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Resultados para: livros-fantasia-terror

17 produtos
  • O Filho do Açougueiro - e Outros Contos de...


    A literatura especulativa, termo associado à ficção científica e à fantasia, explora a existência de 'outros mundos' além do mundo real, que é esse em que vivemos, o único que, de fato, conhecemos. O que se observa, no entanto, nessa coletânea de...

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    100 Contos Curtos: Fantásticos, de Terror,...


    Aqui estão cem histórias curtas para passar o tempo. Aquele tempo curtinho entre cinco estações de metrô ou mesmo a ida ao banheiro. Aquele tempo na fila do banco. Ou para sentar e ler tudo na próxima tarde. São contos de ficção científica, contos...

  • Triangle of Terror


    When Mack Bolan discovers a plan to overthrow the American government that is linked to the deaths of innocent marines, the razing of illegal POW camps in Brazil, and nerve agents, he must race against time to unmask a traitor before a doomsday plot...

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  • Magic Terror

    Straub, Peter

    An anthology of chilling horror fiction by the author of Mr. X includes 'Bunny Is Good Bread,' in which a future serial killer's childhood is portrayed; 'Hunger,' narrated by the pompous ghost of a serial killer; and the award-winning novella, Mr....

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  • Night Terror


    When two young boys mysteriously vanish from a rural Maine community in two separate incidents four years apart, Sheriff Virgil Milche joins forces with Audrey Bock, the mother of one of the victims, to uncover the truth, unaware that as they move...

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  • Texas Terror Trail


    Suckered into escorting Vance Forrestal, the wild son of a local wealthy businessman, to his wedding in San Antonio, Skye Fargo soon discovers that Vance's future father-in-law is determined to stop the impending nuptials by any force necessary....

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  • Terror Town

    Kaminsky,Stuart M.

    Struggling to protect the streets of Chicago at the side of his partner, Bill, detective Abe Lieberman works to discover a common link between a baseball player whose career has been cut short by tragedy, a religious fanatic who employs unorthodox...

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  • Terror's Echo

    Mcbain,Ed; McBain,Ed

    Everyone's favorite hit man meanders across the country in 'Keller's Adjustment' by Lawrence Block; a young and beautiful artist is first flattered, then terrified, by a new modeling contract in 'The Ransome Women' by John Farris; and one man comes...

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  • Terror on Tuesday


    After Lois Meade moves to the village of Long Farnden to begin a cleaning service, she becomes embroiled in a murder case and with the lead investigator, Hunter Cowgill, and together they uncover a number of secrets. Reprint.

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  • The Black Reaper - Tales Of Terror By Bernard...


    A collection of rare horror stories that will thrill fans of classic writers such as M. R. James, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe and E. F. Benson.Bernard Capes was celebrated as one of the most prolific authors of the late Victorian period, producing...

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  • In The Dark - Tales Of Terror By E. Nesbit -...

    Nesbit, E

    While Edith Nesbit's mainstream fiction has often been revived, her tales of terror - apart from one or two anthologized pieces - have fallen into unwarranted neglect.In the context of her life and marriage to the priapic Hubert Bland, these...

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  • Imaginários - Vol. 5 - Contos de Fantasia,...

    Santos Cardoso,Erick

    Grandes e novos autores exploram infinitos imaginários nesta coletânea da Editora Draco. A coleção Imaginários traz, a cada volume, contos inéditos que exploram o fantástico em todas as suas variantes, contando histórias de ontem, de hoje, de amanhã...

  • Wheels of Terror

    Hassel,Sven; O'Hanlon,I.

    Wheels of Terror

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  • Cuentos Espanoles de Terror Y Humor


    La antología que tiene en sus manos acoge una colección de relatos escritos por los primeros narradores españoles del siglo XIX que apreciaron la obra de Poe. El norteamericano, gran maestro del cuento de terror moderno, influyó en modernistas y...

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  • The Terror & Other Tales

    Machen,Arthur; Joshi,S. T.

    The Terror & Other Tales

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  • Imaginários - Contos de Fantasia, Ficção...


    Grandes e novos autores exploram infinitos imaginários nesta coletânea da Editora Draco. A coleção Imaginários trará, a cada volume, contos inéditos que explorarão o fantástico em todas as suas variantes, contando histórias de ontem, de hoje, de...

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  • Imaginários Vol. 4 - Contos de Fantasia,...

    Santos Cardoso,Erick

    Imaginários Vol. 4 - Contos de Fantasia, Ficção Científica e Terror

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