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28 produtos
  • Mandrake - Mandrake Entre As Múmias - 3ª Ed....

    Lee Falk E Phil Davis



    Mandrake Entre Múmias reúne duas aventuras do período clássico de Mandrake: Mandrake Entre Múmias, de 1936, é a sétima aventura do personagem em busca da Princesa Narda que foi sequestrada. Já em Fábrica de Boatos, de 1942, o mágico tem a missão de...

  • Mandrake - A Bíblia E A Bengala - 2ª Ed. 2015

    Rubem Fonseca

    Em 'Mandrake – a Bíblia e a bengala', Rubem Fonseca homenageia a literatura policial por meio da subversão, minuciosamente controlando a tensão e o ritmo da narrativa para criar uma obra inquieta e visceral. Ao aceitar o desafio de procurar o...

  • Mandrake - o Mundo do Espelho e Outras...

    Falk,Lee; Davis,Phil

    Mandrake enfrenta EkardnamO mais famoso dos mágicos enfrenta agora um rival à altura: o diabólico Ekardnam, que vem a ser o seu exato oposto, habitante de “O Mundo do Espelho”, uma terra paralela à nossa onde os bons são maus, e vice-versa.Nesta...

  • Mandrake - o Barão Kord - A Ilha Dos...

    Falk,Lee; Davis,Phil

    Mandrake enfrenta o Barão KordMandrake, Narda e Lothar enfrentam o diabólico Barão Kord, um tirano que mantém um exército de mortos-vivos em sua ilha particular: os Kordies. Somente Mandrake poderá pôr fim a essa dominação, mas ele mesmo corre o...

  • e-book


    Rubem Fonseca

    Velho conhecido dos leitores de Rubem Fonseca, o advogado criminalista com alma de detetive Mandrake ressurge em uma trama que congrega suas mais célebres obsessões: charutos, vinhos tintos portugueses, livros, mulheres e enigmas. Em dois casos...

  • e-book

    Pagan Portals - By Wolfsbane& Mandrake Root -...

    Draco, Melusine

    A study of poisonous plants, many of which have beneficial uses in both domestic medicine and magic.

  • e-book

    Magic of the Northgate

    Josephine McCarthy

    Magic of the North Gate is a focussed look at magic that involves the body, the land, the living and the dead. Written for magicians/occultists, pagans, priests and priestesses, this book looks in depth at the techniques, contacts, methods and ritual...

  • e-book

    Magical Knowledge Book II - The Initiate

    Josephine McCarthy

    Breaking out of the age old restraints of secrecy & oaths, Magical Knowledge leads the reader through the techniques, issues and beings that the Initiate can expect to encounter. This second book in a series of three, guides and advises, informs and...

  • e-book

    Tubelo'apos;s Green Fire - Mythos, Ethos,...

    Oates, Shani

    This book explores historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft through the perspective of the Clan of Tubal Cain - a closed Initiatory group aligned to the Shadow Mysteries within the Luciferian stream. Asstudents of arte we mediate the ancestral...

  • New York Yankees

    Vancil,Mark; Mandrake, Mark; Mandrake,Mark

    Featuring more than 175 full-color and black-and-white photographs, as well as a foreword by Joe Torre, this official history of the New York Yankees chronicles a dazzling century of baseball with the Bronx Bombers--their great players, teams,...

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  • e-book

    The Armchair Detective and the Castle of...

    Ian Shimwell

    First ever Armchair Detective two-parter:'Events cast shadows before them.'Old Tom, most unlike himself, is suddenly fearful of the 'Old Days'. He eagerly looks into Trench's new mystery to take his mind off his worries.The investigation takes Trench...

  • e-book

    The Armchair Detective and the Mystery of...

    Ian Shimwell

    'A warning from Mandrake?' The Stokeham Herald is threatened with closure from a 'mystery buyer'. Trench has a deadline of only days to discover the truth. Is it a coincidence that former acquaintance, Sade Thorn now fronts Castle Holdings? Is...

  • Sidekick Vol. 2

    Straczynski,J Michael

    Barry Chase has turned his back on his old life, going from superhero sidekick to a killer and potentially one of the most dangerous figures in the country. As a good guy, he sucked...but in turning to the dark side, has he finally found his true...

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  • e-book

    The Way of the Odin Brotherhood


    Would you know more?'It began with a simple question, sent from an unknown e-mail address, and it kindled the fires of a quest that would take him on a journey of discovery spanning several years; a journey that would lead him closer to the enigmatic...

  • e-book

    Hippalos& the Conquest of the Indian Ocean

    Zvelebil,Kamil V

    Greek and Indian sources tell of an Alexandrian Greek navigator called Hippalos. He discovered a direct route across the ocean from the Red sea, to legendary Musiris in South India. 2000 miles of open ocean in 30 days and nights. India: when the Kama...

  • The Spectre

    Ostrander,John; Mandrake,Tom; Mandrake, Tom

    The Spectre

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  • e-book

    Taromancy - Predict Your Future


    A simple set of 84 oracles, based on the Thoth Tarot, that one does not need a card deck or an experienced reader in order to consult! Simply think of a question, then either toss a coin or dice in the prescribed manner. Then read your...

  • e-book

    The Camden Town Murder


    'Her throat was cut, from ear to ear; her head almost severed from her body.' On the morning of September 12, 1907, the body of Emily Dimmock was found in her rented rooms in Camden Town, London. The murderer has never been identified.This is the...

  • e-book

    Beneath the Pleasure Zones - The Rupture


    When Lucas Beardsley blundered into the Qliphothic Forces of the Polyverse,Britain's reality-consensus was drastically disrupted. Everyday causality was never quite the same again...Now Londoners escape into the virtual-reality thrills of Pleasure...

  • e-book

    Sidekick Vol. 2

    Straczynski,J. Michael

    For years, Barry Chase aka Flyboy was the faithful sidekick of the Red Cowl...until the day the Cowl was apparently murdered, sending Barry out on his own into a hostile world that ridiculed him and refused to take him seriously. Now the truth is...

  • Mandrake - Mandrake Entre As Múmias

    Falk,Lee; Davis, Phil

    “Mandrake entre as Múmias”(1936) é a sétima aventura do personagem, quando seu relacionamento com a Princesa Narda ainda estava começando. A moça é seqüestrada e Mandrake passa por vários países do mundo árabe para resgatá-la, começando pelo Egito,...

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  • Mandrake - A Bíblia e a Bengala


    Com 'Mandrake - A Bíblia e a Bengala', Rubem Fonseca faz nova investida na novela policial, gênero do qual é considerado um mestre, e traz de volta à cena Mandrake, um de seus mais celebres personagens ('A Grande Arte' e 'Vários Contos'). Desta vez o...

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  • Players In Pinstripes

    Vancil,Mark; Mandrake, Mark

    Chronicles the greatest players in Yankees history through photographs, articles, and essays, from Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig to current superstars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

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  • The Greatest Yankees Teams

    Vancil,Mark; Mandrake, Mark

    The Greatest Yankees Teams

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