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52 produtos
  • A Course In Mathematical Logic


    A comprehensive one-year graduate (or advanced undergraduate) course in mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics. No previous knowledge of logic is required; the book is suitable for self-study. Many exercises (with hints) are included.

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - A Beginner's...

    Smullyan, Raymond M

    Written by a creative master of mathematical logic, this introductory text combines stories of great philosophers, quotations, and riddles with the fundamentals of mathematical logic. Author Raymond Smullyan offers clear, incremental presentations of...

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  • Logic And Structure

    Dalen,D. Van; Van Dalen,Dirk

    Logic And Structure

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  • Logic Made Easy

    Bennett,Deborah J.

    A collection of anecdotal histories defines the relationship between language and logic, sharing visual examples and puzzles that can be used by readers to raise test scores and recognize the illogical in everyday things. By the author of Randomness....

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  • Mathematical Logic

    Shoenfield,Joseph R.

    Mathematical Logic

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  • Algebraic Logic

    Halmos, Paul R

    Beginning with an introduction to the concepts of algebraic logic, this concise volume features ten articles by a prominent mathematician that originally appeared in journals from 1954 to 1959. Covering monadic and polyadic algebras, these articles...

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  • Logic For Mathematicians

    Rosser,John Barkley

    Hailed by the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society as 'undoubtedly a major addition to the literature of mathematical logic,' this volume examines the essential topics and theorems of mathematical reasoning. No background in logic is assumed...

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  • Logic Made Easy

    Bennett,Deborah J.

    A collection of anecdotal histories defines the relationship between language and logic, sharing visual examples and puzzles that can be used by readers to raise test scores and recognize the illogical in everyday things. By the author of Randomness.

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  • Logic In Elementary Mathematics

    Exner, Robert M

    This applications-related introductory treatment explores facets of modern symbolic logic useful in the exposition of elementary mathematics. The authors convey the material in a manner accessible to those trained in standard elementary mathematics...

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  • Modal Logic

    Blackburn, Patrick; De Rijke,Maarten; Venema,Yde

    Modal Logic

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  • Fuzzy Logic & Semantic Web


    These are exciting times in the fields of Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web, and this book will add to the excitement, as it is the first volume to focus on the growing connections between these two fields. This book is expected to be a valuable aid...

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  • Introduction To Mathematical Logic


    Introduction To Mathematical Logic

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  • Handbook of Mathematical Logic *pb*


    Handbook of Mathematical Logic *pb*

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  • Symbolic Logic And Mechanical Theorem Proving

    Lee,Richard; Chang, Chin-Liang

    This book contains an introduction to symbolic logic and a thorough discussion of mechanical theorem proving and its applications. The book consists of three major parts. Chapters 2 and 3 constitute an introduction to symbolic logic. Chapters 4-9...

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  • An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic for Practical...

    Tanaka,Kazuo; Niimura,Tak (TRN)

    An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic for Practical Applications

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  • Concepts And Fuzzy Logic

    Belohlavek, Radim

    Leading researchers examine the usefulness and limitations of fuzzy logic for the psychology of concepts.The classical view of concepts in psychology was challenged in the 1970s when experimental evidence showed that concept categories are graded and...

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  • Linear Logic In Computer Science

    Scott,Philip; Ehrhard,Thomas; Girard,Jean-Yves; RUET,Paul

    Linear Logic In Computer Science

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  • Introduction To Mathematical Logic, Fifth...

    Mendelson, Elliott

    Retaining all the key features of the previous editions, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Fifth Edition explores the principal topics of mathematical logic. It covers propositional logic, first-order logic, first-order number theory, axiomatic set...

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  • Foundations Of Computing - Logic And...

    Visser,Albert; Van Eijck, Jan

    The thirteen chapters written expressly for this book by logicians, theoretical computer scientists, philosophers, and semanticists address, from the perspective of mathematical logic, the problems of understanding and studying the flow of...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Logic And...

    Arnold, B H

    Dover Books On Mathematics - Logic And Boolean Algebra

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - First Course In...

    Suppes, Patrick; MATHEMATICS; Hill, Shirley; Hill, Shirley A

    In modern mathematics, both the theory of proof and the derivation of theorems from axioms bear an unquestioned importance. The necessary skills behind these methods, however, are frequently underdeveloped. This book counters that neglect with a...

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  • Lectures in Logic and Set Theory

    Tourlakis,George J.

    Lectures in Logic and Set Theory

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  • Introduction To Logic And To the Methodology...

    Tarski,Alfred; Tarski,Jan

    This classic undergraduate treatment examines the deductive method in its first part and explores applications of logic and methodology in constructing mathematical theories in its second part. Exercises appear throughout.

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  • First Order Mathematical Logic

    Margaris, Angelo

    Well-written undergraduate-level introduction begins with symbolic logic and set theory, followed by presentation of statement calculus and predicate calculus. First-order theories are discussed in some detail, with special emphasis on number theory....

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  • Introduction To Symbolic Logic

    Langer,Susanne K.

    Famous classic has introduced hundreds of thousands to symbolic logic, via clear, thorough, precise exposition. Start with simple symbols, finish with Boole-Schroeder, Russell-Whitehead.

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  • Quantification In Nonclassical Logic

    "gabbay,Dov M.; Skvortsov, Dimitrij; Shehtma

    Quantification and modalities have always been topics of great interest for logicians. These two themes emerged from philosophy andlanguage in ancient times

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  • Many Dimen Modal Logic Sl148h


    Modal logics, originally conceived in philosophy, have recently found many applications in computer science, artificial intelligence, the foundations of mathematics, linguistics and other disciplines. Celebrated for their good computational behaviour...

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  • Handbook Of Quantum Logic And Quantum...


    Since its inception in the famous 1936 paper by Birkhoff and von Neumann entitled “The logic of quantum mechanics” quantum logic, i.e. the logical investigation of quantum mechanics, has undergone an enormous development. Various schools of thought...

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  • The Elements Of Mathematical Logic

    Rosenbloom, Paul C

    An excellent introduction to mathematical logic, this book provides readers with a sound knowledge of the most important approaches to the subject, stressing the use of logical methods in attacking nontrivial problems.Its chapters cover the logic of...

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  • A Profile of Mathematical Logic

    Delong, Howard

    A Profile of Mathematical Logic

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  • An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic


    An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic

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  • A First Course In Fuzzy Logic

    Walker,Elbert A.; Nguyen,Hung T.

    A First Course In Fuzzy Logic

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Mathematical...

    Robbin, Joel W

    This self-contained text will appeal to readers from diverse fields and varying backgrounds. Topics include 1st-order recursive arithmetic, 1st- and 2nd-order logic, and the arithmetization of syntax. Numerous exercises; some solutions. 1969 edition.

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  • An Introduction to Probability and Inductive...


    An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic

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  • Dover Books On Computer Science - Logic For...

    Gallier, Jean H

    This advanced text for undergraduate and graduate students introduces mathematical logic with an emphasis on proof theory and procedures for algorithmic construction of formal proofs. The self-contained treatment is also useful for computer...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Boolean...

    MATHEMATICS; Brown, Frank Markham

    A systematic treatment of Boolean reasoning, this concise, newly revised edition combines the works of early logicians with recent investigations, including previously unpublished research results.For the benefit of readers without formal training in...

    sob encomenda
  • Dover Books On Mathematics - An Introduction...

    Hodel, Richard E

    Widely praised for its clarity and thorough coverage, this comprehensive overview of mathematical logic is suitable for readers of many different backgrounds. Designed primarily for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of mathematics, the...

    sob encomenda
  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Popular Lectures...


    A noted logician and philosopher addresses various forms of mathematical logic, discussing both theoretical underpinnings and practical applications. Author Hao Wang surveys the central concepts and theories of the discipline in a historical and...

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  • Symbolic Logic Game Of Logic


    In this unique fusion of logical thought and inimitable whimsy, Over 350 ingenious problems involve classical logic: logic is expressed in terms of symbols; syllogisms and the sorites are diagrammed; logic becomes a game played with 2 diagrams and a...

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  • Introduction To Symbolic Logic And Its...

    Wilkinson,John; Carnap,Rudolf

    Clear, comprehensive, intermediate introduction to logical languages, applications of symbolic logic to physics, mathematics, biology.

    Produto indisponível

  • Logic - A Brief Insight


    Logic - A Brief Insight

    Produto indisponível

  • Logic, Induction and Sets


    Logic, Induction and Sets

    Produto indisponível

  • Logic From Russell To Church

    "gabbay,Dov M.; Woods, John"

    Logic From Russell To Church

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  • Logic-Based 0-1 Constraint Programming

    Peter Barth

    A logic view of 0-1 integer programming problems, providing new insights into the structure of problems that can lead the researcher to more effective solution techniques depending on the problem class. Operations ...

    Produto indisponível

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