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  • The Military History Book


    Stand to attention for the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of military history The Military History Book chronicles the changing technology and tactics of war from 5,000 years ago to the present day in stunning visual detail. Bringing military...

  • Military Italy (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Military Italy Page of each Group - Results Achieved - The Artillery - Ad ministration and Command - The Artillery and Engineer Committee - Territorial Organisation of the Artillery The 70. Gun - Details of Construction - Artillery...

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  • Military History - Compact Timelines


    Military History - Compact Timelines

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  • Military Notes On Cuba - November, 1898...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from Military Notes on Cuba: November, 1898 The island of Cuba was discovered October 28, 1492, by Cristopher Columbus, who took possession of it in the name of Spain. The first attempt at a permanent settlement was made in 1511 by Don Diego...

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  • Military Journal Of The American Revolution -...

    Thacher, James

    Excerpt from Military Journal of the American Revolution: From the Commencement to the Disbanding of the American Army Let one apply himself to the perusal of these deeply interesting pages, and the love of liberty will grow stronger in his heart,...

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  • Military Dictionary - Comprising Technical...

    Scott,Henry Lee

    Excerpt from Military Dictionary: Comprising Technical Definitions; Information on Raising and Keeping Troops; Actual Service, Including Makeshifts and Improved Materiel Art. - (articles of War, ) included in an act of Congress for establishing rules...

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  • Military History


    Addressing the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of a rapidly growing and ever more complex corpus of literature, Military History is a new title from Routledge's Critical Concepts in Military, Strategic, and Security Studies...

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  • Military And Naval Recognition Book - A...

    Bunkley,Joel William

    Excerpt from Military and Naval Recognition Book: A Handbook on the Organization, Insignia of Rank, and Customs, of the Service of the World's Important Armies and Navies The great expansion in the existing corps of our Army and the organization of...

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  • Military And Naval History Of Residents Of...


    Excerpt from Military and Naval History of Residents of Kennebunk, Who Enlisted During the Late Civil War Amos C. Emerson, son of Washington Emerson Ist Regt., Co. I, United States Artillery. He enlisted in April, 1861 and was discharged at the...

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  • Military Misfortunes

    Gooch,John; Cohen,Eliot A.

    Examines the three types of misfortune--failure to learn, to anticipate, and to adapt--and shows their implications in terms of a variety of miltary defeats in the twentieth century. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Military Memoirs Of Great Britain - Or, A...


    Excerpt from Military Memoirs of Great Britain: Or, a History of the War, 1755 1763 TH E intervals of peace, however much they may be efieemed the feafons of hao opi nefs, furnifh few events deierving the atten tion of an hifiorian. The anhnated ezer...

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  • Sociology And Military Studies - Classical...

    Soeters, Joseph

    This book examines the connection between sociology and the challenges faced by the modern military. Military sociology has received little attention in the broader academic world, and is mostly focused on civil-military relations. This book seeks to...

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  • Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor


    Megiddo, Thermopylae, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Vietnam...nothing has dominated man's attention, challenged his energy, produced more heroes - and destruction - than war. This monumental one-volume work traces the long history of that uniquely human...

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  • The Military Revolution

    Parker,Geoffrey; Parker,geoffrey

    The Military Revolution

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  • A Military Journal During The American...

    Thacher, James

    Excerpt from A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, From 1775 to 1783 It may be deemed reproachful to our country, that nearly half a century has elapsed since the American colonies were emancipated from British thrald om, and that...

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  • Hitler - Military Commander


    A comprehensive examination of Hitler's military strategies. As Führer of the Third Reich, Hitler was responsible for deciding the German war aims in 1939. As head of the Armed Forces from February 4th, 1938, he was also responsible for the overall...

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  • Our Military Construction And Our Fronts -...


    Excerpt from Our Military Construction and Our Fronts: Report Read at the 7th All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers, Peasants, Red Army and Labour Cossacks Deputies on the 7th of December 1919 Military supplies are concentrated in all stages,...

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  • Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor - The...

    Oakeshott, R Ewart

    Premodern weapons of war receive a tremendously detailed and thorough accounting in this volume the work of a noted authority on medieval arms in Europe. Covering a period of 30 centuries, the study, like a richly woven tapestry, vividly describes...

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  • A Military Dictionary And Gazetteer -...


    Excerpt from A Military Dictionary and Gazetteer: Comprising Ancient and Modern Military Technical Terms, Historical Accounts of All North American Indians, as Well as Ancient Warlike Tribes; Also Notices of Battles From the Earliest Period to the...

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  • Universal Military Training - Statements Made...


    Excerpt from Universal Military Training: Statements Made by Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, Before the Senate Subcommittee on Military Affairs and the House Committee on Military Affairs, on a Bill to Provide for the Military and Naval Training of the...

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  • A Military Genius - Life Of Anna Ella Carroll...

    Blackwell,Sarah Ellen

    Excerpt from A Military Genius: Life of Anna Ella Carroll, of Maryland Our great generals have left us one by one without ever antagonizing the claim, and General Grant advised Miss Carroll to continue to push her claim for recognition. But this work...

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  • Medieval Military Architecture In England,...

    Clark,George Thomas

    Excerpt from Medieval Military Architecture in England, Vol. 1 The Registrum Honoris de Richmond, a very curious Custumary, specifies the precise part in that castle that each tenant was to defend. At Belvoir, Staunton tower, at Berkeley, Thorpe's...

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  • A Military Record Of Battery D, First Ohio...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from A Military Record of Battery D, First Ohio Veteran Volunteers, Light Artillery The lapse of time that has intervened since these commands have been out of service has obliterated many evidences of their existence. Much will be thought of...

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  • America's Military Today


    America's Military Today

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  • The Postmodern Military

    Williams, John Allen; Moskos,Charles C.; Williams,John Allen; Segal,David R.

    The Postmodern Military

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  • The American Military - A Concise History

    Glatthaar,Joseph T

    Since the first English settlers landed at Jamestown with the legacy of centuries of European warfare in tow, the military has been an omnipresent part of America. In The American Military: A Concise History, Joseph T. Glatthaar explores this...

  • The Monthly Military Repository, Vol. 2 -...

    Smith, Charles

    Excerpt from The Monthly Military Repository, Vol. 2: Respectfully Inscribed to the Military of the United States of America In Saxony, the Pruffran general, Wunfh, had retaken Torgau and vvittenberg, and defeated a large corps of the Aultrians....

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  • Napoleon's Military Maxims

    Bonaparte,Napoleon; Napoleon Bonaparte,

    Napoleon's Military Maxims

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  • After Appomattox - Military Occupation And...

    Downs,Gregory P

    On April 8, 1865, after four years of civil war, General Robert E. Lee wrote to General Ulysses S. Grant asking for peace. Peace was beyond his authority to negotiate, Grant replied, but surrender terms he would discuss. As Gregory Downs reveals in...

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  • The Present Military Situation In The United...

    Greene,Francis Vinton

    Excerpt from The Present Military Situation in the United States The following pages are, substantially, a Portland, Maine, at the request of the Eco I hope that they may, in some small degree, help to persuade the civilians, the voters, the plain...

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  • The Russian Military

    Miller, Steven E.; Trenin, Dmitri V.

    Russian military capacity remains a major consideration for global security even in the post-Soviet era. This book assesses today's Russian military and analyzes its possible future direction. The contributors -- experts on the subject from both...

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  • The Present Military Situation In The United...

    Greene,Francis Vinton

    Excerpt from The Present Military Situation in the United States The following pages are, substantially, a reprint of an address recently delivered in Portland, Maine, at the request of the Eco nomic Club of that city. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • Life And Military Services Of Brevet-Major...


    Excerpt from Life and Military Services of Brevet-Major General Robert S. Foster As appears upon its face, the following paper was written with a view to its publication elsewhere, but the writer has consented to its inclusion in the publications of...

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  • Our Great Military Commanders - Sketches Of...

    Yonge,Charles Duke

    Excerpt from Our Great Military Commanders: Sketches of the Lives of Duke of Marlborough, Lord Clive, Duke of Wellington, Sir Charles Napier, Lord Gough, Lord Clyde The founder of our military glory in modern times was John Churchill, son of Sir...

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  • Technical And Military Imperatives a Radar...


    Technical And Military Imperatives a Radar History of World War II

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  • The Russian Military

    Miller, Steven E.; Trenin, Dmitri V.; Trenin,Dmitri V.

    Russian military capacity remains a major consideration for global security even in the post-Soviet era. This book assesses today's Russian military and analyzes its possible future direction. The contributors -- experts on the subject from both...

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  • The Monthly Military Repository, Vol. 1 -...

    Smith, Charles

    Excerpt from The Monthly Military Repository, Vol. 1: Respectfully Inscribed to the Military of the United States of America The end I defign in a part of this work, is to lay before my readers, with exac'tnefs, plans of the principal battles fought...

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  • e-book

    The Roman Wars in Spain - The Military...

    Daniel Varga

    It took the Romans almost exactly 200 years to conquer the Iberian Peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal). The skilful and tenacious resistance of the various inhabitants, utilizing superior mobility in the rugged terrain to wage a guerrilla war, made...

  • Politics In Uniform - Military Officers And...


    Between 1964 and 1985, Brazil lived under the control of a repressive, anticommunist regime, where generals maintained all power. Respect for discipline and the absence of any and all political activity was demanded of lower-ranking officers, while...

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  • The Pentagon's Wars - The Military's...

    Perry, Mark

    A gripping insider account of the clash between America's civilian and military leadership The Pentagon's Wars is a dramatic account of the deep and divisive debates between America's civilian leaders and its military officers. Renowned military...

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  • The Life And Military Actions Of His Royal...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from The Life and Military Actions of His Royal Highness Prince Eugene, of Savoy: With an Account of His Death and Funeral Aving in the following Sheets endeavoured to draw the Charaéter of one of the greateft war R to R 8, any Country ever...

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  • Revolts And The Military In The Arab Spring -...


    The Arab Spring, which swept across the Middle East between 2010 and 2012, demonstrated the extent to which military structure and decision-making determine whether peaceful uprisings lead to democratisation, renewed authoritarianism, collapse or...

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  • Today's Best Military Writing

    Boyne,Walter J.

    A collection of published articles and essays on various branches of the armed forces and U.S. military history includes pieces on the war on terrorism, the potential use of smart weapons in future warfare, and the Coast Guard's possible role as a...

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  • Command And Control In Military Crisis

    Hoiback, Harald

    Command And Control In Military Crisis

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