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  • Coração Em Chamas - Viajando Com Rockstars -...

    Aline Sant'ana

    Já se perguntou quem é a mente luxuriosa por trás do exótico cruzeiro Heart On Fire? Jude Wolf é capitão da marinha e tem uma vida regrada, mas sua personalidade destoa muito disso. Ousado, criativo, rico… ele possui um sonho. Jude quer ser...

  • Take Off

    Strasser, Todd

    After arriving in Sun Haven, fifteen-year-old Kai can't wait to get on a board and surf again, but the locals patrolling the best spot on the beach will only let him into the lineup if he consents to compete against one of them.

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  • Take Off

    Strasser, Todd

    After arriving in Sun Haven, fifteen-year-old Kai can't wait to get on a board and surf again, but the locals patrolling the best spot on the beach will only let him into the lineup if he consents to compete against one of them.

    sob encomenda
  • Paws Off, Cheddarface

    Stilton, Geronimo; Steven,Kat; Nithael,Mark

    Who Is Geronimo Stilton? That's me! I run a newspaper, but my true passion is writing tales of adventure. Here on Mouse Island, my books are all best-sellers! They are whisker-licking good tales, and that's a promise!__PAWS OFF, CHEDDARFACE!It was...

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  • Back Off, Bully Boys!

    Richards,Kitty; Ostrom,Bob

    Back Off, Bully Boys!

    sob encomenda
  • Off Sides


    Carmen and Juni find themselves in Scotland trying to track down a mysterious villain who is threatening an international soccer match.

    sob encomenda
  • Hands Off My Crush-boy!


    Lizzie nominates her crush-boy, Ethan Craft, for the Mr. Teen Hottie pageant, and when someone tries to sabotage his chances for winning, Lizzie goes undercover as a groupie to find the culprit.

    sob encomenda
  • On, Off

    Mccullough, Colleen

    Realizing that a brutalized young woman is the latest victim of a serial murderer, 1960s lieutenant Carmine Delmonico traces clues that identify the killer as one of several secretive employees at a world center for neurological research.

    sob encomenda
  • Take It Off


    Four wealthy Manhattan teenagers find love and adventure in the Mediterranean when they join an Ocean Term cruise.

    sob encomenda
  • Rugrats Blast Off!

    St. Pierre,Stephanie; Ulrich,George

    Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica wile away a long, tedious car trip by pretending to be astronauts on their way to the moon

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  • They're Off!

    Harness, Cheryl

    Offers young readers a look at the life-and-times of the riders of the Pony Express and the impact this mail system had on American history even though it was only in existence for less than two years. Reprint.

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  • Orson Blasts Off


    When his computer breaks down, a little boy discovers that imagination is way more fun than a computer game.

    sob encomenda
  • Off

    Andrade, Robert de

    Pensar nos livros e o calor equatorial me levam à rua. O ranger da cama do quarto ao lado, do quarto de cima, do debaixo é pior do que os sons da cidade. As ratazanas invisíveis ais olhos apressados do povo, o cheiro de fritura dos pastéis, o gás...

    sob encomenda
  • Off the Wall


    Madison's world is turned upside down when her favorite teacher takes an unexpected leave from school, plans for Aimee's dog to have puppies with Madison's dog go awry, and someone signs her name to messages on a new Web board.

    sob encomenda
  • Off-Road Rescue

    Auerbach, Annie; Artful Doodlers

    Presents several adventures of Kevin, Erin, and team leader Brett as they help people in trouble in forested areas through fall and winter.

    sob encomenda
  • Off To Bed

    Blake,Michel; Gant,Trish (ilt)

    Shows a young girl moving from playtime to bedtime using black-and-white backgrounds with a full-color object--such as a bear, toothbrush, and socks--along with the word for the colored object.

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  • Off the Road

    Bawden, Nina

    When Tom's grandfather goes off the road, Tom summons all his courage to go after Gandy, but the strange, messy, emotional world Outside, where so many things prohibited to Insiders are taken for granted, challenges his perception of truth and self.

    sob encomenda
  • The Jumping-Off Place

    McNeely, Marian Hurd

    In the summer of 1910, four orphans leave their home in Wisconsin to 'prove up' their claim to a parcel of land on the South Dakota prairie. Seventeen-year-old Becky Linville and her younger siblings -- Dick, Phil, and Joan -- hadn't intended to move...

    sob encomenda
  • Falling Off Air

    Sampson, Catherine

    Abandoned by her boyfriend after having twins, Robin Ballantyne's hopes of getting on with her life are shattered when her ex-boyfriend and an activist neighbor are murdered by someone who has set Robin up for the crimes. A first novel. Reprint.

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  • Falling Off Air


    Abandoned by her boyfriend after having twins, Robin Ballantyne's hopes of getting on with her life are shattered when her ex-boyfriend and activist neighbor are murdered by someone who has set Robin up for the crimes.

    sob encomenda
  • Murder Off Mike


    When a fellow DJ dies from an apparent suicide, Shauna J. Bogart launches an investigation that reveals the wild youths of some of the city's top citizens and a long-ago secret pact that places her own life in danger. St. Martin's Press/Malice...

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  • A Hora do Desconto - Fábulas Recontadas Em...


    Nas mais famosas fábulas deste mundo quase sempre os bichos fazem o papel de gente. Mas há também muitas que usam gente para falar dos defeitos da gente mesmo. Ah, e como são divertidas! Ah, como ensinam tanta coisa boa! Aqui está uma dúzia de...

  • Lights On! Lights Off!

    Wilder,A.; Smith,Michael T.; Santomero,Angela C.; Rillo,Cary

    Young readers play a game with Blue and Steve, in which each time Blue turns off the light, she puts away one toy, and when she turns the light back on, the reader must figure out which toy is missing from the picture.

    sob encomenda
  • Off to See the Wizard

    Krulik,Nancy E.

    Sabrina travels into the future to find a powerful wizard.

    sob encomenda
  • We're Off To Look For Aliens

    McNaughton,Colin; Mcnaughton,Colin (ilt)

    We're Off To Look For Aliens

    sob encomenda
  • Off Season


    Abandoning her successful career as a TV anchorwoman and her high-powered fiancT, Jill McPhearson returns to her childhood home on Martha's Vineyard to build a new life for herself, falling in love and marrying local carpenter Ben Niles, but her...

    sob encomenda
  • Off Limits


    Two sensual tales in one volume feature Love Game, in which single mom Chris Nicholson finds love and passion with her old high school flame, and Love Play, in which Whitney Smith, with only six months to live, explores the erotic art of Eastern...

    sob encomenda
  • Off Season

    Craig,Philip R.

    Enjoying the end of the tour season at Martha's Vineyard, ex-cop J. W. Jackson becomes involved in an explosive confrontation involving animal rights activists, environmentalists, hunters, and land developers. Reissue.

    sob encomenda
  • Time Off for Good Behavior

    Rich,Lani Diane

    Estranged from her family and enduring abusive calls from her former husband, thirtysomething Wanda Lane suffers a head injury that causes an unidentifiable song to run in her head constantly and challenges her professional relationships, and when...

    sob encomenda
  • Off to School With Periwinkle and Blue

    Oxley,Jennifer; Oxley,Jennifer; Inches,Alison

    Periwinkle's first day of preschool is full of fun surprises and new experiences as Blue shows him his cubby, and he meets his teacher, introduces himself to the other students, and feeds the class rabbit.

    sob encomenda
  • Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker!

    Gutman, Dan; Paillot, Jim

    Mr. Docker, a new science teacher, is a crazy inventor who blows things up, uses potatoes for power, and has A.J. and his friends wondering whether science is for nerds or is the coolest subject ever.

    sob encomenda
  • Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine


    Four friends from the 1960s--Suzanne, Claudia, Elizabeth, and Howard--discover that, in the 1980s, their lives have taken some unexpected and complicated turns. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

    sob encomenda
  • Lego Star Wars - Face Off

    Kaplan, Arie

    This book pits LEGO(R) STAR WARS villains against heroes, comparing their gear, stats, weapons, and imaging showdowns that they've never seen before! From Luke and Leia to Star Wars Rebels, the whole gang is here! How would Hoth Luke stack up against...

    sob encomenda
  • An Ant's Day Off

    Becker,Bonny; Laden,Nina

    Having taken a day off from his job moving sand inside the nest, Bart the ant ventures into the outside world, meets other animals, and experiences both danger and fun.

    sob encomenda
  • Fun With Phonics-Blast Off!


    Designed for children who know the alphabet and are ready to learn more, a collection of twelve easy-to-read adventures featuring the Toy Story gang is built around short vowel sounds and consonant sounds. Original.

    sob encomenda
  • Off the Record


    Jane Marlow gets the chance to transform her ordinary, predictable, and responsible life when she discovers that former rock star Teddy Rock is actually their former childhood neighbor Theodore Brockford and that his one-hit wonder twelve years...

    sob encomenda
  • Off The Chart

    Hall,James W.

    Thorn and Alexandra Rafferty team up in a desperate struggle for survival when a sadistic modern-day pirate, Vic, tries to kill Thorn for having once had a relationship with Anne Joy, the pirate's sister, in the sequel to Blackwater Sound. Reprint.

    sob encomenda
  • Off the Map


    Off the Map

    sob encomenda
  • Off Magazine Street

    Capps, Ronald Everett

    The lives of Bobby Long, content drowning his life in alcohol and tolerant woman, and his partner, Byron Burns, take a bizarre turn when their female companion dies and they find themselves putting up her young daughter, Hanna.

    sob encomenda
  • The Jump-off Creek

    Gloss, Molly

    A dramatic novel details the trials and tribulations of a widowed homesteader against the backdrop of the unforgiving and forbidding Blue Mountains. Reader's Guide included. Reprint.

    sob encomenda
  • The Shirt Off His Back

    Brown,Parry A.

    The Shirt Off His Back

    sob encomenda
  • As Easy As Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

    Perkins,Lynne Rae

    As Easy As Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

    sob encomenda
  • Knock Me Off My Feet


    Reluctant home repair expert Autumn Adams finds herself under the protection of sexy Detective Stacey Quinn, when she becomes the target of a determined stalker who has been sending her threats in the mail. Original.

    sob encomenda
  • Off the Mangrove Coast


    Collects nine tales of high adventure, including some out of print and never before published stories, peopled with characters who defy the odds to fight for justice and their dreams.

    sob encomenda
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