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  • Fortaleza Digital

    Brown, Dan



    “A habilidade de Dan Brown para tratar do conflito entre as liberdades individuais e as questões de segurança nacional é impressionante... Impossível não ficar arrepiado a cada página.” – The Midwest Book ReviewAntes de estourar no mundo inteiro com...

  • e-book

    Brain Time Now ebook


    A noise punk fairytale about creativity as a self defense weapon against brain invading advertisement technological advances.

  • e-book

    The Lost Key Ebook

    Jodee Patel

    After Blaire moves into a new house, she is awoken by strange noises in the middle of the night, to end up finding a skeleton key the next morning on the middle of her kitchen floor. Let your imagination take over, and come along with Blaire on her...

  • e-book

    Triniti - Volume I Ebook Version

    M.J. Knight

    A prophecy of old is drawing nigh: There shall be two halves coming forth, that will test the balance of earth... One from hate, in darkness and blood, one from water where made from love... If you liked stories like Lord of the Rings or Chronicles...

  • e-book

    Oryx e Crake

    Atwood, Margaret

    'No princípio havia o caos.'O Homem das Neves pode ser o último homem na terra, o sobrevivente solitário de um apocalipse sem nome. Quando ainda se chamava Jimmy, ele vivia com os pais nos Complexos, cidadelas fundadas por multinacionais onde a elite...

  • e-book

    Mermaid Song - Ebook

    Moor,Gary R.

    Isaac Chavira abandons his unborn son and his wife believing she betrayed him with another man. Now he seeks contracts for his construction company ever farther out on the frontier. At last he gets a contract to build a meat processing plant on the...

  • e-book

    Druids v2 (eBook)

    G.L. Vough

    1st century Celtic-Britain.The story of Celtic peoples' struggles against distant, mighty Rome.DRUIDS is the story of Queen Boadicea of the Iceni & her two unnamed daughters ... a story spanning a century.

  • e-book

    Druids v1 (eBook)

    G.L. Vough

    1st century Celtic-Britain.The story of Celtic peoples' struggles against distant, mighty Rome.DRUIDS is the story of Queen Boadicea of the Iceni & her two unnamed daughters ... a story spanning a century.

  • e-book

    Continuum 2012 - Second Edition - eBook

    Lee,Peter E.

    You never expect to see beings from the future, because you were taught that Time travel to the past violated the Laws of Physics. Well, it does not. When faced with the inevitable truth of the Continuum, in which you live, you see that violence,...

  • e-book


    Rudnick, Elizabeth

    Urso Pooh, Leitão, Ió e Tigrão estão de volta para um reencontro inesquecível com Christopher Robin, o menino que embarcou em muitas brincadeiras no Bosque dos Cem Acres. Nesta história, Christopher cresceu, se tornou um homem de negócios e perdeu o...

  • e-book

    Metro 2033

    Dmitri Gloechovski

    Het is 2033. Twintig jaar geleden heeft een atoomoorlog de beschaafde wereld in puin gelegd. In Moskou heeft een klein deel van de bevolking zijn toevlucht gevonden in de grootste atoomvrije schuilkelder op aarde: de metro, ooit gebouwd door...

  • e-book

    Verdigris Ebook

    Moor,Gary R.

    Colonel Proffit, USMC, and his team take an ancient sarcophagus from a synagogue in Prague. Complicated military security gets it lost on route to the U.S. Bronze sculptor Lillith Adams needs relief from the demands of her tenants living in the...

  • e-book

    Chrysalis eBook

    Moor,Gary R.

    On the day Apollo 11 Launches to the moon, four year old Spencer Aubrey is in a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and his pilot father is killed. Spencer and his mother, Rhea walk out of the wilderness, their survival assured by their dog Daisy....

  • e-book

    Gryphons Ebook

    Alyx Jae Shaw

    Dahli Sandiniti is luckier than most teen girls on her home world of Sferkkaa, and she knows it. She has a roof over her head, her best friend Diza, her older sister Teirra, a room of her own with some posters on the wall, and usually food enough to...

  • e-book

    "quot;Thoughts, Digital - Of Things Seen and...

    Amalachukwu Okpala

    A volume of seven fictional stories about supernatural events. The stories revolve around spiritual beings and the constant battle between darkness and light.It also introduces a character who has the ability to travel through spiritual dimensions,...

  • e-book

    The Digital Dream


    The Time?The future. Hours, days, weeks, months. A couple of years, maybe. The Place? Here, I guess. Wherever here is. Our computers and networks make the world a single place. It'apos;s all becoming one. Isn'apos;t it? The Digital Dream dramatizes...

  • e-book


    M.J. Spickett

    Being one of Ravenwood's Crime Scene Investigators is hard enough, especially when you're in the Paranormal Investigation Division, but it's even harder when an investigation comes knocking at your door.Selena Hawke loves being a cop.She's one of the...

  • e-book


    Kristan Cannon

    Alone...... But this hardly means lost.Derek Moss is alone and far behind the enemy lines controlled by Colonel Harnet.  While he's not lost--it's hard to be lost when he's managed to find his own, if old, backyard in Garson itself--he finds himself...

  • e-book


    Sunnil Singh

    'Resonance and other Science Fiction short stories' is a collection of four intriguing and imaginative stories. Resonance: An ancient technology that uses sound is rediscovered. Its secrets are locked away in the mind of an autistic young girl. ...

  • e-book


    Clarke,Chandra K.

    Adara Cohili was just a child when the Karaash savaged her planet and left her for dead. So when Interplanetary Search and Rescue (ISR) finds her several years later, she has just one thing in mind: revenge. But the Karaash are a vicious enemy and...

  • e-book


    Luke D. Gonzalez

    Victernus is a sci-fi novel about a scientist who tries to escape humanity in an effort to find something that was lost to him when he was very young. His efforts are met with extreme resistance, and he and his companions are forced to fight against...

  • e-book


    Davide Minuzzo

    A fantastic journey of a special boy, an young Einstein.An exploratory adventure to discover the solar system among celestial bodies and legends of ancient populations.

  • e-book


    Fraser Pearson

    In the distant future, the world as we know it has vanished. With no other options left, humanity is forced to retreat into the virtual reality utopia known as 'Canvas'. As the citizens live peacefully within the walls of the Cranium Citadel, this...

  • e-book


    Makayla Regel

    In the year 2060 the world became hellish. The nutrients were stripped from the soil, taking billion of people`s way of life with it. The food chain collapsed, famine was worldwide and starvation became the normal. Animals died off one by one,...

  • e-book



    An advanced civilization (Sapiens)6 in peril of extinction, after losing their Blue Planet discover and judge the behavior of a basic civilization (Sapiens)2. The facts are mirrored for your imagination.

  • e-book


    Mr Matthew Harris

    Imagine, The first novel written by Matthew Harris The imagination is said to be the most powerful thing on the planet. For Drake Jones this could not be truer. Running from a past that haunts him at every step Drake Jones invents people and worlds...

  • e-book



    A fast attack ship, Fury Class, is broken down somewhere in a distant star lane. While waiting for the repair ship to rendezvous, strange things begin happening around the ship. A short story. Number one in the Steampunk Rocket Series.

  • e-book


    Von Harbou,Thea

    This city of the future encompasses two worlds: that of the hedonistic ruling class and that of a segregated subculture, toilers in a mechanized underworld who labor to provide the rich with their pleasures. When a charismatic leader arises, she...

  • e-book


    Dustin Humphreys

    Ark didn't think his life could get much more interesting when he teamed up with two of the nigh-mythical free spirits. He couldn't have been more wrong. When the leader of the infamous Red City rebels comes to him for help, he learns about an...

  • e-book


    Horrified Press

    Prepare to get lost, as the time-traveler and his assistant venture into dark space.It's time for authors from around the world to unofficially pay homage to the longest-running science-fiction show in the world, and unleash their own tales of...

  • e-book


    John VanOrsdell

    The world of VanOrsdell's immensely enjoyable fiction debut is completely normal-sports, weather, international tensions, billions of people going about their daily lives-when everything suddenly receives a gigantic, fundamental disruption: A large...

  • e-book


    Luthien Clarke

    When a time traveler accidentally finds himself on a fantastic futuristic train in the year 2069 where he meets a young woman whose unborn son is destined to be the greatest musician the world has ever known, he becomes entangled in a beautiful, and...

  • e-book


    T.C. Goodwin

    Eric Michael Reed is a hero, some wouldsay, but others would stronglydisagree with that opinion, if it wasn't for the fact that he maybe the last human alive, we would all agree with the first easement. Eric, a blue collar worker, endeavors to leave...

  • e-book



    Eyvind can think of no more glorious future than becoming a Wolfskin, a warrior devoted to the service of the mighty war-god Thor. His closest friend, Somerled, a strange and lonely boy, has his own very different ambitions - yet a childhood oath,...

  • e-book


    Cheyenne Gross

    What would you do if the only family you had left disappeared from your life?Gemma Avrett must ask herself this very question when her ten year old brother, Julian, goes missing. Following the trail of blood, Gemma must leave the safety of her small...

  • e-book


    Kat Lehto

    Follow Herma, an Obmogie woman, as she travels on a 15 year journey through space aboard the USS Radcliff to her home planet Crevo 7. She is an unlikely hero who time and time again must save the Obmogie people from horrible outcomes. While all of...

  • e-book


    Samuel Cornruff

    The Pope is dead!... ...felled by simple old age or so they said...but unbeknownst to the wider world was the true reason...murder by nefarious hands! And so the gargantuan machine that is the Catholic Church grinds into action to elect the...

  • e-book


    Christophe Thibaud

    A misanthropic autocrat obsessed by metaphysics and the great strategists of the past.A singular Reptilian worried about her survival.A humanistic automat rejected by its peers.A volatil egocentric entity.Eternal war.Universalia.

  • e-book


    Megan Sweetrose

    Do humans die and then come back again? Does the universe die and come back to life again and again? Anything is possible, but in this particular story coincidence plus a little engineering enables love to transcend a second generation.The setting...

  • e-book


    Bill Meikle

    We always expected space exploration to take the form of rockets -- Star Wars, Star Trek, et. al. have boldly informed us of that.But what if leaving our pale blue dot was less about blasting off on rockets and more about... swinging on giant space...

  • e-book



    A warrior priest lies wounded beyond measure, but refuses to succumb to death's siren call. While his ancient enemy gathers her strength and readies a plan to thrown the land of Embre into all out war. Can the warrior priest and his allies rally in...

  • e-book


    Laine Zabukovic

    He and I were formed long ago with one singular soul to share. Then, after a millennium of waiting amongst the stars, we were given bodies, forged from the sacred river on a heavenly planet called Aether. We were the first Angels, born to lead the...

  • e-book


    Myles Songolo

    An unfortunate but avoidable accident ends Helev's life as she knows it.Now she finds herself in unfamiliar grounds, fighting against her emotions and struggling to fit in with people who she wouldn't have spared a thought towards before her world...

  • e-book


    Mihai-Marius Trofim

    After a cruel and senseless war, prince Kahn and his companions, are given a second chance. Reunited with a lifelong friend, now turned foe, they embark on a journey to avoid another war.

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