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  • e-book

    Box da Série Percy Jackson e Os Olimpianos -...




    Combinando mitologia grega e muita aventura, a saga de Percy Jackson, que aos doze anos descobre que é filho de Poseidon, conquistou jovens e adultos. Foram mais de 15 milhões de livros vendidos no mundo e quase um milhão no Brasil, além de uma...

  • e-book

    Fairy Friends Forever

    Kate Van Steenwyk

    Fairy Friends Forever is the brilliantly crafted contemporary fairy tale of Poppy and Pansy. When a fairy is cursed and isolated from all she knows and loves, what will she do? With whimsical charm and vivid illustrations, this premier installment by...

  • e-book

    Can I tell you about Bipolar Disorder? - A...

    Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

    Bipolar disorder affects 2% of people, but what exactly is it? This friendly guide shows readers aged 7+ who know someone with bipolar what the mental illness means, and how it makes people feel and behave. It is a reassuring, easy-to-read resource...

  • e-book

    Hachi& Friends

    Anastasia Omeron

    We can all learn from the innate dignity of our animal friends, and the Way of Hachi. I love sharing the story of the loyal dog of Japan, and hope he inspires people to 'be Hachi!' Vicki Shigekuni-Wong,producer of 'Hachi: a Dog's Tale.' If you happen...

  • e-book

    True Friends

    Moore,Stephanie Perry

    Carmen Browne is a ten-year-old African-American girl beginning fifth grade. With her family moving to a new city, Carmen is anguished to give up her friends and comfortable home. As her family adapts to a new location, Carmen learns that finding new...

  • e-book

    Filipino Friends

    Romulo,Liana; Dandan-Albano,Corazon

    Through the eyes of Sam, a Filipino-American boy visiting the Philippines for the very first time, children will learn about Philippine customs and language. Soft, whimsical watercolors labeled with English words and Filipino translations bring to...

  • e-book

    Tokyo Friends


    Katie is a young American girl living in present-day Tokyo. One day, as she walks her dog, she meets Keiko, a young Japanese girl, and her brother Kenji. Together they explore the city and its surroundings as they teach each other the customs of...

  • e-book

    Forbidden Friends


    An apparently sunny story with a dark centre, involving two girls on holiday with their families who strike up an instant friendship on the beach.

  • e-book

    Just Friends

    Mae McClellan

    Synopsis: Mrs. Chicken is looking for Mr. Chicken, but if she leaves the farm, the gate will lock and she won'apos;t be able to get back in. Mr. Lion is hungry and has to decide which one of his friends he will eat. The farm animals are in a contest...

  • e-book

    Best Friends

    Leonard,Marcia; Handelman,Dorothy

    These girls are not alike. They don't look alike. They don't act alike. But they are best friends.

  • e-book

    The Box People

    Kenny Peavy

    The Box People live in a very efficient and modern city. However, something seems to be missing from their daily routines and urban existence. Join the Box People as they rediscover their connection to Nature and how to live happy, fulfilling lives...

  • e-book

    Amigos: Friends Forever


    The world can present many obstacles—for people with a handicap, simply getting from place to place can be a major challenge. A dog named Pedro wants to explore the world but his lack of sight makes it too dangerous for him to dodge the whizzing cars...

  • e-book

    The Box of Demons

    Daniel Whelan

    Ben Robson can'apos;t remember a time before he had the box, with its three mischief-making demon occupants: smelly, cantankerous Orf, manically destructive Kartofel and fat, slobbering greedy-guts Djinn. When Ben was a kid it was fun, and he enjoyed...

  • e-book

    The Box of Delights


    A magical old man has asked Kay to protect the Box of Delights, a Box with which he can travel through time. But Kay is in danger: Abner Brown will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. The police don'apos;t believe Kay, so when his family and the...

  • e-book

    Secret Friends'apos; Stuff


    Friends, school, clothes. all your questions answered.A book about the importance of Friendship'apos;My best friend suddenly won'apos;t talk to me and I don'apos;t know why.Yesterday, a group of my so-called friends sniggered when I walked past. ...

  • e-book

    A Box of Hats

    Pat Reddekopp

    Nan is getting ready to go back to the hospital for more chemo treatments when a huge box of hats arrives in the mail! There are so many hats, she could wear a different one every day and still have some left over! Nan loves her hats, but will they...

  • e-book

    Samuel - Friends and Enemies

    Graaf,Anne de

    Volume 8 contains twenty-three stories taken from the first book of Samuel chapters 2 to 20. Samuel grows up and hears God'apos;s voice, appoints Saul as the first king of Israel, then later chooses the shepherd boy David. David kills the giant...

  • e-book

    A Box of Gargoyles


    Fans of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass will love Anne Nesbet’s middle-grade fantasy A Box of Gargoyles. In this sequel to The Cabinet of Earths, twelve-year-old Maya is feeling more at home in Paris, a city filled with old magic. Her little...

  • e-book

    Peanuts Friends Forever Special #1

    Cooper, Jason; Charles Schulz

    After five years and 39 issues, four original graphic novels, and a groundbreaking tribute book, we bid farewell to this incarnation of Peanuts comics with an oversized finale.Snoopy'apos;s Daisy Hill Farm is being torn down and Charlie Brown tries...

  • e-book

    Two Friends - Meg and Maggie

    Marisel Garvin

    Meg is the new girl in town and hopes to make new friends. Her first day at school starts out with a bang when she bumps into the girl that lives across the street. Will they become friends or foes? I guess only time can tell.

  • e-book

    Your Friends and Your Family

    Pete Michalski

    This title should have universal appeal for adolescents, who have to negotiate changing relationships with families and friends as they grow into young adulthood. Different chapters focus on how to handle general family disputes, nourish...

  • e-book

    Animal Friends - Floating Orange Cubes


    Beautifully illustrated by the students at St Dominic's Centre for Hearing Impaired children in NSW.When Abby question's her father Steve about his obsession with stockpiling fly spray, he sits her down and tells her the story that started it all....

  • e-book

    Best Friends and Drama Queens

    Meg Cabot

    Best Friends and Drama Queens is the third book in Meg Cabot'apos;s hilarious series for younger readers, Allie Finkle'apos;s Rules for Girls.Allie Finkle likes to live by her own rules, such as 'apos;Just because something is popular doesn'apos;t...

  • e-book

    Beast Friends Forever Book 2

    Evans,Vince; Evans,Nate

    The Swap-O Experiment Is On! Otto can use his cool 'swap-o' tricksy tricks to switch boring toys for awesome stuff from Triangle Island. Like a magic golden egg! Or buried pirate treasure! Or...banana barbarians? Zeke and Hannah want part of the...

  • e-book

    Beast Friends Forever Book 2

    Evans,Vince; Evans,Nate; Evans,Nate

    The Swap-O Experiment Is On! Otto can use his cool 'quot;swap-o'quot; tricksy tricks to switch boring toys for awesome stuff from Triangle Island. Like a magic golden egg! Or buried pirate treasure! Or...banana barbarians? Zeke and Hannah want part...

  • e-book

    Beast Friends Forever - Meet the Beast

    Evans,Vince; Evans,Nate; Evans,Nate

    Is there a monster living under your bed?

  • e-book

    Real Friends vs. the Other Kind

    Kindt,Matt; Fox,Annie Fox M., M.Ed.

    Real Friends vs. the Other Kind follows the story of six characters in middle school as they work to forge friendships while navigating tough social situations. This book offers insider information on making friends, resolving disputes, and dealing...

  • e-book

    Gossie& Friends Big Book of Adventures


    A jam-packed, nine-book bind-up of Gossie & Friends level one early readers! Includes Gossie, Gossie & Gertie, Ollie, Ollie the Stomper, Peedie, BooBoo, Gideon, Gideon & Otto, and Jasper & Joop, plus bonus downloadable audio of all nine stories!

  • e-book

    Good Friends Are Hard to Shake

    Kristen Maxwell

    Why would anyone want to ditch their friends?Iggy is an introverted inkapus and while he loves his new friends, sometimes he just needs a little break—something they don’t seem to understand. The more Iggy tries to be alone, the more they chase...

  • e-book

    New Friends - A Dinky Amigos Adventure

    Lisa Mullan

     “Our village is old and crumbly and will sadly soon fall down. We need to make lots more friends, to help us build another town.”Alina, Gina, Tristan and Crispin are the Dinky Amigos, off on an adventure to find some new friends and create a brand...

  • e-book

    Forsynthia& Friends - Animal ABC'apos;s

    Rachel A. DiNunzio

    Meet all of Forsynthia’s school friends by name in this Forsynthia Fits In companion book. Available in e-book, softcover, hardcover and in a free interactive version on the Radish Lane website. Please visit to enjoy this title.

  • e-book

    Best Friends Rock! - Heart Magazine (Book 4)


    Hit mag Heart Magazine is always at the centre of the goss when it comes to celebs, fashion and style but peppy Ellie is about to discover that it'apos;s not all glitz and glamour behind the scenes

  • e-book

    Super Cool Friends

    Shereece Sheryl Connolly-McLeish

    Three best friends, a little red car, a little brown leopard and a little yellow giraffe all woke up one day to find that their personal items were all missing.  Unsure of who took their stuff, the three friends embarked on a journey deep into the...

  • e-book

    Too Many Friends

    Kathryn Apel

    'At school I have lots of friends. I have so many friends that sometimes I don't know who to play with.' Tahnee wants everyone in her Year 2 class to get along and be happy. But what happens when all of Tahnee's friends want her attention at the same...

  • e-book

    Tappitidoo...New Friends

    Sue Boothroyd

    Hi, I'm Wigwag the Bunyip...Tappitidoo!And I'm here in this forest to welcome youCome and meet my fun loving friendsThey all have their own special message to sendThere's Miss Bilby and Corey the CockatooA grumpy old rock and a kangarooA very cheeky...

  • e-book

    Too Many Friends

    Kathryn Apel

    'At school I have lots of friends. I have so many friends that sometimes I don't know who to play with.' Tahnee wants everyone in her Year 2 class to get along and be happy. But what happens when all of Tahnee's friends want her attention at the same...

  • e-book

    Lio - Making Friends


    A curious young scientist and comic book fan, Lio is the defender of the defenseless and the inventor of a legion of zombie bunnies. Lio is joined in his day-to-day exploits by his exasperated and sleep-deprived father, a pet snake named Frank, a...

  • e-book

    The Tinder Box

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    'quot;Left, right! Left, right!'quot; A soldier is marching home from war when he meets a witch who says, 'quot;What a fine sword you have, and what a big knapsack! Now I'apos;ll show you how to fill your knapsack with as much money as you...

  • e-book

    Dublin and Friends

    Nina Ratcliffe

    Visit the Wonderful World of Dublin and FriendsIt has been a hard few years for Dublin, a misunderstood and grumpy horse that nobody likes. He has been left in the care of Bransby horses, a charity that takes in and rehomes horses, ponies and donkeys...

  • e-book

    Sparkly and Friends

    Jerry Chrunik

    Sparkly, the world's most intelligent bear, takes his animal friends on a backyard adventure, where they discover a myriad of activity. They explore different areas of the yard and come across interesting situations. Sparkly is blessed with wisdom...

  • e-book

    The Secret Box

    Whitaker Ringwald

    The Secret Box is a Junior Library Guild selection and the first in an irresistible middle grade series that will delight fans of Dan Gutman, Wendy Mass, and Trenton Lee Stewart.What starts as a fun quest to open a mysterious birthday present quickly...

  • e-book

    In Friends We Trust - Book 2 In the...


    How do your best friends convince you that being paralyzed doesn't mean you can't do anything anymore? Tanner Windsor is paralyzed from the waist down in a shooting accident. Bitter, mistrusting and angry at the world around him, young Tanner...

  • e-book

    Pocket Cats - Friends Forever


    Maddy has always wanted a cat, but now she'apos;s got something even better - three small ceramic cats which come to life and give her magical powers!When not one, not two, but ALL THREE Pocket Cats come to life, Maddy knows she'apos;s in for a big...

  • e-book

    Pretend Friends - A story about schizophrenia...

    Alice Hoyle

    Little Bea has a pretend friend, so does Big Jay. Their pretend friends are very different and people react very differently to them. Little Bea has lots of fun adventures with her pretend friend Nye Nye. Big Jay's pretend friends don't make him...

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