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  • Fantastic Ornament - 110 Designs & Motifs


    Fantastic Ornament - 110 Designs & Motifs

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  • Gothic Ornament - Architectural Motifs From...

    Halfpenny, Joseph

    These royalty-free motifs feature exquisite specimens of the sculptured ornaments from northern Europe's largest medieval cathedral. The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St. Peter in York, popularly known as York Minster, was founded as a...

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  • Art Nouveau Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    Borders of lush, intertwined flowers, spot illustrations of stylized women, and more: here are 300 arresting vector-based graphics in one of the most popular period styles. Images are processed for the highest quality and offered in EPS, SVG, JPEG,...

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  • Treasury Of Japanese Designs And Motifs For...


    Treasury Of Japanese Designs And Motifs For Artists And Craftsmen

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  • e-book

    Fantastic Ornament - 110 Designs and Motifs

    Michel Liénard

    Swirling with gargoyles, devils, dragons, griffins, and other haunting figures, this otherworldly assortment features illustrations from a rare 19th-century volume: cartouches, frames, doors, trophies, cabinets, friezes, and much more.

  • Celtic Motifs - 24 Black-And-White...


    Celtic Motifs - 24 Black-And-White Pressure-Sensitive Stickers

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  • 1,100 Designs And Motifs From Historic...


    1,100 Designs And Motifs From Historic Sources

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  • 300 Art Nouveau Designs And Motifs In Full...


    300 Art Nouveau Designs And Motifs In Full Color

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  • e-book

    Full-Color Japanese Designs and Motifs


    Dragons, tigers, cranes, peacocks, and peonies abound in this collection of 130 authentic Japanese motifs. So do flowers, plants, and animals. Geometric, abstract, and allover patterns are also included.

  • Art Nouveau Motifs CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    Imaginative and attention-getting, this magnificent treasury of sensuous motifs, vignettes, borders, and corner pieces caneasily beadapted to a host of art and craft projects. Delight in over 400 black-and-white designs, all rendered in the authentic...

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  • Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists,...


    Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists, Needleworkers And Craftspeople

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  • Design Motifs Of Ancient Mexico

    Enciso, Jorge

    Here is an unusual collection of pictorial material for artists, commercial designers, handicraft workers, and at-home hobbyists 766 vigorous primitive designs that will add color and strong, rhythmic lines to textile work, leather craft, wood and...

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  • Japanese Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    An expansive selection of images from Japanese art in easy-to-customize vector formats: cranes, geishas, kimonos, bonsai, crests, and more. Enlarge and enhance without losing clarity! 312 different graphics are offered in four formats each: EPS and...

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  • Egyptian Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    The ancient Egyptians celebrated ornamentation of all kinds, and this treasury of royalty-free art offers a rich selection of enduringly popular motifs. Traditional symbols include the scarab beetle, eye of Horus, sphinx, and other images drawn from...

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  • Victorian Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    Intricate scrollwork, elaborate borders, period furnishings and fashions -- 300 vector motifs offer a versatile treasury of royalty-free Victorian graphics. Motifs can be enlarged, twisted, and customized in other ways without losing crispness. Each...

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  • New Art Deco Borders And Motifs


    New Art Deco Borders And Motifs

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  • Dover Pictorial Archives - Egyptian Motifs In...

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    The ancient Egyptians reveled in ornamentation, and their culture remains vibrant to this day thanks to the abundance of their richly decorated artifacts. This compilation takes an original approach to the art and architecture of the land of the...

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  • Christmas Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    Santas, candy canes, snowflakes, and other traditional motifs fill thishighly versatile compilation of 300 holiday images. The secular designscapture the distinctive styles of the mid 20th century, the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and other historic...

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  • 1001 Floral Motifs And Ornaments For Artists...


    1001 Floral Motifs And Ornaments For Artists And Craftspeople

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  • 400 Chinese Motifs

    McCallum,Graham Leslie

    Pandas, dragons, flowers, lotus leaves, jasmine, and Asian trees: from the simple to the supremely exotic, this handbook provides crafters with 400 Chinese-style hand-drawn motifs to use in every kind of work, from garments to paintings to sculpture...

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  • 400 Japanese Motifs

    McCallum,Graham Leslie

    400 Japanese Motifs

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  • Chinese Vector Motifs - 300 Royalty-Free...

    Weller, Alan

    'Recommended.' The Midwest Book ReviewButterflies, dragons, birds, fish, flowers, and more: the most popular Chinese motifs are now available in versatile vector formats. Graphics are included in four different formats each: EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG....

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  • Celtic Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    'Recommended.' The Midwest Book ReviewThis compilation features more than 300 vector graphics: mythical beasts, circular and square spot illustrations, and more, all graced by the intertwined style of ancient Celtic artwork. With the supplied...

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  • e-book

    Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition - Key...

    International Mast van de Oudeweetering

    Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. This is well known. But what does pattern recognition actually mean? And how can you improve at it?

  • Full-Color Japanese Designs And Motifs

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    This rich array of exquisite designs includes all the most popular Japanese motifs. Ferocious dragons with scaly skins, cranes with wide-spread wings, as well as tigers, phoenixes, and peacocks abound; so do lush peonies and many other flowers,...

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  • e-book

    Art Deco Spot Illustrations and Motifs - 513...

    Rowe, William

    Practical, affordable collection of 513 Art Deco designs — royalty-free and ready to use. Crisp black-and-white motifs combine stylized birds, insects, and floral elements with circles, squares, triangles, and other abstract forms.

  • Native American Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    This compilation features 306 highly scalable vector graphics inspired by tribes from across the land, from Eastern Woodlands and Plains Indians to the natives of Alaska and the Pacific Coast. Images include geometrics, animals, totem figures, masks,...

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  • Fairies & Elves Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    This treasury of 300 fanciful vector images presents the work of Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, and other notables from the Golden Age of Illustration as well as motifs by contemporary artists. Each illustration is offered in EPS and SVG vector...

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  • 400 Art Deco Motifs

    McCallum,Graham Leslie

    With its graceful and elegant lines, Art Deco has always been one of the most popular artistic styles. Now, thanks to this handy collection of 400 beautiful motifs, every crafter-from quilters and embroiderers to woodworkers and painters-can easily...

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  • Chinese Designs And Motifs

    Noble, Marty

    Chinese Designs And Motifs

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  • Ancient Egyptian Designs And Motifs - With CD...


    Meticulously adapted from authentic murals, pottery, jewelry, and other sources, this rich display of designs provides an authentic view of gods and pharaohs, priests and ordinary folk, plants, animals, and other elements of ancient Egyptian life....

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  • Oriental Floral Designs And Motifs For...


    Oriental Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists, Needleworkers And Craftspeople

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  • Frames And Borders Vector Motifs

    Weller, Alan

    Three hundred vector-based graphics come in a remarkable array of shapes and styles, from Art Nouveau to mortised cuts.

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  • Borders, Frames And Decorative Motifs From...


    Borders, Frames And Decorative Motifs From The 1862 Derriey Typographic Catalog

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  • Traditional Animal Designs And Motifs


    Traditional Animal Designs And Motifs

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Animal Motifs from Around the World - 140...

    Doris Rosenthal

    Drawn from the ancient art and artifacts of an international array of museum collections, this spectacular volume offers a unique selection of unusual animal motifs that possess a timeless appeal.

  • e-book

    Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers - 35...

    Trench , Nicki

    Make 35 gorgeous crochet projects all incorporating beautiful floral motifs and decorations. Nicki Trench returns with another set of cute and easy crochet projects for your home, family and friends, all in a pretty pastel colour palette and adorned...

  • East Meets West Art Deco Motifs

    Grafton, Carol Belanger

    Originally published in Tokyo in 1939, these advertising cuts form an appealing blend of distinctly Japanese styles with the Western world's Art Deco movement. Reproduced from a hard-to-find original source, this compilation features women, men,...

    sob encomenda
  • Photoshop Brushes & Creative Tools - Winter...


    Create captivating winter motifs with this suite of powerful design toolsThis design tool set includes easy-to-use images of snowflakes, sleds, evergreen trees, polar bears, sleighs, and other winter imagery. Created for use with Photoshop and...

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  • Ready-To-Use Trade Symbols And Motifs - 88...


    Ready-To-Use Trade Symbols And Motifs - 88 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side

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  • e-book

    Fantastic Ornament, Series Two - 118 Designs...

    A. Hauser

    Engraved in the 19th century, these flamboyant ornamental designs are based on a wide variety of historical examples, dating back as far as the 1500s and including images by Watteau and Dürer.

  • e-book

    400 Floral Motifs for Designers,...

    Briggs& Co.

    Treasury of rare Victorian-era designs for borders, wreaths, cushion squares, sprays, and other projects. Patterns for verbena, strawberry, lily, many more.

  • Geometric Motifs

    Stegenga, Wil

    A kaleidoscopic array of patterns form optical illusions and other eye-popping effectsColorists of all ages will delight in the tremendous variety of these star-filled circles, radiating suns, paisley prints, undulating waves, and interlocking...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Euphoria Tapestry Quilts - 40 Appliqué...

    Kemball, Deborah

    Appliqué 40 realistic flowers and 17 sophisticated projects with best-selling author Deborah Kemball. Hand stitch motifs from her award-winning Euphoria quilt, or mix and match flowers to create your own gorgeous masterpiece.

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