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34 produtos
  • Tilda Planner 2018


    Bring the beauty of Tilda into your daily life and organise your schedule with weekly inspiration from this much-loved Scandinavian brand. This brand new Tilda 2018 planner features stunning photography of the latest Tilda fabrics and products,...

  • Tilda Sewing By Heart - For The Love Of...


    A brand new Tilda project book featuring stunning photography of the latest Tilda patchwork and quilting projects, in the colourful new Tilda fabric ranges. The book features 8 full-size quilts, plus smaller sewing projects such as pillows,...

  • Tilda's Seaside Ideas


    Seaside life has been used as inspiration to create these brand new Tilda projects for the spring and summer seasons. The ideas include sewn toys, jewellery and scarves, as well as a cute fishing girl Tilda doll design with accessories. Crochet...

  • Tilda's Toy Box - Sewing Patterns for Soft...




    Bestselling craft designer Tone Finnanger brings her talents to soft toys and gifts for children – from adorable dolls to funky monkeys and swashbuckling pirates. Hotly awaited for 2015, Tilda’s new book will show you how to make a wide range of...

  • Tilda Crafting Springtime Gifts




    A cute collection of springtime gifts and decorations from Tilda craft designer and bestselling author Tone Finnanger. Choose from 25 Tilda sewing and papercraft projects, including toys, gift bags, wall hangings, cards, decorations, garlands and...

  • The Tilda Characters Collection - Birds,...




    This is an adorable collection of 'Tilda' characters, complete with all the sewing techniques, designs and templates you need to create them. It includes four titles presented in a stylish slipcase - Birds, Bunnies, Angels and Dolls - perfect for...

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  • Tilda's Sew Pretty Homestyle - Over 35...


    Create beautiful accessories to enhance your home using stunningly simple but incredibly effective techniques. A subtle colour palette and lovable designs combine to create a fresh and fun collection of over 35 projects. Easy-to-follow instructions,...

  • Tilda Homemade and Happy




    A stunning new collection of Tilda designs from talented designer Tone Finnanger. Homemade and Happy is a gorgeous collection of inspirational home accessories including quilts, cushions and decorative items to make Christmas even more special....

  • Tilda's Seasonal Ideas Collection


    Enjoy the best of Tilda throughout the seasons with this wonderful collection of sewing and papercrafting projects by world-famous designer Tone Finnanger, all made using gorgeous Tilda fabrics and embellishments. Inside you'll find patterns and...

  • Tilda Sunshine Sewing

    Finnanger, Tone

    Bring some Scandi charm to your spring crafting with Tilda's Sunshine Sewing. This brand new pattern book from the hugely popular designer Tone Finnanger is packed with gorgeous sewing and quilting projects to add a ray of sunshine into your spring...

  • Tilda Crafting Christmas Gifts




    Tilda Crafting Christmas Gifts

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  • Tilda's Winter Delights


    Tone Finnanger has used a classic ‘sweet shop’ theme to create these brand new Tilda projects for the winter season. Learn how to make cute characters including polar bears, angels and even a Father Christmas. There will also be paper designs atthe...

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  • Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland - Over 25...


    A beautiful collection of brand new Tilda projects, featuring seasonal designs in Tone Finnanger's wonderfully quirky style. Each chapter is themed around a classic children's story, such as Pinocchio Bambi and The Nutcracker, with projects including...

  • Tilda's Summer Ideas




    A beautiful collection of summer projects using the latest Tilda fabrics and embellishments. The designs include angels, garlands, decorations and accessories, all in the seasonal shades of turquoise, green, pink and red. All projects are accompanied...

  • Tilda's Spring Ideas


    This book features a collection of fresh, Springthemed sewing projects using latest Tilda fabrics and embellishments. Readers can choose from a variety of sewing and papercraft designs, including bags, soft toys, fabric boxes and unique decorations....

  • Tilda's Christmas Ideas




    Tilda's Christmas Ideas

  • Tilda's Crafting Tilda's Friends - 30 Unique...


    30 fun sewing and papercraft projects show how to create the cutest characters. Features rabbits, birds, frogs, cats and an array of other creatures - there are even garden angels in there somewhere! Clear artworks and pretty photography make sewing,...

  • Brinquedos da Tilda




    Com um formato inovador, Tonne Finanger, a autora de Tilda, apresenta sua nova linha e um mundo encantado de presentes macios costurados à máquina para as crianças. Belas bonecas e animais exóticos, além de colchas e acessórios aconchegantes para o...

  • Tilda - Rústico e Aconchegante


    A arte simples e acolhedora dos projetos de Tone Finnanger tornará sua casa deslumbrante. Crie um encantador paraíso de inverno com decorações de Natal, colchas quiltadas e almofadas, renovando sua casa e tornando suas celebrações ainda mais...

  • O Ateliê da Tilda




    Tilda é a boneca de pano de silhueta alongada criada por Tonne Finnanger em 1999, que logo se tornou popular por seu charme e delicadeza. Entre no ateliê da Tilda e conheça uma coleção de projetos e fotografias inspiradas na própria oficina da...

  • Tilda - Ideias Para A Praia


    Tilda é a boneca de pano de silhueta alongada criada por Tonne Finnanger em 1999, que logo se tornou popular por seu charme e delicadeza. Nesta revista, aprenda a fazer a Tilda com duas vestimentas para a praia: um vestido simples com jaqueta para...

  • Tilda - Ideias Para o Natal


    O livro oferece 10 lindos projetos coloridos próprios para o Natal. Procurando animar a preparação desse grande dia, a autora convida o leitor a desenvolver seu artesanato criando um lindo Papai Noel, e numerosos adereços para decorar sua casa e...

  • Tilda - Ideias Para o Inverno




    O livro oferece 10 lindos projetos coloridos próprios para o inverno e ideias de decorações para as festas de fim de ano, presentes, além de projetos de costura, como o Papai Noel, meias de Natal, bonecas e anjos, adoráveis sobretudo quando feitos em...

  • e-book

    What Now, Tilda B?


    Only a day ago, things were normal. As normal as this year gets anyway. Tilda Braint is nearly sixteen, restless and having trouble figuring out what on earth she’s supposed to do next. Living in a small coastal town doesn'apos;t help either. When...

  • Tilda's Winter Ideas


    Tilda's Winter Ideas

  • Tilda´s Studio: Over 50 Fresh Projects For...


    This is a gorgeous collection of over 50 projects inspired by Tilda's studio. Choose from a stunning variety of designs for yourself and your home, including bags, accessories, clothing, decorating, gifts and soft toys. The colour palette used...

  • The Making of a Nurse


    The Making of a Nurse

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  • e-book

    What Do You Know about Simple Machines?


    Simple machines make all of our lives easier on a daily basis. In this informative book, young readers will be introduced to many uses of the lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, and wedge.

  • e-book

    Crabbing - A Lowcountry Family Tradition

    Tilda Balsley

    A realistic guide and colorful story about the coastal art and sport of crabbing

  • e-book

    Stretch Out Your Hand - Exploring Healing...

    Webber,Robert D.; Tilda Norber

    Most of us have grown confused at one time or another after praying for God's healing and experiencing disappointment in the results. But through honest examination, the authors reveal healing prayer as a beautiful and dynamic process-one that...

  • e-book

    Gathered Together - Creating Personal...

    Norberg, Tilda

    Tilda Norberg offers a guide for creating and conducting customized worship services focused on one individual. She suggests occasions when personal liturgies might be appropriate, such as dedicating someone to a particular vocation, recognizing a...

  • e-book

    The Chocolate-Covered Umbrella - Discovering...


    Ever had a weird dream and wondered what it meant? In this intriguing book you will find a new way to grow, pray, and make spiritual discoveries. Norberg, trained in Gestalt dreamwork, suggests ways to remember your dreams and uncover what God may be...

  • Tilda - Ideias Para o Verão




    Projetos coloridos próprios para o verão, repletos de ideias criativas para presentes. Além dos charmosos anjos Tilda, você pode fazer guirlandas, sacolas, almofadas e projetos de papercraft.

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  • Tilda - Ideias Para A Primavera


    Projetos simples de costura e ideias de papercraft com tecidos e enfeites. Faça guirlandas, objetos de decoração, brinquedos macios e acessórios de cozinha em lindos tons de vermelho, rosa, branco, verde e azul. Os designs exclusivos incluem lindas...

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