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  • O Guia Não Oficial de Mad Men


    A aclamada série da HBO, que superou A Família Soprano em sucesso e audiência, retrata a tumultuada agência de publicidade Sterling Cooper na década de 1960. O livro traz revelações dos bastidores, um guia de episódios, biografias dos atores, além de...

  • Kit de Treinamento Mcts (exame 70-680) -...

    McLean, Ian; Thomas,Orin

    Guia de treinamento oficial para o exame MCTS 70-680. Repleto de exercícios, resumos e cenários de caso baseados no mundo real, este kit cobre totalmente todos os objetivos do exame. O leitor vai aprender a instalar e atualizar para o Windows 7,...

  • Tratado de Enfermagem Médico-cirúrgica -...

    Heitkemper,Margaret McLean; Dirksen, Shannon Ruff; Lewis, Sharon L.; Camera,Ian M.; Bucher, Linda

    Tenha sucesso nas aulas de enfermagem e no ambiente clínico com o best-seller em 2 volumes LEWIS – 'TRATADO DE ENFERMAGEM MÉDICO – CIRÚRGICA 8ª EDIÇÃO', com autor de grande renome na enfermagem internacional e conteúdo adaptado a realidade...

  • Martin Luther King (oxford Bookworm Factifile...

    Mclean. Alan C

    Martin Luther King (oxford Bookworm Factifile 3) 2ed CD Pack

  • Engenharia Mecânica - Estática

    McLean,W. G.; Potter,Merle C.; Nelson,E.w.; Best,C. L.

    Estática é um dos principais conteúdos estudados nos cursos de engenharia. Escrito no estilo da Coleção Schaum, o livro apresenta a teoria de forma concisa, uma série de exercícios resolvidos e problemas complementares com as respostas.

  • Um Tratado Sobre a Magia dos Anjos


    Uma inestimável contribuição para o conhecimento esotérico, este texto clássico compreende uma transcrição exata e completa de um volume raro do século XVII sobre a Magia dos Anjos. Com as observações concisas e esclarecedoras de Adam McLean, Um...

  • e-book

    McLean Plays

    McLean, Duncan

    Duncan McLean is one of Scotland'apos;s liveliest fiction and non-fiction writers - this is his first volume of plays

  • audio livro

    McLean Presbyterian Church - Sermon Feed


    Sermons and Biblical teaching from McLean Presbyterian Church (MPC) located in McLean, VA. Pastors include James Forsyth, David Stephenson & Robert Binion. MPC is a church committed to celebrating Gods grace and making disciples who make a...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    McLean Bible Church Audio Podcast


    McLean Bible Church is a multi-site church in the Washington, DC area. The sermons by Senior Pastor Lon Solomon are the primary content of this podcast, with other McLean Bible Church staff and guest speakers from time to time. An archive of sermons...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    McLean Ministries


    Our vision is for the church to experience the fullness of Redemption through Christ in every phase of life.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    McLean Course in Electrodiagnostic Medicine

    Gary P. MD PhD Chimes; Christopher J. MD Visco

    TheMcLean Course in Electrodiagnostic Medicine is a resident-tested curriculum designed to help trainees in PM&R and neurology gain competency in basic electrodiagnostic techniques and prepare them to become 'quot;functional...

  • Martin Luther King - Oxford Bookworms...

    Alan Mclean

    Martin Luther King - Oxford Bookworms Factfiles - Second Edition

  • e-book

    Finding Your True North

    Andrew Mclean; George, Bill; Nick Craig

    Bill George is professor of management practice at the Harvard Business School and former chairman and CEO of Medtronic, the world's leading medical technology company. He is the author of the Business Week bestselling books Authentic Leadership and...

  • Engenharia Mecânica - Dinâmica

    McLean,W. G.; Potter,Merle C.; Nelson,E.w.; Best,C. L.

    Dinâmica é um dos principais conteúdos estudados nos cursos de engenharia. Escrito no estilo da Coleção Schaum, o livro apresenta a teoria de forma concisa, uma série de exercícios resolvidos e problemas complementares com as respostas.

  • e-book

    Lin McLean


    Owen Wister is probably best known for his classic western 'The Virginian', but here we have the book that spawned that classic. Lin Mclean is more a collection of stories about life in the 'west' spun into a novel. Ranging from the quaint to the all...

  • e-book

    Lin McLean

    Owen Wister
    (3164770) present you this new edition. When Lin McLean was only a hero in manuscript, he received his first welcome and chastening beneath your patient roof. By none so much as by you has he in private been helped and affectionately disciplined,...

  • e-book

    Lin McLean

    Owen Wister

    From the bestselling author of The Virginian comes Lin McLean, Wister's first novel, about a young cowboy from the Wind River country in Wyoming who tires of the dust and hard life and heads east to Boston to seek his fortune. In this novel after the...

  • A Redenção de Alexander Seaton


    Escócia, 1620. O jovem Patrick Davidson vaga cambaleante pelas ruas de sua pequena cidade. As únicas testemunhas de seus passos são duas prostitutas e Alexander Seaton, um aspirante a ministro da Igreja da Escócia que nunca chegou a exercer o cargo.

  • e-book

    Engenharia Mecânica: Dinâmica - Coleção...

    Best,Charles L.; McLean,W. G.; Potter,Merle C.; Nelson,E.w.

    Dinâmica é um dos principais conteúdos estudados nos cursos de engenharia. Escrito no estilo da Coleção Schaum, o livro apresenta a teoria de forma concisa, uma série de exercícios resolvidos e problemas complementares com as respostas.

  • Inspector Mclean Novel


    [headline] A DETECTIVE INSPECTOR McLEAN NOVEL Crime fiction s next big thing . . . Combines old-fashioned sleuthing with supernatural intuition. 'Sunday Telegraph' The body of a man is found hanging in an empty house. To the Edinburgh police force,...

    sob encomenda
  • audio livro

    Lin McLean by WISTER, Owen


    Lin McLean is an unaffected, attractive young cowboy in the Wyoming territory before statehood. This book is various stories in his life. (Summary by David Wales)

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Todos Os Demônios Estão Aqui

    McLean,Bethany; Nocera,Joe

    “O inferno está vazio, e todos os demônios estão aqui.” – Shakespeare, A Tempestade. Tão logo a crise financeira eclodiu, as acusações começaram. Será que a culpa deveria ser atribuída a Wall Street, Main Street ou Pennsylvania Avenue? Talvez a...

  • e-book

    Engenharia Mecânica: Estática: Coleção Schaum

    Best,Charles L.; McLean,W. G.; Potter, Merle C.; Nelson,E.w.

    Estática é um dos principais conteúdos estudados nos cursos de engenharia. Escrito no estilo da Coleção Schaum, o livro apresenta a teoria de forma concisa, uma série de exercícios resolvidos e problemas complementares com as respostas.

  • e-book

    The Informers: Translated from the Spanish by...

    McLean, Anne; V?squez, Juan Gabriel

    'Juan Gabriel V�squez is one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature. His first novel, The Informers, a very powerful story about the shadowy years immediately following World War II, is testimony to the richness of his...

  • e-book

    Tupelo Man - The Life and Times of George...

    Robert Blade

    In 1924, George McLean, an Ole Miss sophomore and the spoiled son of a judge, attended a YMCA student mission conference whose free-thinking organizers aimed to change the world. They changed George McLean'apos;s. But not instantly. As vividly...

  • Detective Inspector Mclean Novels - Natural...


    A young girl's mutilated body is discovered in a room that has lain sealed for the last sixty years. Her remains are carefully arranged in what seems to have been a macabre ritual. For newly appointed Edinburgh Detective Inspector Tony McLean, this...

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  • e-book

    Details from a Larger Canvas

    McLean, Helen

    McLeans memoir chronicles her struggle for independence in the repressive 1950s.

  • e-book

    Adaptive Code - Agile coding with design...

    Gary McLean Hall

    Write code that can adapt to changes.   By applying this book’s principles, you can create code that accommodates new requirements and unforeseen scenarios without significant rewrites. Gary McLean Hall describes Agile best practices, principles, and...

  • e-book

    A Road Taken

    McLean,David; Patricia Finn

    Nineteen years ago, David McLean was appointed by the prime minister of Canada to the board of directors of CN, after which he was elected chairman. McLean has been reelected each year and will retire in April 2014. In A Road Taken, the...

  • e-book

    Significant Things

    McLean, Helen

    When art dealer Edward falls in love with a young artist, he must learn the difference between loving and possessing.

  • e-book

    Lost In Reflection

    Nick McLean

    A varied collection of poetry reflecting on hope, love, sentimentality, the darkness of the soul, the shortness of life, depression and its effect on family and friendship, how one can be saved and why the little things in life are so...

  • Administração do Windows Server 2008 - Kit de...

    Miller,David R.; MCLEAN , IAN

    Adquira todas as habilidades necessárias para o Exame MCITP 70-647. Aprenda no seu próprio ritmo com diversas lições e resumos que cobrem inteiramente cada objetivo do exame. Teste seu conhecimento com cenários de caso e exercícios baseados no mundo...

  • e-book

    Oblivion - A memoir

    McLean,Anne; Faciolince,Hector Abad

    The Number One Colombian Bestseller Oblivion is a memorial to the author's father, Héctor Abad Gómez, whose criticism of the Colombian regime led to his murder by paramilitaries in 1987. A work of deep feeling and consummate skill, it paints an...

  • e-book

    The Butterfly

    Nick McLean

    The story of Sarah. An innocent girl whose life is disrupted by a callous and evil man. She picks up the pieces of her broken life and returns to her life before it was interrupted.

  • audio livro

    First Light at McLean Bible Church


    Audio downloads from First Light at McLean Bible Church. First Light is a weekly gathering of men at McLean Bible Churchs Tysons Campus.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book


    McLean,Anne; Vila-Matas,Enrique; Harvey,Rosalind

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE INDEPENDENT FOREIGN FICTION PRIZE'apos;A writer who has no equal in the contemporary landscape of the Spanish novel.'apos; Roberto BolañoSamuel Riba is about to turn 60. A successful publisher in Barcelona, he is increasingly...

  • e-book

    The Tenant and The Motive

    Cercas,Javier; McLean,Anne

    Two witty, Kafkaesque novellas by the author of the best-selling Soldiers of Salamis, winner of the 2003 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

  • e-book

    Lazy Sod'apos;s Guide to Sex

    Mclean, Stuart

    From flea to whale there's one common driving force: the craving for sex. Indeed hamsters are so randy they often have sex seventy-five times a day. We may criticise pigs for their poor hygiene but when it comes to sex they sure take home the bacon,...

  • e-book

    The Tango Singer

    Martínez, Tomás Eloy

    An extraordinary novel that will propel the International Man Booker Prize-nominated Tomás Eloy Martínez to wide recognition and major sales

  • e-book

    Cry Uncle - A PI mystery set in Scotland

    Russel D. McLean

    Working undercover on behalf of the police, private investigator J. McNee's latest mission is to get close to ageing gangster David Burns and uncover his secrets. In his role as Burns' new right hand man, he's expected to follow orders and get his...

  • e-book

    The Patience Stone


    A young woman prays at her husband'apos;s bedside as he lies in a coma with a bullet in his neck. From outside come the sounds of tanks, gunshots, screaming and, most terrifying of all, silence. Inside, her two frightened daughters call to her from...

  • e-book

    The Illogic of Kassel

    Vila-Matas, Enrique

    A puzzling phone call shatters a writer'apos;s routine. An enigmatic female voice extends an invitation to take part in Documenta, the legendary contemporary art exhibition held every five years in Kassel, Germany. The writer'apos;s mission will be...

  • e-book

    Never Any End to Paris

    Vila-Matas, Enrique

    Trying to be Ernest Hemingway is never easy.After reading A Moveable Feast, aspiring novelist Enrique Vila-Matas moves to Paris to be closer to his literary idol, Ernest Hemingway. Surrounded by the writers, artists and eccentrics of 'apos;70s...

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    Manual de Higiene

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