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  • The Murder House

    Patterson,James; Ellis,David

    No. 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar beachfront estate in the Hamptons, where money and privilege know no bounds. But its beautiful gothic exterior hides a horrific past: it was the scene of a series of depraved killings that have...

  • e-book

    Murder House


    No. 7 Ocean Drive is a multimillion-dollar beachfront house in the Hamptons, but its beautiful exterior hides a horrific past. This house was the setting for a series of depraved killings that have never been solved. Neglected, empty and rumoured to...

  • The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher - Or the Murder...


    It is midnight on 30th June 1860 and all is quiet in the Kent family's elegant house in Road, Wiltshire. The next morning, however, they wake to find that their youngest son has been the victim of an unimaginably gruesome murder. Even worse, the...

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  • e-book

    Murder House - Part Two


    4 weeks, 5 parts, 1 thrilling story.Part two in the gripping murder mystery from bestselling thriller writer James Patterson, with exclusive extra content.The town of Bridgehampton has been shocked by the murder of a Hollywood power broker and his...

  • e-book

    Murder House - Part Four


    4 weeks, 5 parts, 1 thrilling story.The penultimate part of the gripping murder mystery from bestselling thriller writer James Patterson, with exclusive extra content.Detective Jenna Murphy is drawn further into the mysteries surrounding the killings...

  • e-book

    Murder House - Part Three


    4 weeks, 5 parts, 1 thrilling story.Part three in the gripping murder mystery from bestselling thriller writer James Patterson, with exclusive extra content.Detective Jenna Murphy is getting closer to the truth. The only problem is her nightmares and...

  • e-book

    Murder House

    Beaufort, Simon

    PC Helen Anderson commits a cardinal error when she takes files for an upcoming court case home to study. For those files are not supposed to leave the police station - and the minute they fall into the wrong hands, Helen's ordinary, uneventful life...

  • e-book

    Murder House - Part One


    Four weeks, five parts, one thrilling story.Part one of a gripping five-part murder mystery from bestselling thriller writer James Patterson, with exclusive extra content.No. 7 Ocean Drive is a multimillion-dollar beachfront house in the Hamptons,...

  • e-book

    Murder House - Part Five


    4 weeks, 5 parts, 1 thrilling story.All will be revealed in the final, electrifying part of James Patterson'apos;s Murder House. Can Jenna catch the killer before the killer catches her?

  • e-book

    Murder in House


    Ellie Quicke is back - Ellie and her new husband Thomas are called to deal with student Ursula, who has staged a sit-in at church. Ursula challenges Ellie to solve three mysteries: a broken engagement, a disappearance and a death. As she investigates...

  • Murder House

    Patterson, James

    It has an ocean-front view, a private beach--and a deadly secret that won't stay buried. No. 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar beachfront estate in the Hamptons, where money and privilege know no bounds. But its beautiful gothic...

  • e-book

    Murder at Loftus House

    Brian O'apos;Hare

    Adrienne Davies visits Loftus House, home of her old friend Margaret and her difficult husband Edward. There's no love lost between him and his other houseguests, or indeed his own family. After a tension-packed evening, in the middle of the night...

  • e-book

    Murder in the White House


    <p>Who better to write a political thriller than the daughter of a president? Margaret Truman’s first book in the Capital Crimes series, <i>Murder in the White House</i>, takes readers on a whirlwind journey through the public halls of power and the...

  • e-book

    Murder in the 11th House

    Lewis,Mitchell Scott

    Astrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a federal judge in a New York City parking garage. Joined by his daughter, Melinda, a young defense attorney; his hacker sidekick Mort; vivacious assistant...

  • Murder On The House - A Haunted Home...


    Bed-and-breakfast--with a side of ghosts.Word has spread that contractor Mel Turner can communicate with the spirits of the dead, and she's having a hard time maintaining a low profile. She decides to embrace her reputation for the chance to restore...

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  • e-book

    Murder at Mullings - A 1930s country house...


    When there's a brutal murder at Mullings, ancestral home of the wealthy Stodmarsh family, housekeeper Florence Norris and local publican George Bird are determined to protect their nearest and dearest from suspicion. Could there be a connection with...

  • e-book

    Murder on the Orient Espresso


    It'apos;s November and Maggy Thorsen, co-owner of the Wisconsin gourmet coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, is in South Florida at an annual crime-writers'apos; conference with her beau, local sheriff Jake Pavlik, who is due to speak as a 'apos;forensics...

  • e-book

    Murder Unprompted


    As understudy to the lead in a West End play, Charles Paris's thespian and detective skills are called upon once again when the lead is shot dead on stage on the opening night. The suspects range from a jealous wife to a bitter actor who lost his...

  • e-book

    Murder Club


    Detective Inspector Delaney is looking forward to spending Christmas with Kate Walker and his young daughter Siobhan, but the past always had a way of ruining Jack'apos;s best-laid plans. And this holiday season is no different!A year previously,...

  • e-book

    Murder Mile

    Tony Black

    In a cold, windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman. As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood, he feels his heart freeze.Like Fiona Gow five years earlier, this girl has...

  • e-book

    Murder for Christmas


    A classic mystery for the festive season: mulled wine, mince pies...and murder.Mordecai Tremaine, former tobacconist and perennial lover of romance novels, has been invited to spend Christmas in the sleepy village of Sherbroome at the country retreat...

  • e-book

    Murder with Mercy

    Heley, Veronica

    Ellie'apos;s friend on the police force asks her to enquire about some deaths in the community which might or might not be suicide, and various relatives of the deceased confirm their suspicions. Unbeknown to the police, an elderly lady moving in and...

  • e-book

    Murder, Majorcan Style

    Jeffries, Roderic

    An Inspector Alvarez Mystery - Inspector Alvarez is just considering whether he can surreptitiously leave work early when a colleague calls to tell him that an Englishman has been found dead in his car in his garage, the engine on and the tank empty....

  • e-book

    Murder in Mind

    Heley, Veronica

    In the new Ellie Quicke mystery, Ellie is forced to think the unthinkable about her own daughter, Diana . . . Could she be a murderer? - Ellie has always disliked the local big estate agent - aka Great White Shark - and is distressed when her...

  • e-book

    Murder by Mistake


    An Ellie Quicke Mystery - Ellie Quicke is still inclined to act hastily, despite husband Thomas' steadying influence. When she took in a young rape victim, she knew the commitment might become a burden, but she didn't expect it to become an...

  • e-book

    Murder by the Book

    Brown, Eric

    London, 1955. When crime writer Donald Langham'apos;s literary agent asks for his help in sorting out 'apos;a delicate matter'apos;, little does Langham realize what he'apos;s getting himself into. For a nasty case of blackmail leads inexorably to...

  • e-book

    Murder in the Title


    Playing the corpse in a murder mystery at the Regent Theatre is not exactly a triumph for Charles Paris. In fact, his career could not sink any lower. However, suddenly the mystery spills over into real life with the artistic director's apparent...

  • e-book

    Murder at the Castle

    Dams,Jeanne M.

    Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are invited to join their close friends Nigel and Inga Evans at a Welsh music festival where both Nigel and Inga will be performing with the world-renowned conductor Sir John...

  • e-book

    Murder Takes the Stage


    A new investigation for family duo Peter and Georgia Marsh - Peter and Georgia Marsh are in the Kentish seaside resort of Broadgate, on the trail of Georgia's missing brother Rick when they come across the strange tale of a haunted fish and chip...

  • e-book

    Murder on the Old Road

    Myers, Amy

    A Marsh and Daughter Mystery - When Georgia and Peter Marsh encounter a group of weirdly dressed 'pilgrims' on the Old Road to Canterbury, more is at stake than the play the Chillingham Drama Group is shortly to perform. The group are to re-enact a...

  • e-book

    Murder on the Short List


    This is 'Peter Lovesey's Short List' of his best ever short stories, including the Crime Writers' Association's best short story of 2007, 'Needle Match', and featuring some of his most popular detectives - Bertie, Prince of Wales, Sergeant Cribb and...

  • e-book

    Murder Most Fab


    Hello, I'apos;m Johnny Debonair and this is my book - Murder Most Fab. Buy it. You won'apos;t regret it. Everything that has happened so publicly is explained. Of course, I'apos;d prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past...

  • e-book

    Murder at Swann'apos;s Lake


    When Robbie Peterson, a criminal-turned-club-owner, is found dead in his office, a six-inch nail driven deep into his skull, Woodend and Sergeant Bob Rutter are brought up from London to investigate. Why was Robbie's office broken into twice on the...

  • e-book

    Murder in Abbot'apos;s Folly


    A Marsh and Daughter Mystery - Curiosity about a murder that took place in an eighteenth-century folly draws father and daughter team Peter and Georgia Marsh to a Jane Austen-themed summer gala at Stourdens, a fast-decaying Georgian mansion in Kent....

  • e-book

    Murder on the Thirty-First Floor


    In an unnamed country, in an unnamed year sometime in the future, Chief Inspector Jensen of the Sixteenth Division is called in after the publishers controlling the entire country'apos;s newspapers and magazines receive a threat to blow up their...

  • e-book

    Murder My Neighbour


    The new Ellie Quicke mystery - Ellie Quicke is confronted by an angry young man, demanding to know what has happened to his elderly great aunt. Flavia Osborne had refused to move in with her relatives, telling everyone that she'd sold her secluded...

  • e-book

    Murder Book, The - A new 1920s mystery series

    Adams, Jane A.

    When three bodies are unearthed in the front yard of a cottage, DCI Henry Johnstone is summoned. Two victims are identified, but who is the third? Johnstone's use of modern methods of detection soon ruffles feathers. Frustrated by the unhelpful local...

  • e-book

    Murder in a Cornish Alehouse - An Elizabethan...

    Emerson,Kathy Lynn

    June, 1584. The death of Sir Walter Pendennis prompts Rosamond Jaffrey to go Cornwall, where her half-brother and mother are. There she discovers that Sir Walter was murdered and works with Sir Francis Walsingham to unmask the killer. Rosamond's...

  • e-book

    Murder in Time - An Ellie Quicke British...


    Ellie Quicke's housekeeper, Vera, gets a terrible shock when the man who raped and impregnated her when she was a schoolgirl turns up, wanting to adopt her young son, the brilliant but difficult Mikey. Ellie gets mixed up in past tragedies, but can...

  • e-book

    Murder in Style - An Ellie Quicke British...


    When Poppy Cordover is found dead at the bottom of the office stairs at the Magpie boutique, which she co-owned with her twin sister Juno, the twins' father asks Ellie Quicke to investigate. Ellie's enquiries are about to uncover a hornet's nest of...

  • e-book

    Murder by Suspicion - An Ellie Quicke British...


    Ellie is desperate to find someone to look after her elderly housekeeper, Rose. But employing a carer proves to be a mixed blessing, for Claire is heavily involved with a local church with a charismatic pastor, who - seemingly coincidentally - is...

  • e-book

    Murder in the Queen'apos;s Wardrobe - An...

    Emerson,Kathy Lynn

    Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey is recruited by Queen Elizabeth I's spymaster to be lady-in-waiting to Lady Mary, a cousin of the queen who is being courted by Russia's Ivan the Terrible. However, there are some nobles at court who will do anything they...

  • e-book

    Murder in the Merchant'apos;s Hall - An...

    Emerson,Kathy Lynn

    When Lina Walkenden is found clutching a bloody knife over the dead body of her brother-in-law and guardian, there's only one person she can turn to for help: her childhood friend, Rosamond Jaffrey. Rosamond must do all she can to save her friend -...

  • e-book

    Murder at the Chase - A locked room mystery...


    July, 1955. Fellow writer Alastair Endicott has requested Donald Langham's help in discovering what happened to his father Edward, who has disappeared without trace from inside his locked study. The elder Endicott had been researching a biography of...

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