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  • Arrow Vingança

    Oscar Balderrama

    Este é o primeiro romance tie-in baseado na série de Tv Arrow, grande sucesso da Warner Bros. Channel. Baseado no personagem da DC Comics, a série ARROW segue o bilionário Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell - Heartland, Private Practice) que, depois de...

  • Arrow - Heróis e Vilões


    Este livro é um guia completo sobre os personagens de “Arrow”, a série de TV de sucesso da Warner Bros.; são examinados seus alter egos, histórias pessoais e relações mais importantes. O conteúdo abrange figuras clássicas dos quadrinhos assim como...

  • Green Arrow- Year One

    Diggle, Andy

    The definitive tale of how Oliver Queen became Green Arrow.

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  • The Old Man And The Sea


    Set in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Havana, Hemingway's magnificent fable is the story of an old man, a young boy and a giant fish. It was The Old Man and the Sea that won for Hemingway the Nobel Prize for Literature. Here, in a perfectly crafted...

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  • Kit Arrow


    Arrow - Heróis e VilõesEste livro é um guia completo sobre os personagens de “Arrow”, a série de TV de sucesso da Warner Bros.; são examinados seus alter egos, histórias pessoais e relações mais importantes. O conteúdo abrange figuras clássicas dos...

    R$ 99,90
  • Grey - Fifty Shades Of Grey As Told By...

    James, E. L.; James, E L

    In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of reader around the world.CHRISTIAN GREY exercises control in all things; his world is...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 1 - Hunters Moon

    Grell, Mike

    Green Arrow takes on a child killer, gay bashing mobs, and Russian spies in this new collection of 1980s stories.

  • Ready Player One

    Cline, Ernest

    It's the year 2044, and the real world has become an ugly place. We're out of oil. We've wrecked the climate. Famine, poverty, and disease are widespread. Like most of humanity, Wade Watts escapes this depressing reality by spending his waking hours...

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  • Green Arrow Vol. 2 - Here There Be Dragons

    Grell, Mike

    Green Arrow travels to Alaska to investigate a gang's activities, only to end up injured by the mysterious Shado.

  • e-book

    Time'apos;s Arrow

    Clare Revell

    Joni Peterson is catapulted through time into a world both familiar and strange. Finding herself in Victorian England, she discovers love in the most unexpected place-at the feet of the man whose carriage knocked her down. Lord Sebastian Tyler needs...

  • Green Arrow- The Longbow Hunter

    Grell, Mike

    Legendary writer/artist Mike Grell (GREEN ARROW/GREEN LANTERN, WARLORD) puts a gritty, no-nonsense take on GREEN ARROW in this epic graphic novel that changed the character forever!

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  • e-book

    Deprived Moscow

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    Deprived MoscowA Short Storyby Mr PseudonymZoe Trescothik had always loved deprived Moscow with its old-fashioned, oily oceans. It was a place where she felt jumpy.She was a gracious, proud, wine drinker with short warts and spiky eyelashes. Her...

  • e-book

    Peculiar David Barlow

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    Peculiar David BarlowA Short Storyby Untitled writerVirginia Butterscotch looked at the warped sandwich in her hands and felt angry.She walked over to the window and reflected on her quiet surroundings. She had always loved beautiful Madrid with its...

  • e-book

    Energetic Kathy Smart

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    Energetic Kathy SmartA Short Storyby Writer UnknownGeorgina McCallister was thinking about Kathy Smart again. Kathy was an energetic wally with pointy arms and squat eyes.Georgina walked over to the window and reflected on her cosy surroundings. She...

  • Green Arrow By Kevin Smith

    Smith, Kevin

    The original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, reemerges after years of being assumed dead. But many people, including Black Canary, his ex-lover, Arsenal, his ex-partner, Connor Hawke, his son and temporary successor and Batman, the Dark Knight Detective,...

  • e-book

    Timed Arrow

    Y. L. Stray

    After his lover Patroclus dies in the war with Troy, Greek hero Achilles waits expectantly for a blissful reunion in the afterlife. But the arrow that kills Achilles is cursed by Apollo, preventing the warrior from entering the Elysian fields....

  • e-book

    Slow Arrow


    A fragmented debris of surrealism and hysteria. Written in the form of an anonymous diary, the narrator demonstrates a progression from crippling anxiety toward Buddhist awakening. Text is unconventional, manic, chaotic, tortured and relentless. ...

  • e-book

    Two Sympathetic Uncles Gyrating to the Beat

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    Two Sympathetic Uncles Gyrating to the BeatA Short Storyby Jane DoeZoe Sparrow was thinking about Helen Platt again. Helen was a special queen with brown fingers and curvy fingers.Zoe walked over to the window and reflected on her snooty...

  • e-book

    The Arrow of Sherwood

    Johnson, Lauren

    1193. A crusader returns to his home in Nottinghamshire, to find the land divided. England is torn between the land-owning Norman lords and their English subjects, the country crippled by years of taxation and the long absence of its king....

  • Green Arrow Vol.1 - The Death And Life Of...

    Benjamin Percy

    Green Arrow's life will be forever changed as he is betrayed by those closest to him! A budding relationship with Black Canary forces Ollie to confront the fact that he can't fight 'the man' if he is 'the man.' And one by one, his friends desert...

  • e-book

    An Arrow To The Heart


    An Arrow To The Heart is decidedly not a standard conventional love story à la Cupid's arrow! It's more like discovering too late that one's potential soul mate is equally attracted to a cat-a wildcat, to be precise- in the form of an 18 year-old...

  • e-book

    Vanishing Arrow - The Animal Shifter

    Pete King

    All it took was one day looking for the past to change his whole future.  Jaycob isn't your typical tribesman. Instead of hunting, he helps, but one day that helping almost costs him his life. With unexpected changes, Jaycob will find a whole new...

  • Flaming Arrow


    Beautiful and headstrong Valerie Ross rides off into the wilderness alone where she comes face to face with Flaming Arrow, a Native American warrior who hates her people for driving him from his home, and together they discover a love that transcends...

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  • e-book

    Broken Arrow War - Book 1 The Beginning

    Teresa Sewell; Rob LE

    In a mystical world where lycans and vampires rule, where magic, cruelty, and blood are part of everyday life, where if Good fails, the world is lost, the fate of the world rests in the hands of three people. These three are believed to be those from...

  • e-book

    The Arrow of Gold

    Joseph Conrad

    An entrancing story of adventure and love, Joseph Conrad's The Arrow of Gold (1919) is the tale of a sailor whose youth and passion are exploited by the Carlists. Having fallen for the charming Spanish beauty Dona Rita, the captain ensnares himself...

  • Arrow Vol. 1

    Guggenheim, Marc

    The first time in print for these digital-first adventures filling in the gaps in between episodes of the hit CW series ARROW.

  • Green Arrow Vol. 2 - Island Of Scars - Dc...

    Benjamin Percy

    A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! In a tale from happier but no less dangerous times, Green Arrow labors to train a new apprentice who's every bit as deadly as his fiercest villains: a teenage girl, that happens to be his half-sister! But before Emiko...

  • Go Set A Watchman

    Lee, Harper

    Go Set a Watchman is set during the mid-1950s and features many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later. Scout (Jean Louise Finch) has returned to Maycomb from New York to visit her father Atticus. She is forced to...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 5- The Outsiders War

    Lemire, Jeff

    Oliver Queen finally knows the location of the Outsiders' base, but first he must return to the place where Green Arrow was born- The Island!

  • The Magicians


    Quentin Coldwater's life is changed forever by an apparently chance encounter: when he turns up for his entrance interview to Princeton he finds his interviewer dead - but a strange envelope bearing Quentin's name leads him down a very different path...

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  • An Arrow's Flight


    An Arrow's Flight

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  • e-book

    The Hail That Pounded Like Chatting Rats

    R. S. Arrow Blackay

    The Hail that Pounded like Chatting RatsA Short Storyby Random WriterCuthbert Barker looked at the tattered torch in his hands and felt sad.He walked over to the window and reflected on his sunny surroundings. He had always loved picturesque Cape...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 3 - Rebirth

    Benjamin Percy

    Green Arrow Vol. 3 - Rebirth

  • e-book

    The Black Arrow


    The Black Arrow tells the story of Richard Shelton during the Wars of the Roses: how he becomes a knight, rescues his lady Joanna Sedley, and obtains justice for the murder of his father, Sir Harry Shelton.

  • e-book

    The Black Arrow

    Stevenson, R. L.; 1stWorld Library

    No one but myself knows what I have suffered, nor what my books have gained, by your unsleeping watchfulness and admirable pertinacity. And now here is a volume that goes into the world and lacks your imprimatur: a strange thing in our joint lives;...

  • e-book

    The Black Arrow

    Robert, Louis Stevenson
    (3374186) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. On a certain afternoon, in the late springtime, the bell upon Tunstall Moat House was heard ringing at an unaccustomed hour. Far and near, in the forest and in...

  • e-book

    The Black Arrow

    Robert, Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel 'The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses' has been enjoyed by readers around the world for over 120 years. Set during the Wars of the Roses, the story follows Richard 'Dick' Shelton, a young man who's father is...

  • e-book

    The Black Arrow

    Robert, Louis Stevenson

    In fifteenth-century England, when his father's murderer is revealed to be his guardian, seventeen-year-old Richard Shelton joins the fellowship of the Black Arrow in avenging the death, rescuing the woman he loves, and participating in the struggle...

  • Green Arrow- Salvation


    As Brightest Day concludes, Green Arrow will have to defend the Star City forest from friend and foe alike. All this leads up to the Emerald Archer discovering what the purpose of the forest is and who Earth's protector will be.

  • e-book

    R. S. Arrow-Blackay

    Andy Mor

    Rude Barry KhanA Short Storyby Writer UnknownBarry Khan had always loved derelict New York with its ill, immense igloos. It was a place where he felt sparkly.He was a rude, admirable, whiskey drinker with beautiful eyelashes and hairy lips. His...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 8 - The Hunt For The Red...

    Grell, Mike

    From legendary writer/artist Mike Grell comes the eighth volume of his iconic run on the Emerald Archer! Oliver Queen. Green Arrow. The Emerald Archer. Whatever name he goes by, the hooded protector of Seattle is a figure of hope and justice in the...

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  • Poseidon's Arrow

    Cussler, Dirk

    It's called Rapier. It is the biggest advance in naval technology in decades - an attack submarine capable of incredible underwater speeds. There is only one problem: A key element of the prototype has vanished, and the man who developed it is dead....

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  • Arrow of God


    Arrow of God

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  • e-book

    The Black Arrow - A Tale of the Two Roses

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    This book contains Robert Louis Stevenson's 1888 novel, 'The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses'. It is a historical adventure and romance novel set during the Wars of the Roses that tells the story of Richard Shelton and how he becomes a knight,...

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