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18 produtos
  • Star Wars Lost Tribe Of The Sith - The...

    Miller,John Jackson

    The bestselling Fate of the Jedi novels introduce the Star Wars universe to a long-forgotten tribe of Sith. This collection of stories tells the origin of that tribe. Written by John Jackson Miller, this paperback will include all eight of the Lost...

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  • Lost Tribe Collected Storie - Star Wars

    Miller,John Jackson

    This collection of nine Lost Tribe of the Sith stories is for fans of the New York Times bestselling Fate of the Jedi series, as it features the origin story of the tribe of Sith that play such a crucial role in those novels.

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  • Star Wars- Darth Vader And The Lost Command


    Still haunted by the death of Anakin Skywalker's beloved Padmé in Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader is tasked with a mission to locate a lost Imperial expeditionary force—led by the son of Vader's rising nemesis, Moff Tarkin. But the perils of Vader's...

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  • Lost Star


    A fascinating look at the life of a remarkable woman and the unsolved mystery surrounding her disappearance during her attempt to fly around the world in 1937. Photographs.

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  • Lost Stars

    Davis,Lisa Selin

    Eleanor & Park meets Perks of Being a Wallflower in this bittersweet 1980's story about love, loss, and a comet that only comes around every ninety-seven years. When Carrie looks through her telescope, the world makes sense. It's life here on Earth...

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  • Star Wars- Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost


    Kir Kanos, the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard, is ready to settle a score with Luke Skywalker and those others whom he blames for the death of his Emperor. But standing in Kanos's path is his former adversary and almost love...

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  • Treasures - Secret Star; Treasures Lost,...


    Features Secret Star, the final book in The Stars of Mithra trilogy, in which Lieutenant Seth Buchanan finds his homicide investigation taking a shocking turn when a woman whom he had believed to be dead comes back into his life, and a special bonus...

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  • Star Wars- Lost Tribe Of The Sith Spiral

    Miller,John Jackson

    An ambitious Sith rebel, Spinner, is about to upset the balance of a lost tribe of Sith. When he is arrested for treason and sent away on a prisoner vessel, thoughts of overcoming his station, destroying the Tribe, and even finding a way to escape...

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  • Star Trek - The Lost Era - One Constant Star

    George III,David R.

    An original novel set in “The Lost Era” time period between Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation! When Captain Demora Sulu leads the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise-B on a mission near Tzenkethi space, they explore Rejarris II,...

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  • audio livro

    The Star Trek X: The Lost Years


    After the end of the <i>Enterprise</i>TM's five-year mission, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship. The newly-promoted Admiral Kirk is placed in charge of a specially-created...

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  • Elegy for a Lost Star


    Rhapsody becomes caught in the middle of an epic struggle between two dragons that pits son against mother, as the seeds of chaos threaten to engulf the world.

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  • audio livro

    Star Trek: Lost Frontier


    A Star Trek audio fan fiction series from - Audio Theater in a Darker Shade. Its the dawn of the 25th century ... and everything has changed.

    R$ 24,90
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  • e-book

    Red Lotus - Innocence Lost

    Sullivan,R. J.

    Commander Sayuri Arai has what she's always least, that's what she keeps telling herself to fend off despair. In just the last few days, she's purchased the antiquated Independent Mining Ship Red Lotus, invested in major repairs and...




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  • Lost In the Stars


    Lost In the Stars

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  • Lost In the Stars / O.b.c. (rmst)


    Lost In the Stars / O.b.c. (rmst)

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  • LOST IN THE 80'S


    LOST IN THE 80'S

    Produto indisponível

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