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16 produtos
  • Histórias de Duas Cidades - Paris, Londres e...


    Paris e Londres sempre mantiveram uma fascinação mútua, que nunca foi tão intensa quanto nos séculos XVIII e XIX, quando competiam para ser a cidade mais importante do mundo. Nesta obra Jonathan Conlin explora, pela primeira vez, o complexo...

  • Cidades Em Transformação - Rio de Janeiro,...

    Shluger ,Ephim; Danowski ,Miriam

    Cidades em transformação relata as experiências de cinco cidades (Nova York, Londres, Havana, Buenos Aires e Cidade do Cabo) na transformação de suas áreas portuárias, revertendo longos processos de abandono, decadência e descaracterização. A...

  • Contemporary Doorways - Architectural...


    Doorways are far more than just functional divisions of space or security barriers.

  • Potted


    Indoor plants have had a bad time of late. The seventies were full of spider plants falling out of macramé, the eighties were marked by cheese plants on black ash. But it's time to turn things around.

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  • Lina Bo Bardi 100


    The Italio-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) forged a unique path with her bold designs. Spanning architecture, stage sets, fashion, and furniture, her work drew inspiration from the International Style, which she translated into her...

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  • Garden Masterclass


    John Brookes inspires gardenders everywhere with his infectious creativity - giving us all the confidence and ability to go out into a garden and design our own space. It is tremendous flair for communicating his subject that is the key strengh of...

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  • Garden Design


    In this expanded and updated edition of his classic book, John Brookes addresses the latest trends in garden design as well as surveying new materials and techniques. He also shows you kow to use the computer as a design tool, and features new, or...

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  • Creative Exposure Control


    Creative Exposure Control is a jargon-free book that makes sense of the photographic theory and helps you get the shot you want. Pached with information, it teaches you the practical skills to control and manipulate exposure for creative results...

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  • Garden Problem Solver


    Covers every aspect of gardening - from lawns, borders, patios, hedges, ponds, vegetable plots, plant care, pests and diseases to how to rectify garden design disasters.

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  • The New Garden


    John Bookes, one of the world´s most influential garden designers, is leaning a quiet revolution and he is encouraging you to join in.

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  • Shigeru Ban


    The architect Shigeru Ban is best known in his native Japan for his evocative Curtain Wall House. This monograph presents details of 30 distinctive projects, including his paper tube houses, Hanegi Forest, and the Walls-less House.

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  • Burle Marx the Lyrical Landscape

    Montero,Marta Iris

    Roberto Burle Marx was one of the most influential landscape and garden designers of the 20th century. This book presents 26 projects in plans, photographs and Burle Marx's own paintings. The introduction considers his life, ideas and work.

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  • New Hotel Architecture And Design


    In New Hotel David Collins reveals the inspiration behind the wourd's most innovative modern hitels.

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  • The Sunday Times Garden Diy

    Vários Autores

    A complete step-by-step guide to recreating and maintaining your outdoor space.

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  • An Encyclopedia of Garden Plants


    - Contains descriptions and essential cultivation information for over 2,500 common garden plants;- Lavishly illustrated with over 1,000 colour photographs;- Arranged alphabetically within plant categories for quick-and-easy reference;- Includes...

    Produto indisponível

  • Gardens of Plenty


    Follow the age-old traditions of the potager garden around the worl. Be inspired by modern-day interpretations of ancient ideas. Discover how to create gardens that provide relief for body and soul.

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