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  • Lost Sinais de Vida


    Jeff Hadley fizera coisas terríveis. O famoso pintor, escultor e professor havia sido um expoente do mundo da arte, mas um escândalo tinha virado sua vida de cabeça para baixo, Jeff precisava um lugar submergir por um tempo. Ao embarcar no vôo 815 da...

  • e-book


    Chris Johns

    This is paradise, there aren't any undesirable areas here.Fresh from school, Steve goes to the Caribbean Islands seeking a good life of beautiful beaches and sunshine.He never thinks there could be something wrong in the Caribbean, until one day when...

  • Uncharted - The Lost Legacy - PS4



    A desenvolvedora aclamada pela crítica Naughty Dog lança a primeira aventura independente da história da franquia Uncharted, liderada pela personagem favorita dos fãs, Chloe Frazer. Para recuperar um antigo lendário artefato indiano e mantê-lo longe...

  • A Filosofia de Lost


    A série mais assistida dos últimos tempos, Lost revolucionou a narrativa na tevê ao contar a saga dos sobreviventes da queda do voo Oceanic 815 em uma misteriosa ilha do Pacífico. Os conflitos, as histórias e as reviravoltas decorrentes desse...

  • Lost e a Filosofia

    Irwin,William; Sharon M. Kaye

    Imagine-se perdido, tentando esquecer o passado e sem ter certeza do que o futuro lhe reserva... Como você se sentiria? Se for feita uma análise séria e cuidadosa, você, provavelmente, irá se identificar com um dos personagens de Lost, pois muitos...

  • Half Lost - Half Bad 3




    The third and final instalment in the breathtaking Half Bad series by Sally Green.Nathan Byrn is running again. The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed. Scattered and demoralized, constantly pursued by the Council's Hunters, only a...

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  • e-book

    Lost Among the Birds - Accidentally Finding...

    Neil Hayward

    Early in 2013 Neil Hayward was at a crossroads. He didn'apos;t want to open a bakery or whatever else executives do when they quit a lucrative but unfulfilling job. He didn'apos;t want to think about his failed relationship with 'quot;the one†? or...

  • Lost Boys - o Verdadeiro Amor Nunca Morre

    Lilian Carmine

    O destino os aproximou. Mas poderá também separará-los? Joey Gray acaba de se mudar para uma pequena e estranha cidade, e está se sentindo um pouco perdida. Até encontrar um garoto misterioso e encantador bem próximo de sua casa. Mas Joey mal...

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  • e-book

    Lost In the Woods

    Peggy Lee Tremper

    Kathy Sommers struggles with choosing a career. She wants to be a nurse, but doesn't care for being confined to a hospital ward. Answering God's call to be a missionary nurse, she plans on attending Bible School after graduation from nurses'...

  • e-book



    What if you had irrefutable proof that Jesus Christ was actually an instrument of the devil? This disturbing knowledge turns Guy'quot;Coffee'quot; Daniels–a brilliant student of ancient languages at Columbia University–into a tormented...

  • e-book

    Lost and Found

    Lilian Carmine

    Joey Halloway is looking to the future Freshly married to her high-school sweetheart, Joey is excited for an uncomplicated life, free from the paranormal terrors she and Tristan have endured. But first, she must face her pastShe'apos;s never known...

  • e-book

    Lost In the Woods - Eight Historical Romances

    Doreen Milstead

    This variety of eight wonderful historical romances include: Message In A Bottle (Victorian romance) AND Mail Order Bride: From Liverpool To A New Life With The Farmer In California PLUS A Life Well Lived (A Christian novel) AND Abandoned By The...

  • e-book

    Lost Voices


    The first book in a trilogy, Lost Voices is a captivating and wildly original tale about finding a voice, the healing power of friendship, and the strength it takes to forgive.

  • e-book

    Lost In the Woods While Trying to Find Her...

    Doreen Milstead

    A woman arrives at her fiancé's ranch in California, but he's nowhere to be seen. She decides that a walk along a path to the woods will clear her head but once into the forest, she encounters a Native American man, immediately runs off, and gets...

  • e-book

    Lost World

    Patrícia Melo

    Translated from the Portuguese by Clifford Landers From the author of The Killer and Black Waltz - a hard-hitting revenge story that takes the reader on a cool, cruel rollercoaster ride from downtown Rio to the depths of the Amazon jungle.

  • e-book

    Lost In Memory - Pirate Ship

    Anthony Martinez

    A child riding a pirate ship until, he is suck into a black hole.

  • e-book

    Lost Boys

    Card,Orson Scott

    For Step Fletcher, his pregnant wife DeAnne, and their three children, the move to tiny Steuben, North Carolina, offers new hope and a new beginning. But from the first, eight-year-old Stevie's life there is an unending parade of misery and...

  • e-book

    Lost Light - A Nightengale Elf Novel

    Nichole Anderson

    Jane Smith is from our world, a world filled with Humans, normalcy, and average days. Jane and Nikki, her twelve year old daughter, enjoy life at home, even if it is a little drab from time to time. Neither would trade it for anything, as our world...

  • e-book

    Lost Gods


    In Lost Gods, Brom, the artist and author of The Child Thief and Krampus, brings readers into a dark, fantastical, masterful mix of brilliant illustrations and dazzling prose.A young man descends into Purgatory to save his wife and unborn child in...

  • e-book

    Lost in Your Arms


    A Groom Who Can't Remember. Bride Who Wants Desperately To Forget.Enid MacLean is finally living a peaceful life when she receivesword that an explosion has injured the husband she hoped she'd neverhave to see again. Reluctantly, she agrees to do her...

  • e-book

    Lost City of Dragons

    Ashley P. Martin

    A rampaging dragon. A mysterious lost city. Toby's greatest challenge awaits. Razor sharp claws, fiery breath and an impenetrable hide. The red dragon is a majestic but deadly foe. Toby must reach the heart of Dragon's Deep to defeat it. But can he...

  • e-book

    Lost Paradise - A Novel


    In Lost Paradise, Nooteboom sets out to connect two seemingly unrelated strangers whom he has glimpsed on his travels, and to explore the major impact that small interactions can have on the course of our journeys.A beautiful woman aboard a...

  • e-book

    Lost in Providence - Short Tales of Artists...

    Joyce Raskin

    This is a book of short stories written and illustrated by Joyce Raskin. Thirteen short tales of artists of all kinds, lovers of art, muses, people with artistic sensibility, self discovery, and lightness of being. Set in the city of Providence,...

  • e-book

    Lost in the Fog - Memoir of a Bastard: A...

    Van Meers,Rachel

    The courageous story of Van Meers, born in a home for unwed mothers in Ghent, Belgium, 1930. It is told in her own words in a frank, humorous and down-to-earth manner. She grew up as a 'bastard' during the Great Depression, and sees her family and...

  • e-book

    Lost in Rooville - A Novel


    Jay Jarvis, the ultimate bachelor, discovers surviving a marriage proposal isn't as tough as surviving the Outback in this conclusion of the Flabbergasted trilogy.

  • e-book

    Lost Worlds

    Danica Peck

    Ariella Atlanta is just an ordinary high school girl living in a small town with her Aunt. But life is about to change forever when she becomes plagued by strange dreams, and her late mother's old friends show up to reveal the truth.Ariella is thrown...

  • e-book

    Lost and the Blind - A contemporary thriller...

    Burke, Declan

    Why would elderly Gerhard Uxkull concoct a tale of Nazi atrocity on the remote island of Delphi, off the coast of Donegal? And why now, just when Irish-American billionaire Shay Govern has tendered for a prospecting licence for gold in the area? When...

  • e-book

    Lost in Paradise


    When Stacia sets out on a camping trip with her hiking group, she thought spending two weeks with people she didn't know or like very well would be the worst of her problems. How could she have known that two bears would charge their camp and attack...

  • e-book

    Lost and Found

    Reed, Rick R.

    On a bright autumn day, Flynn Marlowe lost his best friend, a beagle named Barley, while out on a hike in Seattle'apos;s Discovery Park.On a cold winter day, Mac Bowersox found his best friend, a lost, scared, and emaciated beagle, on the streets of...

  • e-book

    Lost at Sea Found at Fukushima - The Story of...

    Andy Millar

    On a calm, tropical afternoon in the South Atlantic Ocean in April 1942, a British tramp steamer, the SS Willesden, was shelled, torpedoed and sunk by a German raider, the KMS Thor. The Willesden was carrying 47 officers and crew, and a cargo of...

  • e-book

    Lost In a Field of Love - A Pair of...

    Doreen Milstead

    The Biracial Bride & Her Colorado Rancher - A biracial woman from the south decides to go to a rancher in Colorado, but she hasn't told him she's half black. At the train station she is devastated when he thinks an obnoxious southern belle is the...

  • e-book

    Lost Worlds - What Have We Lost And Where Did...


    They go. They vanish. People. Civilizations. Languages. Philosophies. Works of art disappear, species are extinguished, books are lost. Dunwich is drowned, Pompeii buried, Athena's statue gone from the Parthenon, Suetonius's Lives of the Great Whores...

  • e-book

    Lost Temple


    For three thousand years, the world'apos;s most dangerous treasure has been lost. Now the code that reveals its hiding place is about to be broken ...Sam Grant is a disgraced ex-SOE soldier and an adventurer by trade. But he has a secret: six years...

  • e-book

    Lost Innocence

    Susan Lewis

    When Alicia Carlyle returns to the home of her childhood after the tragic death of her husband, she is hoping to put the past behind her. But first she must come face to face with the woman who nearly destroyed her marriage and tore her family in two...

  • e-book

    Lost Roar


    Nicia was at the fundamental lion compound and rescued from a life as guard beast for her family.Her mother's family takes her in and helps her recover from the years of abuse.Once she is recovered, she decides that it is time to seek out a mate,...

  • e-book

    Lost In Memory - Angels

    Anthony Martinez

    A man who questions his purpose and is troubled by his past, he finds hope in what he believes.

  • e-book

    Lost In a Wish

    Jesus Beltran II

    The story centers around 12 year old Jessica Sharp who has just found herself in a house with a family she does not recognize. More than that, the parents claim that Jessica is their daughter and is younger sister to Jordan Sharp.If that weren't bad...

  • e-book

    Lost in the Outcome

    McAllister, Rowan

    When Nathan Seward wakes up in a cheap hotel with a stranger, unable to remember the night before, unscrupulous plots and clandestine schemes are the furthest thing from his mind. True, he'apos;s in Houston to bid on his biggest contract yet, one...

  • e-book

    Lost In Reflection

    Nick McLean

    A varied collection of poetry reflecting on hope, love, sentimentality, the darkness of the soul, the shortness of life, depression and its effect on family and friendship, how one can be saved and why the little things in life are so...

  • e-book

    Lost Face

    Jack London

    This collection of short stories presents brilliant characters. Through the experiences of the characters, London presents his own ideas. The trouble and hurdle faced by the personas of the different stories are vividly portrayed.

  • e-book

    Lost Under a Ladder

    Johnston,Linda O.

    Is it Luck? Or is it Destiny? Rory Chasen never thought superstitions were real-until her beloved fiancé is killed after walking under a ladder. To find closure and the truth about superstitions, Rory takes her dog Pluckie to a town called Destiny,...

  • e-book

    Lost Mate

    Dirk Greyson

    Wolf shifter Falco Gladstone knew Carter McCloud was his mate when they were in seventh grade, but school and the foster care system tore them apart. Years later, Falco is second in command of his Michigan pack, serving under an uncle who cares more...

  • e-book

    Lost in the Fog

    James de Mille

    A thrilling tale filled with adventure and excitement. Originally published in 1870, it relates the experiences of a group of men during a sea voyage and their struggle for survival against the forces of nature. De Mille has brilliantly captured the...

  • e-book

    Lost Treasure


    When Kyle Champlain'apos;s grandmother, Molly, passes away, he returns to Wetlake, Canada, to settle her estate. Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan...

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