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  • A Expressão das Emoções no Homem e nos...


    Em 1859, ao publicar A origem das espécies, Charles Darwin trazia ao mundo sua arrojada teoria da evolução pela seleção natural. Preocupado com a aceitação que teriam suas teses anticriacionistas, publicou nos anos seguintes livros fundamentais para...

  • Vida - A Ciência da Biologia - Volume III :...


    Esta obra destaca-se tanto pela forma didática como o texto foi construído quanto pelo projeto gráfico, em 4 cores. Os autores, renomados professores e pesquisadores em biologia e áreas afins, colocaram toda sua experiência neste livro, com o...

  • What It's Like To Be A Dog - And Other...


    'Dog lovers and neuroscientists should both read this important book.' --Dr. Temple GrandinWhat is it like to be a dog? A bat? Or a dolphin? To find out, neuroscientist and bestselling author Gregory Berns and his team did something nobody had ever...

  • My Favourite Animal Families

    Bloom,Steve; Wilson,David Henry

    This book, produced specially for children aged between seven and eleven, showcases Steve Blooms perennially popular photographs of baby animals. From African plain to frozen Arctic, from mountain forest to tropical jungle, Steve Blooms camera has...

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  • Cytokinesis in Animal Cells


    Cytokinesis in Animal Cells

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  • Cytokinesis in Animal Cells


    Cytokinesis in Animal Cells

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  • Animal


    A million copy best-selling exploration of the animal kingdom, featuring facts and beautiful photos of over 2,000 wild animals from all habitats on planet Earth. Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide brings together the expertise of over 70 natural...

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  • Handbook Of Animal Lectins - Properties And...


    Handbook Of Animal Lectins - Properties And Biomedical Applications

  • Culture Of Animal Cells - A Manual Of Basic...

    Freshney,R. Ian

    This is the most complete resource on the techniques, equipment, principles, and practices of animal cell culture. Since publication of the previous edition of this benchmark text, numerous types of equipment and materials have changed and new...

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  • Rudiments Of Animal Physiology - For Use In...

    Hamilton, George

    Excerpt from Rudiments of Animal Physiology: For Use in Schools, and for Private Instruction Both boys and girls received lessons on these subjects from Mr Downie, and the ages of the children generally ranged from nine to twelve years. The subject...

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  • The Development of Animal Form


    The Development of Animal Form

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  • The Origin of Animal Body Plans


    The Origin of Animal Body Plans

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  • Zebra Stripes


    From eminent biologists like Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin to famous authors such as Rudyard Kipling in his Just So Stories, many people have asked, Why do zebras have stripes? There are many explanations, but until now hardly any have...

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  • Animal Experimentation


    Animal Experimentation

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  • The Animal Kingdom, Vol. 2 - Considered...


    Excerpt from The Animal Kingdom, Vol. 2: Considered Anatomically, Physically, and Philosophically The Introductory Remarks, which are intended for insertion in Volume I. Will, the translator hopes, be of some assistance to those who have the best...

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  • A Different Kind Of Animal: How Culture...


    How our ability to learn from each other has been the essential ingredient to our remarkable success as a speciesHuman beings are a very different kind of animal. We have evolved to become the most dominant species on Earth. We have a larger...

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  • The Animal Kingdom - Considered Anatomically,...


    Excerpt from The Animal Kingdom: Considered Anatomically, Physically and Philosophically; Parts 4 and 5, the Organs of Generation, and the Formation of the Foetus in the Womb; After Which Follow Chapters on the Breasts and the Periosteum These...

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  • Animal Communication Networks

    McGregor,Peter K.

    Animal Communication Networks

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  • Tecnologia de Cultivo de Células Animais : De...

    Editora Roca

    Tecnologia de Cultivo de Células Animais : De Biofármacos a Terapia Gênica

  • Animal Life And Intelligence (Classic...

    Morgan, Conway Lloyd

    Excerpt from Animal Life and Intelligence However profoundly the laws of phenomena may be modified by such introduction of new and higher factors, the older and lower factors are still at work beneath the surface. And he who would adequately grasp...

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  • Animal Biotechnology - Models In Discovery...


    Animal Biotechnology introduces applications of animal biotechnology and implications for human health and welfare. It begins with an introduction to animal cell cultures and genome sequencing analysis and provides readers with a review of available...

  • e-book

    Nutrição Animal - Conceitos Elementares

    Pessoa,Ricardo Alexandre Silva

    Para que o leitor compreenda o universo da criação de animais de produção, esta obra apresenta os conceitos básicos da nutrição e da alimentação animal, considerando os princípios essenciais da fisiologia da digestão de algumas espécies de ruminantes...

  • Animal Architects - Building And The...

    Gould,James L.

    Animal Architects masterfully investigates how the structure an animal builds reveals the inner workings of its mind. Beginning with instinct and the simple homes of solitary insects, and progressing to conditioning, the 'cognitive map,' and the role...

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  • Animal Earth - The Amazing Diversity Of...


    The animal kingdom is staggeringly diverse, but the animals that most easily spring to mind the tigers, elephants, eagles and crocodiles, or perhaps amphibians, fish and even humans account for only a tiny proportion of known species. Whats more,...

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  • Aquaculture Biosecurity - Prevention Control...

    Scarfe,David; Lee,Cheng-Sheng; O'Bryen, Patricia J.; O'Bryen, P. J.; Scarfe,A. David; O'Bryen,P. J.

    Aquaculture loses millions of dollars in revenue annually due to aquatic animal diseases. Disease outbreaks continue to threaten profitable and viable aquaculture operations throughout the world. As a result, aquaculture biosecurity programs that...

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  • e-book

    Produção Animal - Bases da Reprodução, Manejo...

    Rolim,Antonio Francisco Martin

    Com o objetivo de compilar os fundamentos científicos e apresentá-los em linguagem acessível aos técnicos de nível médio, oferecendo elementos para melhor aplicar as técnicas e os sistemas de produção, o livro aborda os fundamentos da produção animal...

  • Animais Sinantrópicos

    Pazelli,Pedro Eugênio Gomes

    A tendência mundial da globalização nos avanços também nas áreas do saber (conhecimento) é ao mesmo tempo uma arma e um instrumento que, se usados adequadamente, podem significar o grande diferencial na balança do desenvolvimento. A iniciativa de...

  • Animal Lives - Displaying Death And Animating...

    Desmond,Jane C

    The number of ways in which humans interact with animals is almost incalculable. From beloved household pets to the steak on our dinner tables, the fur in our closets to the Babar books on our shelves, taxidermy exhibits to local zoos, humans have...

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  • From DNA to Diversity - Molecular Genetics...

    Carroll, Sean B.; Weatherbee,Scott D.; Grenier, Jennifer K.

    From DNA to Diversity - Molecular Genetics and the Evolution of Animal Design 2nd Edition

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  • What It's Like To Be A Dog - And Other...


    Does your dog really love you? Neuroscientist Gregory Berns used an MRI machine to find out. What is it like to be a dog? A bat? Or a dolphin? To find out, neuroscientist Gregory Berns and his team began with a radical step: they taught dogs to go...

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  • A Text-Book Of Organic Materia Medica,...

    Bentley, Robert

    Excerpt from A Text-Book of Organic Materia Medica, Comprising a Description of the Vegetable and Animal Drugs of the British Other With Other Non-Official Medicines: Arrange Systematically and Especially Designed for the Use of Students The Table of...

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  • e-book

    Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine - Herbal...


    Despite the undoubted success of a scientific approach to pharmaceuticals, the last few decades have witnessed a spectacular rise in interest in herbal medicinal products. This general interest has been followed by increasing scientific and...

  • Melhoramento Genético Animal

    Telo da Gama,Luís

    O “Melhoramento Genético Animal” congrega Molecular e da Estatística para, de uma forma coerente, encontrar os caminhos mais adequados para a 'Melhoria Pecuária'. Os progressos recentes naquelas áreas da Ciência Animal impõem um reequacionamento...

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  • Essays In Animal Behaviour

    Lucas; Lucas

    Recently, the 50th anniversary of the publication of Animal Behaviour has passed. To mark the occasion, a group of prominent behaviourists have written essays relevant to their fields. These essays provide a glimpse of the study of behaviour looking...

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  • Experimentation With Animal Models In Space -...


    Exposure to space flight has been shown to results in changes in many physiological systems, including the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the neurovestibular system. These changes could negatively impact...

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  • Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia


    Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia, Fourth Edition provides a basic guide to anaesthesia for a very diverse audience needing content, with straight-forward, structured style of writing. Updated with effects of anaesthetics in different laboratory species,...

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  • Manual De Comportamento Animal

    Ferraz,Marcos Rochedo

    O Manual de Comportamento Animal tem como objetivo explicitar o conceito de etologia aos leitores, a partir da análise dos “hábitos” dos animais em uma perspectiva biológica, evolucionista, usando os métodos científico e comparativo como ferramentas...

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  • Noyes Series In Animal Behavior, Ecology,...

    Lemm, Jeffrey; Alberts,Allison C

    Rock iguanas of the West Indies are considered to be the most endangered group of lizards in the world. They are a flagship species in the Caribbean and on most islands are the largest native land animals. Unfortunately, human encroachment and...

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  • Storytelling Animal - How Stories Make Us...


    Humans live in landscapes of make-believe. We spin fantasies. We devour novels, films, and plays. Even sporting events and criminal trials unfold as narratives. Yet the world of story has long remained an undiscovered and unmapped country. Now...

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  • Playback And Studies Of Animal Communication

    Peter McGregor; Peter K. McGregor

    Playback And Studies Of Animal Communication

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  • Planning And Designing Research Animal...


    Research institutions have or are planning to build, expand and renovate animal research facilities to keep up with the demands of biomedical research caused in part by growth in the use of genetically altered rodents and the upsurge of research in...

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  • Animal Behavior

    Moore,Janice; Breed,Michael D

    ' Animal Behavior, Second Edition, 'covers the broad sweep of animal behavior from its neurological underpinnings to the importance of behavior in conservation. The authors, Michael Breed and Janice Moore, bring almost 60 years of combined experience...

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  • Tilapias: Biologia e Cultivo

    Silva,José William Bezerra e

    Tilapias: Biologia e Cultivo

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  • American College Of Laboratory Animal...

    Bayne,Kathryn; Turner,Patricia V

    Laboratory Animal Welfare provides a comprehensive, up-to-date look into the new science of animal welfare within laboratory research. Animals specifically considered include rodents, cats and dogs, nonhuman primates, agricultural animals, avian...

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