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  • e-book

    Soccermatics - Mathematical Adventures in the...

    David Sumpter

    'apos;Football looked at in a very different way'apos; Pat Nevin, former Chelsea and Everton star and football media analystFootball - the most mathematical of sports. From shot statistics and league tables to the geometry of passing and managerial...

  • Mathematical Methods In The Physical Sciences...

    Boas,Mary L.

    Now in its third edition, 'Mathematical Concepts in the Physical Sciences' provides a comprehensive introduction to the areas of mathematical physics. It combines all the essential math concepts into one compact, clearly written reference.

  • Mathematical Recreations And Essays


    This classic work offers scores of stimulating, mind-expanding games and puzzles: arithmetical and geometrical problems, chessboard recreations, magic squares, map-coloring problems, cryptography and cryptanalysis, much more. 'A must to add to your...

  • Mathematical Methods In the Physical Sciences...


    Mathematical Methods In the Physical Sciences, Solutions Manual, 2nd Edition

  • Mathematical Methods For Physicists

    Arfken, George; Weber, Hans

    Now in its 7th edition, Mathematical Methods for Physicists continues to provide all the mathematical methods that aspiring scientists and engineers are likely to encounter as students and beginning researchers. This bestselling text provides...

  • Mathematical Fallacies And Paradoxes


    Mathematical Fallacies And Paradoxes

  • Mathematical Quickies - 270 Stimulating...

    Trigg, Charles W

    Nearly 300 mathematical brain-teasers from the fields of arithmetic, algebra, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry, number theory, and general recreational mathematics. From simple to complex; all challenge the reader to devise solutions more...

  • Mathematical Olympiad Challenges

    Gelca,Razvan; Andreescu,Titu

    Mathematical Olympiad Challenges

  • Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern...

    Kline, Morris

    Traces the development of mathematics from its beginnings in Babylonia and ancient Egypt to the work of Riemann and Godel in modern times

  • Mathematical Lateral Thinking Puzzles

    Sloane,Paul; MacHale,Des

    Add a little bit of maths to your lateral thinking! Paul Sloane and Des MacHale, the crown princes of lateral thinking, have provided a cool twist to test solvers' skills. They present you with mathematical conundrums, but instead of requiring brute...

  • Mathematical Physics


    Mathematical Physics

  • e-book

    Mathematical Statistics with Applications in...

    Tsokos, Chris P.; Kandethody M. Ramachandran

    Mathematical Statistics with Applications in R, Second Edition, offers a modern calculus-based theoretical introduction to mathematical statistics and applications. The book covers many modern statistical computational and simulation concepts that...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Logic

    Tourlakis, George

    A comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the use of logic in mathematical reasoning Mathematical Logic presents a comprehensive introduction to formal methods of logic and their use as a reliable tool for deductive reasoning. With its user-friendly...

  • Lapses In Mathematical Reasoning

    Bradis, V M

    Designed as a method for teaching correct mathematical thinking to high school students, this book contains a brilliantly constructed series of what the authors call 'lapses,' erroneous statements that are part of a larger mathematical argument....

  • Adventures In Mathematical Reasoning

    Stein, Sherman K

    Equally appealing to beginners and to the mathematically adept, this book bridges the humanities and sciences to explore applications behind computers, cell phones, measurement of astronomical distance, cell growth, and other areas. Eight fascinating...

  • Mathematical Statistics With Applications

    "ramachandran,K.m.; Tsokos, Chris"

    Mathematical Statistics with Applicationsprovides a calculus-based theoretical introduction to mathematical statistics while emphasizing interdisciplinary applications as well as exposure to modern statistical computational and simulation concepts...

  • Mathematical Modeling In Ecology A Workbook...


    Mathematical ecology is the application of mathematics to describe and understand ecosystems. There are two main approaches. One is to describe natural communities and induce statistical patterns or relationships which should generally occur. However...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R

    Laura M. Chihara; Tim C. Hesterberg

    This book bridges the latest software applications with the benefits of modern resampling techniques Resampling helps students understand the meaning of sampling distributions, sampling variability, P-values, hypothesis tests, and confidence...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Game Theory and Applications


    An authoritative and quantitative approach to modern game theory with applications from economics, political science, military science, and finance   Mathematical Game Theory combines both the theoretical and mathematical foundations of game theory...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Snapshots

    H. Steinhaus

    Numerous photographs, diagrams explain mathematical phenomena in series of thought-provoking expositions. From simple puzzles to more advanced problems, topics include psychology of lottery players, new and larger prime numbers, more. 391...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Methods for Physical and...

    David Z. Goodson

    Mathematical Methods for Physical and Analytical Chemistry presents mathematical and statistical methods to students of chemistry at the intermediate, post-calculus level. The content includes a review of general calculus; a review of numerical...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Foundations of Imaging,...

    Devaney, Anthony J.

    Inverse problems are of interest and importance across many branches of physics, mathematics, engineering and medical imaging. In this text, the foundations of imaging and wavefield inversion are presented in a clear and systematic way. The necessary...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Theory of Sedimentation Analysis...

    Fujita, Hiroshi

    Mathematical Theory of Sedimentation Analysis presents the flow equations for the ultracentrifuge. This book is organized into two parts encompassing six chapters that evaluate the systems of reacting components, the differential equations for the...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Basis of Statistics

    Jean-René Barra

    Mathematical Basis of Statistics provides information pertinent to the methods and the mathematical basis of statistics. This book discusses the fundamental notion of statistical space.Organized into 12 chapters, this book begins with an overview of...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Methods of Game and Economic...

    J. -P. Aubin

    This book presents a unified treatment of optimization theory, game theory and a general equilibrium theory in economics in the framework of nonlinear functional analysis. It not only provides powerful and versatile tools for solving specific...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Methods for Physicists

    Arfken, George B.

    Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Third Edition provides an advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate study in physical science, focusing on the mathematics of theoretical physics.This edition includes sections on the non-Cartesian tensors,...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Methods - Linear Algebra /...

    Korevaar, Jacob

    Mathematical Methods, Volume I: Linear Algebra, Normed Spaces, Distributions, Integration focuses on advanced mathematical tools used in applications and the basic concepts of algebra, normed spaces, integration, and distributions.The publication...

  • e-book

    Mathematical Algorithms for Linear Regression

    Helmuth Späth

    Mathematical Algorithms for Linear Regression discusses numerous fitting principles related to discrete linear approximations, corresponding numerical methods, and FORTRAN 77 subroutines. The book explains linear Lp regression, method of the lease...

  • Mathematical Models For Society And Biology

    Beltrami,Edward J.

    Mathematical Modeling for Society and Biologyengagingly relates mathematics to compelling real-life problems in biology and contemporary society. It shows how mathematical tools can be used to gain insight into these modern, common problems to...

  • Mathematical Concepts And Methods In Modern...

    Robeva,Raina; Hodge,Terrell

    'Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology' offers a quantitative framework for analyzing, predicting, and modulating the behavior of complex biological systems. The book presents important mathematical concepts, methods and tools in the...

  • Mathematical Methods of Many-body Quantum...

    Lehmann, Detlef

    Mathematical Methods of Many-body Quantum Field Theory

  • Mathematical Models And Methods for Real...

    Siddiqi,Abul Hasan; Furati,K. M.; Nashed,Zuhair

    Mathematical Models And Methods for Real World Systems

  • Mathematical Studies Standard Level

    Tobin, Patrick; Cirrito, Fabio

    Mathematical Studies Standard Level

  • Mathematical Modeling


    The new edition of Mathematical Modeling , the survey text of choice for mathematical modeling courses, adds ample instructor support and online delivery for solutions manuals and software ancillaries. From genetic engineering to hurricane...

  • Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern...

    Kline, Morris

    Traces the development of mathematics from its beginnings in Babylonia and ancient Egypt to the work of Riemann and Godel in modern times

  • Mathematical Applications

    Harshbarger,Ronald J.

    Mathematical Applications

  • Mathematical Modelling In Continuum Mechanics

    Temam,Roger; Miranville,Alain

    Mathematical Modelling In Continuum Mechanics

  • Mathematical Tools For Applied Multivariate...

    "carroll,J.; Green, Paul; Chaturvedi, Anil"

    This revised edition presents the relevant aspects of transformational geometry, matrix algebra, and calculus to those who may be lacking the necessary mathematical foundations of applied multivariate analysis. It brings up-to-date many definitions...

  • Mathematical Challenge


    Mathematical Challenge

  • Mathematical Physics With Partial...

    Kirkwood,James R

    'Mathematical Physics with Partial Differential Equations 'is for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students taking a course on mathematical physics taught out of math departments. The text presents some of the most important topics and...

  • Mathematical Methods in Physics and...

    Cap,Ferdinand F.

    Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering With Mathematica

  • Mathematical Inequalities Nhmlh


    The book addresses many important new developments in the field. All the topics covered are of great interest to the readers because such inequalities have become a major tool in the analysis of various branches of mathematics.* It contains a...

  • Mathematical Methods For Wave Phenomena


    Computer Science and Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Methods for Wave Phenomena focuses on the methods of applied mathematics, including equations, wave fronts, boundary value problems, and scattering problems.The publication initially ponders on...

  • Mathematical Games, Abstract Games

    Silva, Jorge Nuno; Neto, Joao Pedro

    This user-friendly and visually appealing book offers a collection of board games of strategy some old, most very recent. None involve chance or hidden information. Perfect for anyone who enjoys an intellectual challenge, these are chiefly new...

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