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  • Endocrinologia E Diabetes - Manual De...

    Thomas J. Baranski; William E. Clutter; Janet B. McGill

    A terceira edição desta referência rápida e dinâmica continua a fornecer a orientação prática e gradativa do The Washington ManualTM. Esta edição foi totalmente atualizada com as práticas mais recentes dos distúrbios endócrinos, observados com maior...

  • e-book


    Silveira,Julio; Tartarini,André; Maia,Alexandra; Kemper,Ana; Neves,Carolina; Viana,Rodrigo; Rocha,Vera; Mcgill,Zé

    Desde 2009, um grupo de escritores se reúne para conversar sobre os prazeres da narrativa e celebrar a amizade. As melhores histórias, compartilhadas nessas tertúlias, foram reunidas pelo grupo nesta edição.'Penso que esta reunião de...

  • Pets



  • The McGill News, Vol. 2 - December, 1920...

    Leacock, Stephen

    Excerpt from The McGill News, Vol. 2: December, 1920 Largely owing to the influence of the visits of Sir Arthur, Colonel Molson and Mr. Tilt, graduates' organiza tions were formed at all the larger centres in Canada where branch societies did not...

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  • McGill And Its Story 1821-1921 (Classic...

    Macmillan, Cyrus

    Excerpt from McGill and Its Story 1821-1921 The writer's deepest thanks are here expressed to those without Whose assistance this story could not have been told. He is grateful to Professor Stephen Leacock for advice and encouragement; to the...

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  • Lauren McGill's Pickle Museum

    Nolen,Jerdine; Tilley,Debbie

    A class field trip to the local pickle factory puts Lauren McGill's love of pickles to the test, until she realizes her true calling is to create a museum dedicated to pickles.

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  • e-book

    Sermons of Arthur C. McGill

    Arthur C. McGill

    Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Arthur McGill had numerous opportunities to air his rich theological musings outside of the classroom. We are now fortunate, some twenty-five years after his death, to have seventeen sermons brought to us by the aid of...

  • e-book

    Dying Unto Life - Arthur C. McGill on New God...

    Arthur C. McGill

    McGill has the power to make ideas, concepts, differing perspectives vivid--to 'in-flesh' them. . . .Then comes the switch or reversal or inversion empowered by the very confrontation McGill has arranged. . . . McGill leaves only the demonic as the...

  • e-book

    The Action Learning Handbook


    Little was written on how to do action learning until Ian McGill's previous book, the classic 'Action Learning,' co-written with Liz Beaty, also published by RoutledgeFalmer. This new book opens up this powerful technique for those new to action...

  • e-book

    Pathways to Transformation - Learning in...

    Boden McGill,Carrie J.

    Pathways to Transformation: Learning in Relationship is an edited collection that synthesizes current research ontransformative learning and expands the current knowledge-base. This book is timely and significant as it provides asynthesis of some of...

  • e-book

    Action Learning - A Practitioner'apos;s Guide

    McGill,Ian; Liz (Head Staff Development Unit Beaty

    Action learning is a method of learning that takes place in a group - of colleagues or students. It is widely used in a wide number of educational fields, particularly where learning in groups is appropriate. Action learning is established in both...

  • e-book

    100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers -...

    Ross Morrison McGill

    Conflicting government diktat and changeable Ofsted frameworks means that navigating the path to outstanding can be challenging. However, the integrity of an outstanding lesson will always be the same and this book attempts to bottle that formula so...

  • e-book

    The Uncertain Center - Essays of Arthur C....

    Arthur C. McGill

    Arthur McGill did not write very much, but what he did write is as theologically suggestive and startling today as it was when it was written in the 1960s and 1970s. He was not well known during his lifetime, but those who cared about the work of...

  • e-book

    Teacher Toolkit - Helping You Survive Your...

    Ross Morrison McGill

    Ross Morrison McGill, aka @TeacherToolkit believes that becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions you will ever make, but after more than two decades in the classroom, he knows that it is not an easy journey! Packed with countless anecdotes,...

  • e-book

    Teacher Toolkit - Helping You Survive Your...

    Ross Morrison McGill

    Ross Morrison McGill, aka @TeacherToolkit believes that becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions you will ever make, but after more than two decades in the classroom, he knows that it is not an easy journey! Packed with countless anecdotes,...

  • Designing Government

    Eliadis,Pearl (edt); Hill,Margaret M. (edt); Howlett,Michael (edt)

    Designing Government

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  • Miles' Song


    In 1851 in South Carolina, Miles, a twelve-year-old slave, is sent to a 'breaking ground' to have his spirit broken but endures the experience by secretly taking reading lessons from another slave.

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  • Sure as Sunrise

    McGill,Alice; Tate,Don (ilt)

    Set in the backwoods of North Carolina, a collection of tales features the clever Bruh Rabbit and his colorful kin as they go about their daily lives in their simple and rustic world.

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  • Here We Go Round

    McGill,Alice; Evans,Shane

    Set in 1946, a wonderful story of growing up follows seven-year-old Roberta who is sent to live with her grandparents in rural North Carolina for one month while her mother prepares for the birth of the new baby, as she, afraid that the new baby will...

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  • In the Hollow of Your Hand

    McGill,Alice; Cummings,Michael

    A collection of lullabies orally transmitted by African-American slaves revealing their hardships and sorrows as well as soothing notes of well-being and belief in a better time to come.

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  • e-book

    What Your Dreams Are Telling You - Unlocking...

    Cindy McGill; David Sluka

    Dreams can--and do--contain insight and answers into everyday problems. Here a dream expert gives you the tools to interpret these messages.

  • Dialogues On Constitutional Origins,...

    Blindenbacher,Raoul (edt); Ostien,Abigail (edt)

    Dialogues On Constitutional Origins, Structure, And Change In Federal Countries

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  • Dialogues On Legislative, Executive, And...

    Blindenbacher,Raoul (edt); Ostien,Abigail (edt)

    Dialogues On Legislative, Executive, And Judicial Governance In Federal Countries

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  • e-book

    Religious Identity and Cultural Negotiation -...

    Jenny McGill

    Given increasing global migration and the importance of positive cross-cultural relations across national borders, this book offers an interdisciplinary and intercultural exploration of identity formation. It uniquely draws from theology, psychology,...

  • e-book

    Cada um por si e Deus contra todos

    Lemos, Renato; Tartarini, André; Judar, Cristina; Tavares, Sérgio; Frank, Juliana; Reis, Mariel; Sperling, Rafael; Mcgill, Zé; Portella, Mirna Brasil; Novaes, Letícia; Márcia Barbieri; Vivian Pizinga; Mario Ivo Cavalcanti; Ricardo Calazans

    Cabeça Dinossauro, o LP dos Titãs lançado em 1986 e marco do rock nacional, é a inspiração para as treze histórias ácidas deste livro. Cada uma inspirada em uma das treze faixas do álbum. Para engrandecer ainda mais a obra, um projeto gráfico pop e...

  • Wilfrid Sellars


    Wilfrid Sellars

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  • Robert Brandom

    Wanderer, Jeremy

    Robert Brandom

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  • The Philosophy of Agamben


    The Philosophy of Agamben

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  • audio livro

    Executive Pastor Tonya McGill


    Welcome to Pastor Tonyas Audio Podcast. She is the Executive Pastor of Antioch Christian Church located in Irving, Texas near the DFW Airport. You can learn more about us by visiting our website at .

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • In the Hollow of Your Hand

    McGill,Alice; Cummings,Michael (ilt)

    Collects thirteen slave lullabies created from the African-American experience that evince messages of hope and empowerment, paired with quilt collage illustrations and a CD recording of the lullabies. 25,000 first printing.

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  • Rent Boys


    Rent Boys

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  • From Lowbrow to Nobrow


    From Lowbrow to Nobrow

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  • Approaches to Canadian Economic History

    Easterbrook,W. T.; Watkins,M. H.

    Approaches to Canadian Economic History

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  • The Invention of Journalism Ethics

    Ward,Stephen J. A.

    The Invention of Journalism Ethics

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  • The Butterfly Cabinet


    Now in paperback--'An emotionally bracing, refreshingly intelligent, and ultimately heartbreaking story' (Kirkus Reviews) of two women linked by a tragic, decades-old secret.When former nanny Maddie McGlade receives a letter from the last of her...

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  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1948-1957

    Milloy,John C.

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1948-1957

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  • The Religious Sense

    Giussani,Luigi; Zucchi,John (TRN)

    The Religious Sense

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  • e-book

    Juvencus'apos; Four Books of the Gospels -...


    Juvencus'apos; Evangeliorum libri IV, or 'quot;The Four Books of the Gospels,'quot; is a verse rendering of the gospel narrative written ca. 330 CE. Consisting of around 3200 hexameter lines, it is the first of the Latin 'quot;Biblical epics'quot; to...

  • e-book

    Juvencus'apos; Four Books of the Gospels -...

    Mcgill, Scott

    Juvencus'apos; Evangeliorum libri IV, or 'quot;The Four Books of the Gospels,'quot; is a verse rendering of the gospel narrative written ca. 330 CE. Consisting of around 3200 hexameter lines, it is the first of the Latin 'quot;Biblical epics'quot; to...

  • Faith, The Victory - Or A Comprehensive View...


    Excerpt from Faith, the Victory: Or a Comprehensive View of the Principal Doctrines of the Christian Religion But it is almost impossible to induce men to interest themselves about that which is most important to them, their eternal destiny, and the...

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  • The Zoroastrian Faith

    Nigosian,S. A.

    The Zoroastrian Faith

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  • Kindergarten Literacy


    Kindergarten Literacy

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  • Entrepreneurship And Community Economic...

    Diochon,Monica C.

    Entrepreneurship And Community Economic Development

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  • Britannia's Palette


    Britannia's Palette

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