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  • Marketing Jurídico 2 - Os Neurojurídicos as...

    Bertozzi,Rodrigo D,

    A SEGUNDA EDIÇÃO DO LIVRO QUE CONSOLIDOU O MARKETING JURÍDICO NO BRASIL Um mundo de possibilidades, este é o verdadeiro panorama para a advocacia nos próximos anos. Estamos diante de um país em transformação o que nos obriga a acompanhar as...

  • e-book

    Marketing the e-Business

    Dennis,Charles; Harris,Lisa

    Since the much-hyped crash, treading the e-business path can be daunting. In these increasingly uncertain and cynical times, this useful text unpicks the challenges of e-Marketing for many types of business. It uses topical case studies and...

  • e-book

    Marketing Graffiti


    Rejecting the managerially-driven structures normally imposed on the subject, Saren explains marketing from the perspective of the pivotal figure in the process: the consumer. He addresses readers as active consumers and producers of marketing, and...

  • e-book

    Marketing Theory

    Hunt, Shelby D.

    One of the true classics in Marketing is now thoroughly revised and updated. 'Marketing Theory' is both evolutionary and revolutionary. As in earlier editions, Shelby Hunt focuses on the marketing discipline's multiple stakeholders. He articulates a...

  • e-book

    Marketing Finance


    Building on the author'apos;s previous book, Financial Aspects of Marketing, Marketing Finance stresses the pivotal relationship between finance and strategy in the marketing process, and clearly demonstrates the techniques and calculations that are...

  • e-book

    Total E-Mail Marketing


    Total E-Mail Marketing shows how to run effective e-mail campaigns aimed at both customer acquisition and retention. The book covers much more than simply guidelines on e-mail creative. It explains how to plan and execute e-mail campaigns which...

  • e-book

    Marketing in Japan


    'apos;Marketing in Japan'apos; is ideal for executives wanting a 'apos;hands-on'apos; guide to entering the Japanese market.If you are already operating any kind of business venture either in Japan or with Japan, or if you hope to do so in the future...

  • e-book

    Marketing Psychology Secrets

    Elgin Taylor

    Congratulations! You're about to learn the secrets of the human mind. Once you know these secrets, you'll be able to use them to your advantage to transform prospective buyers into 'sold' consumers time after time after time. Because as important as...

  • e-book

    Marketing for Entrepreneurs

    Jurgen, Wolff

    Marketing for Entrepreneurs shows you how to:§         Create a powerful selling proposition §         Use branding to define the identity of your business §         Find and connect with your customers§         Make the most of new and traditional...

  • e-book

    Marketing and Selling

    Institute of Leadership& Management

    With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether studying for an ILM qualification or...

  • e-book

    Marketing Financial Services

    Wright, Mike; Watkins, Trevor

    Within a practical business context of the changing, competitive climate, this book details the implications for marketing strategy. New chapters cover topics such as credit cards and customer care, while several relevant case studies have also been...

  • e-book

    Marketing in Publishing

    FORSYTH , PATRICK; Birn,Robin

    Offers a wealth of practical information on creative strategies to increase book sales in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace and gives expert guidance on different elements of the marketing process.

  • e-book

    Total E-Mail Marketing


    Total E-Mail Marketing shows how to run effective e-mail campaigns aimed at both customer acquisition and retention. The book covers much more than simply guidelines on e-mail creative. It explains how to plan and execute e-mail campaigns which...

  • e-book

    Marketing - The Unconventional Guide

    Robin Hendricks

    Marketing can't make you an overnight success. Just because you start a marketing program doesn't mean you're immediately going to see your business explode. Marketing is about getting your name in front of your target market on a regular basis until...

  • e-book

    Marketing Your Nail Salon


    Free and Low Cost Ways To Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Own Nail Salon Business. Get your copy now!

  • e-book

    Marketing e Direito

    Luiz Paulo Orelli Bernardi

    “Marketing e Direito”“Marketing e Direito” surge da necessidade de conhecimento jurídico e mercadológico por parte dos profissionais da área da saúde. O autor e organizador Luiz Paulo Bernardi permite o conteúdo fundamental que ajudará ao...

  • e-book

    Marketing Research That Pays Off

    Percy, Larry; Winston, William

    From Oreos, Jell-O, raisins, and milk to amusement parks, retail centers, ATMs, and mutual funds, the case studies presented in Marketing Research That Pays Off offer you insight into how actual companies have used market research to successfully...

  • e-book

    Marketing for Churches and Ministries

    Stevens, Robert E; David L Loudon

    This comprehensive new book is the first guide to applications in marketing concepts in church and ministry services. Demonstrations of marketing concepts and techniques for effectively meeting the needs of constituents dispel any negative...

  • e-book

    Marketing For Free On The Internet

    Kimberly Roberson

    Whether you are a experienced or beginner marketer this eBook will guide you on how to capitalize and gain knowledge with promoting and marketing your business for free with the internet. This is a must have ebook!

  • e-book

    Marketing (RLE Marketing) - The Management...

    Arnold K. Weinstein

    Drawing from the behavioural sciences, management theory, quantitative decision theory and marketing theory, this book presents a comprehensive approach to marketing decision-making and illustrates why a marketing orientation is necessary for...

  • e-book

    Marketing and Consumption in Modern Japan


    This book explores the development in Japan throughout the twentieth century of marketing and consumerism. It shows how Japan had a long established indigenous traditional approach to marketing, separate from Western approaches to marketing, and...

  • e-book

    Influencer Marketing

    Brown, Duncan; Hayes, Nick

    Influencer Marketing is the most important new approach to marketing in a decade for those professionals at the leading edge of purchasing decision making. It shows that key decision makers in all major markets operate within communities of...

  • e-book

    Internal Marketing

    Ahmed, Pervaiz K.; Rafiq, Mohammed; Ahmed, Pervaiz K. K.

    A clear-sighted introduction to a complex subject,'apos;Internal Marketing'apos; provides the reader with a succinct overview of the most recent thinking and practice. The text begins by defining what internal marketing is and how it can work, and...

  • e-book

    Marketing Tactics That Sell - Some Dirty...

    Anthony Ekanem

    It is a fact that Internet Marketers use 'dirty tricks' to sell their products and services. Although many of them won't admit to the fact. Still, it's the truth! Some of them may not even realize they're using them. And some of them do know. The...

  • e-book

    Marketing Bible - The Truth About Viral...

    Eileen Hauck

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to enjoy an income stream. Done right, it can offer you a significant income supplement. Done wrong it can leave you wondering what happened. If you are planning to use affiliate marketing to create an income stream...

  • e-book

    Marketing - The Most Well Guarded Secrets...

    Elbert Spies

    descrip:For anyone interested in growing their business or maximizing the return of their marketing spend, online marketing is one of the most effective means of doing so. Online marketing is effective as a part of a well developed marketing plan....

  • e-book

    Marketing in the Service Industries -...

    G. R Foxall

    First Published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Marketing Budgeting (RLE Marketing) - A...


    This book represents a radical departure from the established theory in taking an organisational view of resource allocation in marketing, which stresses the importance of structure and process rather than just budgeting technique. The book describes...

  • e-book

    Marketing Research with IBM® SPSS Statistics...


    Marketing researchers, companies and business schools need to be able to use statistical procedures correctly and accurately interpret the outputs, yet generally these people are scared off by the statistics behind the different analyses procedures,...

  • e-book

    Marketing for CEOs Death or Glory in the...

    Ben Legg

    Adparlor CEO Ben Legg, a veteran of McKinsey, Coca-Cola and Google and one of the sharpest, most innovative minds in digital marketing, delivers a smart, irreverent manifesto sure to put the fear of God into most Chief Marketing Officers! Marketing...

  • e-book

    Marketing Plans - How to prepare them, how to...


    At last marketing managers and business executives concerned with profitability and sustained growth of their organisation have at their fingertips a practical guide which tells them how to prepare and use a marketing plan. In this new edition of...

  • e-book

    Marketing Above the Noise - Achieve Strategic...

    Linda J. Popky

    Marketing today is out of control. With all the new marketing techniques accessible to the masses, it's becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. The result is more and more messages, hitting us more often in new and more intrusive...

  • e-book

    Marketing Health Care Into the Twenty-First...

    Winston,William; Alan K Vitberg

    Marketing Health Care Into the Twenty-First Century explores recent and anticipated changes and trends--legislative, economic, organizational, clinical, and operational--from a strategic marketing perspective. Author Alan K. Vitberg, a respected...

  • e-book

    Arts Marketing

    Kerrigan, Finola; Fraser, Peter; Ozbilgin, Mustafa

    Arts Marketing focuses on a variety of sectors within the arts and addresses the way in which marketing principles are applied within these, outlining both the similarities and the differences that occur. Relating policy to practice, this contributed...

  • e-book

    Punk Marketing

    Laermer,Richard; Simmons,Mark

    The marketing revolution is here, so get on the right side of the barricade and become a part of it! Let's thank Mr. and Mrs. Consumer and their little Consumerlings who have seized power from the corporations and are now firmly in control. In Punk...

  • e-book

    Museum Marketing

    Rentschler,Ruth; Anne-Marie Hede

    Museums have moved from a product to a marketing focus within the last ten years. This has entailed a painful reorientation of approaches to understanding visitors as'apos;customers'apos;; new ways of fundraising and sponsorship as government funding...

  • e-book

    International Marketing

    Michael Thomas; Stanley Paliwoda

    The third edition of an established text, this book provides comprehensive treatment of international marketing issues and includes expanded coverage of Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim.New for this edition are the expanded use of mini cases within...

  • e-book

    Heritage Marketing

    Misiura, Shashi

    Heritage Marketing is a new and clearly written textbook that systematically addresses the principles of marketing as applied to the heritage sector. The'apos;heritage industry'apos; and its growing importance internationally is defined, as is how it...

  • e-book

    Snapchat Marketing


    Snapchat is one very possible future of social media. Making sure that you are prepared for the next generation of buyers is something that every business should be doing and when you see a social media platform like Snapchat that is gaining...

  • e-book

    Social Marketing

    Ewing, Michael T.

    Harness commercial marketing techniques to spark social change!American Express, Avon, BMW, Kellogg'apos;s, Liz Claiborne, McDonald'apos;s, Reebok, and other corporations have embraced social and cause-related marketing as a way to connect with their...

  • e-book

    Periscope Marketing Excellence


    Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals How To Harness The Power Of Streaming Video And Periscope To Get Hordes Of Targeted Traffic!Live video streaming just might be the next 'big thing' in the world of digital marketing. And as every digital marketer should...

  • e-book

    The Marketing Audit

    Orlando Skelton

    Auditing the marketing function within your organization is the hidden link between long-term customer engagement and sustainable revenue growth. In this book, we provide a questionnaire consisting of 50 questions that will allow you to align your...

  • e-book

    Internet Marketing Expert


    Today's small business owner needs new methods of reaching their customer base, expanding it and literally expounding on their profit margins.However, keep in mind that Internet marketing is not a set in stone type of business. It is continuously...

  • e-book

    Telegram Marketing Secrets


    On Feb 22, 2014, WhatsApp messaging services suffered an unprecedented four hours of downtime due to power outage which lasted for 4 hours. During that period, nearly 5 million people signed up for Telegram messaging service and due to that the...

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