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  • Mom & Me & Mom


    The story of Maya Angelou’s extraordinary life has been chronicled in her multiple bestselling autobiographies. But now, at last, the legendary author shares the deepest personal story of her life: her relationship with her mother. For the first time...

  • Sangue No Outono

    Kallentoft, Mons

    No fosso do castelo de Skogså, no centro da Suécia, flutua o cadáver do seu dono, o advogado Jerry Petersson, esfaqueado com quarenta golpes no ventre. Para desvendar o misterioso assassinato, foi escalada a experiente detetive Malin Fors. As...

  • e-book

    Mom Needs Chocolate - Hugs, Humor and Hope...

    Coty,Debora M.

    An offbeat glimpse of reality that helps busy mothers get in touch with rejuvenating joy and empowering faith! Humorist Debora Coty offers unique insights and outrageous coping tips alongside sisterly hugs and warm encouragement.

  • e-book

    Mom, Dad...What'apos;s Sex? - Giving Your...

    Thompson,Jessica; Joel Fitzpatrick

    Reject the culture'apos;s worldview and rediscover God'apos;s design for sexuality. Give your child a healthy view of sex and identity grounded in biblical truth. Engage the Bible, the culture, and your child on the topic and put them on the path to...

  • e-book

    Mom Matters


    Here’s an uplifting devotional filled with 150 humorous and heartwarming ways that moms make a difference in our lives. 

  • e-book

    Mom the Toilet'apos;s Clogged! - Kid...

    Berkenkamp, Lauri

    In a household with children, disasters lurk around every corner. Laundry soap in the dishwasher. Baseballs launched through the neighbor’s window. Heads stuck between stair railings. Sandwiches in the VCR. What’s a parent to do? 'quot;Mom, the...

  • e-book

    Mom the Toilet'apos;s Clogged! - Kid...


    In a household with children, disasters lurk around every corner. Laundry soap in the dishwasher. Baseballs launched through the neighbor’s window. Heads stuck between stair railings. Sandwiches in the VCR. What’s a parent to do? Mom, the Toilet’s...

  • e-book

    Mom the Toilet's Clogged!: Kid Disasters and...

    Berkenkamp,Lauri; Woglom,Charlie

    In a household with children, disasters lurk around every corner. Laundry soap in the dishwasher. Baseballs launched through the neighbor’s window. Heads stuck between stair railings. Sandwiches in the VCR. What’s a parent to do? 'Mom, the Toilet’s...

  • e-book

    Mom at Last - How I Never Gave Up on Becoming...

    Sharon Simons

    'Mom At Last' gives hope that motherhood is possible and to never give up on your dreams.

  • e-book

    Mom - A Pocket Treasure Book for a Dear Mom

    Media,River House

    This Little Pocket Book is a gift book with a twist! The book has a little gift tucked into the front pocket. Here'apos;s a new way to remind those we care about that someone is thinking of them in a loving way. To protect the gift and embellishment,...

  • e-book

    Mom, You Rule!


    Where do teen girls first learn about life and love? From their moms, of course! In this Little Book, teens find the absolute best way to pay tribute to their very first friends.

  • e-book

    Mom'apos;s the Word - More Momisms


    Rule #1 in the parenting handbook: "Keep 'em off guard." Then along comes Cathy Hamilton (a forty-something mother of two, by the way) who blows the whole cover for motherdom. Okay, Mom will still have a trick or two up her sleeve, but Mom's the Word...

  • e-book

    Mom and Daughter Talk


    Feeling tongue-tied now that your little girl is becoming a woman? Mom and Daughter Talk is a book that lets you relax and enjoy this precious time with your daughter. Read together about bodily changes, about how to feel our best during our period,...

  • Mom's Day to Relax


    All Mom needs is a bit of time away from the kids and she's got all the makings for a relaxing and rejuvenating day. The box includes a satin eye mask, lavender-scented lotion, and a booklet with ideas for scented candles, baths, and other ways to...

  • Mom's Journal - A Daily Journal For Moms


    This classic memory keeper is the perfect way to track the ups and downs of life, to do lists and things you have enjoyed with your kids on a daily basis. Each page allows users to revisit previous thoughts and memories as they return to each page to...

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  • Mom: A Celebration of Mothers From Storycorps

    Isay, Dave; Isay,Dave

    A Storycorps tribute to American mothers, in the tradition of the bestselling Listening is an Act of Love. StoryCorps is the most ambitious oral history project ever undertaken. Since 2003, this remarkable project has collected the life stories of...

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  • Mom Little Gift Book

    Press, Running; Running Press

    'Filled with bright illustrations and wisdom, this Running Press Miniature Edition™ makes the perfect Mother's Day gift! By turns touching and hilarious, the thoughtful quotes compiled here come from a'

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  • Mom's Book


    Mom's Book

  • e-book

    Mom, I Love Spaghetti

    Gary W. Fort

    Synopsis: In this wonderful and heartfelt collection of children'apos;s poetry, Gary W. Fort captures the experiences of growing up. Mom, I Love Spaghetti includes poems about dreams, fear of the dark, bedtime, playing baseball, and eating pizza and...

  • e-book

    Mom Days Dad Days (And Dolphin Day is Every...

    Lara Wease

    For young children whose parents no longer live together, sharing time between Mom and Dad can be stressful at times. Ella knows all about Mom Days and Dad days. In this beautifully illustrated and engaging picture book, Ella provides a child's...

  • e-book

    Mom Comes to School


    In this fictional narrative work, Paul's mom comes to class for Job Fair Week! Bright illustrations and key ideas will help readers learn all about a radiologist and the work that she does. This fiction title is paired with the nonfiction title A...

  • e-book

    Mom Overboard


    When an estranged mother and daughter go on a cruise, will they resolve their issues or throw each other overboard?

  • e-book

    Mom'apos;s Friend Teaching Me (Erotica)

    Long, Tina

    Paul went to spend his vacation on a beach with his friends. His mom's friend was running a guest house where they stayed. Helen was a beautiful mature woman who loved handsome young men and she seduced Paul by offering to teach him how to please...

  • Mom Hugs

    Joosten, Michael

    This funny and adorable board book featuring photographs of mama animals hugging their babies is the perfect Mother's Day gift! Open your arms to this funny and endearing photographic board book featuring a wide array of mama animals giving their...

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  • Mom School

    Van Slyke,Rebecca

    In this adorable kid s-eye view of what would happen if Mom went to school, a little girl imagines Mom School, where all moms learn their amazing skills, like fixing a bike tire and baking cupcakes. With warm, funny illustrations and a fun...

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  • Mom School

    Van Slyke,Rebecca

    In this adorable kid s-eye view of what would happen if Mom went to school, a little girl imagines Mom School, where all moms learn their amazing skills, like fixing a bike tire and baking cupcakes. With warm, funny illustrations and a fun...

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  • Fairy Mom And Me #2: Fairy In Waiting

    Kinsella, Sophie

    Fans of Sophie Kinsella's sparkling humor and the first book in the illustrated duology will love these next adventures featuring their favorite mother-daughter fairy team. Ella Brook is used to being a fairy in waiting. It means that one day she...

  • e-book

    Mom'apos;s Museum and Dad'apos;s Hobby

    Larsen,Ib A.

    For 41 years, the Larsen family held the custodial reins of Horsens Museum in Denmark. A unique story from the inside; a perspective held by the only two people who could call the Museum their childhood home, the Author, Ib Larsen and his sister...

  • e-book

    Mom - The Killer


    <p>(A 90-page True Crime Short with photographs) Over the period of fourteen years, one woman’s children--one only nineteen days old--died suddenly while in her exclusive care. One by one, each child died a quiet and mysterious death while everyone...

  • e-book

    Mom, Twice a Child

    Marilyn R. Duncan

    What happens when a lifelong caregiver needs caring for? As Baby Boomers become elders, this heart-wrenching question is one that many North American families are grappling with every day. This timely volume is part memoir, part roadmap, written by a...

  • e-book

    Mom - A Celebration of One of the Four Basic...


    Cathy is like a longtime friend who shares the same fears and frustrations as most women: the frightening sight of too-tight swimsuits in a dressing room mirror, the relentless call of the refrigerator, and men who are never quite right. This gift...

  • e-book

    Mom'apos;s WODS

    Brunt,Ella C.

    Mom's WODS is a collection of heart-to-heart text messages from a concerned mother to her daughter. These short but sweet words of encouragement combined with scripture will be a daily boost to your morning routine. Mom's Word of the Day will...

  • e-book

    Mom Loves Me Best - (And Other Lies You Told...


    Sister: The one person in your life who knows nearly every one of your secrets, remembers the time(s) you pulled her hair out by the roots, and still continues to love you unconditionally.If you don't understand how a woman could love her sister...

  • e-book

    Mom's Little Angel

    Lang, Gregory E.

    A Chance to Say Thank YouThe bond between a mother and a daughter is a constant in an ever-changing world. Though the relationship evolves with each passing year—from caretaker to role model, teacher to best friend—the connection remains an...

  • Mom And Dad Go To Work!


    Spend the day with mom and dad at work! Every child wants to know: what do mom and dad do all day? Kids can come along and see, with this entertaining board book that introduces a variety of professions. Some parents grab a medical bag, others put on...

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  • e-book

    Mom'apos;s Guide to Diastasis Recti

    Pamela Ellgen

    Don'apos;t let your pregnancy result in a weak core and unsightly belly bulge!With your new baby at home, it'apos;s hard to find time to take care of you. But if you have experienced diastasis recti during pregnancy, the best time to repair it is...

  • audio livro

    Mom Struggling Well


    In this weekly show, Emily Thomas interviews someone (usually a mom) about a challenge theyve had and how they struggled WELL through it. Dont worry though. Its not ALL about kid stuff or sadness. Its funny and moving and just all around enjoyable. I...

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  • audio livro

    Mom Is In Control | For Ambitious Women Who...


    Mom Is In Control is a podcast created for you, the woman who wants more, the overwhelmed ambitious woman, the conscious parent who wants to support their childs emotional needs. If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to start your day,...

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  • e-book

    Mom Loves You Best - Forgiving and Forging...

    Cress,Cathy; Peterson,Kali Cress

    The bonds between siblings are the longest connections in our lives, and sibling relationships are among the most enduring ones we’ll ever have. But for many this bond has not always been smooth — many of us are stuck with childhood memories of...

  • audio livro

    Mom's Halo Podcast


    Support for motherloss - The Moms Halo podcast offers support, ideas for helping you work through your grief. Many episodes feature interviews with care-givers, counselors and others who are also grieving the loss of a loved one. Some offer...

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  • audio livro

    Mom's Minute Podcast


    Ms. H reviews games for todays gaming consoles, including the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3. Get reviews from a mom who gives her opinions from an entirely new point of view.

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  • audio livro

    Mom Biz Solutions with Lara Galloway, The Mom...


    Mom entrepreneurs need many things to be successful at balancing work and family. Your host, Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach, has been coaching women business owners for 10 years and helps them define success for themselves and achieve it. Join her...

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  • e-book

    Mom Was Right

    Larry Mathis Mathis

    How does a suddenly widowed 35-year old woman, with no job, no credit and no college education, successfully raise her seven children and still manage to retire debt-free at age sixty-two with money in the bank? A Certified Financial Planner...

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