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  • Você e Outros Pensamentos Que Provocam...

    Elboni, Fred

    **Brinde exclusivo para compras realizadas no site**O novo livro de Fred Elboni, autor com mais de 200 mil exemplares vendidos.“Vou contar um segredo: sempre achei que algumas pessoas têm poderes nas mãos. Tive sorte de esbarrar, e até amar, pessoas...

  • e-book

    Lady Fred


    When the notoriously eccentric Lady Winifred Westerly is invited to her cousin Claudie's wedding, she is horrified to learn that little Claudie is being forced to marry a rougé nearly three times her age. Before Freddy and her foppish cousin Dickie...

  • e-book

    Vile Fred Zeus

    Andy Mor

    Vile Fred ZeusA Short Storyby Mr PseudonymPhil Meadows had always loved backward Sleepford with its quaint, quick quarries. It was a place where he felt unstable.He was a thoughtful, articulate, brandy drinker with hairy fingers and spiky abs. His...

  • e-book

    Uncle Fred in the Springtime - (Blandings...

    Wodehouse,P. G.

    A classic Blandings novel from P.G. Wodehouse, the great comic writer of the 20th century. Blandings is now a BBC One show starring Jennifer Saunders and Timothy Spall. Episode One, series two, 'apos;Throwing Eggs'apos;, features scenes from...

  • The Fred Factor


    The Fred Factor

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  • See Fred Run


    Learning to read has never been more fun than it is with Ed and Fred! See Fred run, jump, and climb his way to safety in this hilarious beginning reader text. See Fred Run has been carefully crafted to teach more than 50 sight words—the simplest,...

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  • Trumpeter Fred - A Story Of The Plains...


    Excerpt from Trumpeter Fred: A Story of the Plains Fort Robinson, right in the heart of the Indian country, and in the very midst of the treacherous tribes along White River. And yet, under its second lieutenant and with only, twenty-nine rank and...

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  • Nem Fred Explica


    Fred é um psicólogo de 29 anos, que vive atormentado pelos pesadelos e lembranças de quando seus pais morreram em um acidente de carro, dez anos antes. Ele divide um apartamento com a irmã, Marcela, que não poderia ser mais diferente. Aspirante a...

  • e-book

    Mr Fred

    Hilton,John Buxton

    'quot;There is nothing that calls back the past so vividly as an old and familiar smell. I knew then what had turned my thoughts to Mr Fred tonight. I am over eighty now, but that aroma would still take me back. When Inspector Brunt tore the door...

  • audio livro

    Pastor Fred T. Williams


    Revolutionary, Anointed, Creatively Innovative, Inspiring, & Empowering are words often used to describe Pastor Fred T. Williams. He is a HUSBAND, FATHER, PASTOR, COACH, AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR, and HOPE DEALER TO THE MASSES. Follow Pastor Fred on...

    R$ 24,90
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  • audio livro

    Craig & Fred Young Readers' Edition


    A heartwarming story of a stray dog and a U.S. Marine who met under the unlikeliest circumstances in Afghanistanand who changed each others lives forever. As part of an elite team of Marines, Craig Grossi was sent on his most dangerous assignment to...

    R$ 24,90
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  • e-book

    The Fred Astaire Handbook - Everything you...


    The Fred Astaire Handbook - Everything you need to know about Fred Astaire

  • e-book

    Hanging Fred and a Few Others - Painters of...

    Fonda, Nick

    Quebec’s Eastern Townships are home to a higher concentration of artists than anywhere else in Canada. With his starting and finishing point being Frederick Coburn (1871–1960), arguably Canada’s best-known painter at the peak of his career, author...

  • e-book

    Dear Fred

    Peyton,K M

    Set in the racing world of Newmarket in the 1880s, this is the story of Laura and her intense feelings for Fred Archer - the tall, slender young jockey who became one of the most famous men in Britain. Based around the true story of Fred Archer's...

  • Vorlesemaus Band 18 - Schlittenfahrt Mit...


    Der Winter ist zurück! Eine verzauberte Jahreszeit mit abenteuerlichen Schlittenfahrten, einer ungewöhnlichen Weihnachtsreise mit Oma und einer richtigen Winterprinzessin. Vorlesen macht Spaß! Die Geschichten in der VORLESEMAUS haben die perfekte...

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  • Primeiros Clássicos - Fred


    o pai de kátia fez uma portinha especial para fred, mas o gatinho estava com medo de usá-la. ele sabia que o terrível max estava do lado de fora esperando para atacar... e agora? o que fred vai fazer?

  • Hora De Dormir, Fred!

    Walters, Catherine

    O Ursinho Fred não quer ir para cama. Ele não está sentindo nem um pouco de sono. Os peixes, as corujas e os lobos estão todos acordados e Fred quer ser como eles - nadar, caçar e uivar à noite! Mas a agitação de fred está acordando seus irmãozinhos....

  • O Pinguim Fred


    Fred está começando a achar que ser um pinguim não é tão divertido, pois ele percebe que todos os seus amigos conseguem voar, mas ele não. Leia e compartilhe esta história fantástica e descubra se Fred aprenderá a voar.

  • e-book

    Fred Astaire'apos;s Got Nothin'apos; On Me


    Mr original play based upon a short story I wrote in 1989 about a young man living with Cerebral Palsy. This story is based upon a chance meeting between myself and an all-around good guy who taught me what happiness means.

  • audio livro

    TFT - Tony & Fred Talk


    Tony and Fred talk about tech in this episode, specifically about their Macs, iCloud and cloud computing in general.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Brewtality with Fred Porter


    Brewtality is a comprehensive inside look at the booming Western NY Craft Beer industry, with weekly episodes showcasing local brewmasters and breweries.

    R$ 24,90
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  • e-book

    Fred& Nettie'apos;s Love Letters - The...

    Suzanne Fister Levne

    This creative nonfiction work is based on the romance and actual love letters of Marie Antoinette 'Nettie' Stuntebeck and Fred Marion Fister of Kentucky from 1900-1904. Before radio, television, and autos, they carried on their romance separated by...

  • O Natal de Fred - Col. Fazendo História

    Oliveira,M.crismanda S. De

    Frederico é este simpático menino. Ele mora num lindo lugar que tem a forma de um coração. É todo cheio de flores e cercado de água por todos os lados. O lugar chama-se: 'Ilha do Coração.'

  • Fred Dibnah - Made In Britain


    Fred Dibnah - Made In Britain

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  • Fred Dibnah's Victorian Heroes


    Fred Dibnah's Victorian Heroes

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    My Son Fred - Living with Autism - How Could...


    Maud Deckmar tells a touching and honest story of living with Fred, her eldest child, who has autism and an intellectual disability. She recounts here the great struggles and sorrows as well as the love and happiness she has experienced from his...

  • Fred e Bete


    Fred e Bete

  • Fred And Ted Go Camping


    Even though they do things very differently, friends Fred and Ted enjoy going camping together in the woods.

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #136


    It'apos;s almost time for Genn and Seance to get married, and Brianna, Pini and Charlotte (mainly Brianna) have plans for a super-sized, super-beefy bachelorette party for Genn! Meanwhile, Peebri'apos;s more interested in finding cheat codes to...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #142


    With the were-cat leader Xercie first co-opted and then captured, Dreadwing has freed the Orkrist tyrant Serpentus and left ethereal 'quot;bait'quot; to lure all manner of beasts from other dimensions to destroy Xercie'apos;s home of Jag'apos;s Lair....

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #123


    Reunited with her ex-husband and fellow Djinn Dao, a reformed Madrid wants his help to figure out the mysterious visions she'apos;s seen in the Astral Rifts-visions of people thousands of miles tall-that her super-computer friend Subtracto...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #120


    Julia Diggers'apos; greatest rival, the dwarven Weapon-master G'apos;nolga, has been captured by the Orkrist leader who destroyed G'apos;nolga'apos;s home decades ago. G'apos;nolga'apos;s sister Merigold has barely escaped intact to seek help, but...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #126


    Deep within an ancient Enigma temple, the master villain Dreadwing is proceeding toward his goal: a powerful, living magic artifact he means to claim for his own. His most powerful enemies have assembled to stop him, but he'apos;s already tricked...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #108


    Tifanny, Pojo and Charlotte go with Gina on a prep school field trip to do some real-life paleontology at a real dinosaur fossil site. Charlotte finds what appears to be a fifty-pound, peanut-shaped rock, which turns out to be a Saurian egg,...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #105


    Gina discovers a component of an archaic machine controlling the War Storm, a living natural disaster from the Age of Wonder. Unfortunately, she learns what it does after she pushes the start button! Now she must locate the other two pieces of the...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #115


    An expedition into a hidden tomb in Egypt ends in disaster for the explorer group known as Team Elite. Only the team'apos;s cursed leader, Isaac Elite, can be found. Informed of the emergency, Gina and her student Kylie race to rescue. If they fail,...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #137


    In the aftermath of Peebri using Gina'apos;s singularity-powered server for online RPG hax, a clever little intruder has found her way into the lab-from another time! Under Brianna, Charlotte and Pini'apos;s interrogation, she claims to be Brianna...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #112


    Gina and Penny travel to the far side of the Moon to visit Kia, the reformed living A.I. of a galactic fortress. While awaiting their arrival, he has been creating bodies for all the minds in his Soul Well, which he once used to assimilate victims...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #140


    In his continued bid to take over the magical world of Jade-Realm, Dreadwing the dragon has tricked the were-cat leader, Xercie, into a pact with him. He will grant the were-cats enough wealth and magic to become independently wealthy as a people....

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #147


    Brianna'apos;s man Zan is firmly in the clutches of the savage, tropical giants of mystic Ooshoosh Island, imperiled by sacrifice in a deadly 'quot;Smooshing'quot; ritual! (His partner (and Gina'apos;s current squeeze), Nez, is studying the tribe and...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #139


    On Jade, dragon queen T'apos;mat holds council with the rulers of other races to start mounting preemptive defense against Dreadwing. However, the were-cat leader, Xercie, is still bitter over the dragons'apos; lack of help for her people against...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #114


    While Dark Bird bids to take over an entire country, Gina and Penny launch their rescue mission to save Ace from being trapped working for Night Flight (and being married to Skippy) for life. However, Skippy'apos;s knack for tactics and expert flying...

  • e-book

    Gold Digger #144


    The Wild Magi of the Astral Rifts continue their assault on Jade-Realm'apos;s dimensional borders. Newly crowned Debra and her powerful companions help the Southern Edge-Guard hold fast, but with Dreadwing, Serpentus, and a vengeful abyssalisk...

  • e-book

    Delinquents Issue 3

    Lente,Fred Van; James Asmus

    GET DELINQUENT! As the road trip from hell enters its penultimate pit stop, our curious cuatro must make a choice that will FOREVER CHANGE THE WORLD...or at least change the course of HOBO HISTORY as we know it! With only a mysterious ass-map (yes,...

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