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  • Die Deutschprofis, Bd.a1.1, Kurs- Und...


    Deutsch lernen wie die Profis - jetzt mit dem neuen Lehrwerk 'Die Deutschprofis' für Kinder ab 8 Jahren.Der Teilband A1.1 mit integriertem Übungsbuch sowie Audios und Clips online enthält 6 Lektionen. Eine Einstiegsseite pro Lektion stimmt auf das...

  • Berliner Platz 1 Neu Deutsch Im Alltag Lehr -...

    Scherling,Theo; Lemcke,Christiane

    Berliner Platz NEU ist ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene und Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren. Es wurde speziell für Lernende ohne Vorkenntnisse konzipiert und ermöglicht eine intensive Vorbereitung auf den Alltag in den deutschsprachigen Ländern....

  • Diamond



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  • Environmentalism Of The Rich


    What it means for global sustainability when environmentalism is dominated by the concerns of the affluent -- eco-business, eco-consumption, wilderness preservation.Over the last fifty years, environmentalism has emerged as a clear counterforce to...

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  • Norms Of Nature - Naturalism And The Nature...

    Davies,Paul Sheldon

    The components of living systems strike us as functional-as for the sake of certain ends -- and as endowed with specific norms of performance. The mammalian eye, for example, has the function of perceiving and processing light, and possession of this...

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  • What Is The Argument? - An Introduction To...


    Exploring philosophy through detailed argument analyses of texts by philosophers from Plato to Strawson using a novel and transparent method of analysis.The best way to introduce students to philosophy and philosophical discourse is to have them read...

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  • Inside And Outside Liquidity

    Tirole,Jean; Holmstrom,Bengt

    Two leading economists develop a theory explaining the demand for and supply of liquid assets.Why do financial institutions, industrial companies, and households hold low-yielding money balances, Treasury bills, and other liquid assets? When and to...

  • Russian Reform International Money

    Gaidar,E. T.

    Departing from tradition, both Yegor Gaidar, former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and Karl Otto Pö hl, former Chairman of the German Bundesbank, were invited to give the 1993 Lionel Robbins Lectures. The experiences of each author reflect...

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  • Prima Plus: B1: Gesamtband - Arbeitsbuch Mit...

    Dr. Friederike Jin; Lutz Rohrmann

    Die ArbeitsbücherSie sind parallel zu den Schülerbüchern aufgebaut: Zu jedem Lernabschnitt im Schülerbuch passt das Übungsangebot unter der gleichen Nummer im Arbeitsbuch.Die beigelegten CD-ROMs enthalten die Hörtexte sowie ergänzende interaktive...

  • Strange Details


    A lively and unconventional appreciation of pivotal buildings by Carlo Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, and Louis Kahn that reveals enough idiosyncrasies and conceits to make any rationalist shudder--and invites a deeper appreciation of...

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  • Mit Press Readings In Economics - Imperfect...

    Grossman,Gene M

    The last decade has seen an important extension of the theory of international trade to include imperfectly competitive market structures. This book collects 19 of the most influential articles on trade with imperfect competition, providing ready...

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  • Studies In Contemporary German Social Thought...

    Dodd,Nigel; Blumenberg,Hans; Blumberg,Hans

    This major work by the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg is a monumental rethinking of the significance of the Copernican revolution for our understanding of modernity. It provides an important corrective to the view of science as an autonomous...

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  • Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and...

    Wooldridge,Jeffrey M.

    The second edition of this acclaimed graduate text provides a unified treatment of two methods used in contemporary econometric research, cross section and data panel methods. By focusing on assumptions that can be given behavioral content, the book...

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  • Studio 21 - A1 Kurs Und Ub Mit DVD Rom DVD...

    Nielsen,Laura; Kuhn,Christina; Hermann Von Funk

    Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Erwachsenestudio [21] - die neue Ausgabe des weltweit erfolgreichen Lehrwerks studio d , inhaltlich auf neuestem Stand und im modernen Design. Das Lehrwerk richtet sich an Erwachsene ohne Vorkenntnisse, die im In- und...

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  • Out of the Crisis

    Deming,W. Edwards

    Deming offers a theory of management based on his famous 14 Points for Management. 'Long-term commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation. The timid and the fainthearted, and the people that...

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  • Anna - Buch Mit Mini-cd


    Anna is a new arrival in the town. Everything is different and even at school she has a lot of problems to face.

  • Lessings Briefwechsel Mit Mendelssohn Und...

    Lessing,Gotthold Ephraim

    Excerpt from Lessings Briefwechsel mit Mendelssohn und Nicolai Uber das Trauerspiel: Nebst Verwandten Schriften Nicolais und Mendelssohns Herausgegeben und Erlautert Die hier vereinigten dramaturgischen Auerun gen Lessings, Nicolais und Mendelssohns...

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  • Game Theory

    Tirole,Jean; Fudenberg,Drew

    Game Theory

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  • Whither Socialism?

    Stiglitz,Joseph E.

    'A disproportionate amount of the best in modern economics is Stiglitz's creation. This book uses it to illuminate a classic question concerning the organization of the public side of our lives. Judged in terms of both depth and reach, this elegantly...

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  • Nature Of Love (MIT)


    'With a new preface by the author'Irving Singer's trilogy 'The Nature of Love' has been called 'majestic' ('New York Times Book Review'), 'monumental' ('Boston Globe'), 'one of the major works of philosophy in our century' ('Nous'), 'wise and...

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  • Nature Of Love (MIT)


    'With a new preface by the author'Irving Singer's trilogy 'The Nature of Love' has been called 'majestic' ('New York Times Book Review'), 'monumental' ('Boston Globe'), 'one of the major works of philosophy in our century' ('Nous'), 'wise and...

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  • Universalism Vs. Communitarianism -...

    Rasmussen,David M

    Universalism vs. Communitarianism focuses on the question, raised by recent work in normative philosophy, of whether ethical norms are best derived and justified on the basis of universal or communitarian standards. It is unique in representing...

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  • Shanzhai - Deconstruction In Chinese


    Tracing the thread of 'decreation' in Chinese thought, from constantly changing classical masterpieces to fake cell phones that are better than the original. Shanzhai is a Chinese neologism that means 'fake,' originally coined to describe knock-off...

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  • Uber Die Letzten Dinge - Mit Einem...


    Excerpt from Uber die Letzten Dinge: Mit Einem Biographischen Vorwort von Moriz Rappaport Noch hoher beinahe als Kant schatzte er Plato; diese beiden Philosophen liebte und verehrte er wegen ihres vollkommenen, extremen Dualismus. Auch traf er bei...

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  • Sources of Power

    Klein,Gary A.

    'Most studies of decision-making treat humans like rats in a laboratory. But Dr. Klein, a cognitive psychologist, spent a decade watching fire commanders, fighter pilots, paramedics and others making split-second decisions on the job, and this book...

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  • Elusive Quest for Growth


    Since the end of World War II, economists have tried to figure out how poor countries in the tropics could attain standards of living approaching those of countries in Europe and North America. Attempted remedies have included providing foreign aid,...

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  • Market Volatility

    Shiller,Robert J.

    Market Volatility proposes an innovative theory, backed by substantial statistical evidence, on the causes of price fluctuations in speculative markets. It challenges the standard efficient markets model for explaining asset prices by emphasizing...

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  • A Course in Game Theory

    Rubinstein,Ariel; Osborne,Martin J.

    A Course in Game Theory presents the main ideas of game theory at a level suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, emphasizing the theory's foundations and interpretations of its basic concepts. The authors provide precise...

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  • Hegels Religionsphilosophie - In Gekurzter...

    Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

    Excerpt from Hegels Religionsphilosophie: In Gekurzter Form, mit Einfuhrung, Anmerkungen und Erlauterungen II. Die ewige Idee Gottes im Elemente des Bewut seins und Vorstellens oder die Differenz; das Reich des Sohnes. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • Washington Quarterly Reader - New Forces In...

    Roberts,Brad; Preeg,Ernest

    Two factors have brought the world economy to the center of the international political arena: first, the end of the Cold War and the increasing importance of economic factors relative to strategic ones in the foreign policies of the major powers;...

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  • Growth And Empowerment

    Dethier,Jean-Jacques; Rogers,F. Halsey; Stern,N. H.

    Despite significant gains in promoting economic growth and living conditions (or 'human progress') globally over the last twenty-five years, much of the developing world remains plagued by poverty and its attendant problems, including high rates of...

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  • Strategy and Structure

    Chandler,Alfred Dupont

    Strategy and Structure

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  • Optimal Regulation

    Train,Kenneth E.

    'A synthesis of twenty years of theory on the regulation of natural monopoly presented with exceptional clarity.' -- Elizabeth E. Bailey, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 'Optimal Regulation' addresses the central issue of...

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  • Wage Dispersion

    Mortensen,Dale T.

    Why are workers with identical skills found in both 'good' jobs and 'bad' jobs? Why are workers who do similar jobs paid differently, contrary to standard competitive theory? Observable differences in workers doing the same job account for only 30...

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  • Productivity

    Jorgenson,Dale W.; Stiroh,Kevin; Ho,Mun S.

    A study of information technology and economic growth since 1995 that tracks the American growth resurgence to its sources within individual industries.The American economy has experienced renewed growth since 1995, with this surge rooted in the...

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  • Applied Computational Economics And Finance

    Fackler,Paul L.; Miranda,Mario J.

    This book presents a variety of computational methods used to solve dynamic problems in economics and finance. It emphasizes practical numerical methods rather than mathematical proofs and focuses on techniques that apply directly to economic...

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  • The One Best Way


    'In the past man has been first. In the future the System will be first, ' predicted Frederick Winslow Taylor, the first efficiency expert and model for all the stopwatch-clicking engineers who stalk the factories and offices of the industrial world....

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  • Twisty Little Passages


    A critical approach to interactive fiction, as literature and game.Interactive fiction -- the best-known form of which is the text game or text adventure -- has not received as much critical attention as have such other forms of electronic literature...

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  • Asset Price Bubbles

    Kaufman,George G.; Pomerleano,Michael; Hunter,William C.

    In both the industrialized and developing worlds, a distinctive feature of the last two decades has been prolonged buildups and sharp collapses in asset markets such as stock, housing, and exchange markets. The volatility has sparked intense debate...

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  • Contract Theory

    Bolton,Patrick; Dewatripont,Mathias

    Contract Theory

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  • Democratizing Innovation

    Hippel,Eric Von; Von Hippel,Eric

    Democratizing Innovation

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  • Political Economics


    What determines the size and form of redistributive programs, the extent and type of public goods provision, the burden of taxation across alternative tax bases, the size of government deficits, and the stance of monetary policy during the course of...

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  • Economic Growth

    Barro,Robert J.; Sala-I-Martin,Xavier

    Economic Growth

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  • Breakthrough

    Stefik,Barbara; Stefik,Mark

    Since the late 1990s, technology markets have declined dramatically. Responding to the changing business climate, companies use strategies of open innovation: acquiring technologies from outside, marketing their technologies to other companies, and...

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