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  • Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera - Mexican Modern...


    A new survey of the masterworks of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, set against the backdrop of Mexican Modernism. Few artists have captured the public’s imagination with the force of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Icons respectively of surrealism and...

  • The Art Of Collage Vol. 2 - Contemporary...


    ringing disparate images and items together, collage transcends the boundaries between artistic disciplines. The traditionally analog technique has its roots in surrealism and Dada. Having effortlessly evolved to embrace digital tools and the...

  • The Art Of Collage - Contemporary Collage In...


    The technique of collage fits perfectly into our current age. Raw visual material is collected by an artist and then combined in such a way as to abstract the individual elements enough that the artist's own vision becomes prominent. Because collage...

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  • Modern Art - Impressionism To Post-modernism


    This concise and authoritative introduction covers every major development in the visual arts since 1900. The informed and informative texts, written by a team of distinguished art historians, are up-to-date in approach whilst remaining intelligible...

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  • Modern Art In America 1908–68

    Agee,William C.

    A radical re-evaluation of American modernismThe importance of American artists in the history of modern art is well-known and well-documented, from Jackson Pollock to Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. However, the work of such artists did not...

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  • Modern Art

    Flame Tree

    This series aims to combine a compact, commercial approach with the breadth and clarity of larger format books. Covering art which both creates the foundation of modern culture and modern art itself, the books include Asian Art, Mackintosh, and the...

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  • 75 Years Of Dc Comics - The Art Of Modern...


    More than 40,000 comic books later, TASCHEN has produced the single most comprehensive book on DC Comics. More than 2,000 images—covers and interiors, original illustrations, photographs, film stills, and collectibles—are reproduced using the latest...

  • Modern Artists On Art - Second Enlarged...

    Herbert,Robert L.

    This rich, readable anthology contains 17 unabridged essays by some of the 20th century's leading artistic innovators. Chosen for their intrinsic quality and documentary value by editor Robert L. Herbert Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus of...

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  • Design as Art - Col. Modern Classics


    How do we see the world around us? The Penguin on Design series includes the works of creative thinkers whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision forever.Bruno Munari was among the most inspirational designers of all time,...

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  • Modern And Contemporary Art


    This engrossing volume takes us on a fascinating visual journey through the most groundbreaking and avant-garde art of the early 20th century to the present. Stunning, high-quality photographs of major artworks accompany illuminating discussions of...

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  • Modern Starts People.places.things


    Modern Starts People.places.things

  • Concepts of Modern Art

    Stangos,Nikos (edt)

    The main concepts and development of art from about 1900 to the present are analyzed in authoritative essays by some of the most distinguished art historians and critics in Britain and the United States. With Edward Lucie-Smith on Pop Art, Suzi...

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  • History Of Art - From The Middles Ages, To...


    From the Renaissance to the Baroque, from the Impressionists to the Surrealists, this gorgeous, visually stunning new book covers the entire range of popular Western art from the early medieval period to the present day. It is a perfect gift for the...

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  • The Modern School Of Art, Vol. 4 (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Modern School of Art, Vol. 4 In 1872 he was fortunate enough to Obtain the silver medal for a drawing from the antique, and in 1875 the gold medal for his picture of Elijah Confronting Ahab and Jezebel in Naboth's Vineyard. This...

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  • The Modern School Of Art, Vol. 2 (Classic...

    Meynell, Wilfrid

    Excerpt from The Modern School of Art, Vol. 2 Mr. Alma-tadema himself would smile to be called a Belgian painter; on the contrary, he would seriously repudiate the description. Even when the phrase was used, it was not correct, for he was born not a...

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  • Modern Art


    Modern Art

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  • e-book

    Modern Art on Display - The Legacies of Six...

    K. Porter Aichele

    This book explores the theory that collectors of modern art in the first half of the twentieth century had more than financial means, keen instincts, and unflappable gumption: they had the ambition to learn about the art they collected. Drawing on...

  • e-book

    Modern Art - A Critical Introduction

    Sheldon,Julie; Pam Meecham

    Revised and restructured, this second edition of Modern Art traces the historical and contemporary contexts for understanding modern art movements, and the theories that influenced and attempted to explain them. Its radical approach foregoes the...

  • e-book

    Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn

    Michener,James A.; Statler,Oliver

    Western art-lovers and students of the Orient have long championed the glories of traditional Japanese art. Almost unknown to the West, however, a relatively new and most active school of Japanese artists has for three generations been turning out...

  • e-book

    Modern Architecture in Latin America - Art,...

    Lara,Fernando Luiz; Luis E. Carranza

    Modern Architecture in Latin America: Art, Technology, and Utopia is an introductory text on the issues, polemics, and works that represent the complex processes of political, economic, and cultural modernization in the twentieth century. The number...

  • e-book

    Modern Art in Pakistan - History, Tradition,...

    Simone Wille

    Modern Art in Pakistan examines interaction of space, tradition, and history to analyse artistic production in Pakistan from the 1950s to recent times. It traces the evolution of modernism in Pakistan and frames it in a global context in the...

  • Modern Art Desserts - Recipes for Cakes,...

    Freeman, Caitlin

    Taking cues from works by Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Matisse, pastry chef Caitlin Freeman, of Miette bakery and Blue Bottle Coffee fame, creates a collection of uniquely delicious dessert recipes (with step-by-step assembly guides) that give...

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  • Modern Art in Eastern Europe

    Mansbach,S. A.

    Modern Art in Eastern Europe

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  • e-book

    The Art of Rivalry - Four Friendships,...


    This is a story about rivalry among artists. Not the kind of rivalry that grows out of hatred and dislike, but rather, rivalry that emerges from admiration, friendship, love. The kind of rivalry that existed between Degas and Manet, Picasso and...

  • e-book

    The Art of Worship - A Musician'apos;s Guide...


    A complete resource to which musicians or pastors can turn when asked to lead contemporary music, providing in-depth instruction to every aspect of contemporary worship leadership.

  • e-book

    Sacred Art - Catholic Saints and Candomble...


    Sacred art flourishes today in northeastern Brazil, where European and African religious traditions have intersected for centuries. Professional artists create images of both the Catholic saints and the African gods of Candomblé to meet the needs of...

  • The Modern School Of Art, Vol. 1 (Classic...

    Meynell, Wilfrid

    Excerpt from The Modern School of Art, Vol. 1 Phryne, for instance, intended to render the subject with nothing of the somewhat trivial feeling with which the undraped figure is often treated in modern art. He presented Phryne as a Greek would see...

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  • e-book

    History of Modern Art - Arts, Arts

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to History of Modern Art. In this book, you will learn topics such as Post-Impressionism, The Origins of Modern Architecture and Design, Art Nouveau and the Beginnings of Expressionism, and The New Century: Experiments...

  • e-book

    History of Modern Art

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to History of Modern Art. In this book, you will learn topics such as Post-Impressionism, The Origins of Modern Architecture and Design, Art Nouveau and the Beginnings of Expressionism, and The Origins of Modern...

  • e-book

    Theories of Modern Art, A Source Book by...

    Reviews,Cram101 Textbook; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Theories of Modern Art, A Source Book by Artists and Critics. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives...

  • Masterworks of Modern Art From the Museum of...

    Lowry,Glenn D.

    Masterworks of Modern Art From the Museum of Modern Art, New York

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  • e-book

    Modern British Art

    Danny Pearson

    WOW Facts! are specifically written for struggling readers. Art can be a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, almost anything. It can hang on a wall in a gallery or it can stand on top of a hill. Find out about some of Britain's best-known modern...

  • e-book

    The Modern Art Invasion - Picasso, Duchamp,...

    Elizabeth Lunday

    In 1910 New York'apos;s art scene was dull and stuck in the past - lagging considerably behind Europe. Before the century reached its midpoint, however, New York would come to dominate the art world. It seemed that in a blink of an eye New York City...

  • e-book

    The Living Line - Modern Art and the Economy...

    Robin Veder

    The role of body movement in the formation of American modernism

  • e-book

    Writing Back to Modern Art


    'Writing Back to Modern Art' assesses the 'critical modernisms' of the three leading art writers of the second half of the twentieth century: Clement Greenberg, Michael Fried, and T.J. Clark. With a focus on the issues of aesthetic evaluation,...

  • e-book

    The Challenge Of Modern Art

    Allen Leepa

    The science of aesthetics was originally based on classical art even a contemporary philosopher of art like Croce never departs from the data of the Graeco-Roman and Renaissance tradition. Modern art, however, has made a decisive break with that...

  • e-book

    How Folklore Shaped Modern Art - A...

    Wes Hill

    Since the 1990s, artists and art writers around the world have increasingly undermined the essentialism associated with notions of 'quot;critical practice.'quot; We can see this manifesting in the renewed relevance of what were previously considered...

  • e-book

    Idols Behind Altars - Modern Mexican Art and...


    Critical study ranges from pre-Columbian times through the 20th century to explore Mexico'apos;s intrinsic association between art and religion; the role of iconography in Mexican art; and the return to native values. Unabridged reprint of the...

  • e-book

    Bali Modern - The Art of Tropical Living

    Francione,Gianni; Tettoni,Luca Invernizzi

    Blending modern, chic designs with traditional sensibilities, the architecture and decor of Bali is the gold standard for tropical living. A thatched Balinese bale'apos;, overlooking a panorama of rice fields and open to the evening breeze, or a...

  • e-book

    Wanderlust Quilts - 10 Modern Projects...

    Amanda Leins

    Travel the world without leaving your studio! Tour ancient Greece, Rome, and Israel by way of 10 modern quilts designed from classical art and architecture, while you savor the stories and photos that inspired them. Infused with the mystery of the...

  • e-book

    Caterina Sforza and the Art of Appearances -...

    Joyce de Vries

    In the first major book in four decades on Caterina Sforza (1463-1509), Joyce de Vries investigates the famous noblewoman's cultural endeavors, and explores the ways in which gender, culture, and consumption practices were central to the invention of...

  • e-book

    Caterina Sforza and the Art of Appearances -...

    Joyce de Vries

    In the first major book in four decades on Caterina Sforza (1463-1509), Joyce de Vries investigates the famous noblewoman's cultural endeavors, and explores the ways in which gender, culture, and consumption practices were central to the invention of...

  • e-book

    Looking and Listening - Conversations between...

    Brenda Lynne Leach

    This book invites the art and music lover to place these two realms of creative endeavor in conversation with one another. In Looking and Listening, conductor and art connoisseur Brenda Leach explores unique pairings of well-known visual art works...

  • e-book

    The Image of Christ in Modern Art

    Richard Lord Harries

    The Image of Christ in Modern Art explores the challenges, presented by the radical and rapid changes of artistic style in the 20th century, to artists who wished to relate to traditional Christian imagery. In this highly illustrated book, Richard...

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