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  • Tales of the New Gods Vol. 1

    Outros; Loeb, Jeph; Simonson, Walter

    Tales of the New Gods Vol. 1

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  • God, Love & Romance - 2 CDs


    Este é o novo lançamento de Fred Hammond. Desde 2009 ele não lançava nada inédito. Fred é um daqueles cantores que fazem história. Com mais de 30 anos de carreia, vários discos de ouro platina e platina duplo, Fred Hammond diz que essas são as...

  • Green Lantern- New Guardians Vol. 4- Gods And...

    jordan, justin

    As the wielder of the White Lantern, Kyle Rayner, teaches the new group of Guardians how to lead, they accidently awaken an ancient evil that could destroy all Lantern Corps.

  • All-New Ultimates Volume 2 - No Gods, No...

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitt y Pryde and Cloak & Dagger can barely hold back the carnage of vengeful sewer leaders Vermin and Agent Crock! Meanwhile, the Bengal joins the police squad just in time to deal with Scourge's murderous aftermath...but...

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  • A God Somewhere (New Edition)

    Arcudi, John

    After a mysterious disaster, a young man named Eric finds that he has just as mysteriously developed extraordinary abilities.

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  • Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead

    Venditti, Robert; jensen, van

    The time of the Lanterns is ending as the New Gods make a dramatic, universe-altering entrance. A year ago, Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, breached the Source Wall at the edge of the universe, killing himself to save creation and inadvertently...

  • Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead

    Venditti, Robert; jensen, van

    The time of the Lanterns is ending as the New Gods make a dramatic, universe-altering entrance. A year ago, Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, breached the Source Wall at the edge of the universe, killing himself to save creation and inadvertently...

  • God's War - A New History Of The Crusades


    'God's War' tells the powerful and horrifying story of the Crusades - an explosive mixture of religious quest and greed for treasure that led enormous Christian armies to invade the Islamic world.

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  • All-New Invaders Vol.1 - Gods And Soldiers

    Robinson. James

    The Kree Empire intends to conquer the universe using an army of Norse Gods! Four heroes united by their past - Captain America. Namor. the original Human Torch and the Winter Soldier - must now wage war against the Kree to save Earth! The Invaders...

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  • e-book

    God Goes to Work - New Thought Paths to...

    Zender, Tom

    Your most important business asset is already within you ? realize it and capitalize on it Spirituality is the basis for all successful organizations and the most important asset you have in elevating you and your business to a new level of...

  • e-book

    Imaginative Preaching - Praying the...

    Geoff New

    From generation-to-generation there has been an anguished cry from preachers about preaching - there is no imagination! The Scriptures present the wondrous hope and vision of 'Kingdom Come' and yet contemporary preaching can often be mute and blind...

  • e-book

    Answering the New Atheism - Dismantling...

    Wiker, Benjamin; Hahn, Scott

    The essential book for dismantling Richard Dawkins' atheistic agenda. Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker collaborate to debunk Dawkins' theories and show how inconsistent and illogical his conclusions truly are. This is the definitive book for college...

  • e-book

    The Real Origin of the Species - Twelve New...


    This book offers positive proof of God's existence, and leads the reader into a closer relationship with God.• For Christian readers who already believe in God, this book will strengthen their faith, and provide them with a totally new way to explain...

  • e-book

    The God of Jesus Christ - New Edition

    Kasper, Walter

    Kasper is a master synthesiser, and his display of erudition alone makes this book a worthy read and an invaluable resource for questions of God and Trinity. Using admittedly polemical language, he calls for a 'apos;theological theology'apos; which...

  • e-book

    What God Thinks About Money - Get God'apos;s...

    Dr. Robb Thompson

    Perspective determines so much in life. The subject of prosperity has been a controversial message over the years,but also a very misunderstood message. Dr. Thompson takes a closer look at what God'apos;s Word really has to say about prosperity. How...

  • e-book

    Dear God, He'apos;s Home! - A Woman'apos;s...


    Dear God, He's Home!, an open and practical resource, covers issues couples go through when a husband is forced to become a stay-at-home man.

  • e-book

    If God is in Control, Why Do I Have a...

    Williams, Debbie

    Examines the stories of biblical women to reveal that God cares deeply about our bodies and our health.

  • e-book

    The God Conflict - Faith in the Face of New...

    Feldmeier, Peter

    As part of the 'quot;new evangelization'quot; efforts of the Catholic Church, The God Conflict: Faith in the Face of New Atheism offers various perspectives - from those who have left the church to those who need to be re-affirmed as to why they...

  • e-book

    The God Conflict - Faith in the Face of New...

    Feldmeier, Peter

    As part of the 'new evangelization' efforts of the Catholic Church, The God Conflict: Faith in the Face of New Atheism offers various perspectives - from those who have left the church to those who need to be re-affirmed as to why they practice...

  • God and the New Physics

    Davies, Paul

    Argues that the discoveries of twentieth-century physics--relativity and the quantum theory--demand a radical reformulation of the fundamentals of reality and a way of thinking, that is closer to mysticism than materialism

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  • Jews, God, and History

    Dimont,Max I.

    Examines Jewish history to show the relation between the Jew and his God and the reasons behind Jewish survival over four thousand years.

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  • e-book

    If God is in Control, Why Am I a Basket Case?...

    Williams, Debbie

    Through an in-depth, eight-week examination of the Book of Colossians, author Debbie Taylor Williams leads readers to understand that 'basket-case' living is not God's intention.

  • e-book

    God in New Testament Theology

    Hurtado, Larry W.

    Explores how New Testament conceptions of God contribute to a contemporary constructive theology

  • e-book

    Making God - A New Materialist Theory of the...

    Ann Long

    The great teachers of the Axial Age - the Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, the Hebrew prophets right down to Jesus - began the making of the modern God. They re-made their inherited gods, creating a personal God in their own image. We may best celebrate...

  • Gods, Heroes, and Men of Ancient Greece

    Rouse,W. H. D.

    A new trade paperback edition of the classic collection, first published in 1934, offers retellings of ancient Greek myths, bringing to life the exploits and adventures of the gods and heroes, in stories about the Trojan Horse, Theseus's epic battle...

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  • e-book

    A New Conception of God - Further Reflections...

    Keith A. Buzzell

    In this second volume, following Reflections on Gurdjieff's Whim, Keith Buzzell continues his exploration of Gurdjieff's Whim with: the biological origins of sensing and feeling ~ war and the subconscious ~ the concept of Kundabuffer ~ the triadic...

  • e-book

    Limitless - Your Past is a Memory. God Makes...

    Franklin, Jentezen

    When it seems like everything is falling apart, it can be hard to stay focused on the promises of God. With the weight of the world on your shoulders, it becomes very inviting to sit down and give up. Before you know it, doubts, frustration, and...

  • e-book

    Joy(Full) - God'apos;s Joy in a Girl'apos;s...

    Peele, Chandra

    Author and speaker Chandra Peele's new release Joy[Full], a six-week study on joy, helps teenage girls learn how to trade temporary happiness for everlasting joy. Using Scripture and personal stories, girls will become spiritual leaders as they learn...

  • e-book

    The New Gods - Psyche and Symbol in Popular...

    Schechter, Harold

    Harold Schechter looks at the impossible tales and images of popular art--the space odysseys and extraterrestrial civilizations, the caped crusaders and men of steel, and monsters from the ocean floor--and finds close connections between religious...

  • e-book

    The New Asceticism - Sexuality, Gender and...

    Coakley, Sarah

    Sarah Coakley shows how desire can be freed from associations with promiscuity and disorder, forging a new ascetical vision founded in the disciplines of prayer and attention.

  • e-book

    The God of Loneliness - Selected and New...

    Schultz, Philip

    New and selected poems from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schultz.

  • e-book

    From World to God? - or, New Dialogues...

    Richard L. Sturch

    This book consists of a series of dialogues on the relationship between belief in God and the world of nature. One participant is a Christian who believes one can base belief in God on reason and science, one is a Christian who thinks looking for...

  • e-book

    Stewards of God'apos;s Delight - Becoming...

    Mark Clavier

    'The world is our parish and all her creatures our congregation.' Based on talks given to ordinands in Wales, this book presents the ministry as responding to God's call to be priestly stewards of creation and to participate in the blossoming of the...

  • e-book

    God and the New Atheism - A Critical Response...


    In God and the New Atheism, a world expert on science and theology gives clear, concise, and compelling answers to the charges against religion laid out in recent best-selling books by Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Sam Harris (The End of Faith)...

  • e-book

    Your New Identity - A Transforming Union with...

    Anderson, Neil T.

    In the second study in the Victory Series, bestselling author Neil Anderson will deepen your understanding of God, the Trinity, and what it means to have assurance of salvation.

  • Jews, God and History

    Dimont,Max I.

    This updated account of the rich four-thousand-year history of the Jewish people stretches from ancient Palestine, through Europe and the Orient, to America and the birth of Israel, tracing the relationship between Jews and their God and the reasons...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    God Needs Salvation - A New Vision of God for...

    Hugh Rock

    A protest against what we currently suppose religion to be.

  • e-book

    Upside-Down Results - God Tags People for His...

    Field, Susan

    Upside-Down Results offers the perspective that people are as unique as God's call and are purposed to belong, thrive, serve, love, and be loved.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Truth Revealed - Biblical...


    Through His Word, God makes Himself known to those who seek Him. With Scripture as its foundation, God's Truth Revealed addresses common questions of spiritual seekers and new Christians-like Who is God? and Why am I here?

  • e-book

    The New Black Gods - Arthur Huff Faust and...

    Curtis, Edward E., IV

    Dynamic and diverse perspectives on African American religious history and life

  • e-book

    The Language of God in History, A New...

    Lehman, Helena

    'The Language of God in History' reinterprets history and archeology within a biblical framework. It does so by refuting the atheistic humanism behind modern archeological, scientific, and historical viewpoints. Then the evidence is examined through...

  • e-book

    The Language of God in Prophecy, A Dynamic...

    Lehman, Helena,

    'The Language of God in Prophecy' is an explosive new exploration of the parable-like images used in biblical, and extra-biblical prophecies regarding the End Times. Prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel, the Psalms, Revelation, Ethiopian Enoch, the Great...

  • e-book

    On Union with God (with Notes, Preface, and...

    Magnus, Albertus

    Surely the most deeply-rooted need of the human soul, its purest aspiration, is for the closest possible union with God. As one turns over the pages of this little work, written by Blessed Albert the Great towards the end of his life, when that great...

  • e-book

    Walking With Arthur - Finding God On My Way...

    James O'apos;Donnell

    James O'apos;Donnell was contemplating divorce. Something was missing in his marriage and his life. His daily commute partner into New York City, Arthur, never preached to him or handed him a tract. They just walked ... and God worked. Written in a...

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