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  • Box Sailor Moon 1 ao 6

    Naoko Takeuchi

    Nossa heroína é uma jovem ginasial de 14 anos. Como muitas meninas de sua idade, ela é desastrada, distraída e um tanto preguiçosa. Por um encontro, aparentemente, ao acaso, a jovem acaba conhecendo uma gatinha falante e, através dela, descobre ser...

  • Chris Brown - Heartbreak On A Full Moon – 2...



    Dançarino, cantor, diretor e produtor, Chris Brown é um artista completo! Vencedor de 3 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Grammy e entre outros prêmios, Brown coleciona sucessos no mundo inteiro. Seu álbum Fortune, estreou em 1º lugar na parada Hot 200 da...

  • Dois Irmãos

    Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá



    Um dos livros mais importantes da literatura brasileira contemporânea, Dois irmãos vem, desde seu lançamento há quinze anos, conquistando novas gerações de leitores. E foi com o mesmo entusiasmo desses leitores que Fábio Moon e Gabriel Bá embarcaram...

  • Como Falar Com Garotas Em Festas

    Gaiman, Neil; Bá,Gabriel; Moon,Fábio



    Enn é um garoto de quinze anos que nunca se dá bem com as garotas, enquanto seu amigo Vic tem todas a seus pés. Na Londres dos anos 1970, auge do punk, os dois estão prestes a viver a aventura mais espetacular de suas vidas. Ao serem convidados para...

  • Pretty Guardian - Sailor Moon - Vol. 01


    Primeiro volume das histórias extras de Sailor Moon! Nesta edição: As aventuras de Chibiusa, fazendo amigos e enfrentando ameaças na escola! E os esforços das meninas durante o período de vestibular (sem deixar de proteger o mundo)!

  • e-book

    Gunpowder Moon

    David Pedreira

    “Interesting quirks and divided loyalties flesh out this first novel in which sf and mystery intersect in a well-crafted plot...Pedreira’s science thriller powerfully highlights the human politics and economics from the seemingly desolate expanse of...

  • e-book

    Moon Magic


    First published in 1938 and 1956, neither Sea Priestess nor Moon Magic have been out of print and are enduring favorites among readers of esoteric fiction. 'apos;New packages will update these classic novels and introduce them to a new generation of...

  • e-book

    Moon Tiger

    Penelope Lively

    Winner of the Man Booker PrizePenelope Lively won Britain'apos;s prestigious Booker Prize for this deeply moving, elegantly structured novel.  Elderly, uncompromising Claudia Hampton lies in a London hospital bed with memories of life fluttering...

  • e-book

    Moon of Israel

    H. Rider Haggard

    Though he was best known as a writer of fantastic action-adventure tales, including the Allan Quatermain series from which the modern-day Indiana Jones films drew inspiration, H. Rider Haggard also worked in the genre of historical fiction from time...

  • e-book

    Moon Blink (Lethbridge-Stewart, #2.1)

    Sadie Miller

    July 1969, and mankind is on the Moon. Both the United States and Soviet Russia have lunar bases, and both are in trouble.Back on Earth, Anne Travers has learned she is about to be visited by an old friend from America, Doctor Patricia Richards....

  • e-book

    Moon of Skulls - The Weird Works of Robert E....

    Howard,Robert E.; Finn,Mark; Herman,Paul

    Moon of Skulls collects Robert E. Howard'apos;s fiction and poetry published in Weird Tales Magazine from October 1929 to November 1930, plus one from Oriental Stories. These works represent literary stepping-stones to Howard'apos;s infamous Cthulhu...

  • e-book

    Moon Glow

    Vandenburg, GL

    A group of intrepid astronauts make an unusual discovery on the moon.

  • e-book

    Moon Cutters

    Woods, Janet

    Dorset, 1840. Miranda Jarvis and her sister have nothing and no one to help them, so when Miranda steals a loaf of bread, the shock of being caught is nothing to her surprise at the house's owner. Sir James takes a keen interest in Miranda and her...

  • e-book

    Moon Night

    C. J. Winters

    Time-Travel Romance: Anything can happen on a blind date under a full moon in the Ozarks. Including murder...While on a hayride, Keefe and Tara, an urban couple, are transported back to the same rural setting in 1884, into the bodies and identities...

  • e-book

    Moon Music

    Faye Kellerman

    “Fascinating....Fast-paced and dynamic.” —Dallas Morning News“Kellerman is taking a big risk here, and I think she pulls it off in fine style.”—Washington PostWith Moon Music, New York Times bestseller Faye Kellerman leaves Los Angeles and heads to...

  • e-book

    Moon Queen

    Branning, Katharine

    Mahperi the Moon Queen survived in a competitive court ruled by both love and hate in an era of builders and destroyers. Armed with intelligence and determination, she courageously weathered power struggles with male and female rivals, wars with the...

  • e-book

    Moon Illusion - The Moore Werewolf Series

    Amy O'apos;Connor

    Contains a multi-partner scene and strong content.Nate Moore's business card may as well have read, 'Randy Werewolf: Out for a Good Time.' Then he met Gina, a self-confessed, quietly boring woman. He didn't have any choice; destiny was involved. So...

  • e-book

    Moon Of Desire


    Soraya, a career diplomat at the Foreign Office, is sent on a routine mission to the East European city of Ragzburg, the birthplace of her great-great-grandmother. She hopes to gain information about the mysterious past of her ancestors, but instead...

  • e-book

    Moon Lore


    What could be more timely than a book about the moon! Moon Lore set the stage for the recent lunar landing almost 100 years ago with its scientific observations such as the one which saw 'the surface of the satellite scooped into deep valleys, or...

  • e-book

    Moon Shot - Murder and Mayhem on the Edge of...

    Hartman, J. Alan; Rorhus,Suzanne Berube; Andrew MacRae

    Mystery and science fiction come together in a brand-new volume of short stories featuring original works from 14 of today's best writers.Whether it's a murder on the International Space Station or a theft of a valuable piece of equipment from NASA,...

  • e-book

    Moon Garden

    Banis, V. J.

    Fleeing from the tragedy of a loved one's death, Ellen Miles came to her aunt's Southern mansion to regain her strength. Although she had only recently suffered a nervous breakdown, Ellen found herself drawn to two handsome, charming men, and finding...

  • e-book

    Moon on Wild Grasses


    Moon on Wild Grasses, with illustrations by the author, shows the unsuspected scope of a very concise, precise poetic form. Keith Garebian's haiku encompass a wide range of themes in a vividly elegant style that combines the pictorial with the...

  • e-book


    Jack London
    (3373926) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. John Claverhouse was a moon-faced man. You know the kind, cheek-bones wide apart, chin and forehead melting into the cheeks to complete the perfect round, and...

  • e-book

    Moon of Israel

    Haggard,Henry Rider
    (3164116) present you this new edition. This book suggests that the real Pharaoh of the Exodus was not Meneptah or Merenptah, son of Rameses the Great, but the mysterious usurper, Amenmeses, who for a year or two occupied the throne between the...

  • e-book

    Moon for Sale


    Price'apos;s most ‘live'apos; or ‘performative'apos; work to date, the poems in Moon for Sale are sensual and shapeshifting and unfold like a series of haunting dreams. The collection begins with a poem about the artist David Bomberg and...

  • e-book

    Moon and Stars


    A Clouds and Rain StoryAfter an affair with a married DA led to scandal and disbarment, Cooper Nelson left his legal career in shambles, and found solace working as a hand at the Blue River Ranch. Eight years later, during a rare visit into town,...

  • e-book

    Moon Mistress

    Gallun, Raymond

    Vast riches were at stake in that made chase across the moons desolate surface

  • e-book

    Moon Face

    London,Jack,; 1stWorld Library

    John Claverhouse was a moon-faced man. You know the kind, cheek-bones wide apart, chin and forehead melting into the cheeks to complete the perfect round, and the nose, broad and pudgy, equidistant from the circumference, flattened against the very...

  • e-book

    Moon Song


    Tristan died too soon, Isoldé must bring him back to finish his job … write the Moon Song.

  • e-book

    Moon in a Dead Eye


    Given the choice, Martial would not have moved to Les Conviviales. But Odette loved the idea of a brand-new retirement village in the south of France. So that was that. At first it feels like a terrible mistake: they're the only residents and it's...

  • e-book

    Moon and Blood vol.1 (German Edition)


    Sayaka ist überrascht, als plötzlich ein mysteriöser Bursche namens Kai an ihrem Frühstückstisch sitzt. Und dieser Kai soll zumindest eine Weile bei ihnen bleiben. Obwohl Sayaka Kai noch nie getroffen hat, ist dieser angeblich der Sohn eines...

  • e-book

    Moon Rising

    Ann Victoria Roberts

    Who was Bram Stoker - and why did he write Dracula? Through the words of Damaris Sterne, daughter of an old seafaring family, we meet a man escaping to Whitby from the pressures of his life in London. As business manager to the great Shakespearean...

  • e-book

    Moon and Blood vol.2 (German Edition)


    Obwohl Kai ein einsamer Wolf ist, scheint er sich langsam an seine Rolle als Sayakas Hausgast zu gewöhnen. Nicht nur das, er freundet sich sogar mit einigen Mitschülern an und hat sogar Spaß! Natürlich ist da auch Ai, die ihn versucht zu überzeugen...

  • e-book

    Moon Shade Bluff

    Paul A. Trinetti

    A FUTURE AMERICA IN CRISIS. Moon Shade Bluff tells the story of a country in internal revolt. Having survived a plot to overtake the government in Manufractured (Book 1), the Westgale Administration finds itself mired in new conflicts, as unrest...

  • e-book

    Moon and Sixpence

    Maugham,W. Somerset

    I confess that when first I made acquaintance with Charles Strickland I never for a moment discerned that there was in him anything out of the ordinary. Yet now few will be found to deny his greatness. I do not speak of that greatness which is...

  • e-book

    Moon and Blood vol.4 (German Edition)


    Kai muss noch verarbeiten, dass seine Kindheitsfreundin nun ebenfalls zum Jäger geworden ist. Nicht nur das - sie ist außerdem zu einer wahren Schönheit herangereift. Da ihre Gefühle für Kai sich über die Jahre nicht geändert haben, bittet Makoto ihn...

  • e-book

    Moon of Skulls - The Weird Works of Robert E....

    Howard,Robert E.

    Moon of Skulls collects Robert E. Howard'apos;s fiction and poetry published in Weird Tales Magazine from October 1929 to November 1930, plus one from Oriental Stories. These works represent literary stepping-stones to Howard'apos;s infamous Cthulhu...

  • e-book

    Moon of Israel

    H. Rider Haggard

    A gracious account of the Exodus as told by the scribe Ana, this historical fantasy will thrill Bible scholars as well as fans of fantasy and science fiction.

  • e-book

    Moon Magic - A Novel of Romance

    Elizabeth Rutland

    When Greta gives her love to Lord Richard Denton, she believes that she will soon be his wife. Too late, she learns that she is just one of many of his casual dalliances--but Greta, unlike Richard's wife or his other mistresses, bears him a child--a...

  • e-book

    Moon of Israel

    Haggard,H. Rider; 1stWorld Library

    This is the story of me, Ana the scribe, son of Meri, and of certain of the days that I have spent upon the earth. These things I have written down now that I am very old in the reign of Rameses, the third of that name, when Egypt is once more strong...

  • e-book

    Moon of Israel - A Tale of the Exodus

    Haggard, H.

    An outstanding book, it chronicles the story of the Exodus. Haggard introduces the biblical tale through the character of Ana, an unlikely narrator. First published as a book in 1918, it is remarkable for its religious and historical content. Truly...

  • e-book

    Moon City - A Limbus, Inc. Novel

    Benjamin Kane Ethridge

    Dean Fulsome, once a modest slaughterhouse worker, is now Limbus Inc’s director of Solar System operations. A series of horrendous murders on remote Moon City forces Dean to put his entire life on hold and take an interstellar transport far from his...

  • e-book

    Moon Full of Moons - Poetry of Transformation

    Kat Lehmann

    A journey into darkness and back to the light. The Moon makes it look so easy. In Moon Full of Moons, Kat Lehmann skillfully paints a journey from happiness lost to happiness found. This beautifully organized collection of poems is sequenced with the...

  • Moon Landing


    James Blunt lança seu quarto álbum de estúdio, 'Moon Landing'. O álbum é a trajetória de James voltando a sua essência musical, e incríveis canções carregadas de emoções. 'Moon Landing' conta com 11 faixas inéditas, produzidas por Tom Rothrock (nome...

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