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  • Empreendedorismo - 9ª Ed. 2014

    Hisrich,Robert D.; Peters,Michael P.; Shepherd, Dean A.

    Nesta nova edição, Empreendedorismo desvenda o processo de formular, planejar e implementar um novo negócio. Estudos de caso acompanham os conceitos apresentados em cada capítulo e fornecem exemplos aprofundados de muitos tipos de empresas...

  • Manual de Doenças Oculares do Wills Eye...

    Gerstenblith, Adam T.; Rabinowitz, Michael P.

    Escrita por especialistas do Wills Eye Hospital, a 6ª edição deste clássico da oftalmologia é um guia completo que abrange, dos sintomas ao tratamento, todas as doenças oculares que se apresentam no consultório, no setor de emergência ou em âmbito...

  • e-book

    Terapia Familiar - Conceitos e Métodos

    Nichols,Michael P.; Schwartz, Richard C.

    'Utilizamos a edição anterior de Nichols e Schwartz em todos os níveis da disciplina de Terapia Familiar, por ser um texto abrangente, didático e com um conteúdo que equilibra a teoria e a prática. Os autores examinam as diferenças e a singularidade...

  • e-book

    Familias e Casais: Do Sintoma ao Sistema

    Minuchin, Salvador; Michael P. Nichols; Way-Yu

    Este livro trabalha a parceria dos adultos na liderança da família, transformando as alianças disfuncionais e a dificuldade em resolver conflitos. Metáforas e demonstração das interações conflituosas ao vivo nas sessões são métodos de intervenção...

  • National Velvet

    Bagnold, Enid; Michael Morpurgo

    Fourteen year old Velvet is mad about horses. When she wins a piebald horse in a raffle, she knows he’s something special. His heart is as big as the five-foot fences he jumps, and he’ll do anything for Velvet. Soon, she and her friend Mi have their...

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  • From Hereabout Hill

    Michael Morpurgo

    A spell-binding collection of short stories from Britain’s best-loved children’s author, Michael Morpurgo. Explore friendship, love, revenge, life and death in the pages of From Hereabout Hill.Included in this collection of short stories is a...

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  • e-book

    Inside the Godfather

    Daryl Brown; Michael P. Chabries

    If you think that you know the soul truth about James Brown, think again! Inside the Godfather is a history changing book about DRUGS, SEX, LIES, ADULTERY, RACISM, MURDER, RELIGION, POLITICS, DECEIT, LUST, Rock & Roll and BRIBERY but most importantly...




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  • e-book

    Guerrilla P.R.

    Levine, Michael

    The manifesto for waging a street-smart publicity campaign with no- or low-cost strategies from one of Hollywood's most successful publicists.

  • e-book

    Guerrilla P.R. 2.0

    Levine, Michael

    The world's most widely used and seminal introduction to public relations—now fully revised and updated for the 21st century with online strategies that workEvery Fortune 500 corporation, movie star, and scandal queen knows that a good publicist is...

  • Francisco de Assis - História e Herança

    Robson,Michael J.P.

    Francisco de Assis (1181/2-1226) foi uma das personalidades mais vibrantes e intensas da Idade Média. A vida desse extraordinário reformador da Igreja medieval foi celebrada nas artes, no drama, na poesia, na música, na nova literatura vernácula e na...

  • B.P.R.D: 1946-1948

    Mignola,Michael; Mignola, Mike

    In the wake of World War II, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm--occult investigator and guardian of the young Hellboy--and a group of war-weary veterans investigate Hitler's top secret Project Vampir Sturm, exposing one of the greatest villains of the...

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  • Star Wars - Han & Chewie Return!

    Siglain , Michael

    Han Solo and Chewbacca return in a heroic new adventure set in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Neurologia Clínica - 8ª Ed. 2014

    Aminoff, Michael J.; Simon, Roger P.; Greenberg, David A.

    Há mais de 20 anos,” Neurologia Clínica” vem preenchendo a lacuna entre as ciências básicas e a prática clínica da neurologia, sempre apresentando os últimos avanços e as mais recentes abordagens ao diagnóstico e tratamento. Este clássico da área...

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Paddington At The Barber...

    Bond, Michael

    When Paddington is left in charge of the local barber shop, his determination to keep the customers happy will surprise even himself!

  • e-book

    Bacterial Immunoglobulin-binding Proteins V1

    Michael D. P. Boyle

    Bacterial Immunoglobulin-Binding Proteins, Volume 1: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Biology investigates the immunoglobulin and Fc-binding proteins that have been isolated and characterized from a wide array of microorganisms, including protein A from...

  • e-book

    Fluid-Structure Interactions - Slender...

    Paidoussis, Michael P.

    The first of two books concentrating on the dynamics of slender bodies within or containing axial flow, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and mechanisms giving rise to flow-induced vibration, with a particular focus on the...

  • e-book

    Fluid-Structure Interactions - Volume 2:...

    Paidoussis, Michael P.

    The second of two volumes concentrating on the dynamics of slender bodies within or containing axial flow, Volume 2 covers fluid-structure interactions relating to shells, cylinders and plates containing or immersed in axial flow, as well as slender...

  • e-book

    Max Chambers P.I.& The Case of the Nazi Ghost

    Michael J. Cinelli

    It is 1949.Max Chambers, a not very successful private investigator based in his hometown of New Rochelle, N.Y., is forced to confront his wartime nightmare; the death of his childhood pal and the liberation of the infamous Nazi death camp,...

  • The Magician


    The Magician

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  • Just Jonas ! The Jonas Brothers Up Close And...


    This 48 page, 4-color scrapbook is full to the brim of fun facts about the hottest group around: the Jonas Brothers!

  • Gentlemen

    Northrop, Michael

    This debut YA novel combines the wrong-side-of-the-tracks edginess of books like 'The Outsiders' and 'Freak the Mighty' and the searingly honest storytelling of authors like Chris Lynch and John Green. Micheal, Tommy, Mixer, and Bones aren't just...

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  • Trapped

    Northrop, Michael

    A chilling YA thriller from critically acclaimed author Michael Northrop. The day the blizzard started, no one knew that it was going to keep snowing for a week. That for those in its path, it would become not just a matter of keeping warm, but of...

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  • The Magnificent 12 - The Trap

    Grant, Michael

    Sometimes one hero isn't enough sometimes you need a full dozen. Mack’s search for his dazzling dozen continues in the second instalment of this funny, action-packed fantasy series by the New York Times bestselling author of GONE. Mack, Jarrah, and...

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  • Preteen Challenges

    Michael J. Sanders

    What do you want to be when you grow up? A nurse, police officer, fire fighter, teacher or maybe a judge? You can grow up to be anything you want if you obey your parents and teachers, and stay in school.The important thing is that you study hard and...

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  • Lego Star Wars

    Price, Michael; Landers, Ace

    A long time ago, in a galaxy built brick-by-brick . . . As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, an unlikely hero will face many dangerous challenges to the Republic! Ian, a young orphan, has joined a group of Padawans and their teacher, Yoda. When...

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  • Lego City - Work This Farm!

    Steele,Michael Anthony

    Build your LEGO library book by book! It's a busy day on the farm!A big farm needs big machines.Follow the farmers as they feed the animals and harvest the crops.

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  • Why The Whales Came

    Michael Morpurgo

    This is an exciting adventure and friendship story by a much-loved, award winning author. Gracie and her friend, Daniel have always been warned to stay away from the Birdman and his side of the island. But then, they find a message in the sand and...

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  • Surrounded By Sharks

    Northrop, Michael

    He couldn't sleep. That's how it all started. When Davey wakes, just as the sun is rising, he can't wait to slip out of the crammed hotel room he's sharing with his family. Leave it to his parents and kid brother to waste an entire day of vacation...

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  • Kensuke's Kingdom


    Kensuke's Kingdom

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  • Habitats Coloring Book

    Dutton, Michael

    Circle the globe with Mr. Turtle and his young friends for fascinating views of animals in their natural habitats. You'll venture into the forest homes of owls, squirrels, and deer, and you'll survey the jungles where tigers, crocodiles, and...

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  • El Ponche De Los Deseos

    Ende, Michael

    Belcebú Sarcasmo y Tirania Vampir se disponen a preparan un ponche 'genialcoholorosatanarquiarqueologicavernoso' para celebrar el año nuevo. un tipo de brebaje muy apreciado en los círculos de brujería por su gran poder. Con este ponche. todos los...

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  • The Magician - The Secrets Of The Immortal...

    Scott, Michael

    The book of Abraham the Mage holds the secret of eternal life - a secret more dangerous than any one man should possess. Dr. John Dee is two pages away from the knowledge that would bring the Dark Elders into ultimate power - and could mean the...

  • The Trap - Magnificent 12 Series

    Grant, Michael

    The Trap - Magnificent 12 Series

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  • Amusement Park Science Activity Book

    Dutton, Michael

    There's more to the amusement park than rides and cotton candy. Fascinating scientific principles are at play, and this book is bursting with a wealth of carnival attractions related to physics and gravity. Fun facts, accompanied by different...

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  • The Water Cycle Coloring Book

    Dutton, Michael

    Discover where our tap water comes from and how can we conserve our most precious resource. Mr. Turtle conducts a lively tour of the water cycle that features 30 illustrations to color. The drawings and captions explain every step of the process,...

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  • Ic3 Internet And Computing Core Certification...

    Ballew, Joli; Harwood,Michael; Rusen, Ciprian Adrian

    Hands-on IC3 prep, with expert instruction and loads of tools 'IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide' is the ideal all-in-one resource for those preparing to take the exam for the internationally-recognized IT...

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  • Lego City - Lego City: Fight This Fire!

    Steele,Michael Anthony

    Build your LEGO library! Welcome to the LEGO City Fire Department! There's a new trainee in town - and he's a little bit clumsy. He can't use the fire hose, or fly the helicopter, but he might have what it takes to save the day.

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  • Mystery On The Lego Express - Lego City

    Michael Anthony Steele; King, Trey

    All aboard Time to take a wild ride on the LEGO(R) Express train.When a famous actress loses her award statue on the LEGO Express, it is up to Mr. Clue to solve this action-packed and hilarious mystery-adventure.

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  • Lego City - Lego City - Catch That Crook!

    Steele,Michael Anthony

    Reading is always fun in LEGO City! A thief thinks he's found the perfect hiding spot after his latest heist: the LEGO City forest. But he wasn't counting on the Forest Police! It's a madcap chase of cops and robbers in this LEGO City 8x8!

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  • Rookie Nursery Rhymes - Laugh-Along Nursery...


    Rookie Nursery Rhymes - Laugh-Along Nursery Rhymes

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  • I Can Read!: Level 1 - Paddington Sets Sail

    Bond, Michael

    Paddington's first trip to the beach is a day to remember as he explores the sandy shore and is swept off on a grand adventure!Michael Bond's classic character will charm beginning readers with his curious nature and heartwarming...

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  • I Can Read Level 1 - Paddington's Day Off

    Bond, Michael

    Paddington and Mr. Gruber enjoy a day off from their duties as they set out to explore London with Jonathan and Judy. Each turn brings a new discovery, and Paddington's nose for adventure leads to the greatest surprise of all.Michael Bond's classic...

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  • I Can Read - Level 1 - Paddington's Prize...

    Bond, Michael

    Paddington Bear has charmed readers of all ages for almost 60 years! Now part of the I Can Read line, Michael Bond's classic character will delight beginning readers with his curious nature and nose for adventure. Paddington discovers a love of...

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