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  • Scholastic Reader - Level 2 - Ruby Bridges...


    In 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges walked through an angry crowd and into a school where she changed history. This is the true story of an extraordinary little girl who helped shape our country when she became the first African-American to attend an...

  • True Blood Omnibus 2

    Harris, Charlaine

    Blonde, bubbly Sookie Stackhouse loves her job as a cocktail waitress in Merlotte's, in her home town of Bon Temps. Sookie's cute, but it takes her a long time to make friends; perhaps that's not so surprising when you consider how few people...

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  • True Heroes Of Sport - Dominoes One - 2 ed.


    Full-colour readers with extensive Activities and Project Pages. Dominoes are suitable for students who need more support in their reading than is provided by traditional readers. The Activities and Projects can be used either in class or as...

  • True Colors Workbook 2A


    True Colors Workbook 2A

  • True Colors 2 - Workbook


    True Colors 2 - Workbook

  • True Colors 2b - Student Book / Workbook (...

    Maurer,Jay; Schoenberg,Irene E.

    'True Colors' surrounds students with the true voice of the native speaker and systematically teaches them to express themselves in their own words. Specifically written for EFL courses, recreating the English-speaking world for students who have...

  • The Hero Two Doors Down - Based On The True...


    Stephen Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing-the Dodgers. Steve and his father spend hours reading the sports pages and listening to games on the radio. Aside from an occasional...

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  • The True Christian Religion, Vol. 2 -...


    Excerpt from The True Christian Religion, Vol. 2: Containing the Universal Theology of the New Church, Foretold by the Lord in Daniel VII, 13, 14, and in Revelation XXI, 1, 2 About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • True Colors 4b - Senac Pack - Sb / Wb / 2...

    Maurer,Jay; Schoenberg,Irene E.

    'True Colors' surrounds students with the true voice of the native speaker and systematically teaches them to express themselves in their own words. Specifically written for EFL courses, recreating the English-speaking world for students who have...

  • e-book

    True Life Crime - Volume 2: From the pages of...

    Real People Magazine

    Murder...Crime...Weapons....Simply thinking of such things is enough to send shivers of terror into our hearts. Even the words are dark and scary. We all like to imagine that we are safe, that the world is a rational and reasonable place. But who...

  • e-book

    The Lightning Boys 2 - More True Tales from...


    The sequel to the best-selling The Lightning Boys, Lightning Boys 2 is a must-have companion and continues the theme of tales from pilots and other crew connected with this iconic aircraft, giving a rare insight into postwar fighter operations. In 20...

  • e-book

    Sisters - Heroic true-life stories from the...


    On 3 September 1939, the Prime Minister declared that Britain was at war with Nazi Germany.Thousands of young women, many of them barely out of school, were sent headlong into gruelling training regimes that would see them become wartime nurses....

  • Ten True Tales - 10 True Tales: World War II...


    Ten true stories of real-life heroes from World War II!Pfc. Jack Lucas -- just a teenager -- is on patrol on Iwo Jima when two grenades land at his feet. Can he save his comrades' lives? Lt. Col. James Rudder and his Rangers are climbing a...

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  • I Survived True Stories - 2 - Nature Attacks!

    Tarshis, Lauren

    REAL KIDS. REAL DISASTERS. The author of the New York Times bestselling I Survived series brings us more harrowing true stories of real kids up against terrible forces of nature. From fourteen-year-old lone survivor of the shark attacks of 1916, to...

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  • An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, &...

    Brunetti,Ivan (edt)

    An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories 2

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  • True Bookbiographies - Queen Elizabeth II

    Zeiger, Jennifer

    True Bookbiographies - Queen Elizabeth II

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  • e-book

    Fighter Pilots in World War II - True Stories...

    Bruce Halpenny

    This is the story of Allied fighter pilots and the part they played in all the principal operational theatres of World War II. It also tells of life on the wartime airfield and how ground crew kept the aircraft ready for action either in the bitter...

  • e-book

    Bomber Aircrew of World War II - True Stories...

    Bruce Halpenny

    Aircrew on a bomber in World War II experienced a cold, tiring and perilous existence. The RAF flew at night, when the human spirit is at its lowest ebb and for many it did not seem prudent to think further ahead than the target, and then hope for a...

  • e-book

    True Stories of the Perilous Straits - The...


    Gripping stories during the Age of Sail from the time of Spanish navigators of the 16th century to the end of the Second Seminole War in 1842. Many died in shipwrecks and attacks by natives and pirates as they attempted to navigate the 110-mile sea...

  • e-book

    The Rescue - A True Story of Courage and...

    Smith,Steven Trent

    Praise for The Rescue'quot;Steven Trent Smith grapples boldly with several big subjects: the Japanese occupation of the Philippines; the capture of Japan'apos;s 'apos;Z Plan'apos; (the decisive-battle strategy for destroying the U.S. Pacific Fleet);...

  • e-book

    Operation Mincemeat - The True Spy Story that...



  • e-book

    Princess Ponies 2 - A Dream Come True

    Chloe Ryder

    On an enchanted island, far, far away, princess ponies can talk and play. Eight golden horseshoes give the ponies their magic, but when the shoes go missing from the castle, only a true pony lover can save the princesses and their home.A Dream Come...

  • e-book

    Hey Ranger 2 - More True Tales of Humor&...


    In this sequel to the wildly successfulHey Ranger: True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America'apos;s National Parks, former ranger Jim Burnett casts his net globally in search of the most outrageous and humorous stories of man in his eternal...

  • True To The Life, Vol. 2 Of 3 (Classic...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from True to the Life, Vol. 2 of 3 Thank you, my man. I am going to Creek Side; if that is your way, you may jump up, and I will give you a ride. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • e-book

    Bloodhound in Blue - The True Tales of Police...

    Russ,Adam David

    He was born in rural Missouri, and it was immediately clear that he was different from the rest. He caught his first criminal when he was just two years old. By his sixth birthday, he had located burglars, rapists, drug dealers, missing children, and...

  • It May Be True, Vol. 2 Of 3 - A Novel...

    Wood,Mrs Henry

    Excerpt from It May Be True, Vol. 2 of 3: A Novel IT was just sunset as Matthew the pikeman went out to receive toll from some one passing, or rather coming quickly up to the gate. It was market day at Brampton, so Matthew had to keep his ears open,...

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  • A True Account And Declaration Of The Horrid...

    Sprat, Thomas

    Excerpt from A True Account and Declaration of the Horrid Conspiracy to Assassinate the Late King Charles II. At the Rye-House, Vol. 1: As It Was Ordered to Be Published by His Late Majesty Appoint Thomas Newcomb to be One ty' Our Printers to Print...

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  • The True Notion Of Government - Shewing, I....

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from The True Notion of Government: Shewing, I. The Original of Government; II. The Several Forms of Government; III. The Obligations Betwixt Governours and Governed; In Vindication of Kingly-Prerogative Irfi, for the Original of Government,...

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  • True To the Game II : Gena's Story


    A sequel to True to the Game takes place in the aftermath of Quadir's death, during which Gena falls in love with a man who she does not realize is Quadir's former arch-rival, Jerrall Jackson. Original.

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  • It Can't Be True 2!

    DK Publishing; Dk Publishing

    With It Can't Be True 2! you will never see your jar of honey the same way again once you realise that it took 1,308 honey bees to make it. Or notice a small snail in your garden without thinking of the gargantuan Giant Ghana Snail with its 30cm long...

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  • audio livro

    True 2 You Radio


    We are a collaborative network dedicated to bringing you inspirational stories and ideas from some of todays most exceptional thought leaders.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Torquay Christian Fellowship - True2Life...


    Torquay Christian Fellowship is a contemporary church on Australias Surf Coast in Victoria. This podcast of weekly preaching, teaching, messages, sermons and services is available free. If you like what you hear please email us at...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Barksdale'apos;s Charge - The True High Tide...

    Tucker,Phillip Thomas

    Barksdale's Charge describes the exact moment when the Confederacy reached its zenith, and the soldiers of the Northern states just barely succeeded in retaining their perfect Union.On the third day of Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee launched a magnificent...

  • e-book

    Raiders - World War Two True Stories

    Ross Kemp

    To the people of Great BritainWorld War II was the deadliest and bloodiest war in history. Never before or since have so many people made such a personal sacrifice in the line of duty.Raiders tells the extraordinary true stories of six of the most...

  • The History Of Religion, Vol. 2 Of 2 - A...

    Evelyn, John

    Excerpt from The History of Religion, Vol. 2 of 2: A Rational Account of the True Religion The True and Supernatural Religion, or Faith, de livered from Scripture, acquaints us, and requires us to believe, that the Great and Eternal God, exerting His...

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  • The Cure Of Deism, Vol. 2 Of 2 - Or, The...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from The Cure of Deism, Vol. 2 of 2: Or, the Mediatorial Scheme by Jesus Christ the Only True Religion About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This...

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  • e-book

    Europa 2 - The True Cost of War

    Andy N; Nick Armbrister

    This new ebook collection of work by Andy N and Nick Armbrister as well as a follow up to 2014's Europa is as much a sequel to their previous book but is also a different way of looking at real life stories featuring ordinary people and conflict with...

  • e-book

    Better than Fiction 2 - True adventures from...

    Cunningham,Sophie; Hyland,M J; Dave Eggers

    From Lonely Planet, the world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher, Better Than Fiction 2, the follow-up to 2012'apos;s Better Than Fiction, is a second serving of true travel stories told by some of the world'apos;s best fiction writers including...

  • The Principles Of Divine Service, Vol. 2 - An...


    Excerpt from The Principles of Divine Service, Vol. 2: An Enquiry Concerning the True Manner of Understanding and Using the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for the Administration of the Holy Communion in the English Church; Holy Communion...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Proof the Bible Is True - 2 Defeating the...


    This book is not to replace reading the bible. I will give references for you to gain more knowledge and proof of the validity of the Bible. I believe the original words written in the Bible are inerrant. I believe by having an idea of what chapter...

  • Savannah's Afterlife II - More True Tales Of...


    Paranormal investigator Ryan Dunn and his Savannah Ghost Research Society return with a new collection of investigations and ghostly hotspots in their second book on Savannah hauntings. Were people really forced into piracy at the Pirate's House? Why...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    True Dragon Gas Vol 2


    In the early Republic of China, Zhang Tianshi went down south with his son looking for the true Dragon gas, then led an unprecedented wonder. Yuan Du, the first physiognomist in early Republic of China, why did he live in seclusion in the southern...

  • 2 Good 2 B True


    When Raven informs her friends of the visions she had in which they did things they are normally too scared to do, they decide to do what Raven saw them doing in the visions, only to end up humiliated.

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    THE ABC of 1-2-3 - The True Story

    Billy Ritchie

    1-2-3 are now acknowledged as  having a major influence on what became of music in the 1970s. Yet the band disappeared without trace in history, only to surface decades later, in circumstances that Mojo Magazine described as "Archaeology". The man...

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