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  • A Ilha Dos Dissidentes - Trilogia Anômalos -...

    Morais, Bárbara



    Ser levada para uma cidade especial não estava nos planos de Sybil. Tudo o que ela mais queria era sair de Kali, zona paupérrima da guerra entre a União e o Império do Sol, e não precisar entrar para o exército. Mas ela nunca imaginou que pudesse ser...

  • Tashi e os Gigantes

    Fienberg,Barbara; Fienberg,Anna

    Tashi está em novo!O gigante Chintu ficou sabendo do que Tashi fez com seu amigo, o dragão, e não está nada feliz. Descubra como o nosso herói conseguiu se livrar dessa encrenca usando a cabeça e uma receitinha especial!Mas as aventuras...

  • A Ameaça Invisível - Trilogia Anômalos - Vol....


    O cerco se fecha contra os anômalos e o cotidiano nas Cidades Especiais começa a mudar. De início, o direito de ir e vir é privado, e a isso se seguem outras medidas restritivas, o que inspira uma rebelião e deixa a situação a um passo de uma guerra...

  • Junie B. First Grader (At Last)

    Park,Barbara; Brunkus,Denise; Brunkus, Denise

    Junie B. thinks first grade is a flop when her kindergarten friend Lucille prefers the company of twins Camille and Chenille and Junie B. needs glasses.

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  • Audrey and Barbara

    Lawson, Janet

    Audrey and her cat Barbara plan an adventure that will take them across the ocean to India.

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  • One Love - One Direction

    Barbara Beckam



    Um romance absolutamente imperdível para todas as verdadeiras Directioners Finalmente o verão chegou! Sol, mar e descanso! Pena que, por causa de seu emprego de férias, Megan é forçada a permanecer fechada entre quatro paredes enquanto todo mundo...

  • Rainstorm

    Lehman, Barbara; Lehman, Barbara

    In a wordless picture book, a lonely boy finds a mysterious key which leads him on an adventure one rainy day. By the author of The Red Book. 35,000 first printing.

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  • Chibi

    Brenner,Barbara; Takaya,Julia; Otani,June (ilt)

    When a wild duck decides to make her nesting place in the Mitsui Office Park in downtown Tokyo, a news photographer becomes the duck's devoted protector

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  • Reptiles

    Taylor,Barbara; Holland,Simon

    Explores the world of reptiles, discussing lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, and tuataras.

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  • Insects


    Covering an immense range of subjects, this series leads children from a general view to a close-up focus on the details of the topic at hand, and includes easy-to-follow projects, new vocabulary words, and suggestions for interesting places to visit...

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  • Birds



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  • Reptiles

    Taylor,Barbara; Holland,Simon

    Explores the world of reptiles, discussing lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, and tuataras.

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  • Dahlia


    Preferring her teddy named Bruno with whom she digs in the dirt and climbs trees, Charlotte is not happy about the delicate doll she receives from her Aunt Edme until Dahlia proves she likes making mud cakes and racing wagons, and the two soon become...

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  • Peppa Pig - Bedtime For Peppa (Peppa Pig)


    It is bedtime for Peppa and George, but the little piggies are not sleepy! They must take their bath, brush their teeth, and listen to a story before they can have sweet dreams. Join Peppa and George on an adorable bedtime-themed tale in this...

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  • Machu Picchu

    Somervill, Barbara A.

    Describes the history of the Inca civilization and the discovery of the city of Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains.

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  • Animal Encyclopedia


    Provides information about the physical characteristics, habits, and behavior of such animals as hedgehogs, peacocks, penguins, salamanders, and snakes.

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  • Miss Rumphius


    Deciding in childhood that she would seek adventure in faraway places, Miss Rumphius fulfills her dream and then has one more thing to do--something to make the world more beautiful.

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  • Drummer Hoff

    Emberley,Barbara; Emberley, Ed

    A cumulative folk song in which seven soldiers build a magnificent cannon, but Drummer Hoff fires it off.

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  • Walt Whitman

    Kerley,Barbara; Selznick, Brian; Kerley, Barbara

    Did you know that poet Walt Whitman was also a Civil War nurse? Devastated by his country dividing and compelled to service by his brother's war injury, Walt nursed all soldiers--Union and Confederate, black and white. By getting to know them through...

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  • Wagon Wheels


    The Muldie boys and their father have come a long way to Kansas. But when Daddy moves on, the three boys must begin their own journey. They must learn to care for one another and face the dangers of the wilderness alone.

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  • Ghost Trap

    Joosse,Barbara M.; Truesdell,Sue (ilt)

    After hearing strange noises in a secret passageway, Wild Willie, King Kyle, and Lucky Lucy wonder if its is the late Loony Loraine making the noises in Kyle's new home and begin a search to find out exactly what is going on.

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  • Arctic & Antarctic

    Taylor,Barbara; Brightling,Geoff

    Shows and describes wildlife found in the Polar regions, looks at Inuit clothing and artifacts, and depicts the equipment used by Polar explorers.

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  • Animal Giants


    Provides information on the largest animals of land, air, and sea.

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  • Aesop & Company

    Bader,Barbara; Geisert,Arthur (ilt)

    A collection of nineteen of Aesop's most famous fables is accompanied by drawings and information about the sources of the fables and an account of the myths surrounding Aesop's life

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  • Glamorous Garbage

    Newman,Barbara Johansen; Newman,Johansen

    Bobbie s room is full of stuffSO full, that it s hard for her and her best cousin, Joanie, to find space to play. When Bobbie s mom gives her a twoweek deadline to clear out the clutter, Bobbie has an ideainstead of taking stuff out of her room, she...

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  • Brain Quest

    Ellis,Barbara C.

    Brain Quest

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  • Snow Day

    Joosse,Barbara M.; Plecas,Jennifer

    When school is cancelled because of snow, Robby and his family enjoy the day together

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  • Arctic & Antarctic

    Taylor,Barbara; Brightling,Geoff; Brightling,Geoff

    Shows and describes wildlife found in the Polar regions, looks at Inuit clothing and artifacts, and depicts the equipment used by Polar explorers.

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  • Museum Trip

    Lehman, Barbara; Lehman,Barbara

    In this wordless picture book, a boy imagines himself inside some of the exhibits when he goes on a field trip to a museum.

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  • Butterflies & Moths


    Butterflies & Moths

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  • Viewfinder: Oceans

    Barbara Taylor

    'Viewfinder: Oceans' reveals the extraordinary world of the deep in amazing detail. Using the removable magnifier included with the book, kids can examine the sharp teeth on a saber fish, the thick spines on a sea urchin, and the stinging tentacles...

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  • The Earth


    Provides an introduction to the earth sciences and includes discussions of mountains, volcanoes, weather, climate, maps, and mapping.

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  • Bayou Blues

    Fricke,Anna; Siebertz,Barbara

    While visiting Jen's cousin Monique in New Orleans, Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen sense gloom and evil on the southern plantation where Monique's relative Isabella Percy died waiting for her true love to return from the Civil War.

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  • Christmas Cookies!

    Devins,Susan; Lehman, Barbara

    Presents instructions and recipes for a variety of Christmas cookies, including candy cane cookies, gingerbread people, shortbread, snickerdoodles, and snowballs.

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  • Tom Rabbit

    Waddell,Martin; Firth, Barbara

    After spending an enjoyable day on the farm, Sammy and his toy rabbit become separated but happily find each other at bedtime.

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  • Jitterbug Jam

    Hicks,Barbara Jean; Deacon,Alexis

    Bobo, a young monster who's afraid to sleep in his own bed because he is sure there is a boy hiding beneath it, is called a fraidy-cat by his older sibling, but his grandpa, Boo-Dad, knows exactly what to do to scare away the boy under the bed.

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  • Tom Rabbit

    Waddell,Martin; Firth,Barbara (ilt)

    After spending an enjoyable day on the farm, Sammy and his toy rabbit become separated but happily find each other at bedtime, in a charming story by the creators of the classic Little Bear books. Reprint.

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  • Say Boo!

    Graham-Barber,Lynda; Lehman,Barbara (ilt)

    Say Boo!

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  • Say Boo!

    Graham-Barber,Lynda; Lehman,Barbara (ilt)

    Little ghost Ben who can only say 'Whooo!' and 'Mooo!' wants to learn how to say 'Boo!' in time for Halloween.

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  • The Grumpalump

    Hayes,Sarah; Firth,Barbara

    All the animals try to get a reaction out of the mysterious lumpy grumpalump, but nothing happens until the gnu blows into it and gets an inflated surprise

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  • Fuja, Coelhinho, Fuja


    Quando o pai de Lizzie recusa-se a lutar na Segunda Guerra Mundial, a polícia vem à sua procura. Para continuarem juntos, Lizzie e seu irmão Freddie acompanham o pai e refugiam-se em uma idílica comunidade chamada Whiteway. Porém, a estadia não dura...

  • Great Mammals

    Nowak,Ronald M.; Hill,Carolinda; Phelps,Tim; Gibson,Barbara

    Examines thirty-five massive animals from various habitats across the globe, including the largest animals of their kinds, from the blue whale to the flying fox, the biggest bat.

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  • Rude Mule

    Edwards,Pamela Duncan; Nascimbeni,Barbara

    A rude mule learns that he has more fun when he uses good manners.

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  • Girl Stuff

    Blackstone,Margaret; Guest,Elissa Haden; Pollak,Barbara

    Girls approaching puberty have lots of questions: How can they get rid of zits? Why do they sometimes feel cranky and scared? Are they 'normal'? With a relaxed conversational style, this comprehensive and compassionate guide will help answer those...

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