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  • My Take On Me - A-Ha - Acompanha Pôster...




    No Reino da Noruega, Morten Harket é considerado o maior artista da história do país escandinavo. E o A-ha, claro, a maior banda. Também, pudera: em 30 anos de carreira, o trio de pop-rock vendeu mais de 80 milhões de discos no mundo todo, boa parte...

  • Me And My Place In Space


    Where is the earth? Where is the sun? Where are the stars? Now in a Dragonfly edition, here is an out-of-this world introduction to the universe for children. With earth as a starting point, a young astronaut leads readers on a tour past each planet...

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  • Me And My Family Tree


    Following the successful model of Me on the Map, Sweeney demystifies an abstract concept by presenting it from a child's point of view. In Me and My Family Tree, a young girl uses simple language, her own childlike drawings, and diagrams to explain...

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  • Me And My Amazing Body


    Here's a lively, easy-to-read, and easy-to-use introduction to anatomy by the author and illustrator of the popular Me on the Map and Me and My Place in Space. The young narrator begins with the body parts we can see--skin, eyes, nose, etc. and then...

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  • Me And My Grandma


    Small bear and her grandma love spending time together. They play, they swim, they eat. Fall in love with this beautiful story

  • My Dad And Me


    Tell your dad how much you love him in this sweet and fun book with the characters from Mr. Men Little Miss, perfect for Father's Day! From reading you books in silly voices to carrying you when you're tired, dads are Funny, Happy, Strong, and...

  • My Mom And Me


    Tell your mom how much you love her in this sweet and fun book with the characters from Mr. Men Little Miss, perfect for Mother's Day! From making you smile--even when things are going wrong--to knowing just when hugs are needed, moms are Splendid,...

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    Me and My Dad

    Rocks,Burton; O'Neill,Paul

    Paul O'Neill was the undisputed heart and soul of the four-time World Series-winning New York Yankees from 1993 to 2001. O'Neill epitomized the team's motto of hard work and good sportsmanship, traits instilled in him by his friend, confidant,...

  • e-book

    Me and My Shadow

    Ray Matthews

    What kind of man runs 100 miles at the age of 70 and what makes anyone want to run 100 miles?Throughout a lifetime, everyone has the opportunity to meet truly exceptional people. Ray is one of them. From being a cocky ginger haired, Yorkshire lad who...

  • Me And My Fear


    Introducing a companion picture book to the award-winning picture book, The Journey, from rising star Francesca Sanna. When a young immigrant girl has to travel to a new country and start at a new school, she is accompanied by her Fear who tells her...

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  • e-book

    Me, My Wife& the Slutty Cheerleader - An...


    An older couple enjoying some naughty outdoor sex games in a local park are caught in action by a teenage girl. She seems turned on by what they are doing and adds to the fun by joining the couple and letting them use her cute little body for some...

  • e-book

    Me& My Friend Take Him - Real Milfs 11


    I wasn't expecting to see Robert at the swimming pool that day and my friends can't wait to tell me how they'd love a piece of his hot body.He's a guy half-our age that used to live with me and I'm determined to keep them away from him. So when it...

  • Me And My Amazing Body

    Sweeney, Joan; Cable, Annette

    Now in paperback! A super-simple introduction to the human body from the author and illustrator of Me on the Map.What is under your skin? Why do you have bones? What do your muscles do? Where does the food that you eat go?Me and My Amazing Body can...

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  • Me And My Dad

    Hample,Stuart E. (edt)

    Dozens of kids' testimonies about their dads celebrate the special relationship between fathers and children

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  • e-book

    Me and My Grandma - A story for children...

    Helen Tinsley

    Nine-year-old Ayesha is raised by her grandmother and learns lessons on teenage life and not using drugs from her mother who is dying of AIDS.

  • e-book

    Stories My Daddy Told Me


    'As Daddy whirled and dashed to the front of the building, he saw an Oregon State Police car pulling up to the entrance. By the time Daddy got outside, that dark blue car was gone. Mother, who had been sitting right there in the truck, looked at...

  • e-book

    Lies My Mother Never Told Me


    Her mother was a brainy knockout with the sultry beauty of Marilyn Monroe, a raconteur whose fierce wit could shock an audience into hilarity or silence. Her father was a distinguished figure in American letters, the National Book Award–winning...

  • e-book

    Rescue Me - My Life with the Battersea Dogs


    Melissa Wareham always wanted to work with dogs. After failing her biology O-level she realised she'apos;d have to start at the bottom, cleaning out kennels at Battersea Dogs Home. From frail old men looking for a four-legged companion to famous folk...

  • e-book

    Jokes My Father Never Taught Me

    Rain Pryor

    The loving yet brutally honest memoir of the daughter of comedy legend Richard PryorRain Pryor was born in the idealistic, free-love 1960s. Her mother was a Jewish go-go dancer who wanted a tribe of rainbow children, and her father was Richard Pryor,...

  • e-book

    Me& My Sewing Adventure - An Intermediate...


    After learning the basics in Me & My Sewing Machine, it’s now time to graduate to more sophisticated techniques in this follow-up book, Me & My Sewing Adventure by Kate Haxell. The author, with her characteristic clarity and easy-to-follow...

  • Help! My Teacher Hates Me

    Schneider,Meg F.; Goldin,David

    Provides advice for junior high school students on how to cope with teachers, friends, cheating, grades, homework, families, sports, extracurricular activities, violence and other risks, and finding outside help

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  • e-book

    Killing Me Softly - My Life in Music


    Charles Fox has composed more than 100 motion picture and television scores, among them the themes of many iconic series, including Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Love, American Style, and Love Boat. In this memoir, Fox recounts his development as a...

  • e-book

    Carry Me Home - My Autobiography


    Ben Cohen'apos;s dad didn'apos;t know anything about the sport his young son had taken up, but he was happy to drive him to practice, and was soon helping out at the club. When his business went bankrupt money was tight, but Ben'apos;s hard working...

  • Me And My Mummy Book And Sticker Set

    Vários Autores

    Use the fun stickers to decorate a special card for Mum! Then snuggle up for storytime with these four fantastic books.Includes: Big Bear, Little Bear, My Mummy and Me, Little Bear's Special Wish, and The Most Precious Thing.

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  • Give Me Back My Book!


    This book is full of wonderful WORDS and beautiful PICTURES! And it's EXCITING! And it's FUNNY! It might be the BEST BOOK EVER--if we could decide whose book it is. Redd and Bloo explore the way a book is made and accidentally build a friendship, too...

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  • e-book

    Let Me Be Frank - My Life at Virginia Tech

    Snook,Jeff; Beamer,Frank

    After 26 seasons as head football coach at Virginia Tech University, Frank Beamer is not only the longest tenured but also the winningest active coach of any major college program, and Let Me Be Frank contains his personal reflections on more than a...

  • e-book

    Let Me Be Frank - My Life at Virginia Tech

    Snook,Jeff; Beamer,Frank

    After 26 seasons as head football coach at Virginia Tech University, Frank Beamer is not only the longest tenured but also the winningest active coach of any major college program, and Let Me Be Frank contains his personal reflections on more than a...

  • e-book

    Me, Myself, My Team - revised edition - How...


    Me, Myself, My Team brings you effective strategies to improve your team's communication and motivation, discover new perceptions and begin new courses of action. Full of practical ideas, this exceptional book demonstrates how team playing achieves...

  • e-book

    Me and My Dad'apos;s 'apos;57 Ford


    ME AND MY DAD'S '57 FORD is the third and final book about a young boy and his fascination with cars. In the first two books, John's rambunctiousness from 1954 to 1962, can be forgiven because of his age. But in this final installment, John is...

  • Me And My Daddy Book And Sticker Set


    Use the fun stickers to decorate a special card for Dad! Then snuggle up for storytime with these four fantastic books. Includes: Before We Go To Bed, My Daddy and Me, Oops-a-Daisy! and The Very Happy Hippo.

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  • e-book

    Me and My Dad'apos;s 'apos;39 Plymouth


    I enjoy many things in life. A good steak, a chocolate doughnut, chocolate candy, chocolate cake, well, just about anything chocolate. I also enjoy a good movie, especially the kind that make me laugh. I enjoy laughing, and making other people laugh....

  • e-book

    Me and My Dad'apos;s 'apos;50 Mercury


    'Me and My Dad's '50 Mercury' is the continuing story of a young boy's fascination with cars. The book's point of view is the author's own life as he was growing up in the 1950's. He recollection of the family cars, toys, TV shows, pets, and a...

  • e-book

    Race Against Me - My Story: My Story

    Chambers, Dwain

    In January 2002 the athlete Dwain Chambers made a serious error of judgement when he succumbed to peer pressure and temptation and took a performance enhancing substance. The inevitable bust, when it happened, came almost as a relief. Nevertheless it...

  • e-book

    Owsley and Me - My LSD Family

    Davis,Tom; Stanley,Rhoney Gissen

    Owsley and Me is an insider'apos;s account of sixties counterculture, told by the partner of Owsley 'quot;Bear'quot; Stanley.

  • e-book

    Tell Me My Name


    In Mary Fan'apos;s second novella from Glass House Press, a teen girl wakes up in an icy cell, alone and frightened. She has no memory of who she is or how she came to be there.She does know that she must get out, at all costs. And that escape must...

  • Just Me and My Dad


    Mercer Mayer's Little Critter is going on a camping trip with his dad in this classic, funny, and heartwarming book. Whether he and his dad are canoeing, fishing, or building a campfire, parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A...

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  • Me, Myself, My Team

    McLeod,Angus, Ph.D.

    Me, Myself, My Team

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  • e-book

    Tricks My Dog Taught Me - About Life, Love,...


    For 14 years, a small, round hound named Mojo provided her reluctant master a front-row seat to life'apos;s most profound lessons. With his trademark humor and depth of insight, popular speaker, author, and pet owner Phil Callaway shares stories that...

  • e-book

    Me and My Sewing Machine - A Beginner'apos;s...


    Stylish and practical techniques that make sewing simple.

  • e-book

    Me, Myself and My Brain Stem Tumour - Memoirs...


    Bayan Azizi was just an average nine-year-old boy playing street hockey with friends and teasing his younger brother and sister when the unthinkable happened. A series of symptoms - a droopy eyelid, a slight speech impediment, some motor difficulties...

  • Invested - How Warren Buffett And Charlie...

    Town,Phil; Town,Danielle

    In this essential handbook--a blend of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Happiness Project--the co-host of the wildly popular InvestED podcast shares her yearlong journey learning to invest, as taught to her by her father, investor and bestselling author...

  • Just For Me - My Ramona Quimby Journal


    Do you ever feel like you have to share everything? Whether it's a bedroom with a sibling or a seat on the bus, there never seems to be anything that's just yours. Ramona Quimby knows this better than anyone else! If you're like her, then look no...

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  • e-book

    My Heart Leads Me Home - A daughter'apos;s...

    Carol Burow Gianforte

    When? Gianforte brings her recollections to the page, you will step right into a 1950's neighborhood situated along a Midwestern leafy avenue. You will see friendly neighbors visiting on front porches and children riding by on bicycles. You will open...

  • e-book

    Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On - My Life...

    Jeannie Cheatham

    Jeannie Cheatham is a living legend in jazz and blues. A pianist, singer, songwriter, and co-leader of the Sweet Baby Blues Band, she has played and sung with many of the greats in blues and jazz-T-Bone Walker, Dinah Washington, Cab Callaway, Joe...

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