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17 produtos
  • Lingerie - da Antiguidade À Cultura Pop


    Por meio de uma série de belíssimas imagens das mais variadas roupas íntimas do passado e do presente, este livro conduz o leitor a uma verdadeira viagem ao longo da história da lingerie, narrando do seu surgimento até os dias atuais e revelando que...

  • Safadas - Lingerie


    Sensuais, erótica, explícitas… safadas! Chega pela editora Nemo o terceiro volume da deliciosa coleção de HQs em que o sexo e o erotismo são os temas principais. Jogos de sedução, o revelar e o esconder de uma peça de roupa, o mostrar e o deixar por...

  • Lessons In Lingerie


    Rebecca Apsan turned her childhood love of drawing and making pottery into a passion for transforming the female form with the most beautiful lingerie available. And so La Petite Coquette, her destination lingerie store in New York City, was born....

  • e-book

    Dainty Lingerie

    Thorpe,Rose H.

    Learn to make beautiful old fashioned lingerie. This book is illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams. Contents Include: Equipment, Materials, Cutting Out; Details of Stitchery and Seams; Openings; Edges; Decoration. This book contains...

  • e-book

    Sexy Lingerie - The Ultimate Guide

    Kimberlie Wimmer

    Say 'sexy lingerie' and most people will think of black and red lacy peep-hole bras and crotchless panties! However, this concept is such a poor representation of what sexy lingerie is and what it does. It can transform a 'normal' body into one that...

  • e-book

    Lingerie Madness (Lesbian Erotica)


    Lara was a happily married woman but had some issues with her chest. Her breasts were so big that she felt uncomfortable and needed some large bras. She found a shop online with the appropriate items and decided to attend the showcase. There, she met...

  • e-book

    Lingerie Attraction - Lesbian Erotica

    Long, Tina

    Ellen wanted to surprise her husband, Mark, with some hot lingerie as he was due to return from a business trip. However, Mark got delayed and Ellen was surprised to receive her new neighbor, Paula. The sight of Ellen in such lingerie triggered...

  • e-book

    Lingerie For Felons

    Ros Baxter

    If there'apos;s one universal truth, it'apos;s this: You'apos;re always wearing your worst underwear when you land in trouble.Lola'apos;s parents told her that everyone can make a difference. And she believed them. She'apos;s been fighting the good...

  • Irresistible - The Art Of Lingerie, 1920-1980


    Slip into something more comfortable as you peruse this comprehensive overview celebrating the art of women's underwear and lingerie. In this elegant display of vintage, collectible lingerie in satin, lace, silk, and chiffon, experience the evolving...

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  • Pattern Cutting For Lingerie Beachwear And...


    This unique book contains a full range of blocks and patterns to cope with all aspects of lingerie, beachwear and leisurewear. It explains not only the methods of cutting but also the reasoning behind the methods, so that you can learn to adapt the...

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  • The Bare Essentials: A Passion For Lingerie

    Glanville-Blackburn,Jo; Richardson,Claire

    Fun and flirty, sexy and provocative, or practical and comfortable, lingerie possesses the power of seduction as it celebrates the female form. This invaluable guide pays homage to the silk, satin, and lace (or sometimes the Lycra and PVC) that have...

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  • e-book

    My Husband Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do...

    Bobbie Thompson

    Bobbie Thompson, the supportive spouse of a transgender male-to-female, tells her side of their story in 'My HUSBAND Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do ... DAMN IT,' in this companion memoir to 'Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery,'...

  • La Perla - Lingerie And Desire


    A gorgeously illustrated book showcasing the exquisite high-end lingerie from the world-renowned Italian brand La Perla. La Perla is celebrated for its sophisticated, sexy, and beautifully designed and crafted lingerie. The company was founded by...

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  • Dessous -imaginaire de La Lingerie


    Glissé dans un corset de soie retenu d'un élégant ruban de velours, l'ouvrage précieux que propose Anne Zazzo, conservateur au musée de la mode à Paris, raconte l'imaginaire des dessous féminins en occident, du moyen-âge à nos jours sous un angle...

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  • Hidden Feminity 20th Century Lingerie


    Hidden Feminity 20th Century Lingerie

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  • Costurando Para Fora - a Emancipação da...


    Através de um estudo da roupa íntima feminina, em especial a Lingerie, este livro que traça um breve discurso sobre a manipulação social a qual a mulher foi submetida nos últimos cinco mil anos. Descreve como o vestuário feminino tomou seu lugar nos...

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  • 1000 Dessous a History of Lingerie

    Hattstein,Markus; Delius,Peter

    1000 Dessous a History of Lingerie

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