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  • Money - Master The Game - 7 Simple Steps To...


    Multimillion-copy bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Withinand Unlimited Power has created a new 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom. Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary...

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  • Money Boss - Você Vai Mandar No Seu Dinheiro

    Silvestre, Marcos

    Tudo o que a sociedade de consumo nos 'ensina' sobre prosperidade está errado! A cultura de consumo vigente serve apenas para enriquecer os outros, como bancos, comércio e indústria, empobrecendo a nós, consumidores. O problema: largamos o controle...

  • How To Worry Less About Money

    John Armstrong; School Of Life, The

    Our relationship with money is one that lasts a lifetime, yet traditionally books on the subject tend to take one of two routes: a) how to get more, or b) how to deal with less. John Armstrong turns these approaches upside down, and looks not at...

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  • Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps To...


    Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary financial experts in the world--from Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett to Ray Dalio and Steve Forbes--Tony Robbins has created a 7-step blueprint that readers...

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  • Money Laundering In The Real Estate Sector -...

    Unger, B.

    Money Laundering In The Real Estate Sector - Suspicious Properties

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  • Money Laundering - a New International Law...


    An analysis of the legal issues raised by the international fight against money laundering.

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  • Happy Money - The Science Of Happier Spending


    Two professors combine their fascinating and cutting-edge research in behavioral science to explain how money can buy happiness if you follow five core principles of smart spending. Most people recognize that they need professional advice on how to...

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  • International Money And Finance

    Melvin, Michael; Norrbin,Stefan C

    Its high-level perspective on the global economy differentiates this introduction to international finance from other textbooks. Melvin and Norrbin provide essential information for those who seek employment in multinational industries, while...

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  • Running Money

    Kessler, Andy

    A humorous exposé of hedge fund politics and strategies by the author of Wall Street Meat recounts his experiences running a hedge fund, an adventure during which his partner and he tackled the market and achieved gains close to four hundred percent....

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  • e-book

    Money Mischief - Episodes in Monetary History

    Friedman, Milton

    Friedman makes clear once and for all that no one is immune from monetary economics-that is, from the effects of its theory and its practices. He demonstrates through historical events the mischief that can result from misunderstanding the monetary...

  • e-book

    Money Mavericks PDF eBook - Confessions of a...

    Lars Kroijer

    A new edition of this revealing and incisive account of the incredible inside workings of hedge funds. Shedding light on the incredible inside workings of hedge funds, this book charts the interminable rise of Holte Capital from 2002 to 2008,...

  • e-book

    Money, Credit and the Economy (Routledge...

    Richard Coghlan

    The Theory of Money and Finance, by the same author, provided an introduction to the basic theory and concluded by introducing the idea of monetary disequilibrium, with the money supply process operating through bank credit creation. First published...

  • e-book

    Money, Banking, and Economic Activity

    Gail E. Makinen

    Money, Banking, and Economic Activity focuses on the use of macro- and microeconomic theory in the analysis of the interrelations of money, banking, and economic activity.The book first underscores the importance and definition of money and financial...

  • e-book

    Money and Banking - Made Simple

    Ken Hoyle

    Money and Banking: Made Simple provides a sound coverage of monetary theory, policies, and institutions within a mixed economy.The book describes the whole range of banking and the financial institutions, including the central banks of major nations,...

  • e-book

    Money Management Makeover& Debt Free Forever

    J.J. Jones

    Money ManagementYou want to know how to assess your current financial situation and make sound plans in order to get rid of debt, start an emergency fund, and achieve your financial goals?You want to become financially stable but don't know where to...

  • e-book

    Money-Driven Medicine

    Mahar, Maggie

    Why is medical care in the United States so expensive? For decades, Americans have taken it as a matter of faith that we spend more because we have the best health care system in the world. But as costs levitate, that argument becomes more difficult...

  • e-book


    Forbes,Steve; Elizabeth Ames

    Why a return to sound money is our only hope for a true recovery and a healthy global economy'quot;Money clearly illustrates that sound money is an essential foundation for a free and prosperous society and that the Federal Reserve'apos;s current...

  • e-book

    Money Targeting in a Modern Forecasting and...

    Berg,Andrew; Andrle, Michal

    We extend the framework in Andrle and others (2013) to incorporate an explicit role for money targets and target misses in the analysis of monetary policy in low-income countries (LICs), with an application to Kenya. We provide a general...

  • e-book

    Money Management Makeover& Single Women &...

    J.J. Jones

    Single Women & FinancesDid you know are more single women than married ones?There are many single women who earn a lot of money. Are you one of them?Women today make better financial decisions. However, most of these women still feel inadequate to...

  • e-book

    Money Trade and Economic Growth

    Johnson, Harry G.

    This book deals with the effects of international trade on economic growth and money. It also re-examines Keynesian theory and analyzes economic growth in an affluent society in terms of planning, economic and social policy.

  • e-book

    Money Marketing Mastery& Money Management...

    J.J. Jones

    >Money MarketingYou want to know how to start your marketing career and how to get started to earn more money right now?Marketing is a lucrative career that you can take if you want a recession-proof and steady of source of income right in the...

  • e-book

    Money and the Global Economy

    Alexander Reed

    In the global economy, goods, services, investments, loans, information and people move across national borders with growing freedom and rapidly increasing volumes. Each time such an individual event occurs, parts of two or more nation's moneys...

  • e-book

    Money, Banking, and the Economy - A...

    Barry N. Siegel

    Money, Banking, and the Economy: A Monetarist View presents a systematic'quot;monetarist'quot; approach to money, banking, and the economy. The monetarist approach is a blend of the pre-Keynesian quantity theory, the tradition represented by D. H....

  • e-book

    Money-How to Save It, Spend It, and Make It -...

    Bernard D. Coleman

    Money-How to Save It, Spend It, and Make It provides practical guidance about money in terms of investment, income, and profit. This book focuses on the three main topics, namely, on buying profitably, on saving money on taxation, and on making money...

  • e-book

    Money Matters for Hospitality Managers

    Burgess, Cathy

    Unique in its approach,'apos;Money Matters for Hospitality Managers'apos; is unlike other heavy theoretical accounting texts, using real life scenarios to show managers how it'apos;s done. Backed up by a range of exercises and activities, it thus...

  • e-book

    Money Matters for Hospitality Managers


    Unique in its approach,'apos;Money Matters for Hospitality Managers'apos; is unlike other heavy theoretical accounting texts, using real life scenarios to show managers how it'apos;s done. Backed up by a range of exercises and activities, it thus...

  • e-book

    Money Doctors - The Experience of...

    Flandreau, Marc

    The book shows that there is still a long way to go before international financial advice develops into something that is truly helpful in the long term.

  • e-book

    Money. You Got This

    Justin Krane

    When was the last time you cuddled with your money? It'apos;s time to get some QT in with your financial life and your business numbers. Out with the financial mumbo jumbo. In with funny stories that will teach you simple money strategies to use for...

  • e-book

    Money Management For Canadians All-in-One...

    Bell,Andrew; Ball,Heather; Mladjenovic,Paul; Sindell,Kathleen; Dagys,Andrew; Ioannou,Tony; Kerr,Margaret; Kurtz,Joann; John L. Reynolds

    Andrew Bell is a host on Business News Network. Andrew Dagys and Paul Mladjenovic co-wrote Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies. Tony Ioannou and Heather Ball co-wrote Buying and Selling a Home For Canadians For Dummies. Margaret Kerr and JoAnn...

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  • e-book

    Money 911


    Jean Chatzky, the popular Today Show financial editor and Oprah contributor, shows readers how to navigate the critical challenges and universal conundrums of personal finance in Money 911. A lifesaver in difficult economic times, Money 911 answers...

  • e-book

    Money - Spirituality - Consciousness

    Onerheim, Mayuri

    Dozens of books promise you the keys to financial success and abundance. But do you know how to dissolve the age-old split between money and spirit that is keeping you from living your life fully? How do you master the mechanics of responsible...

  • e-book

    Money Management For Canadians All-in-One...

    Bell,Andrew; Ball,Heather; Dagys,Andrew

    All the information you need to manage your money wisely in one great guideLooking to expand your knowledge of money management? This all-in-one resource is the tool you need. From dealing with debt and setting financial goals to starting a small...

  • Property And Money

    "brett,Michael; Catelano, Alex"

    Property And Money

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  • The Death Of Money - The Coming Collapse Of...

    Rickards, James

    “The next financial collapse will resemble nothing in history. . . . Deciding upon the best course to follow will require comprehending a minefield of risks, while poised at a crossroads, pondering the death of the dollar.”The international monetary...

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  • Other People's Money

    Kay, John

    We all depend on the finance sector. We need it to store our money, manage our payments, finance housing stock, restore infrastructure, fund retirement and support new business. But these roles comprise only a tiny sliver of the sector's activity:...

  • Madoff With the Money


    An intriguing look at Bernie Madoff the man, and his scamMadoff with the Money is a deeply disturbing portrait of Bernie Madoff based on dozens of exclusive, news-making interviews. From the values Madoff was taught growing up in the working class...

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  • How To Make Money

    Dennis, Felix

    Felix Dennis is one of Britain's wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs with an estimated fortune of £500 million. And he didn't get there simply by reading about how to get rich. He went out and did it. Appreciating that those intent on becoming rich...

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  • Break Down Your Money - How To Get Beyond The...

    Byrnes; Byrnes,Tracy

    'As a money manager, university professor, financial writer, and frequent media guest, I am constantly challenged with the objective of explaining complex concepts to an audience that is trained to focus on sound bites and instant messages. You have...

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  • How Money Works


    Get the answers to hundreds of financial questions with How Money Works , including how to invest for the future, how to maximise your income, how financial markets work, and how governments control money. Discover essential know-how on everything...

  • e-book

    The Truth About Money 3rd Edition

    Edelman, Ric

    Home Sweet Home:How to buy your first home, your next home and save on taxes when you sell.A-Z of Investments:From annuities to zero-coupon bonds, go from owing money to OWNING money. Get out of debt (and stay that way).Estate Planning & Long-Term...

  • Being Right Or Making Money 3Rd Edition


    STAY A STEP AHEAD OF THE MARKETS BY REJECTING GUESSES ABOUT THE FUTURE AND TRUSTING TECHNIQUES THAT WORKToday there are as many investment opinions as there are people. But as many a scorned investor can attest, predicting the future isn't easy. In...

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  • e-book

    Investors Guide On Forex Trading, Bitcoin and...

    Speedy Publishing

    Expert and amateur investors can both benefit from the Forex trading strategy. Having access to 24 hour information and trading schedules gives investors knowledge and insight to make trades throughout the day. The site offers loads of information...

  • Capitalism's Achilles Heel - Dirty Money And...

    Baker; Baker,Raymond William

    Throughout his career, Raymond Baker--a tough-as-nails businessman turned scholar --has been thoroughly committed to capitalism. He has seen it all, and now he offers careful analysis and gripping examples that illustrate the serious problems...

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  • The Fund Industry - How Your Money Is Managed...

    Hamacher, Theresa; Pozen, Robert; Phillips,Don T

    A guide to how your money is managed, with foreword by Nobel laureate Robert Shiller 'The Fund Industry' offers a comprehensive look at mutual funds and the investment management industry, for fund investors, those working in the fund industry,...

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