flower-Elves,'quot; 'quot;The Dragon-Princess,'quot; 'quot;The Bird with Nine Heads,'quot; many others. 25 illustrations.

  • e-book

    Indian Fairy Tales


    Soils and national characters differ, but fairy tales are often the same in plot and incidents, if not in style. Most of the 27 tales in this volume of Indian fairy tales are known in the West in some form or other; how can we account for their...

  • e-book

    Forest Fairy Crafts

    Lenka Vodicka-Paredes; Asia Curie

    Invite your child to the magical world of crafting with Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie. This how-to book offers 28 enchanting projects perfect for budding sewists. Your child will design his or her own fairies and...

  • e-book

    Green Fairy Book


    This vintage volume contains Andrew Lang's 1892 work, 'The Green Fairy Book'. Lang wrote twelve coloured fairy books in total, each of which contain a lovely selection of fairy tales that can be enjoyed by all the family. In total the books comprise...

  • e-book

    American Fairy Tales

    L. Frank Baum

    A collection of wonderful American Fairy Tales, collected by L. Frank Baum: The Box of Robbers, Glass Dog, Queen of Quok, Girl Who Owned a Bear, Enchanted Types, Laughing Hippopotamus, Magic Bon Bons, Capture of Father Time, Wonderfull Pump, Dummy...

  • e-book

    American Fairy Tales

    L. Frank Baum

    As well as writing The Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum also wrote many other stories, such as this wonderful collection of fairy tales. Still as enjoyable today as when they were written, this wonderful collection will delight all readers, and has been...

  • e-book

    Japanese Fairy Tales

    Ozaki,Yei, Theodora

    The rich world of Japanese fantasy is very apparent in Japanese Fairy Tales, a compilation of twenty-two favorite stories from the land of the rising sun. A fantastic selection of ghouls, goblins and ogres; sea serpents and sea kings; kindly animals...

  • e-book

    Favorite Fairy Tales

    Brothers Grimm

    These 21 unabridged stories include such unforgettable classics as 'quot;Snow White,'quot; 'quot;Sleeping Beauty,'quot; 'quot;The Golden Goose,'quot; 'quot;Hansel and Gretel,'quot; 'quot;Little Red Riding Hood,'quot; 'quot;Rumpelstiltskin,'quot;...

  • e-book

    Japanese Fairy Tales


    These 38 Japanese tales and legends have been collected from many sources. Some of them have been selected from the Ko-ji-ki, or Record of Ancient Matters, which contains the mythology of Japan. Tales like GREEN WILLOW, THE FLUTE, THE SEA KING AND...

  • e-book

    Welsh Fairy Tales

    Griffis, William Elliot

    Long, long ago, there was a good saint named David, who taught the early Cymric or Welsh people better manners and many good things to eat and ways of enjoying themselves.

  • e-book

    American Fairy Tales

    Baum,L Frank

    As well as writing The Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum also wrote many other stories, such as this wonderful collection of fairy tales. Still as enjoyable today as when they were written, this wonderful collection will delight all readers, and has been...

  • e-book

    The Fairy Nightcaps

    Fanny, Aunt

    Here is the last Nightcap book, making six in all. The story of «The Three Little Fishes» was taken (but very much altered) from a clever book for grown folks, written, I believe, nearly two hundred years ago; but all the rest is true, «real true.»

  • e-book

    Little Fairy Gray Bean

    Ge Bing

    Little Gray Bean is a ugly fairy with a kind heart. So he tires very hard to prove his good intentions.

  • e-book

    The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker

    Baker,E. D.

    Cory is a young tooth fairy in training who wants to beanything but that, except there'apos;s no way the Tooth Fairy Guild or her mother will let that happen. After yet another bad night on the job, Cory quits to explore other things--like...

  • e-book

    The Fairy Without Wings


    Aluna Lilova is a fairy without wings. Join her on a magical journey through the enchanted lands of Pixie Meads on a quest to follow her heart and find her wings. Along the way she encounters a beast who has fallen through a hole in the sky and helps...

  • Prince Perindo's Wish - A Fairy Romance For...


    Excerpt from Prince Perindo's Wish: A Fairy Romance for Youths and Maidens I now come to facts which I am very reluctant to mention, but as they must be mentioned sooner or later, I shall trust to the clemency of my youthful readers, and break to...

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  • The Fairy Queen, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Fairy Queen, Vol. 2 Yet thould it be a pleafant tale to tell The diverfe ufage and demeanure daint, That each to Other made, as oft befell, For Amoret right fearful was and faint, Left the with cblame her honour thould attaint, '...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    A Fairy'apos;s Story

    Iris Baker

    It all began when 5 year old Claire asked her grandmother, Iris, to write a story about a fairy princess who does not know she is a fairy princess. Lili is a little fairy who has been chosen to be raised as a human so that she can help humans...

  • e-book

    Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales


    This volume contains eighty five fairy tales, stories, myths, legends, literary tales and comic tales collated by Sir George Douglas and was first published in 1901. In the days long before the advent of radio and television, the arrival of a...

  • e-book

    Chinese fairy tale - Hen grumbling

    Youjun Sun

    'quot;Little Hen Didi Gugu'quot; Introduction: When we talk the little hen Didi Gugu, we must talk the little hen Feng Touer first. Feng Touer and other little hen are living in the yard of an old granny. One day, Feng Touer laid a big egg in nest,...

  • e-book

    The Fairy With the Broken Wings

    Beverly Reedy

    This is an endearing little tale of a fairy who suffers badly in a storm and her wings are broken but with the aid of wise woodland creatures a little luck and a little magic she seeks and finds a cure.

  • e-book

    Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales


    A GREAT READ FOR ALL AGESIn this volume you will find 27 uniquely Slavonic and Cossack stories like The Story Of Unlucky Daniel, The Vampire And St Michael, The Tsar And The Angel, The Story Of Ivan And The Daughter Of The Sun and more not heard in...

  • e-book

    Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks

    Griffis,William Elliot

    Long ago, in Dutch Fairy Land, there lived a young mermaid who was very proud of her good looks. She was one of a family of mere or lake folks dwelling not far from the sea. Her home was a great pool of water that was half salt and half fresh, for it...

  • e-book

    The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

    Nesbit,Edith; Grimm,The Brothers

    The well-known Brothers Grimm are famous for writing the world's greatest fairy tales. This excellent collection has been specially formatted for today's e-readers, and with easy navigation to your favourite tales is an excellent addition to any...

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