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  • Job Creation And Destruction

    Steven J. Davis; John C. Haltiwanger

    Job Creation And Destruction

  • Diamond



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  • Game Theory and the Social Contract

    Binmore,K. G.

    Game Theory and the Social Contract

  • Mind in a Physical World


    Mind in a Physical World

  • Elements Of Computing Systems

    Schocken , Shimon

    In the early days of computer science, the interactions of hardware, software, compilers, and operating system were simple enough to allow students to see an overall picture of how computers worked. With the increasing complexity of computer...

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  • The Ecstasy of Communication

    Baudrillard, Jean; Lotringer,Sylvere

    The Ecstasy of Communication

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  • Out of the Crisis

    Deming, W. Edwards

    Out of the Crisis

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  • Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and...

    Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.

    The second edition of this acclaimed graduate text provides a unified treatment of two methods used in contemporary econometric research, cross section and data panel methods. By focusing on assumptions that can be given behavioral content, the book...

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  • Game Theory

    Tirole, Jean; Fudenberg,Drew

    Game Theory

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  • Economics of Regulation And Antitrust - 4 Ed

    Vernon,John M.; Viscusi,W. Kip; Harrington,Joseph E., Jr.

    Economics of Regulation And Antitrust - 4 Ed

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  • Elusive Quest for Growth

    Easterly, William

    Since the end of World War II, economists have tried to figure out how poor countries in the tropics could attain standards of living approaching those of countries in Europe and North America. Attempted remedies have included providing foreign aid,...

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  • New Economics for Industry, Government,...


    '... competition, we see now, is destructive. It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win. What we need is cooperation and transformation to a new style of management.'In this book W. Edwards...

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  • Numerical Methods in Economics

    Judd,Kenneth L.

    Numerical Methods in Economics

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  • Paying With Plastic

    Evans, David S.; Schmalensee,Richard

    Paying With Plastic

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  • Geography and Trade

    Krugman,Paul R.

    Geography and Trade

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  • Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

    Ljungqvist,Lars; Sargent,Thomas J.

    Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

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  • Strategy and Structure

    Chandler,Alfred Dupont

    Strategy and Structure

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  • The One Best Way


    The One Best Way

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  • A Course in Game Theory

    Rubinstein,Ariel; Osborne,Martin J.

    A Course in Game Theory

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  • The New Fuck You


    The New Fuck You

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  • Contract Theory

    Bolton,Patrick; Dewatripont,Mathias

    Contract Theory

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  • Political Economics


    Political Economics

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  • Applied Computational Economics And Finance

    Fackler,Paul L.; Miranda,Mario J.

    Applied Computational Economics And Finance

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  • Sources of Power

    Klein, Gary A.

    Anyone who watches the television news has seen images of firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings and paramedics treating bombing victims. How do these individuals make the split-second decisions that save lives? Most studies of decision...

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  • Inequality in America

    Alvin Hansen Symposium on Public Policy 2002; Krueger,Alan B.; Friedman, Benjamin M.; Heckman, James J.

    Inequality in America

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  • Economic Growth

    Barro,Robert J.; Sala-I-Martin,Xavier

    Economic Growth

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  • Whither Socialism?

    Stiglitz,Joseph E.

    Whither Socialism?

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  • Architect - Candid Guide To Profession 3E


    Since 1985, Architect? has been an essential text for aspiring architects, offering the best basic guide to the profession available. This third edition has been substantially revised and rewritten, with new material covering the latest developments...

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  • Macroeconomics

    Barro,Robert J.


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  • The Spatial Economy

    Krugman,Paul R.; Fujita,Masahisa

    The Spatial Economy

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  • Mathematics for Economics

    Stengos,Thanasis; Livernois, John; McKenna,Chris; Rees,Ray; Hoy,Michael; Hoy,Michael

    Mathematics for Economics

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  • State-Space Models With Regime Switching

    Kim,Chang-Jin; Nelson,Charles R.

    State-Space Models With Regime Switching

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  • Pop Internationalism

    Krugman,Paul R.

    Pop Internationalism

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  • Financial Modeling

    Benninga, Simon; Czaczkes,Benjamin

    Financial Modeling

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  • Market Volatility

    Shiller,Robert J.

    Market Volatility

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  • Introduction to Industrial Organization

    Cabral,Luis M. B.

    Introduction to Industrial Organization

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  • Connections

    Kiesler,Sara; Sproull,Lee


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  • Dollarization

    Sturzenegger,Federico; Yeyati,Eduardo Levy


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  • Productivity

    Jorgenson,Dale W.


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  • Breakthrough

    Stefik,Barbara; Stefik,Mark


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  • Breakthrough

    Stefik,Barbara; Stefik,Mark


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  • Management

    Kochan,Thomas A.; Sloan School of Management (COR); Schmalensee, Richard


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  • Productivity

    Jorgenson,Dale W.; Stiroh,Kevin; Ho,Mun S.


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  • Econometrics

    Jorgenson,Dale W.; Lau,Lawrence J.


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