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  • After


    Depois de bater a marca de um bilhão de acessos na plataforma de leitura Wattpad, a série After vira livro e promete ser o novo fenômeno editorial. No primeiro livro, Tessa é uma garota de 18 anos que acaba de deixar a casa de sua mãe para ir morar...

  • Before - A História de Hardin Antes de Tessa...


    Antes de Tessa, Hardin era um jovem rude e sem esperanças. O que será que fez com que ele se tornasse esse badboy tão revoltado? E o que passava em sua cabeça naqueles primeiros momentos com Tessa, a menina irritantemente certinha de quem ele não...

  • After 2 - Depois da Verdade


    Depois de bater a marca de um bilhão de acessos na plataforma de leitura Wattpad, a série After vira o novo fenômeno editorial. No segundo livro, Tessa tenta esquecer Hardin, o jovem caótico e revoltado que partiu seu coração em vários pedaços. Mas...

  • After 3 - Depois do Desencontro


    Tessa passa pelo momento mais difícil de sua vida. Enquanto luta para crescer na carreira com a qual sempre sonhou, seu mundo é virado de ponta-cabeça: a inesperada aparição de seu pai e uma traição imperdoável a deixam mais fragilizada do que nunca....

  • After 5 - Depois Da Promessa

    Anna Todd

    Bem quando Hardin acreditava já ter enfrentado todos os fantasmas de seu passado, um terrível segredo sobre seus pais é revelado, despertando os seus piores demônios internos.Tessa sabe que só ela tem o poder de aliviar todos os sentimentos de raiva,...

  • After 4 - Depois da Esperança

    Anna Todd

    Depois de tantos obstáculos, Tessa e Hardin estão, enfim, mais maduros como casal. As dificuldades causadas pelo gênio forte dele e pela impulsividade dela ainda existem, mas eles já não conseguem negar o amor que sentem um pelo outro. Mesmo morando...

  • A Noiva do Capitão - Série Castles Ever After

    Dare, Tessa

    Madeline possui muitas habilidades preciosas: é uma excelente desenhista, escreve cartas como ninguém e tem uma criatividade fora do comum. Mas se tem algo em que ela nunca consegue obter sucesso, por mais que tente, é em se sentir confortável quando...

  • Ever After High - A Maior Injustiça de Todas...

    Hale, Shannon

    Após o Dia do Legado, quando os alunos de 'Ever After High' devem prometer seguir os passos de seus pais de contos de fadas, todo mundo está em crise! Raven Queen, filha da Rainha Má, colocou a história de todos em perigo.Para Apple White, filha da...

  • Ever After High - o Livro Das Lendas - Vol. 1

    Hale, Shannon

    Todo ano, no Dia do Legado, os alunos de Ever After High são convidados a assinar o Livro das Lendas, comprometendo-se assim a cumprir o respectivo destino, como a nova geração de Brancas de Neve, Príncipes Encantados e Rainhas Más. Todos acreditam...

  • e-book

    Ever After

    Wharton, William

    In August of 1988, heavy black smoke engulfed an Oregon highway, causing a massive 23-car pileup that claimed the lives of novelist William Wharton's 36-year-old daughter, her husband, and their two infant daughters. They'd been victims of field...

  • e-book

    Ever After


    She walked away from her fairytale wedding in search of her true happily ever after.She hadn'apos;t counted on it coming searching for her first.Eight months after canceling her wedding, Ava Callahan finally has her life in order and sees nothing but...

  • e-book

    Ever After

    Harrison, Kim

    Witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan needs to save the demonic realm of the Ever After in the eleventh entry in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series from supernatural adventure master Kim Harrison.When Rachel sets off a chain of...

  • e-book

    Forever After

    Gilbert M. Stack

    Middle class, average-Joe, Paul Steele dies minutes after a terrible argument with his wife-dies, but doesn't quite depart for the world beyond. Instead he wakes in the body of billionaire energy magnate, Griffon Knight, and no one-not even Paul's...

  • e-book

    Forever After


    THE PROTECTOR From the moment Heath Masters lays eyes on Meredith Kenyon, he knows there's something mysterious in this pretty woman's past. True, she seems like a good mother to her little daughter, but as local sheriff Heath has seen his share of...

  • e-book

    Ever After


    She walked away from her fairytale wedding in search of her true happily ever after.She hadn'apos;t counted on it coming searching for her first.Eight months after canceling her wedding, Ava Callahan finally has her life in order and sees nothing but...

  • e-book

    Chasing After

    Anahit Petrosyan

    When revenge tempts Leonardo Romano to action, he finds himself tangled with mysteries of the past in a web of secrets he can’t escape. Pride that once held him high has now left him disillusioned and alone. The past taunts him and the wind calls...

  • e-book

    Time After Time

    Marilynn Byerly

    Paranormal Romance: ALEXA WEST thinks she's found a man who loves her, but another man, JUSTIN LORD, woos her with an outlandish tale--they have loved and married for their last twelve reincarnations, and he will allow no other man to marry her in...

  • e-book

    Life After Life

    Atkinson, Kate

    WINNER OF THE COSTA NOVEL AWARDWhat if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?During a snowstorm in England in 1910, a baby is born and dies before she can take her first breath. During a snowstorm in...

  • e-book

    Jackie After O


    Former Boston Globe reporter Tina Cassidy delivers a remarkable account of one year in the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, America’s favorite first lady and an international icon. 1975 was a year of monumental changes for Jackie: it was the year...

  • e-book

    Tokermon After Dark

    Lucas DeRanged

    Get their stuff back, save an alternate dimension, defeat the demons, and with less then a pack of smokes.

  • e-book

    Life After Yes

    Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    'Music plays. Dad appears. I walk with him, eyes fastened to the floor. When I look up, something is very wrong. There are three grooms.'This is the story of Quinn—born Prudence Quinn O'Malley—a confused young Manhattan attorney who loses her father...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare After Theory

    Kastan, David Scott

    The most familiar assertion of Shakespeare scholarship is that he is our contemporary. Shakespeare After Theory provocatively argues that he is not, but what value he has for us must at least begin with a recognition of his distance from us.

  • e-book

    Night After Night

    Kathryn Smith

    Centuries ago, this magnificent chalice sealed my fate as a vampire, and now I am its protector. Many have hunted me for it, but only Vivian has accomplished the task. Strong, lovely, haunted . . . I am more attracted to her than I should be, yet her...

  • e-book

    London After Midnight

    Marie Coolidge-Rask

    The most successful of all the collaborations of director Tod Browning and legendary Lon Chaney, 'The Man of a Thousand Faces,' was LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, their long-lost silent 'Mystery-Thriller.' But now Marie Coolidge-Rask's novelization (based on...

  • e-book

    Life After Eternity

    Stefan J. Scheuermann

    In a state of exhaustion, the narrator comes home from work and is visited by two mysterious figures. These visitors take him on a journey to eventually witness every moment of every human life. The experience reveals truths about humanity and God....

  • e-book

    Told after Supper

    Jerome, J.k.

    I begin this way because it is the proper, orthodox, respectable way to begin, and I have been brought up in a proper, orthodox, respectable way, and taught to always do the proper, orthodox, respectable thing; and the habit clings to me.

  • e-book

    Mykonos After Midnight


    Mykonos holds tight to its past even as it transforms from an obscure, impoverished Aegean island into a tourist mecca and summertime playground for the world's rich. This process has made the Mykonian people some of the wealthiest in Greece. The old...

  • e-book

    Human After All


    In the future, corporations buy the life contracts of infants and raise them for specific careers. Jaymes, aka The Prince, is Erotic Bioware, Thoroughbred Class, trained to seduce and give pleasure in the highest tiers of society. But his latest...

  • e-book

    Told After Supper

    Jerome K. Jerome

    A Christmas-themed collection of ghost stories may seem like an odd idea, but English writer Jerome K. Jerome pulls it off in the engaging volume Told After Supper. Pull it out at your next holiday gathering, or read it any time you're craving some...

  • e-book

    Essays After Eighty


    From a former poet laureate, a new collection of essays delivering a gloriously unexpected view from the vantage point of very old age.

  • e-book

    The After House

    Mary, Roberts Rinehart

    Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958) was an American author of hundreds of short stories, poems, travelogues and special articles. Some of her very successful books and plays, such as 'The Bat' (1920) were adapted for movies. While many of her books...

  • e-book

    Soon After Rain

    Hoggard, James

    James Hoggard’s new collection of poems is an elegant, highly energetic volume that takes its readers through a wealth of settings, times, and forms. As versatile a poet as there is, Hoggard time and again turns his attention to forms like pantoum...

  • e-book

    Life After You


    'apos;He crashed on to the pillow next to me, heavy as a felled oak. I slapped His face and told Him to wake up. Our daughter, B, appeared in the doorway, woken up by the screaming - I must have been screaming but I don'apos;t remember - and she was...

  • e-book

    Told After Supper

    Klapka, Jerome
    (3373708) present you this new edition. I begin this way because it is the proper, orthodox, respectable way to begin, and I have been brought up in a proper, orthodox, respectable way, and taught to always do the proper, orthodox, respectable...

  • e-book

    Doyle After Death

    Shirley, John

    From award-winning author John Shirley comes an inventive whodunit featuring the master of mysteries, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.When Nicholas Fogg, an unsuccessful private investigator, dies on the job, he learns that the afterlife is not what he...

  • e-book

    Love After Fifth Avenue

    Jennifer Gresko

    Emmie thought she had it all when she left home. Rich boyfriend, penthouse apartment in the big apple, and all the makings of a fairy tale happy ending. That is, until her prince Charming pops the question and she runs out on him. Homeless and...

  • e-book

    And After the Fire

    Belfer, Lauren

    National Jewish Book Award Winner!The New York Times-bestselling author of A Fierce Radiance and City of Light returns with a new powerful and passionate novel—inspired by historical events—about two women, one European and one American, and the...

  • e-book

    Back After The Break

    Notaro, Anita

    Ever had your heart blown to smithereens? Ever wondered if happy-ever-after only happens to other people?Lindsay Davidson is not your usual angst-ridden thirty-something. She'apos;s got life sussed. She'apos;s just about to marry Paul Hayes - think...

  • e-book

    Look After Each Other

    Rice, Marilyn L

    Synopsis: Sofia Haslington is a 36-year-old mother and housewife kept under the thumb of her priggish, anal-retentive husband, Derek. Living by a second-to-second timetable and under strict rules enforced by her husband, Sofia decides to visit a...

  • e-book

    Miami After the War

    Jay Starre

    At nineteen, Danny Ramirez is the youngest of the tiling crew working the postwar construction boom on Miami'apos;s beachfront. When veteran Jake Tyler needs a roommate and asks if he'apos;s interested, Danny jumps at the chance. He'apos;s been hot...

  • e-book

    Forever After - A Dark Comedy

    Jester, David

    In the town of Brittleside, where evil and misery lurk in every crevice, even the local grim reaper has had enough.

  • e-book

    Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch


    Emma Cane's Valentine Valley series returns, as a teacher and her cowboy crush kindle sparks—and something more—in the town that lives up to its name . . . The only thing hotter than a cowboy . . . Math teacher Lyndsay De Luca never surprised...

  • e-book

    Coming After - Essays on Poetry


    Coming After gathers critical pieces by acclaimed poet Alice Notley, author of Mysteries of Small Houses and Disobedience. Notley explores the work of second-generation New York School poets and their allies: Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman, Joanne...

  • e-book

    Daddy After Dark - Capturing Pixie

    Chelle Mueller

    'Capturing Pixie' unveils an unprecedented window into a real life Dominant/submissive relationship between Chelle Mueller, a fiery retired computer engineer and Dr. John Martz, a mild mannered psychologist and the husband of her online friend. From...

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