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  • A Structure & Interpretation of Computer...

    Abelson,Harold; Sussman,Julie; Sussman,Gerald Jay

    This instructor's manual and reader's guide accompanies the secondedition of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman with Julie Sussman.This instructor's manual and reader's guide accompanies the...

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  • Online Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization

    Van Hentenryck, Pascal

    A framework for online decision making under uncertainty and time constraints, with online stochastic algorithms for implementing the framework, performance guarantees, and demonstrations of a variety of applications. Online decision making under...

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  • Data Science

    Kelleher,John D

    A concise introduction to the emerging field of data science, explaining its evolution, relation to machine learning, current uses, data infrastructure issues, and ethical challenges.The goal of data science is to improve decision making through the...

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  • The Cost-Benefit Revolution

    Sunstein,Cass R

    Why policies should be based on careful consideration of their costs and benefits rather than on intuition, popular opinion, interest groups, and anecdotes.Opinions on government policies vary widely. Some people feel passionately about the child...

  • Streaming, Sharing, Stealing - Big Data And...

    Smith,Michael D

    How big data is transforming the creative industries, and how those industries can use lessons from Netflix, Amazon, and Apple to fight back.'[The authors explain] gently yet firmly exactly how the internet threatens established ways and what can and...

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  • Diamond



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  • Introduction to Algorithms

    Rivest,Ronald L.; Leiserson,Charles E.; Stein,Clifford; Cormen,Thomas H.

    A new edition of the essential text and professional reference, with substantial new material on such topics as vEB trees, multithreaded algorithms, dynamic programming, and edge-based flow.Some books on algorithms are rigorous but incomplete; others...

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  • From Barbie to Mortal Kombat

    Cassell,Justine; Cassell,Justine; Jenkins, Henry

    Many parents worry about the influence of video games on their children's lives. The game console may help to prepare children for participation in the digital world, but at the same time it socializes boys into misogyny and excludes girls from all...

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  • Adaptive Computation And Machine Learning -...

    Schapire,Robert E; Freund,Yoav

    An accessible introduction and essential reference for an approach to machine learning that creates highly accurate prediction rules by combining many weak and inaccurate ones. Boosting is an approach to machine learning based on the idea of creating...

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  • Little Schemer

    Friedman, Daniel P.

    'drawings by Duane Bibby' foreword by Gerald J. Sussman 'I learned more about LISP from this book than I have from any of the other LISP books I've read over the years. . . . While other books will tell you the mechanics of LISP, they can leave you...

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  • Introduction to Algorithms

    Rivest,Ronald L.; Leiserson,Charles E.; Stein,Clifford; Cormen,Thomas H.

    Introduction to Algorithms

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  • Introduction To Statistical Relational...


    Advanced statistical modeling and knowledge representation techniques for a newly emerging area of machine learning and probabilistic reasoning; includes introductory material, tutorials for different proposed approaches, and applications.Handling...

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  • Twitterbots - Making Machines That Make...

    Cook,Mike; Veale,Tony

    The world of Twitterbots, from botdom's greatest hits to bot construction to the place of the bot in the social media universe.Twitter offers a unique medium for creativity and curiosity for humans and machines. The tweets of Twitterbots, autonomous...

  • The Digital Mind - How Science Is Redefining...


    How developments in science and technology may enable the emergence of purely digital minds--intelligent machines equal to or greater in power than the human brain.What do computers, cells, and brains have in common? Computers are electronic devices...

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  • Fortran 95 Handbook

    Adams,Jeanne C.; Brainerd,Walter S.; Wagener,Jerrold L.; Martin,Jeanne T.; Smith,Brian T.; Adams,Jeanne C.

    The Fortran 95 Handbook, a comprehensive reference work for the Fortran Programmer and Implementor, contains a complete description of the Fortran 95 programming language. The chapters follow the same sequence of topics as the Fortran 95 standard,...

  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning for...

    Kelleher,John D; Macnamee,Brian; D'Arcy,Aoife

    A comprehensive introduction to the most important machine learning approaches used in predictive data analytics, covering both theoretical concepts and practical applications.Machine learning is often used to build predictive models by extracting...

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  • Artificial Intelligence - An Mit Perspective...

    Winston,Patrick Henry

    The broad range of material included in these volumes suggests to the newcomer the nature of the field of artificial intelligence, while those with some background in AI will appreciate the detailed coverage of the work being done at MIT. The results...

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  • Artificial Intelligence - An Mit Perspective...

    Winston,Patrick Henry

    The broad range of material included in these volumes suggests to the newcomer the nature of the field of artificial intelligence, while those with some background in AI will appreciate the detailed coverage of the work being done at MIT. The results...

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  • The Simple Genetic Algorithm

    Vose,Michael D.

    The Simple Genetic Algorithm

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  • Inside Technology (Paperback)

    Edwards,Paul N; Edwards P,

    The Closed World offers a radical alternative to the canonical histories of computers and cognitive science. Arguing that we can make sense of computers as tools only when we simultaneously grasp their roles as metaphors and political icons, Paul...

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  • Machine Learning

    Murphy,Kevin P

    Today's Web-enabled deluge of electronic data calls for automated methods of data analysis. Machine learning provides these, developing methods that can automatically detect patterns in data and then use the uncovered patterns to predict future data....

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  • Artificial Intelligence - Artificial...

    Winston,Patrick Henry; Shellard,Sarah Alexandra

    The broad range of material included in these volumes suggests to the newcomer the nature of the field of artificial intelligence, while those with some background in AI will appreciate the detailed coverage of the work being done at MIT. The results...

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  • The Sciences of the Artificial

    Simon,Herbert A.

    'People sometimes ask me what they should read to find out about artificial intelligence. Herbert Simon's book The Sciences of the Artificial is always on the list I give them. Every page issues a challenge to conventional thinking, and the layman...

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  • Stack

    Bratton,Benjamin H

    A comprehensive political and design theory of planetary-scale computation proposing that The Stack -- an accidental megastructure -- is both a technological apparatus and a model for a new geopolitical architecture.What has planetary-scale...

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  • Metadata


    Everything we need to know about metadata, the usually invisible infrastructure for information with which we interact every day. When 'metadata' became breaking news, appearing in stories about surveillance by the National Security Agency, many...

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  • Principles Of Model Checking


    A comprehensive introduction to the foundations of model checking, a fully automated technique for finding flaws in hardware and software; with extensive examples and both practical and theoretical exercises.Our growing dependence on increasingly...

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  • John D. And Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation...

    Salen,Katie; Torres,Robert; Wolozin,Loretta; Rufo-Tepper,Rebecca; Shapiro,Arana; Salen Tekinba,Katie

    The design for Quest to Learn, an innovative school in New York City that offers a 'game-like' approach to learning. Quest to Learn, an innovative school for grades 6 to 12 in New York City, grew out of the idea that gaming and game design offer a...

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  • The New Hacker's Dictionary

    Raymond, Eric S.; Raymond,Eric S.

    This new edition of the hacker's own phenomenally successful lexicon includes more than 100 new entries and updates or revises 200 more. Historically and etymologically richer than its predecessor, it supplies additional background on

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  • Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer...

    Haridi,Seif; Van-Roy,Peter

    Teaching the science and the technology of programming as a unified discipline that shows the deep relationships between programming paradigms.This innovative text presents computer programming as a unified discipline in a way that is both practical...

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  • Mpi

    Snir, Marc; William,Gropp

    Since its release in summer 1994, the Message Passing Interface (MPI) specification has become a standard for message-passing libraries for parallel computations. There exist more than a dozen implementations on a variety of computing platforms, from...

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  • Readings In Database Systems

    Hellerstein,Joseph M.; Stonebraker,Michael

    The latest edition of a popular text and reference on database research, with substantial new material and revision; covers classical literature and recent hot topics.Lessons from database research have been applied in academic fields ranging from...

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  • Control Flow Semantics

    de Bakker,J W; De Vink,Erik P

    Control Flow Semantics presents a unified, formal treatment of the semantics of a wide spectrum of control flow notions as found in sequential, concurrent, logic, object-oriented, and functional programming languages.Control Flow Semantics presents a...

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  • Affective Computing

    Picard,Rosalind W.

    According to Rosalind Picard, if we want computers to be genuinely intelligent and to interact naturally with us, we must give computers the ability to recognize, understand, even to have and express emotions.The latest scientific findings indicate...

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  • Spikes

    Warland,David; Rieke,Fred

    What does it mean to say that a certain set of spikes is the right answer to a computational problem? In what sense does a spike train convey information about the sensory world? Spikes begins by providing precise formulations of these and related...

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  • Proceedings



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  • Tools for Thought


    Tools for Thought

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  • Learning With Kernels

    Smola,Alexander J.; Schlkopf,Bernhard

    A comprehensive introduction to Support Vector Machines and related kernel methods.In the 1990s, a new type of learning algorithm was developed, based on results from statistical learning theory: the Support Vector Machine (SVM). This gave rise to a...

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  • Scientific And Engineering Computation -...

    Lusk,Ewing; Gropp,William; Skjellum,Anthony

    The thoroughly updated edition of a guide to parallel programming with MPI, reflecting the latest specifications, with many detailed examples. This book offers a thoroughly updated guide to the MPI (Message-Passing Interface) standard library for...

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  • AI In The 1980s And Beyond - An Mit Survey

    Grimson,W Eric L

    AI in the 1980s and Beyond provides an inside report on current applications, trends, and future opportunities in one of the world's major centers of artificial intelligence research. The topics covered include a general perspective on AI,...

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  • Software Visualization

    Stasko,John T; Price,Blaine A; Brown,Marc H; Domingue,John B

    Foreword by Jim Foley In the past decade, high quality interfaces have become standard in a growing number of areas such as games and CD-ROM-based encyclopedias. Yet the overwhelming majority of programmers edit their code using a single font within...

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  • Digital Communication

    Carroll,John M

    The legendary Funnel of Nurnberg was said to make people wise very quickly when the right knowledge was poured in; it is an approach that designers continue to apply in trying to make instruction more efficient. How do people acquire beginning...

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  • Enjoying Machines

    BROWN,BARRY; Juhlin,Oskar

    An argument that pleasure is a fundamental part of why we use technology, and a framework for understanding the relationship between pleasure and technology.The dominant feature of modern technology is not how productive it makes us, or how it has...

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  • Java Precisely

    Sestoft, Peter

    Java Precisely

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  • Algorithm Animation

    Brown,Marc H

    Animation provides a rich environment for actively exploring algorithms. Multiple, dynamic, graphical displays of an algorithm reveal properties that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend or even remain unnoticed. This exciting new approach to...

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