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  • Introdução À Análise e Ao Projeto Em...

    Kim,Nam H.; V. Sankar,Bhavani

    'Introdução à Análise e ao Projeto em Elementos Finitos' aborda a teoria básica do método dos elementos finitos (MEF), ferramenta importante e imprescindível para praticamente todos os ramos da engenharia. Um dos motivos para sua popularidade é o uso...

  • Nam-a-rama


    Sent by the president to accompany an anti-war movie star on a secret mission designed to keep the war from getting further out of hand, marines Jack Armstrong and Gearheardt experience a series of satirical misadventures in South Vietnam.

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  • e-book

    Vietnam ... Viet-Bloody-Nam

    Cottone, Davide A

    The story revolves around two childhood friends, Manfred and Tony, who were nurtured in the country-side in the fifties and enjoyed the utopia of a nation at peace that was carefree and full of hope after WWII. Vietnam replaced all that with a...

  • e-book

    Viet Nam - Borderless Histories


    Moving beyond past histories of Viet Nam that have focused on nationalist struggle, this volume brings together work by scholars who are re-examining centuries of Vietnamese history. Crossing borders and exploring ambiguities, the essays in Viet...

  • e-book

    Sheep In Wolf'apos;s Clothing - A Pacifists...

    Cappy Jack

    One man's memoir of a tour of duty in Vietnam as a rifleman in the United States Marine Corps. Seven letters, seven stories, photographs and drawings depict the soldier who volunteered to serve but discovered his pacifism in the chaos of war.

  • e-book

    The Boat

    Le, Nam

    A dazzling, emotionally riveting debut collection: the seven stories in Nam Le's The Boat take us across the globe as he enters the hearts and minds of characters from all over the world. Whether Nam Le is conjuring the story of 14-year-old Juan, a...

  • e-book

    Geometry of Design

    Kumar, Ashok; Nam-Ho Kim

    Engineering drawing is the 'quot;instrument of communication'quot; upon which the designer must place all information necessary to define a new product. Computer-aided design (CAD) courses often involve teaching solid modelling software, and we view...

  • e-book

    Emerging Trends in Computational Biology,...

    Quoc Nam Tran

    Emerging Trends in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology discusses the latest developments in all aspects of computational biology, bioinformatics, and systems biology and the application of data-analytics and algorithms,...

  • e-book

    Private Cloud Computing: Consolidation,...

    Smoot, Stephen R; Tan,Nam K

    Private cloud computing enables you to consolidate diverse enterprise systems into one that is cloud-based and can be accessed by end-users seamlessly, regardless of their location or changes in overall demand. Expert authors Steve Smoot and Nam K....

  • e-book

    The Life Stories - Pregnant Women at Sea

    Nhan Thieu Nguyen; Nam Thanh Nguyen

    Synopsis: The life stories to be told reflect the total panorama of the Vietnamese people and its author. This book was written by a witness who lived, worked, and suffered during the different stages of the country, from colonial French to the...

  • e-book

    Configuring Cisco Routers for Bridging DLWs+...

    Tan Nam-Kee

    Configure Cisco routers for bridging in a multiprotocol environment At last there'apos;s a complete guide to configuring and supporting multiprotocol networks on Cisco routers. Written by Tan Nam-Kee, an experienced CCIE and Cisco trainer,...

  • e-book

    Eating Viet Nam

    Graham Holliday

    A journalist and blogger takes us on a colorful and spicy gastronomic tour through Viet Nam in this entertaining, offbeat travel memoir, with a foreword by Anthony Bourdain. Growing up in a small town in northern England, Graham Holliday wasn’t keen...

  • e-book


    Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Abgrall, Patrick

    Taking you to the forefront of the emerging field of Nanofluidics, this cutting-edge book details the physics and applications of fluid flow in nanometer scale channels. You gain a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of transport processes...

  • e-book

    Mobile 3D Graphics SoC - From Algorithm to...

    Nam, Byeong-Gyu; Yoo, Hoi-Jun; Jeong-Ho Woo; Ju-Ho Sohn

    The first book to explain the principals behind mobile 3D hardware implementation, helping readers understand advanced algorithms, produce low-cost, low-power SoCs, or become familiar with embedded systems As mobile broadcasting and entertainment...

  • e-book

    Living and Dying in the USA: Behavioral,...

    Nam,Charles B.; Rogers,Richard G.; Hummer,Robert A.

    The simplicity of using one data set in addressing the relationship of single variables to mortality distinguishes Living and Dying in the USA from other recent investigations of mortality. The authors use the recently released National Health...

  • Xin Loi, Viet Nam


    A gritty, firsthand view of the war in Vietnam describes the experiences of a former door gunner and gunship crew chief during his thirty-one months fighting in Vietnam. Reprint.

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  • e-book

    Micromixers - Fundamentals, Design, and...

    Nguyen, Nam-Trung

    A wide range of applications in chemistry and biochemistry are driving the rapid development of microfluidics. This book focuses its attention on an important subtopic of microfluidics; mixing in microscale. It provides the fundamentals of transport...

  • e-book

    Micromixers - Fundamentals, Design and...

    Nguyen, Nam-Trung

    The ability to mix minute quantities of fluids is critical in a range of recent and emerging techniques in engineering, chemistry and life sciences, with applications as diverse as inkjet printing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, specialty and...

  • e-book

    Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer

    Jamnicky, Leah; Nam, Robert

    The men'apos;s guide to prostate cancer, backed by the experts at Prostate Cancer Canada Prostate cancer is affecting more and more Canadian men each year, and this guide, endorsed by Prostate Cancer Canada, gives readers everything they need to...

  • e-book

    Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer

    Jamnicky, Leah; Nam, Robert

    The men'apos;s guide to prostate cancer, backed by the experts at Prostate Cancer Canada Prostate cancer is affecting more and more Canadian men each year, and this guide, endorsed by Prostate Cancer Canada, gives readers everything they need to...

  • The Decline Of The Welfare State

    Razin,Assaf; Nam,Ch. W.; Sadka,Efraim; Nam,Chang Woon

    The Decline Of The Welfare State

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Multicultural Theology and New Evangelization

    Kim, Van Nam

    In Multicultural Theology and New Evangelization, Kim addresses the challenges of new evangelization in the multicultural communities of the Church. This book will inspire the Church hierarchy, seminary formators, priests, and the laity to rethink...

  • e-book

    Multicultural Challenges and Redefining...

    Kim, Nam-Kook

    Globalization and increased migration have brought both new opportunities and new tensions to traditional East Asian societies. Multicultural Challenges and Redefining Identity in East Asia draws together a wide range of distinguished local scholars...

  • Birdy Nam Nam


    O grupo francês Birdy Nam Nam é um dos maiores destaques na cena electro / hip hop do momento. Os quatro DJs Crazy B., DJ Pone, DJ Need e Little Mike têm agitado multidões há quase 10 anos - já competiram com nomes de peso como Q-Bert e A-trak nesses...

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  • Sap Business One

    Heun,Roland; Nam,Monika Nguyen; Teufel,Thomas

    Sap Business One

    Produto indisponível

  • Como o Som É Produzido - Col. Eureka!

    Nam Knag,Sung

    Você escuta música, conversa com os amigos e ouve os sons que existem ao seu redor, mas será que você sabe como o som é produzido? Por que alguns são bem altos e outros são tão baixinhos? Como acontece o eco? Por que alguns sons são agradáveis e...

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  • A Luz Mágica - Col. Eureka!

    Nam Knag,Sun

    A luz pode fazer coisas incríveis. Ela tanto pode criar um arco-íris de sete cores como desenhar a nossa sombra no chão enquanto caminhamos pela rua. Será que as crianças sabem como tudo isso acontece? Com este livro, elas vão desvendar essas e...

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  • Edmund Husserls PH Nomenologie Der Instinkte

    Nam-In Lee; Lee Nam-In Lee; Nam-In Lee

    Edmund Husserls PH Nomenologie Der Instinkte

    Produto indisponível

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