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  • Eleanor & Park - Slim

    Rowell, Rainbow



    Eleanor & Park é engraçado, triste, sarcástico, sincero e, acima de tudo, geek. Os personagens que dão título ao livro são dois jovens vizinhos de dezesseis anos. Park, descendente de coreanos e apaixonado por música e quadrinhos, não chega...

  • Beyond The Rainbow - Col. Story Telling...


    In this story, the colors of the rainbow don't know how the Earth is. The colors get curious and wish to know the things that have the same colors as they do. So, they slide down from the skies and come to Earth

  • Carry On - Ascensão e Queda de Simon Snow

    Rowell, Rainbow



    Simon Snow é um bruxo que estuda numa escola de magia na Inglaterra. Profecias dizem que ele é o Escolhido. Você pode até estar pensando que já conhece uma história parecida. O que você não sabe é que Simon Snow é o pior escolhido que alguém já...

  • You Can't Win Them All, Rainbow Fish


    A brand new paperback title in the bestselling Rainbow Fish series! Everyone loses once in a while. But being a good sport when you lose isn't always easy--not even for Rainbow Fish. A lighthearted look at accepting loss without losing your sparkle!

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  • Shiny Rainbow Stars Stickers

    ; Publications,Dover; Dover Publications Inc

    See the stars twinkle in this collection of glittering heavenly bodies! Twenty large sticker images and 12 smaller ones (in varying shades of metallic blue, red, yellow, and green) will add a shiny, mirror-like touch to projects at home or school.

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  • The Rainbow

    Lawrence,D. H.

    The Rainbow tells the story of three generations of the Brangwen family and their struggles with each other and themselves. Beautiful, strange and with a power all its own, The Rainbow redefined the English novel. A new series of twenty distinctive,...

  • The Rainbow

    Lawrence, D H

    Banned in Britain for over a decade because of its frank treatment of sexual love, D. H. Lawrence's controversial story traces three generations of a farming family. Spanning the period from 1840 to 1905, the novel portrays the effects of Britain's...

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  • The Rainbow


    In 1915, Lawrence's frank representation of sexuality in The Rainbow caused a furore and the novel was seized by the police and banned almost as soon as it was published. Today it is recognised as one of the classic English novels of the twentieth...

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  • The Rainbow Fish

    Pfister, Marcus; James,J. Alison

    The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship

  • The Rainbow Hand

    Wong,Janet S.; Hewitson,Jennifer

    A collection of eighteen original poems about mothers and motherhood, including 'Mother's Heart,' 'Old Mother Chung,' and 'The Pilot'

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  • My Rainbow Castle

    Albee, Sarah

    This rainbow-colored, glitter-filled, castle-shaped board book with lift-the-flaps throughout is perfect for every little princess. Join the adventure as the Rainbow princess searches through her castle to find her lost kittens before the royal party...

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  • Reading Rainbow Books (Paperback) - Animal...

    Stadler,John; STADLER

    Reading Rainbow Books (Paperback) - Animal Cafe

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  • The Rainbow Party A Little Bit


    To celebrate the king’s birthday. his daughter Enid wants to give him a big party. But her magic cannot compete with the effects of light and colour produced by the witch Milena. so she will ask for some help from her terrestrial friends. Penelope...

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  • Eleanor & Park

    Rowell, Rainbow



    Eleanor & Park é engraçado, triste, sarcástico, sincero e, acima de tudo, geek. Os personagens que dão título ao livro são dois jovens vizinhos de dezesseis anos. Park, descendente de coreanos e apaixonado por música e quadrinhos, não chega...

  • Reading Rainbow Books (Paperback) -...


    One-hundred-and-eight-year-old Maebelle has a lot of hats. And every year she makes a hat for the town's annual hat contest. One-hundred-and-eight-year-old Maebelle has a lot of friends. And every year her friends fly south for the winter. But this...

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  • The Rainbow Cat - And Other Stories (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Rainbow Cat: And Other Stories The Rainbow Cat was sitting quietly at the door of his house one sunny day. He felt rather bored. Fairyland had been very quiet lately. I think it's time I set out on a voyage of adventure, he said...

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  • The Rainbow Trail


    The novel takes place ten years after events of Riders of the Purple Sage. The wall to Surprise Valley has broken, and Jane Withersteen is forced to choose between Lassiter's life and Fay Larkin's marriage to a Mormon. Both novels are notable for...

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  • The Rainbow Annals

    Grania Davis

    The Rainbow Annals

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  • The Rainbow - Oxford World's Classics

    Lawrence,D. H.

    The Rainbow chronicles the lives of three generations of the Brangwen family over a period of more than 60 years, setting them against the emergence of modern England. In her introduction to this edition Kate Flint illuminates Lawrence's aims and...

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  • e-book

    The Rainbow

    Deepa Kantamaneni

    Rainbow is a book for a contemplative reader. It is a book of shades of women's lives in a changing India. The stories are carefully crafted to be detailed yet precise. The reader will experience the Vibrancy of IndiaThe Heroines of my book can be...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Season


    Luke Turner has always been an outcast-known as 'bad blood' from his boyhood in a tarpaper shack, to his nights in a prison cell. Sarah McGowan's roots are deep in the Texas soil. But her secret, shameful love for her sister's husband has kept her...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Promise


    Beautiful Julia Dobson knew love years ago. And it had broken her heart. Now she is back in the little frontier town of her childhood, living in her brother Luke Turner'apos;s house, a stranger to the happiness he has with his wife, Sarah. For while...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow

    Lawrence,D. H.

    'The Rainbow' by D. H. Lawrence follows three generations of the Brangwen family, focusing on the sexual dynamics of, and relations between, the characters. Lawrence's frank treatment of sexual desire and the power plays within relationships as a...

  • e-book

    A Rainbow Together

    Danny Davies

    The socially turbulent summer of 1964 triggers a cyclone of upheaval. For both the nation and Davey Dodd, a sheltered 17-year-old from Kentucky. At the onset, he remains blissfully unaware of the radical changes about to come. He takes a job across...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow

    Lawrence,D. H.

    The novel covers the life-span of three generations. Lawrence delves deep into the psychology of his characters and comments on the qualities and their descent through generations. He discusses sexual dynamics and relations between characters of...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Soldier


    In this gripping drama, nineteen-year-old Joe Barley returns to England in the summer of 1984 having gone AWOL from the US Army. Desperate to start a new life and find peace of mind he moves to the picturesque Cotswold town of Westcombe where he...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Trail

    Zane Grey

    Ten years after events of 'Riders of the Purple Sage', the wall to Surprise Valley has broken and Jane Withersteen is forced to make a big decision.

  • e-book

    The Rainbow

    Lawrence,D. H.

    WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RACHEL CUSKSet between the 1840s and the early years of the twentieth century The Rainbow tells the story of three generations of the Brangwen family, ancient occupiers of Marsh Farm, Nottinghamshire. Through courting,...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Through The Rain


    The Brogdens were one of Chalywell's most important families. Old Jacob had started the family antique business when he was nine years old, going round the big houses and buying small items of bric-a-brac for pennies. Now Brogden's was famous for its...

  • Duckie's Rainbow


    Little hands can turn the graduated pages of this uniquely shaped book to help Duckie find her way home, and be greeted by a dazzling rainbow when she gets there.

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  • Weaving the Rainbow

    Lyon,George Ella; Anderson,Stephanie

    An artist raises sheep, shears them, cards and spins the wool, dyes it, and then weaves a colorful picture of the Kentucky pasture where her lambs were born.

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  • Dora's Rainbow Surprise

    Ricci, Christine; Hall, Susan

    Dora and her monkey companion, Boots, go on an adventure to find the end of a rainbow; pull tabs reveal the surprises they find along the way.

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  • Unweavng the Rainbow


    Keats complained that Newton's experiments with prisms had destroyed all the poetry of the rainbow. Not so, says Oxford biologist Dawkins (The Selfish Gene) who, in an eloquent if prickly defense of the scientific enterprise, calls on the 'two...

  • Capture The Rainbow

    Johansen, Iris

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a classic tale of excitement, risk, and romance, as two people make a connection so unexpected and so intimate, it may have consequences for a lifetime.Gorgeous Hollywood stunt double...

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  • Rainbow Boys


    Three high school seniors, a jock with a girlfriend and an alcoholic father, a closeted gay, and a flamboyant gay rights advocate, struggle with family issues, gay bashers, first sex, and conflicting feelings about each other.

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  • e-book

    The Rainbow Tree

    Oaj Saini

    Oaj is a 7 year old playful boy. He loves to play ice hockey, skateboard, build Legos, read, write, and, most important of all, goof around with his younger brother Rig. He wrote this story when he was 6 years old. His first book 'My Trip to Planet...

  • Rainbow High


    Follows three gay high school seniors as they struggle with issues of coming out, safe sex, homophobia, being in love, and college choices.

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  • Rainbow Colors

    Vários Autores

    Rainbow Colors

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  • Rainbow Road

    Louth,Jack; Sanchez,Alex

    While driving across the United States during the summer after high school graduation, three young gay men encounter various bisexual and homosexual people and make some decisions about their own relationships and lives.

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  • Rainbow Party


    As discussed on the Oprah show, a novel delves into what takes place at a Rainbow Party--an event where oral sex is performed by multiple girls on guys with the main goal of gaining a 'rainbow' in various shades of lipstick--following Ginger and her...

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  • Rainbow High


    The sequel to Rainbow Boys follows three gay high school seniors as they struggle with issues of coming out, safe sex, homophobia, being in love, and college choices.

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  • e-book

    The Rainbow Fairy


    A wicked witch captures the Rainbow Fairy, intending to exchange her for the unicorn’s powers, which would allow the witch to be able to fly unseen without her broomstick!Kate, a friend of the fairies, comes up with a scheme to defeat the wicked...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Necklace - An Australian Girl...

    Jacqueline Larsen

    When five girls are brought together by circumstance in the middle of thedry, hot, dusty outback, the last thing they expect is the start of a lifetime of adventures.In just a few hours, the day becomes one they will never forget. Friendships that...

  • e-book

    The Rainbow Serpent - A Kulipari Novel

    Naftali, Joel; Pryce,Trevor

    The fight to protect the Amphibilands rages on in the second book of this action-packed, illustrated series by former football pro Trevor Pryce. The spider queen and Lord Marmoo of the scorpions still have their eyes and fangs set on the vulnerable...

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