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  • A Vida Secreta Das Árvores – o Que Elas...


    Da lista de mais vendidos do The New York Times, mais de 1 milhão de livros vendidos. “Peter Wohlleben tem encantado leitores e plateias com uma revelação há muito tempo conhecida pelos biólogos: as árvores da floresta são seres sociais.” – The New...

  • Plantas Alimentícias Não Convencionais-Panc...

    Lorenzi, Harri; Kinupp,Valdely Ferreira

    Livro inédito, resultado de 10 anos de trabalho dos autores Valdely Kinupp e Harri Lorenzi - dois dos maiores estudiosos de plantas no Brasil. Apresenta plantas nativas e exóticas (espontâneas e cultivadas no Brasil), consumidas no passado e ou em...

  • Diccionario de Botanica

    Quer, P. Font; FONT QUER ,P.

    Diccionario de Botanica

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  • Biologia Vegetal - 8ª Edição 2014

    Raven, Peter H.; Eichhorn,Susan E.; Evert,Ray F.

    A nova edição de Raven - Biologia Vegetal reflete o trabalho extensivo dos autores para trazer aos leitores os avanços que têm sido realizados em todas as áreas da Biologia Vegetal. Ocorreram progressos importantes na área da botânica que vão desde...

  • Fisiologia Vegetal - 5ª Ed. 2013

    Taiz, Lincoln; Zeiger, Eduardo

    Nesta nova edição, totalmente atualizada para corresponder aos principais avanços na área, Lincoln Taiz e Eduardo Zeiger mantêm o objetivo de reunir os principais especialistas de cada tema, pois, em uma área tão ampla e diversa com a fisiologia...

  • Orchids

    Dorling Kindersley

    Follow RHS show-how and know-how for orchids that look great all year round with the minimum time and effort. Inspirational and practical tips and step-by-steps will show you how to choose, grow and care for orchids in your home or garden, from...

  • Tropicalismo !

    Baggett, Pam

    Does your garden lack zing? Are your borders a bore? Spice them up with a touch of the tropics! Tropical plants bring sizzle to every garden. Bananas in Maine, cannas in Canada - these plants can be grown everywhere. Whether used in containers or...

  • Fungi



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  • Phycology

    Lee,Robert Edward


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  • Algae

    Hoek,C. Van Den; Mann,D. G.; Jahns,Hans Martin


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  • Vicious

    Coleman, Jon T.


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  • Diamond

    Lerner,Steve; Bullard,Robert D.


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  • Orquideas



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  • Water

    De Villiers, Marq


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  • Photosynthesis

    Rao,K. K.; Hall,D. O.


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  • Pond


    Observes how a glacial pond and the abundance of plants and animals that draw life from it change over the course of a year.

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  • Rainforest


    Covers the major rain forests of the world, looking at the plants and animals that inhabit each region.

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  • Fungi

    Dorling Kindersley


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  • Wildflowers

    Defilipps,Robert A.; Freund,Rudolf; Zim,Herbert Spencer; Latimer,Jonathan P.; Martin,Alexander C.; Nolting,Karen Stray; Freund,Rudolf


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  • Chamomile

    Schilcher,Heinz; Franke,Rolf


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  • Trees

    Dorling Kindersley


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  • Plastids

    Moller,S. G.


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  • Herbarium

    Stacey,Robyn; Hay,Ashley


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  • Snakes

    Whittley,Sarah; Scott,Peter D.


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  • Metacommunities

    Holt,Robert D.; Leibold,Mathew A.; Holyoak,Marcel (edt)


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  • Fallout



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  • Allelopathy


    A thorough revision and update of the first edition, this Second Edition is designed to create an awareness of the rapidly developing field of allelopathy. The author appraises existing knowledge in certain critical areas, such as roles of...

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  • Biogeochemistry

    Schlesinger,W.H.; Bernhardt,Emily

    Biogeochemistry —winner of a 2014 Textbook Excellence Award Texty) from the Text and Academic Authors Association—considers how the basic chemical conditions of the Earth, from atmosphere to soil to seawater, have been and are being affected by the...

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  • Sharks

    Gibson,Andrea; Carter,Robin


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  • Terpenoids

    "banthorpe, D.; Dey, P.; Harborne, J."

    The series, Methods in Plant Biochemistry, provides an authoritative reference on current techniques in the various fields of plant biochemical research. Each volume in the series will, under the expert guidance of a guest editor, deal with a...

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  • Stevia

    Kinghorn,A. Douglas


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  • Roses

    Mchoy, Peter

    A practical guide to identify abd growing roses, and using them in the home.

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  • Orchids



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  • Deserts

    Oldfield,Sara; Bruce Coleman Collection


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  • Botanica's Roses - The Encyclopedia of Roses


    This Encyclopedia of Roses is a comprehensive compendium presenting over 4,000 different garden roses along with the most important wild roses. This standard work, unique for its king on the subject is therefore not simply a must for all loversof...

  • Cultivo de Orquídeas

    Banks,David P .

    En esta obra encontrará un directorio con unas 150 especies e híbridos, con información detallada sobre su cultivo y sus necesidades de mantenimiento. Se incluyen instrucciones sobre compost y macetas, luz y calor, y cómo favorecer la floración. Con...

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  • Ecoligcal Economics

    Daly,Herman E.; Erickson, Jon D.; Farley,Joshua

    Ecoligcal Economics

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  • The Grand Design

    Hawking, Stephen; Mlodinow,Leonard

    Stephen Hawking's new book, 'The Grand Design' (written together with Leonard Mlodinow), is his first popular science book for about ten years. It seems to have created quite a stir in the non-scientific press, although in reality the book is very...

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  • Silent Spring

    Carson, Rachel; Gore,Albert (int)

    Discusses the reckless annihilation of fish and birds by the use of pesticides and warns of the possible genetic effects on humans.

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  • Patologia Vegetal


    Patologia Vegetal

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  • Pollination Power

    Angel, Heather

    From the wings of moths to the feet of hoverflies and the head feathers of nectar-seeking birds, the process of pollination is a natural marvel. How do the many annuals and perennials and shrubs and trees that populate the globe manage to lure the...

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  • Mushrooms & Toadstools


    The definitive field guide to mushrooms, toadstools, and other fungi. Mushrooms & Toadstools contains all the information you need to identify, forage for or avoid fungi from all around the world. Based on the best-selling The Mushroom Book...

  • Wild Flowers

    Dorling Kindersley

    Wild Flowers

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  • Plant Systematics


    Plant Systematics has made a substantial contribution to plant systematics courses at the upper-undergraduate and first year graduate level. This second edition continues to provide the basis for teaching an introduction to the morphology, evolution...

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