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101 produtos
  • Lost In the Woods - Connect Level 2

    Rose, Luiz H.; Sekiya,Tereza; Fatureto,Maiza

    Connect is a fun, 4-level, multi-skills American English course especially written and designed for young adolescents. This 24-page reader in American English complements the grammar and vocabulary taught in Connect Student's Book 2. At this level,...

  • Dolphins 2: Lost!


    Dolphins 2: Lost!

  • The Lost World - Dominoes - 2ª Ed. - 2011

    Doyle,Arthur Conan

    You said that you wanted danger, didn't you,' says McArdle, the editor of the Daily Gazette. And he sends his young reporter, Malone, on a strange journey into South America with the famous Professor Challenger. Challenger believes he can find a lost...

  • Lost In New York - Level 2 - Pack CD MP3 -...

    John Escott

    This is Nicky’s first visit to New York. He is going to stay with his aunt, but she is not at the airport. Then some older boys on motorbikes play a dangerous game with him. Not long after he arrives, the police are looking for Nicky. Can he...

  • Lost Love And Other Stories - Level 2 - Pack...


    Penguin Readers are written by specialist ELT authors. The language, vocabulary, style and content of every book is carefully graded to make sure it suits the learner's own language ability. Every Penguin Reader has a range of activities in the book...

  • Lost World, The Mp 3 Pk Dom - Level 2 - 2ª...

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Susan Kingsley

    'You said that you wanted danger, didn't you?' says McArdle, the editor of the Daily Gazette. And he sends his young reporter, Malone, on a strange journey into South America with the famous Professor Challenger.Challenger believes he can find a lost...

  • Dolphins 2: Candy For Breakfast / Lost! Audio...


    Dolphins 2: Candy For Breakfast / Lost! Audio CD

  • Dominoes - Level 2 - The Lost World

    Editora Oxford

    Dominoes - Level 2 - The Lost World

  • e-book

    Lost Raven #2

    Davis, Darren

    While trapped on the island Zak is forced to deal with his problems head on while strange things are going bump in the night. Also the constant tagging at his heart Zak must face the biggest monster of them all...the fact that he is now HIV...

  • e-book

    Lost in the Flames - A World War II RAF...

    Chris Jory

    There have been many factual accounts of the bombing of Germany, yet the myths that surround it remain. Lost in the Flames is Chris Joy's acclaimed debut novel based on the experiences of his great-uncle, an RAF Bomber Command airman, it explores...

  • e-book

    Lost Worlds 2 - Shadow Creatures


    A world of adventure a mouse-click away . . . Calum Challenger is desperate to find a creature not yet discovered by anyone else. He is sure that its DNA will unlock a cure to his paralysis.But a sinister corporation called Nemor is desperate for...

  • e-book

    Lost in the City - Tree of Desire and...


    Cristina, the young protagonist of Tree of Desire, and her little brother Joaquín run away from a home that is outwardly normal, but inwardly disfunctional. Lost on the streets of Mexico City, they confront some of the most terrifying aspects of city...

  • The Lost World - Dominoes Level 2

    Doyle, Arthur Conan

    You said that you wanted danger, didn´t you, says McArdle, the editor of the Daily Gazette. And he sends his young reporter, Malone, on a strange journey into South America with the famous Professor Challenger.

  • e-book

    Lost In a Wish

    Jesus Beltran II

    The story centers around 12 year old Jessica Sharp who has just found herself in a house with a family she does not recognize. More than that, the parents claim that Jessica is their daughter and is younger sister to Jordan Sharp.If that weren't bad...

  • audio livro

    Lost World (version 2), The by DOYLE, Sir...


    Imagine a strange, tropical place that is almost inaccessible. Time appears to have stood still there. Species of animal and plant life not seen elsewhere on Earth, except in the fossil record, inhabit the place. The lakes heave with the shapes of...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Lost Mansions of Mississippi, Volume II

    Miller,Mary Carol

    As preservationist Mary Carol Miller talked with Mississippians about her books on lost mansions and landmarks, enthusiasts brought her more stories of great architecture ravaged by time. The twenty-seven houses included in her new book are among the...

  • The Lost Chronicles Part 2


    The Lost Chronicles Part 2

  • e-book

    Level 2 - Lost In New York

    John Escott

    Original / British EnglishThis is Nicky’s first visit to New York. He is going to stay with his aunt, but she is not at the airport. Then some older boys on motorbikes play a dangerous game with him. Not long after he arrives, the police are looking...

  • e-book

    Abajam Chronicles - Two Families Lost in Time


    Albert Meisner is one incensed trucker; not only is he being blamed for the cataclysm that transported his whole property, his family, their friends and two unexpected guests to this peculiar world; the whiskey he's been drinking is having no effect...

  • e-book

    The Lost Loves of World War II Collection -...

    Sharon Bernash Smith; Bruce Judisch

    Join the search for loved ones lost during World War II and watch as the drama unfolds in three stories of love and faith.

  • Lost In the Woods

    Stoick,Jean; Sams,Carl R.

    With the arrival of spring, the forest animals wonder if the new fawn, alone in the woods, is lost.

  • e-book

    The Lost Torah of Shanghai (A Lily Kovner...

    Frank, Linda

    As Israel braves Saddam Hussein's Scud missiles, a Torah from Iraq disappears in China. Can the 'Jewish Miss Marple' find the historic religious scroll in time for a momentous diplomatic breakthrough? Lily Kovner, while scoffing at her nickname, the...

  • Footprint Reading Library - Level 1 800...


    Footprint Reading Library - Level 1 800 A2-the Lost City Of Machu Picchu - British English + Multirom

  • Footprint Reading Library - Level 1 800...


    Footprint Reading Library - Level 1 800 A2 - The Lost City Of Machu Picchu - American English + Multirom

  • e-book

    The Faerie Path #2: The Lost Queen

    Jones, Frewin

    Tania is a princess of Faerie. And now she must return to the Mortal World.Once upon a time, Tania was an ordinary girl. But then she was swept into another world, where she was the long-lost princess of the elegant and magical court of Faerie, and...

  • e-book

    The Lost - Tales of the Ablockalypse Book 2

    David H Scott

    Steve was destined to be a hero. Or maybe he wasn't. To be honest, he's not too sure about the hero thing anymore. But since the monsters won't stop spawning and attacking his village, he finds himself forced into the role. Along with his friends,...

  • e-book

    Seven Wonders Book 2: Lost in Babylon


    Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones in the New York Times bestselling epic adventure Seven Wonders! Lost in Babylon is the second book in a seven-book series by master storyteller Peter Lerangis. This sequel to the bestselling The Colossus Rises...

  • e-book

    Milton - Paradise Lost 2ed


    This volume offers an accessible and stimulating introduction to one of the most influential texts of western literature. This guide highlights Milton's imaginative daring as he boldly revises the epic tradition, brilliantly elaborates upon Genesis,...

  • e-book

    Anjani the Mighty - A Lost Race Novel (Anjani...

    John Russell Fearn

    Anjani returns! in this direct sequel to The Gold of Akada, Rita Perrivale, widow of an English explorer, goes back to the coast of West Africa. Having inherited her husband's fortune, she spares no expense on this new venture to loot the legendary...

  • Scholastic Reader - Level 2 - Lost And Hound

    Malone, Sydney

    One day when the Shopkins(TM) are playing fetch with Milk Bud, he runs a little too far--and goes missing! Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Lippy Lips, and the rest of the group search high and low around Shopville for their Petkin friend. Will he...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Planting Seeds for the Lost& Found

    Lawrence Charles Rutherford II

    Lawrence Rutherford POP(Poet of Peace) This book of poetry is unlike anything you have ever seen because for the first time in decades an artist has elected to bring scripture, poetry, and art illustrations into a happy marriage; making this book...

  • e-book

    Two Soldiers, Two Lost Fronts

    Gehlen,William R.; Gregory,Don A.

    On sand and snow for Hitler . . . This book is built around two recently discovered war diaries-one by a member of the 23rd Panzer Division which served under Manstein in Russia, and the other by a member of Rommel's AfrikaKorps. Together, along...

  • e-book

    How Elephants Lost Their Wings - Usborne...

    Lovell, Katie; Sims,Lesley

    Believe it or not, elephants used to be able to fly. But flying elephants were big trouble... This lively retelling of an Indian folktale has easy-to-read text and fun puzzles to try after the story.

  • e-book

    10th Muse - The Lost Issues #2


    Lost issues of the 10th Muse, by X-Men artist ROGER CRUZ, featuring the story that inspired the 'quot;Insane Jane'quot; comic series. A crazy new hero is on the loose and it is up to the 10th Muse to figure out the connection she has with her before...

  • e-book

    In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower - In...

    Marcel Proust

    Edited and annotated by leading Proust scholar William Carter, In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower is the second volume of one of the twentieth century'apos;s great literary triumphs.   It was this volume that won the Prix Goncourt in 1919,...

  • e-book

    Moonbeak and Jacob Adventure Book 2-Jack Lost...


    Moonbeak and Jacob adventure book series are about the adventures of two close friends-Moonbeak the Owl and Jacob the Ape. Moonbeak is wise, prefers to be quiet and likes to help when asked. He can also fly stealthily and can scout ahead to assess...

  • e-book

    The Missing Link - The Lost Witch Book 2


    It has only been only three months since Carole Sylphwood set off from Earth on a dangerous journey. Her goal was to find and repair the Hub, her home world, which had been thrown into chaos by the Conundrum. But instead of being welcomed back as a...

  • I Can Read!: Level 2 - Flat Stanley And The...

    Brown, Jeff

    Sometimes being flat comes in handy for Flat Stanley--like when he is surfing or rescuing a trapped dolphin from a net. In this exciting adventure, Flat Stanley and his brother, Arthur, find sunken treasure in an old shipwreck. But Stanley has to get...

    sob encomenda
  • Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas - 2ª Temporada...


    Yuzuriha é dominada por um enorme espectro que a faz lembrar de sua terrível história com seu irmão Tokusa, em Jamiel.

    R$ 21,99
  • In Search of Lost Time 2: In the Shadow of...

    Proust, Marcel

    An English translation of the French original.

    sob encomenda
  • Detective Dinosaur Lost And Found - I Can...

    Skofield, James

    'Help! Baby Penny is lost!'This sounds like a job for Detective Dinosaur and Officer Pterodactyl! The prehistoric police pair from Detective Dinosaur is back on the beat with new cases to crack. But what will happen when Dective Dinosaur loses his...

    sob encomenda
  • Wings Of Fire - 02 - Wings Of Fire Book Two:...

    Sutherland, Tui T

    The Wings of Fire saga continues with a thrilling underwater adventure--and a mystery that will change everything! The lost heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last. She can't believe it's finally happening. Tsunami and her fellow dragonets...

    sob encomenda
  • I Can Read Books: Level 2 - Gilbert And The...

    Degroat, Diane

    BAM!--out falls Gilbert's loose tooth at recess! He's so excited for the tooth fairy to come and leave him a surprise. But when Lewis gets jealous and comes up with a sneaky plan, will the tooth fairy fall for it?

    sob encomenda
  • Angel And Faith: Season Ten Volume 2 & Lost...

    Whedon,Joss; Gischler,Victor; Conrad,Will

    Faith can't resist a Deepscan mission in South America when she discovers that it centers around finding missing demon hunter Riley Finn. Faith and Riley have a past, and the girl has got a guilty conscience. When it becomes clear that a tribe of...

    sob encomenda
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