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  • Bibliocanto Livro Premium Acrimet Prata (par)


    Bibliocanto Premium Acrimet (par) suporte organizador de livros com base antiderrapante cor Prata.

  • Gravity Falls - Don't Color This Book! - It's...

    Cicierega, Emmy

    The Pines twins find themselves on a prismatic adventure when Dipper gets trapped in a magical coloring book. The only way out is for Mabel to color him to freedom with the help of a strange new friend named Chamelius Pendraggin. The more Mabel...

  • Capa de Livro - Coverup Book Cover - Black...


    Capa de Livro - Coverup Book Cover - Black Print

  • Livro Atas Capa Preta Sem Margem 100fls


    Livro Atas Capa Preta Sem Margem 100fls

  • e-book

    The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault...

    Charles Perrault

    CHARLES PERRAULT (12 January 1628 - 16 May 1703) was a French author and member of the Académie Française. He laid the foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale, with his works derived from pre-existing folk tales. The best known of his...

  • Full-Color Angel Vignettes

    Grafton,Carol Belanger

    Add visual excitement to almost any art or craft project with the heavenly figures in this royalty-free collection of graphics.Illustrator Carol Belanger Grafton has selected over 300 distinctive images of celestial creatures from rare vintage...

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  • Full-color Decorative Bird Illustrations -...

    Dover Staff

    These 455 colorful images of birds, drawn from rare Victorian-era publications, will help artists add a touch of natural beauty to any project. Shown in a tremendous variety of styles and sizes, the motifs include chicks emerging from eggshells,...

  • e-book

    The Color of Love

    Kiyo Ueda

    High schooler Nao is in love with his best friend, Taira, but is adamant about keeping his feelings secret. When Taira begins to notice a change in his friend, will Nao deny his feelings or accept them? Short, sweet, and always sexy, the Color of...

  • Full-Color Decorative Repeat Patterns


    This dazzling array of allover patterns, chosen for their appearance and practicality, encompasses a variety of appealing shapes and colors. Florals, leaves, paisleys, geometrics, stripes, and plaid designs appear in hues ranging from cream, melon,...

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  • e-book

    The Color Purple (Alice Walker)

    Sarah Joubert

    In this State Standards-aligned Literature Kit™, we divide the novel by chapters or sections and feature reading comprehension and vocabulary questions. In every chapter, we include Before You Read and After You Read questions. The Before You Read...

  • Full-Color Japanese Designs And Motifs

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    This rich array of exquisite designs includes all the most popular Japanese motifs. Ferocious dragons with scaly skins, cranes with wide-spread wings, as well as tigers, phoenixes, and peacocks abound; so do lush peonies and many other flowers,...

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  • e-book

    Understanding Color - An Introduction for...

    Holtzschue, Linda

    THE PERCEPTION, UNDERSTANDING, AND USES OF COLOR—EXPANDED AND REFRESHED Understanding Color is an essential resource for those needing to become proficient in color for business applications. The peerless treatment of this critical subject is...

  • e-book

    Full-Color Japanese Designs and Motifs


    Dragons, tigers, cranes, peacocks, and peonies abound in this collection of 130 authentic Japanese motifs. So do flowers, plants, and animals. Geometric, abstract, and allover patterns are also included.

  • Full-Color Angels CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    These heavenly figures, selected from rare publications, offer commercial artists, designers, and illustrators a rich assortment of versatile spots. Angels and cherubs are depicted in prayer, tending sheep, dancing around a Christmas tree, and...

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  • e-book

    Full-Color Picture Sourcebook of Historic...


    Classic sourcebook of spectacular design collages, all royalty-free, featuring over 1,500 decorative elements and motifs from major cultures in world history through the 19th century.

  • e-book

    The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky


    Sakae Sugiura working hard to become a teacher, gets an assistant teacher position at an elementary school. There he meets his old elementary school homeroom teacher, Ryuji Fukada. Fukada-Sensei was someone Sakae looked up to, someone who supported...

  • e-book

    Intuitive Color& Design - Adventures in Art...


    Think outside the block! Explore the art of creating quilts from the inside out-the results will amaze you.

  • e-book

    Intuitive Color& Design - Adventures in Art...


    In this updated edition of best-selling Intuitive Color & Design, Jean's workshop assignments get your creative juices flowing, giving you challenges to expand your quilting horizons. Start by learning to see line and color; study the nuts and bolts...

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  • Full-Color Nautical Vignettes CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover

    Add a maritime touch to a host of art and craft projects with images of sailors, ships, and other nautical motifs. More than 300 nostalgic graphics reproduced from rare 19th- and early-20th-century sources will add a seagoing flavor to your next...

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  • Full-Color Egyptian Ornament CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover

    Over 250 classic designs from repeating lotus blossoms and charioteers to portraits of Egyptian royalty, this splendid archive showcases the beauty and exotic appeal of ancient Egyptian art. Male and female figures, royalty, plants, animals,...

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  • Full-Color Victorian Vignettes CD-ROM And...

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    A wealth of useful, eye-catching graphics from portraits of lovely ladies and bearded gentlemen to lush florals and sentimental notes abound in this cornucopia of authentic, versatile motifs. Invaluable to commercial artists and designers, this...

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  • Magic Gold - Luxurious Designs To Color


    A new addition to the best-selling 'Color Magic' series! In 'Magic Gold' the cover has gorgeous gold foil incorporated into the design while the designs on every other page are outlined in gorgeous metallic gold--and are just waiting for your splash...

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  • e-book

    Line Color Form - The Language of Art and...

    Jesse Day

    Design students today are more visually literate than ever before, and their learning style naturally favors the visual over the textual. So why should they learn art and design theory from a traditional textbook? The only guide of its kind, Line...

  • Full-Color Old-Time Children CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    Hundreds of charming, royalty-free cuts feature old-fashioned, rosy-cheeked youngsters clothed in knee pants, folk costumes, high-top boots, and ruffled dresses; carrying flowers and baskets of fruit; dancing, playing croquet, and engaged in many...

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  • e-book

    The Color of Justice, Race, Ethnicity, and...

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to The Color of Justice, Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives...

  • e-book

    Full-Color Sourcebook of French Fashion -...

    Pauquet Frères

    Illustrations depicting 500 years of French fashion, reproduced from a rare 19th-century publication, progress chronologically from flamboyant headgear and voluminous robes of 15th-century royalty to high-waisted Empire styles of the Napoleonic era.

  • Full-Color Celtic Decorative Letters CD-ROM...


    Unusual collection features eye-catching letters of the alphabet incorporating a variety of traditional Celtic images. Woven into intricate patterns are half-human, mythical figures, florals, animal life; and highly stylized serpentine motifs. An...

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  • Full-Color Old-Time Animals CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    Treasury of 389 charming images, selected from rare Victorian-era sources, portrays dogs, cats -- domesticated and wild -- farm animals, race horses, seals, and scores of other creatures, including whimsically rendered animals in Victorian garb....

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  • Full-Color Old-Time Vignettes CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    Immediately usable images of pretty women, rosy-cheeked children, smiling cherubs, food, flowers, animals, even a portrait of Queen Victoria are among the appealing illustrations in this versatile collection. Selected from rare Victorian-era greeting...

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  • e-book

    Video Color Correction for Non-Linear Editors...

    Jones,Stuart Blake

    Today'apos;s non-linear editing systems are equipped with a wide range of color correction tools that were previously only available in dedicated color correction suites. This book shows video editors how to take full advantage of their power. Clear,...

  • Full-color Romantic Vignettes - With CD -...

    Dover Staff

    Charming vignettes, selected from vintage sources, brim with nostalgia and romance. Royalty-free images of lovely ladies, amorous couples, doves, hearts, cupids, floral arrangements, clasped hands, youngsters in quaint costumes, heartfelt messages,...

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  • Full-color Celtic Designs - With CD -...

    Dover Staff

    Add distinctive Celtic designs to stationery, menus, catalog and magazine pages — almost any graphic project — with this handy CD-ROM and book set. 117 striking royalty-free motifs include winged creatures, religious figures, serpentine scrolls,...

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  • Full-color Medieval Ornament - With CD -...


    Selected from 19th-century reprints of medieval manuscripts, 355 full-color illustrations depict a wide range of subjects — from birds, florals, animals, and geometrics to letters of the alphabet embellished with flowers and sinuous vines, mythical...

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  • Full-Color Celtic Frames And Borders CD-ROM...


    Add a distinctive touch to almost any graphic project with this unique CD-ROM and book set. Elegant frames and borders, faithfully rendered in glorious full color by illustrator Mallory Pearce, incorporate a host of interlaced figures and other...

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  • e-book

    Exploring Color - Olga Rozanova and the Early...


    This is an examination of the paintings, books, poetry and theoretical work of Russian avant-garde artist, Olga Rozanova. The text assesses Rozanova's life and work, aiming to recreate the spirit of the counterculture milieu that contributed to the...

  • e-book

    Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses...

    F. A. Wright; E. K. Rossiter

    This rare book invited homeowners of the Victorian era to join in the revolutionary trend towards colorful houses in mellow tones of olive, russet, citrine, buff, plum, and sage. 20 color plates.

  • e-book

    What Color Is Your Dog? - Train Your Dog...


    This exciting dog training book is based on the original techniques of Hollywood dog trainer and Animal Planet’s Good Dog U host, Joel Silverman. In What Color Is Your Dog? Silverman presents his groundbreaking color-coding technique, developed over...

  • Choosing Color For Logos And Packaging:...

    John T. Drew; Sarah A. Meyer

    Veteran history author Alan Axelrod brings investigative skills as well as a historian’s eye to bear on eighteen largely forgotten but fateful conflicts. Each chapter carefully delineates the context of the war in question—the origins of the dispute,...

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  • Color Your Own Civil War


    Whose side are you on? Pencil crayons or felt-tip pens? Reach a decision across 120 pages of all-out costumed warfare, featuring Steve McNiven's exquisitely rendered artwork just waiting for you to add the color! Captain America and Iron Man are the...

  • Christmas To Color


    Step into a wintry wonderland with illustrator Mary Tanana's intricate, gorgeous illustrations of Christmas magic, lovingly represented in this delicately rendered coloring book. From snowflakes to stockings, reindeer to wreaths, every aspect of the...

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  • Color Me Crazy

    Deligdisch ,Peter

    Color Me Crazy isn’t your average coloring book. Filled with intricately detailed line art, Color Me Crazy features 50 hand-drawn creations awaiting colored pencils or markers. From the mind and expert hand of popular illustrator Peter Deligdisch,...

  • The Color Purple

    Walker, Alice

    The lives of two sisters--Nettie, a missionary in Africa, and Celie, a southern woman married to a man she hates--are revealed in a series of letters exchanged over thirty years.

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  • Juegos De Color Marrón


    Seis libretas pensadas para niños de entre 4 y 7 años. Cada una está dedicada a un color. y contienen sopas de letras. adivinanzas. juegos de colorear. de asociación. laberintos. etc. *CR*Estas libretas no solo son un gran entretenimiento para los...

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  • Juegos De Color Morado


    Seis libretas pensadas para niños de entre 4 y 7 años. Cada una está dedicada a un color. y contienen sopas de letras. adivinanzas. juegos de colorear. de asociación. laberintos. etc. *CR*Estas libretas no solo son un gran entretenimiento para los...

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