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  • Fouchard, Gaillard, Goldman On International...

    Savage,John; Gaillard,Emmanuel

    Fouchard, Gaillard, Goldman On International Commercial Arbitration

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  • Redesigning Leadership

    Maeda, John

    Lessons for a new generation of leaders on teamwork, meetings, conversations, free food, social media, apologizing, and other topics.When designer and computer scientist John Maeda was tapped to be president of the celebrated Rhode Island School of...

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  • Hijacking Sustainability

    Parr, Adrian

    How the sustainability movement has been co-opted: from ecobranding by Wal-Mart to the 'greening' of the American military.The idea of 'sustainability' has gone mainstream. Thanks to Prius-driving movie stars, it's even hip. What began as a...

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  • Michael Asher

    King, Jennifer

    Essays and criticism that span Michael Asher's career, documenting site-specific installations and institutional interventions.During a career that spanned more than forty years, from the late 1960s until his death in 2012, Michael Asher created...

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  • Russian Cosmism

    Groys, Boris

    Crucial texts, many available in English for the first time, written before and during the Bolshevik Revolution by the radical biopolitical utopianists of Russian Cosmism.Cosmism emerged in Russia before the October Revolution and developed though...

  • Impossible Persons

    Harbour, Daniel

    A groundbreaking, comprehensive formal theory of grammatical person that recasts its empirical foundations and re-envisions its theoretical core. Impossible Persons, Daniel Harbour's comprehensive and groundbreaking formal theory of grammatical...

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  • (Re)Labeling

    Cecchetto, Carlo

    A new theory of labeling that sheds light on such syntactic phenomena as relativization, successive cyclicity, island phenomena, and Minimality effects.When two categories merge and a new syntactic object is formed, what determines which of the two...

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  • Nonhuman Photography

    Zylinska, Joanna

    A new philosophy of photography that goes beyond humanist concepts to consider imaging practices from which the human is absent, as both subject and agent.Today, in the age of CCTV, drones, medical body scans, and satellite images, photography is...

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  • Staring Back

    Marker, Chris

    Photographs by one of French cinema's most influential and enigmatic artists.Any new film and any new book by French filmmaker Chris Marker is an event. Marker gave film lovers one of their most memorable experiences with La Jetee (1962) -- a...

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  • Photo Forensics

    Farid, Hany

    The first comprehensive and detailed presentation of techniques for authenticating digital images.Photographs have been doctored since photography was invented. Dictators have erased people from photographs and from history. Politicians have...

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  • Robot Futures

    Nourbakhsh, Illah Reza

    A roboticist imagines life with robots that sell us products, drive our cars, even allow us to assume new physical form, and more.With robots, we are inventing a new species that is part material and part digital. The ambition of modern robotics goes...

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  • Taking Economics Seriously

    Baker, Dean

    A leading economist's exploration of what our economic arrangements might look like if we applied basic principles without ideological blinders.There is nothing wrong with economics, Dean Baker contends, but economists routinely ignore their own...

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  • International Currency Exposure

    Cheung, Yin-Wong

    Issues in debates about foreign currency exposure -- the denomination of liabilities or assets in foreign currency.The foreign currency denomination of contracts in international transactions can lead to international currency exposure at the country...

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  • Shopping For Good

    O'Rourke, Dara

    Where public policy fails, can consumer choices lead the way to more ethical and sustainable production practices?'Buy local,' 'buy green,' 'buy organic,' 'fair trade' -- how effective has the ethical consumption movement been in changing market...

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  • Leading Open Innovation

    Huff, Anne Sigismund

    Learning from broad experience with open innovation: how it works, who contributes to it, and arenas for innovation from manufacturing to education. In today's competitive globalized market, firms are increasingly reaching beyond conventional...

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  • Under Blue Cup

    Krauss, Rosalind E

    A personal journey leads a celebrated critic to discover 'knights of the medium,' contemporary artists who battle the aesthetic meaninglessness of the post-medium condition.In Under Blue Cup, Rosalind Krauss explores the relation of aesthetic mediums...

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  • Why We Cooperate

    Tomasello, Michael

    Understanding cooperation as a distinctly human combination of innate and learned behavior.Drop something in front of a two-year-old, and she's likely to pick it up for you. This is not a learned behavior, psychologist Michael Tomasello argues....

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  • Pragmatism And Reference

    Boersema, David

    An argument that a pragmatist approach to reference offers a corrective to the prevailing analytic views on the topic.Despite a recent revival of interest in pragmatist philosophy, most work in the analytic philosophy of language ignores insights...

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  • Inventing American History

    Hogeland, William

    A historian's call to make the celebration of America's past more honest.American public history -- in magazines and books, television documentaries, and museums -- tends to celebrate its subject at all costs, even to the point of denial and...

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  • Portraits Of Resilience

    Jackson, Daniel

    Photographs and stories of people who have coped with and overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, and other challenges.More than 15 million Americans grapple with depression in a given year, and 40 million are affected by anxiety disorders. And yet...

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  • Scientists Debate Gaia

    Sagan, Dorion

    Scientists Debate Gaia is a multidisciplinary reexamination of the Gaia hypothesis, which was introduced by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the early 1970s. The Gaia hypothesis holds that Earth's physical and biological processes are linked to...

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  • Microeconomics Of Banking

    Freixas, Xavier

    The second edition of an essential text on the microeconomic foundations of banking surveys the latest research in banking theory, with new material that covers recent developments in the field.Over the last thirty years, a new paradigm in banking...

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  • Institutional Microeconomics Of Development

    Besley, Timothy

    Leading scholars examine political, legal, social, and market institutions through a microeconomic lens.The narrative of development economics is now infused with discussions of institutions. Economists debate whether institutions--or other factors...

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  • Your Everyday Art World

    Relyea, Lane

    A critic takes issue with the art world's romanticizing of networks and participatory projects, linking them to the values of a globalized, neoliberal economy.Over the past twenty years, the network has come to dominate the art world, affecting not...

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  • Relive - Media Art Histories

    Cubitt, Sean

    Leading historians of the media arts define a new materialist media art history, discussing temporality, geography, ephemerality, and the future.In Relive, leading historians of the media arts grapple with this dilemma: how can we speak of 'new...

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  • What Was Contemporary Art?

    Meyer, Richard

    Not only does contemporary art have a history, but all works of art were once contemporary to the artist and culture that produced them.Contemporary art in the early twenty-first century is often discussed as if the very idea of art that is...

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  • Principles Of Model Checking

    Baier, Christel

    A comprehensive introduction to the foundations of model checking, a fully automated technique for finding flaws in hardware and software; with extensive examples and both practical and theoretical exercises.Our growing dependence on increasingly...

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  • Starr



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  • McLibel


    Presents the story of the longest trial in British history in which two members of London Greenpeace defended themselves against charges of libel by the McDonald's Corporation

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  • Karl Blossfeldt - Working Collages

    Wilde, Ann

    Newly discovered photographic collages by early-twentieth-century photographer Karl Blossfeldt.Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) achieved overnight fame in the late 1920s with the first publication of his photographs of plants. Those photographs, which...

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  • Why Nuclear Disarmament Matters

    Blix, Hans

    From the former UN head weapons inspector in Iraq, a plea for a renewed global disarmament movement.In 2002 Dr. Hans Blix, then chief United Nations weapons inspector, led his team on a search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Before the...

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  • Objection!

    Clehane,Diane; Grace,Nancy

    Offers a critique of America's criminal justice system, providing insight into what goes on inside and outside the courtroom during such high-profile cases as Scott Peterson, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, and Kobe Bryant.

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  • Preemption

    Dershowitz,Alan M.

    A analysis of America's increasing reliance on preemptive actions, from profiling to preventive war, identifies the benefits and consequences of the nation's paradigm shift toward more preventive and proactive approaches to conflict, arguing that the...

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  • Software Studies - A Lexicon

    Fuller, Matthew

    A cultural field guide to software: artists, computer scientists, designers, cultural theorists, programmers, and others define a new field of study and practice.This collection of short expository, critical, and speculative texts offers a field...

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  • Russia - A Long View

    Gaidar, Yegor

    An important Russian economist and politician takes a long view of economic history and Russia's development.It is not so easy to take the long view of socioeconomic history when you are participating in a revolution. For that reason, Russian...

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  • Secession

    Kohen,Marcelo G.


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  • The Metamorphosis Of Plants

    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

    Goethe's influential text, newly illustrated with stunning color photographs. The Metamorphosis of Plants, published in 1790, was Goethe's first major attempt to describe what he called in a letter to a friend 'the truth about the how of the...

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  • Heuristics And The Law

    Gigerenzer, Gerd

    Experts in law, psychology, and economics explore the power of 'fast and frugal' heuristics in the creation and implementation of lawIn recent decades, the economists' concept of rational choice has dominated legal reasoning. And yet, in practical...

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  • Rivertown - Rethinking Urban Rivers

    Kibel, Paul Stanton

    Examines efforts in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Jose, and other cities to reclaim postindustrial urban riverside land for use as open space, parks and housing.Today's urban riverfronts are changing. The decline of river...

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  • Perspectives In Space Surveillance

    Sridharan, Ramaswamy

    The development of deep space surveillance technology and its later application to near-Earth surveillance, covering work at Lincoln Laboratory from 1970 to 2000.In the 1950s, the United States and the Soviet Union raced to develop space-based...

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  • Newsgames - Journalism At Play

    Bogost, Ian

    How videogames offer a new way to do journalism.Journalism has embraced digital media in its struggle to survive. But most online journalism just translates existing practices to the Web: stories are written and edited as they are for print; video...

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  • Unfiltered

    Bayer,Ronald; Feldman,Eric A.; Bayer,Ronald


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  • The Political Economy Of Reform

    Sturzenegger, Federico

    'The Asian crises have once again highlighted the importance of politics in economic policy formulation. This volume is therefore especially welcome, containing many of the promising models of the political economy of reform (or non-reform).' -- Anne...

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  • Antitrust Law

    Posner, Richard A.

    Antitrust Law

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