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27 produtos
  • e-book

    Leprosy in China - A History

    Leung,Angela Ki Che

    Angela Ki Che Leung'apos;s meticulous study begins with the classical annals of the imperial era, which contain the first descriptions of a feared and stigmatized disorder modern researchers now identify as leprosy. She then tracks the relationship...

  • e-book

    China Syndrome

    Greenfeld,Karl Taro

    When the SARS virus broke out in China in January 2003, Karl Taro Greenfeld was the editor of Time Asia in Hong Kong, just a few miles from the epicenter of the outbreak. After vague, initial reports of terrified Chinese boiling vinegar to 'purify'...

  • e-book

    A Bite of China

    Wang Sixin

    Delicious food is not only decoration upon your tongue, but also spiritual bond between people. There are taste of home and cultural memories that exclusively belong to Chinese hiding under the dishes. Let'apos;s have a journey on the tip of your...

  • e-book

    Medical Ethics in China


    Drawing on a wide range of primary historical and sociological sources and employing sharp philosophical analysis, this book investigates medical ethics from a Chinese-Western comparative perspective. In doing so, it offers a fascinating exploration...

  • e-book

    China'apos;s Last Nomads

    Linda Benson; Ingvar Svanberg

    This study, based on Chinese publications and archival materials as well as on recent fieldwork, provides an up-to-date treatment of Kazak history and culture, emphasizing the Kazaks in 20th-century China and, in particular, their status today as one...

  • e-book

    China'apos;s Last Nomads

    Linda Benson; Ingvar Svanberg

    This study, based on Chinese publications and archival materials as well as on recent fieldwork, provides an up-to-date treatment of Kazak history and culture, emphasizing the Kazaks in 20th-century China and, in particular, their status today as one...

  • e-book

    The China Study in 30 Minutes - The Expert...

    The 30 Minute Expert Series

    The China Study 30 minutes is the essential guide to quickly understanding the vital lessons outlined in Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II's best-selling book, The China Study.- Concise synopsis, which overviews the principles of...

  • e-book

    HIV/AIDS in China - The Economic and Social...

    Sutherland,Dylan; Hsu,Jennifer Y. J.

    South and East Asia may well become the epicentres of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. More than three-quarters of a million people are now estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in China. In 2009, AIDS had already become the leading cause of death by...

  • e-book

    China'apos;s Path to Consumer-Based Growth -...

    Syed, Murtaza H.; Il Houng Lee

    This paper proposes a possible framework for identifying excessive investment. Based on this method, it finds evidence that some types of investment are becoming excessive in China, particularly in inland provinces. In these regions, private...

  • e-book

    Wholesome Sustainable Plant Based China Study...

    Kathy Hudson Hudson

    CHINA STUDY DIET is a Menu Makeover for a long-lasting changes to your health. Eating whole foods, at least 90% from plant-based sources and active lifestyles lowers the risk of contracting heart disease, cancer, and a host of other lifestyle...

  • e-book

    Mental Illness, Dementia and Family in China


    With rapid economic progress and increasing life expectancy in East Asian societies, more attention is being paid by their governments, the media and the academy to mental illness and dementia. While clinical research on mental illness and dementia...

  • e-book

    Public Health and the Modernization of China,...


    This book, based on extensive original research, traces the development of China'apos;s public health system, showing how advances in public health have been an integral part of China'apos;s rise. It outlines the phenomenal improvements in public...

  • e-book

    American Doctors in Canton - Modernization in...


    This book describes medical modernization in China and the revolutionary influence of American medical missionaries. Changes introduced from 1835-1935 by American missionary doctors initiated a landslide of cultural revolution in the city of Canton...

  • e-book

    Health Care Reform and Globalisation - The US...


    In the post-Cold War, post financial crisis era, health care is an issue of critical political, personal and economic concern. In the US, plans to address a troubled health care model were met by vocal opposition. In the UK and post-communist Europe,...

  • e-book

    Novel Medicine - Healing, Literature, and...

    Andrew Schonebaum

    By examining the dynamic interplay between discourses of fiction and medicine, Novel Medicine demonstrates how fiction incorporated, created, and disseminated medical knowledge in China, beginning in the sixteenth century. Critical readings of...

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    audio livro

    Zhào Lù: Tai Chi y Medicina China.


    Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Desarrollo Personal, MTC (Medicina Tradicional China), Meditación, Murcia.

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • The China Study

    Campbell,T. Colin, Ph.D.; Campbell,Thomas M., II

    The link between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is presented in an authoritative text--based on a survey of thousands of adults throughout China and Taiwan--that reveals how proper nutrition can have a dramatic effect on reducing...

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  • Casos Clínicos de Acupuntura da China

    Jirui,Chen; Wang,Nissi

    Esta obra inclui cem relatos de casos, contribuições de vários e proeminentes praticantes de acupuntura da República Popular da China. Tais relatos de casos representam o amplo espectro de distúrbios para os quais a acupuntura é usada ainda hoje na...

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  • Tratado Contemporâneo de Acupuntura e...


    Esta obra, é resultante da tradução do Tratado Contemporâneo de Acupuntura e Moxibustão e conserva fielmente o pensamento do autor, ainda que, por variações na interpretação e tradução da língua chinesa, possam ocorrer divergências aceitáveis. De...

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  • The China Study

    Campbell,T. Colin, Ph.D.; Campbell,Thomas M., II

    The China Study

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  • China Syndrome

    Greenfeld, Karl Taro

    An account of the SARS virus outbreak of 2003 warns readers that the event served as a harbinger for future epidemics, discussing how the virus prompted international fear, significantly compromised Asian trade, prompted the efforts of scientists to...

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  • Medicinal Plants Of China, Korea, And Japan -...


    Asian medicinal plants show great promise in pharmaceutical and cosmetological development. Researchers engaged in the discovery of new leads in these areas need robust conceptual tools and understanding of interrelated basics of botany, ethnobotany,...

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  • Los Secretos de La Fitoterapia China


    Descubra los remedios curativos de la fitoterapia china. Este libro:- Incluye más de 80 remedios chinos- Explica las características y las propriedades curativas de cada planta- Utiliza una terminologia sencilla que hace el tema asequible a todos.

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  • El Gran Libro De La Medicina China


    Con 4.000 años de antigüedad, la medicina tradicional china se ha consolidado como una de las más eficaces para preservar la salud y mantener el bienestar físico y emocional del hombre. Este manual estudia con detalle, entre otros muchos, los...

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  • The History Of China And India, Pictorial And...


    Excerpt from The History of China and India, Pictorial and Descriptive The Chinese are believed to have been, from very remote times, fond of reading and literary pursuits; yet, as far as our present information extends, they do not appear to possess...

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  • El Gran Libro De LA Medicina China

    Kit,Wong Kiew; Kiew,Wong Kit

    El Gran Libro De LA Medicina China

    Produto indisponível

  • Health Care In Rural China - Lessons From...


    This work examines health, defined in its broadest meaning, in rural China today. It explores the current social distribution of health status, health behaviour and health care and the processes by which these came about. By exploring universal...

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