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  • The Military History Book


    Stand to attention for the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of military history The Military History Book chronicles the changing technology and tactics of war from 5,000 years ago to the present day in stunning visual detail. Bringing military...

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  • Great Military Disasters

    Haskew,Michael E.

    Great Military Disasters

  • e-book

    To Be a Military Sniper

    Halberstadt,Hans; Mast,Gregory

    Aside from nerves of steel, pinpoint precise targeting skills, and uncanny adaptability, what does it take to be a military sniper? This book lays out the details of training and traits of character that make for success in one of the most...

  • American Sniper - The Autobiography Of The...

    Defelice,Jim; Kyle,Chris; Mcewen, Scott

    He is the deadliest American sniper ever, called 'the devil' by the enemies he hunted and 'the legend' by his Navy SEAL brothers . . . From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military...

  • Military And Naval Recognition Book - A...

    Bunkley, Joel William

    Excerpt from Military and Naval Recognition Book: A Handbook on the Organization, Insignia of Rank, and Customs, of the Service of the World's Important Armies and Navies The great expansion in the existing corps of our Army and the organization of...

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  • Military Dictionary - Comprising Technical...

    Scott, Henry Lee

    Excerpt from Military Dictionary: Comprising Technical Definitions; Information on Raising and Keeping Troops; Actual Service, Including Makeshifts and Improved Materiel A military dictionary which, with technical definitions, comprises information...

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  • Military History - Compact Timelines


    Military History - Compact Timelines

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  • Military Misfortunes

    Gooch, John; Cohen,Eliot A.

    Examines the three types of misfortune--failure to learn, to anticipate, and to adapt--and shows their implications in terms of a variety of miltary defeats in the twentieth century. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • A Savage War - A Military History Of The...


    How the Civil War changed the face of warThe Civil War represented a momentous change in the character of war. It combined the projection of military might across a continent on a scale never before seen with an unprecedented mass mobilization of...

  • Deng Xiaoping's Long War - The Military...


    The surprise Chinese invasion of Vietnam in 1979 shocked the international community. The two communist nations had seemed firm political and cultural allies, but the twenty-nine-day border war imposed heavy casualties, ruined urban and agricultural...

  • After Appomattox - Military Occupation And...

    Downs, Gregory P

    On April 8, 1865, after four years of civil war, General Robert E. Lee wrote to General Ulysses S. Grant asking for peace. Peace was beyond his authority to negotiate, Grant replied, but surrender terms he would discuss. As Gregory Downs reveals in...

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  • Counter Jihad - America's Military Experience...

    Williams, Brian Glyn

    Counter Jihad is a sweeping account of America's military campaigns in the Islamic world. Revising our understanding of what was once known as the War on Terror, it provides a retrospective on the extraordinary series of conflicts that saw the United...

  • The Rise Of The Military Welfare State

    Mittelstadt, Jennifer

    Since the end of the draft, the U.S. Army has prided itself on its patriotic volunteers who heed the call to 'Be All That You Can Be.' But beneath the recruitment slogans, the army promised volunteers something more tangible: a social safety net...

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  • The Pentagon's Wars - The Military's...


    A gripping insider account of the clash between America's civilian and military leadershipThe Pentagon's Wars is a dramatic account of the deep and divisive debates between America's civilian leaders and its military officers. Renowned military...

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  • The Pentagon's Wars - The Military's...


    A gripping insider account of the clash between America's civilian and military leadershipThe Pentagon's Wars is a dramatic account of the deep and divisive debates between America's civilian leaders and its military officers. Renowned military...

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  • The Pentagon's Wars - The Military's...


    A gripping insider account of the clash between America's civilian and military leadership The Pentagon's Wars is a dramatic account of the deep and divisive debates between America's civilian leaders and its military officers. Renowned military...

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  • With A Sword In One Hand & Jomini In The...

    Reardon, Carol

    When the Civil War began, Northern soldiers and civilians alike sought a framework to help make sense of the chaos that confronted them. Many turned first to the classic European military texts from the Napoleonic era, especially Antoine Henri...

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  • A Great Place To Have A War - America In Laos...

    Kurlantzick, Joshua

    The untold story of how America's secret war in Laos in the 1960s transformed the CIA from a loose collection of spies into a military operation and a key player in American foreign policy. January, 1961: Laos, a tiny nation few Americans have heard...

  • Annual Reports Of The War Department For The...


    Excerpt from Annual Reports of the War Department for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1900: Report of the Military Governor of the Philippine Islands on Civil Affairs From the date of the reestablishment of the civil courts it was appar ent that the...

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  • The West Point History Of The American...

    United States Military Academy, The

    This is the definitive concise military history of the Revolutionary War and the fourth volume in the West Point History of Warfare series is packed with essential images, exclusive tactical maps, and expert analysis commissioned by The United States...

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  • Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor - The...

    Oakeshott, R Ewart

    Premodern weapons of war receive a tremendously detailed and thorough accounting in this volume the work of a noted authority on medieval arms in Europe. Covering a period of 30 centuries, the study, like a richly woven tapestry, vividly describes...

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  • Medieval Military Costume


    Medieval Military Costume

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  • Great Military Disasters


    Great Military Disasters

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  • The Military Revolution


    The Military Revolution

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  • Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor

    Eggenberger, David

    Megiddo, Thermopylae, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Vietnam...nothing has dominated man's attention, challenged his energy, produced more heroes - and destruction - than war. This monumental one-volume work traces the long history of that uniquely human...

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  • Napoleon's Military Maxims

    Napoleon Bonaparte,

    Napoleon's Military Maxims

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  • e-book

    Military Intervention in the 1990s

    Connaughton,Richard; Colonel Richard M Connaughton

    First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Military Force and Elite Power in the...

    Edward A. McCord

    The China we know today emerged at the end of a long period of internal rebellions, civil wars, foreign invasions, and revolutionary insurrections that stretched across the nineteenth century to the mid-point of the twentieth. This book explores one...

  • e-book

    Military Strategy - The Politics and...

    Stone, John

    Military strategy is concerned with the translation of armed force into intended political effects. As such, it constitutes one of the most important activities of the past two centuries; and yet during this period it has not always been practised...

  • e-book


    John R McClarren

    This book was written for young people who might have interests in the military as a service or as a career. The author shows the positives and the negatives, as well as indicating who might be best suited for such a life and who might not be. It is...

  • e-book

    Military Innovation in the Interwar Period

    Millett, Allan R.

    In 1914, the armies and navies that faced each other were alike right down to the strengths of their companies and battalions and the designs of their battleships and cruisers. Differences were of degree rather than essence. During the interwar...

  • Military Pilgrimage And Battlefield Tourism -...

    Eade, John

    Military Pilgrimage and the Commemoration of Conflict is the first volume to bring together a detailed analysis of professional military pilgrimage with other forms of commemorating military conflict. Using a comparative approach towards what has...

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  • e-book

    Military Effectiveness

    Millett,Allan R.; MURRAY ,WILLIAMSON

    This three-volume study examines the questions raised by the performance of the military institutions of France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan and Italy in the period from 1914 to 1945. Leading military historians deal with...

  • e-book

    Military Aircraft of USA

    Phillips, A.

    250 colour photos of all the military aircraft of the USA.

  • e-book

    Military Discipline

    Geoff Barr

    'The mythology surrounding the Australian digger in World War One (WWI) and his inability to adhere to military discipline is legendary. In this book I explore the myth of the digger, and draw on primary sources to expose the Australian Expeditionary...

  • e-book

    Military Intervention, Stabilisation and...

    Christian Dennys

    This book examines international military interventions that have supported stability in four communities in Afghanistan and Nepal, in an attempt to analyse their success and improve this in future. This is the first in-depth village-level assessment...

  • e-book

    Military Low-Flying Aircraft - The Men Who...


    The UK has some of the most dramatic landscapes for NATO pilots to exercise the increasingly important military art of high-speed low flying. It also offers splendid opportunities for photography of close-up dramatic shots taken from the hillsides...

  • e-book

    Military Leadership in the British Civil Wars...

    Stanley D.M. Carpenter

    Despite the wealth of British Civil Wars studies, little work addresses the nature of military leadership effectiveness in terms of the eventual result -parliamentary victory. It is no longer sufficient to credit religion, economics, localism or...

  • e-book

    Military Integration after Civil Wars

    Gaub, Florence

    This book examines the role of multiethnic armies in post-conflict reconstruction, and demonstrates how they can promote peacebuilding efforts.The author challenges the assumption that multiethnic composition leads to weakness of the military, and...

  • e-book

    Military Education Benefits for College

    Renza, David; Lizotte,Edmund

    Every branch of the American military provides opportunities for educational benefits and ways to attend college at either no cost or at a cost far below published tuition rates. No military member, veteran, or dependent should have to go through...

  • e-book

    Military History of Late Rome 284-361

    Ilkka Syvanne

    This ambitious series gives the reader a comprehensive narrative of late Roman military history from 284-641. Each volume (5 are planned) gives a detailed account of the changes in organization, equipment, strategy and tactics among both the Roman...

  • e-book

    Military Strategy as Public Discourse -...

    Tadd Sholtis

    This book presents the current history of United States military strategy in Afghanistan as an example of dysfunctional policy discourse among the nation'apos;s elites. The legitimacy of a country'apos;s military strategy can become a subject of...

  • e-book

    Military Badge Collecting


    This book is a comprehensive guide, which will appeal to anyone with an interest in medal collecting. The book contains over 800 illustrations.

  • e-book

    Military Obituaries Book Three

    Davies,David Twiston

    David Twiston Davies’s latest, highly entertaining collection of 100 Daily Telegraph military obituaries from the last sixteen years includes those celebrated for their great heroism and involvement in major operations. Others have extraordinary...

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