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  • Miss Marvel - Questões Mil

    Alphona, Adrian; Wilson,G. Willow; Wyatt, Jacob

    A Nova Série Que Se Tornou A Favorita Dos Fãs E Um Sucesso De Crítica Continua Aqui! Quem é o Inventor e o que ele quer com a novíssima Miss Marvel e seus amigos? Talvez o Wolverine possa ajudar a encontrar a resposta! Isso é, se Kamala conseguir...

  • Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Boxed Set

    Riggs, Ransom

    Together for the first time, here is the #1 New York Times best seller Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and its two sequels, Hollow City and the newly released Library of Souls. All three paperbacks are packaged in a beautifully designed...

  • O Caso da Criada Perfeita e Outras Histórias...

    Christie, Agatha

    Quando Edna, a criada de Miss Marple, pede ajuda em prol de sua prima Gladys, que também trabalha como doméstica no vilarejo, a velha senhora acha que não há muito o que fazer a respeito. Afinal, Gladys está sendo dispensada do serviço sob a acusação...

  • Miss Simpatia - Blu-Ray


    Pernas depiladas, lábios com brilho. Arma pronta. A agente do FBI Gracie Hart tem esperança de se tornar a próxima Miss Estados Unidos. Mas Gracie não tem elegância necessária. Sandra Bullock fica mais bonita em Miss Simpatia, trazendo seu enorme...

  • Nina Simone - What Happened, Miss Simone? -...


    O documentário “What happened, Miss Simone?” é a história da própria cantora americana (1933-2003) cuidadosamente remontada pela diretora Liz Garbus. Contando com imagens inéditas, diários e cartas — boa parte do acervo cedida pela família, tendo à...

  • Miss Simpatia 2 - Armada e Poderosa - Blu-Ray


    Três anos após participar de um concurso de misses para impedir um ataque terrorista, a agente do FBI Gracie Hart volta à ativa para investigar um seqüestro. Agora, a desajeitada Gracie ele terá que ir para Las Vegas participar do maior concurso do...

  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

    Riggs, Ransom; Jean, Cassandra

    When Jacob Portman was a boy, his grandfather regaled him with stories of his fantastic life at Miss Peregrine's home during the Second World War, even sharing photos of the remarkable children with whom he resided. As Jacob grew up, though, he...

  • e-book

    The Complete Miss Marple Collection

    Agatha Christie

    The complete eBook collection of all thirteen Miss Marple mysteries including the short stories by the Queen of Mystery herself, Agatha Christie, including The Murder at the Vicarage, The Body in the Library, The Moving Finger, A Murder is Announced,...

  • Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Boxed Set


    Together for the first time, here is the #1 New York Times best seller Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and its two sequels, Hollow City and Library of Souls. All three hardcovers are packaged in a beautifully designed slipcase. Also...

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  • e-book

    Miss Chopsticks


    Sisters Three, Five and Six don'apos;t have much education, but they know two things for certain: their mother is a failure because she hasn'apos;t produced a son, and they only merit a number as a name. Women, their father tells them, are like...

  • e-book

    Miss Lonelyhearts

    West, Nathanael

    Day after day, 'Miss Lonelyhearts' sits in his office responding to letters from 'Broken-hearted, Sick-of-it-all, and Desperate', dispensing words of hope, inspiration, and other platitudes to get his readers through their tormented days. But it's...

  • e-book

    Miss Confederation - The Diary of Mercy Anne...

    Anne McDonald

    Amidst the grand and heady spectacle of the balls, banquets, and events of the Confederation Conferences of October 1864, Mercy Coles was seeking adventure and love. She wasn'apos;t concerned with writing for posterity, or with propriety. Miss...

  • Miss Saigon - Apresentação do 25º Aniversário...


    Durante a guerra do Vietnã, um soldado norte-americano se apaixona por uma jovem vietnamita em Saigon. No entanto, quando a cidade acaba sendo engolida pela guerra, o amor dos dois jovens sofre uma verdadeira derrota. Este é um registro da...

    R$ 9,99
  • Miss Saigon - Apresentação do 25º Aniversário...


    Durante a guerra do Vietnã, um soldado norte-americano se apaixona por uma jovem vietnamita em Saigon. No entanto, quando a cidade acaba sendo engolida pela guerra, o amor dos dois jovens sofre uma verdadeira derrota. Este é um registro da...

    R$ 29,99
  • e-book

    Miss You

    Eberlen , Kate

    'If ever a couple was ‘meant to be,’ it’s Tess and Gus. This is such a witty, poignant, and uplifting story of two lives crisscrossing over the years, with near miss after near miss. . . . I couldn’t put it down.'—Sophie Kinsella A wryly romantic...

  • e-book

    Miss Billy

    Eleanor, H. Porter,

    Billy Neilson was eighteen years old when the aunt, who had brought her up from babyhood, died. Miss Benton's death left Billy quite alone in the worldâ??alone, and peculiarly forlorn. To Mr. James Harding, of Harding & Harding, who had charge of...

  • e-book

    Miss Billy

    Porter, Eleanor Hodgman

    There is trouble in heaven as the healthy relationship between the protagonists face the tyranny of Kate, the elder sister. Dwelling on many hurdles of love-life, the work elucidates on how a bond grows stronger in the face of adversity. An...

  • e-book

    Miss Understanding


    Zoe Rose never quite fit in. As the only kid in kindergarten with an enormous red afro, Zoe was taunted by the other little girls for refusing to share her 'Annie' wig, even when she swore it was her own hair (it was).In second grade, after seeing...

  • e-book

    Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories

    Agatha Christie

    This collection gathers together every short story featuring one of Agatha Christie’s most famous creations: Miss Marple. Described by her friend Dolly Bantry as “the typical old maid of fiction,” Miss Marple has lived almost her entire life in the...

  • e-book

    Miss Katie'apos;s Rosewood - A Novel

    Phillips, Michael

    A poignant story of farewells and new beginnings in post-Civil War America. Carolina Cousins book 4.

  • e-book

    Miss Lou

    Roe, E.P.

    A great, rudely built stone chimney was smoking languidly one afternoon. Leaning against this chimney, as if for protection and support, was a little cabin gray and decrepit with age. The door of the cabin stood wide open, for the warm spring was...

  • e-book

    Miss Civilization

    Richard Harding Davis
    (3164514) present you this new edition. 'Miss Civilization' is founded on a story by the late James Harvey Smith. All professional rights in this play belong to Richard Harding Davis. Amateurs who desire to produce 'Miss Civilization' may do so,...

  • e-book

    Miss Purdy'apos;s Class

    Murray, Annie

    A tale of hardship and social injustice, Miss Purdy'apos;s Class by Annie Murray is a heartfelt saga with strong emotional relationships at its heart.In the New Year of 1936, Gwen Purdy, aged twenty-one, leaves her home to become a schoolteacher in a...

  • e-book

    Miss Mackenzie

    Anthony Trollope

    After inheriting a small fortune, a middle-aged spinster picks her way through a romantic minefield of suitors, becoming an unlikely heroine in the process.

  • e-book

    Miss Take

    Réjean Ducharme

    Enter the rich, luscious world of Quebec'apos;s Williams Faulkner in this coming-of-age novel about Miles Miles and his Inuit friend.

  • e-book

    Miss Sue Lucky'apos;s Fishin'apos; Secrets

    Brown, Eric Jerome

    Refreshing humor and remarkable wisdom characterize this delightful coming-of-age folktale set in Oak Park, Virginia. Lively Miss Sue Lucky is one of the town's most outspoken residents and her witty observations on everything from courtship,...

  • e-book

    Miss Ludington'apos;s Sister

    Edward Bellamy

    This early novel from renowned American author Edward Bellamy is a first-rate Gothic romance with beguiling supernatural twists. If you prefer your love stories with a strong dose of the weird and uncanny, add Miss Ludington's Sister to your...

  • e-book

    Miss Educated

    Taylor Materne; Hobson Brown; Caroline Says

    Welcome Back to WellingtonEveryone makes New Year's resolutions, but for two returning students, the semester's Wellington goals are easier set than met.Parker Cole, for example. She survived first semester, sure, but still doesn't fit in. Mostly...

  • e-book

    Miss or Mrs

    Wilkie Collins

    The night had come to an end. The new-born day waited for its quickening light in the silence that is never known on land - the silence before sunrise, in a calm at sea.

  • e-book

    Miss Meredith'apos;s Marriage (To Woo an...

    Randall, Lindsay

    According to her father'apos;s will, heiress Meredith Darlington must find a bridegroom before her next birthday-just two weeks way-or marry the man her eccentric godmama chooses.Panicked, Meredith proposes to Lane Markham Graystone, the third Earl...

  • e-book

    Miss Savidge Moves Her House - The...

    Adams, Christine; McMahon, Michael

    ‘This story will appeal to those who still believe that an Englishman’s home is his castle, and to those who have a soft spot for indomitable old women’ Daily Telegraph The hardback edition of this book, published in 2009 under the title A Lifetime...

  • e-book

    Miss McDonald

    Holmes, Mary J.; 1stWorld Library

    It was the night after the funeral. Ellice Lisle, the loving wife, devoted mother, kind mistress, and generous friend, had been laid away to rest; over her pulseless bosom had been thrown the red earth of her adopted Virginia, and, mingled with its...

  • e-book

    Miss Marple Tells a Story

    Agatha Christie

    There's a body in a trunk; a dead girl's reflection is caught in a mirror; and one corpse is back from the grave, while another is envisioned in the recurring nightmare of a terrified eccentric. What's behind such ghastly misdeeds? Try money, revenge...

  • e-book

    Miss Webster and Chérif

    Duncker, Patricia

    A clever, entertaining novel about the friendship between an old woman and a beautiful young man by one of Britain'apos;s finest novelists

  • e-book

    Miss Woodley'apos;s Kissing Experiment (A...

    Lee, Jade

    Geoffrey Rathburn, Earl of Tallis, will soon overcome his father'apos;s gambling debts. However, to pay his sister'apos;s dowry before her London wedding, he must marry an heiress.But the dowagers and daughters parading through his house are only...

  • e-book

    Miss Carter'apos;s War

    Hancock, Sheila

    It is 1948 and the young and beautiful Marguerite Carter has lost her parents and survived a terrifying war, working for the SOE behind enemy lines. She returns to England to be one of the first women to receive a degree from the University of...

  • e-book

    Miss Prissy and Other Stories

    Birch, Peter; Knight, Scarlett

    This sexy collection from House of Erotica brings together four hot stories of sexuality and unbridled passion by four of House of Erotica's top-selling authors!Don't miss out on this exclusive anthology of sexy short tales. The stories include Miss...

  • e-book

    Miss Billy - Married

    Eleanor, Hodgman Porter

    An amazingly charming tale about the married life of the protagonist, Miss Billy, has been presented here. The work captures the ups and downs in the life of the new couple and how they make adjustments and compromises. With true love and sincere...

  • e-book

    Miss Caprice


    A little party of tourists might be seen one lovely day in January, on the hill back of the city of Valetta, on that gem of Mediterranean islands, Great Britain's Malta. The air is as clear as a bell, and the scene is certainly one to...

  • e-book

    Miss Cavell Was Shot - The Diaries of Amy...

    Kendall, Monica

    In August 1914, thirteen-year-old Amy was trapped on the Belgian seacoast as war was declared with Germany, alone with her younger brothers. British, resilient and feisty, she got back to occupied Brussels and began her war diaries.Amy knew Nurse...

  • e-book

    Miss Mackenzie - With Linked Table of...


    After inheriting a small fortune, a middle-aged spinster picks her way through a romantic minefield of suitors, becoming an unlikely heroine in the process.

  • e-book

    Miss Bingley Requests - A Pride and Prejudice...


    This is the story of Pride and Prejudice from the point of view of Caroline Bingley, who has always believed she will marry Darcy. However, she meets and falls in love with Mr Tryphon, and becomes torn between what she has always expected her life...

  • e-book

    Miss. Independent Chick


    Crème is the wild drama chick who lives up to the definition of ghetto. She is a stripper and a video vixen chick living the wild fast money lifestyle. She has three children by different baby daddies and is doing what she can do best to chase the...

  • e-book

    Miss or Mrs?


    Wilkie Collins was an enormously popular writer in his day, and often garnered comparisons to his contemporary rival, Charles Dickens. Like Dickens, Collins wrote a number of serialized Christmas-themed stories for popular magazines. In Miss or Mrs?,...

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