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  • The New Year's Party

    Stine, R. L.

    Indirectly causing the death of P.J., who had a bad heart, the guests at Reenie's Christmas party agree to hide the body and the truth--until someone begins to hunt down and kill each of them in turn

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  • Mariss Jansons & Wiener Philharmoniker -...


    Poucos outros concertos podem alegar que geram tamanho interesse internacional como o Concerto de Ano Novo de Viena. Sob a direção de alguns dos maiores maestros do nosso tempo, a Filarmônica de Viena se apresenta no Ano Novo com um concerto de gala...

  • Neujahrskonzert 2014 - New Year's Concert


    O Concerto de Ano Novo da Filarmônica de Viena é um dos eventos musicais mais antigos e de maior prestígio em todo o mundo. Em sua história de mais de 70 anos, muitos dos maestros mais famosos já assumiram o batuta para este concerto e milhões de...

  • e-book

    Bi Femdom Wife 1 - Cuckolded By a Lesbian On...

    Giles English

    Things get out of hand when Tristan persuades Hannah, his no-nonsense Geordie wife, to let him spend New Year's Day as her chaste slave. Zarah, her vampy bisexual BFF, has slept over and plans to cuckold him. Meanwhile, sick of his demands, Hannah...

  • e-book

    New Year'apos;s - A Prequel to The Love...

    Waldman, Adelle

    She felt some part of herself relax when she was with him. She could shut off the part of her brain that was always monitoring whether she was talking too much, being 'apos;selfish.'apos;A few years before the start of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel...

  • e-book

    New Year'apos;s Kisses (Novella)

    Cahill, Rhian

    She didn’t plan to fall in love, but he’s not accepting anything less. Emily has a five year plan, and romance isn’t in it. Unfortunately, no one told Wade Johnson that. Wade never thought he’d need to resort to blackmail to get a date. But if that’s...

  • New Year's Eve

    Grunwald, Lisa

    Cousins born of twin mothers, David and Sarah are close friends, but when a terrible accident takes little David's life, Sarah swears she is able to communicate with him in heaven, drawing the family into an escalating conflict of loss, grief, and...

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  • e-book

    A New Year'apos;s Eve Surprise Out On the...


    A New Year's Eve Surprise Out On The Prairie, is about a hot-blooded woman in the old west who finds a battered man on her doorstep one evening, and decides to heal him in her own unique way. She wants to keep him around, but will she be able to?

  • e-book

    A New Year'apos;s Bite

    Parks, Lydia

    Nathan gets a visit from his friend, Terra, a detective with the Atlanta police, and is worried by her appearance. She tells him she's frustrated that she hasn't caught the Slasher, a serial killer plaguing the city. As they talk, Nathan uncovers...

  • e-book

    First New Year'apos;s After the Apocalypse

    Jessica Payseur

    Wade Turner takes a drunk Jaxxon home after work hoping to get laid. What he gets instead is news that the world as they know it is ending-superbugs are sweeping the nation, leaving high death tolls in their wake, and the president has been...

  • World Windows 3 - New Year Celebrations -...

    Cengage Learning,Heinle

    World Windows 3 - New Year Celebrations - Student Book

  • Goosebumps Horrorland #18: Slappy New Year!

    Stine, R L

    Take a little Horror home with you! Ray Gordon is a brave kid. He wants to try out all of the scariest rides at HorrorLand. Unfortunately, his brother, Brandon, is scared of everything--loud noises, roller coasters, and even the wooden dummy named...

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  • Chinese New Year's Dragon

    Liu,Chao Wei; Sing,Rachel

    A young Chinese-American celebrates the arrival of the Year of the Dragon

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  • World Windows 3 - New Year Celebrations -...

    Cengage Learning,Heinle

    World Windows 3 - New Year Celebrations - Workbook

  • e-book

    2016 New Year Resolution Guide - How to Make...

    Scott Casterson

    Every year brings new goals that persons aim to accomplish. It is a long standing tradition in the Western Hemisphere that has since recently been adopted by those in the Eastern regions. It is a promise to one self, such as eating healthier,...

  • e-book

    Happy New Year Waltz New Evergreens -...

    Silver Tonalities

    From Edward Mack's New Evergreens for Beginner PianoA SilverTonalities Arrangement!Easy Note Style Sheet MusicLetter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

  • e-book

    Chinese New Year

    Stuart, Carrie

    Featuring high-frequency words, pictures that are tightly correlated to the text, and a charming story, this leveled fiction reader will help emerging readers built early literacy skills.

  • e-book

    Happy New Year

    Mercer, Abbie

    This engaging book will teach young readers all they need to know about the origins of New Year celebrations as they enjoy the holiday's recipes and fun crafts projects.

  • e-book

    Chinese New Year - A Celebration for Everyone

    Jen Sookfong Lee

    Gung hay fat choy! Chinese New Year is a snapshot of Chinese culture.

  • The New Year's Eve Murder


    When Susan Stark disappears on New Year's Eve, Christine Bennett steps into the missing girl's life and meets a Susan no one else knows, one who is haunted by a secret life and strange obsessions

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    A Red Hot New Year

    Eden,Cynthia; Reede,Virginia; Rossetti,Denise; Diana Mercury

    This New Year's Eve, turn up the heat . . . At the stroke of midnight a new year begins—a time for passionate resolutions and brand-new pleasures; a time to let go of past restraints and embrace new sensual boundaries. Four masterful writers offer a...

  • This Next New Year

    Wong,Janet S.; Choi,Yangsook

    Despite not being Chinese, Glenn and Evelyn wish to join their friend in his celebration of the Chinese New Year and so follow his lead in preparing for the big event.

    sob encomenda
  • The Chinese New Year Mystery

    Keene, Carolyn; Jones,Jan Naimo

    Nancy Drew and her friends are celebrating the Chinese New Year with their classmate Mari Chen when the dragon their class made for the holiday parade disappears.

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    A Year of Writing Dangerously - 365 Days of...


    Writing can be risky and make you feel vulnerable. A Year of Writing Dangerously is a book of 365 short pieces to sustain a writer - beginner or veteran - through a year of writing fiction, memoir, autobiography, or personal essays. Three hundred and...

  • The Year of the Intern

    Cook, Robin

    A young man confronts the problems and challenges of learning to be a doctor during the first year of his internship in Hawaii, in a compelling, inside look at the world of American medicine. Reissue.

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  • The Chinese New Year - Cambridge Storybooks...

    Joanna Troughton

    Every animal wants the New Year named after it. How can they decide?

  • e-book

    21 - Every Day Was New Year'apos;s Eve

    H. Peter Kriendler; Paul Jeffers

    The story of New York's 21 Club is the story of American glamour in the twentieth century.

  • e-book

    Make New Year Resolutions and Keep Them Using...


    What is a New Year resolution?! To me a New Year resolution is a Goal I wish to make, motivated by the coming of a New Year and the end of an old. Almost giving me permission to let go of the past and motivate me to look towards the future. Make New...

  • e-book

    Reid's Adventures - 1st Year Breaking In Your...

    Vinette, Arnold, D.

    Free Teaser Novel. The fun weekly adventures of a little boy growing up in Silicon Valley, California at the turn of the 21st century. It was 1998 and the middle of the internet boom in Silicon Valley California. Life for Arnold D. Vinette was very...

  • e-book

    New England Month-by-Month Gardening - What...

    Nardozzi, Charlie

    This is the perfect book for beginning to intermediate gardeners and home landscapers living in New England (including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). New England Month-by-Month Gardening gives you the...

  • My First Chinese New Year

    Katz, Karen

    A girl and her family prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year.

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  • Happy, Happy Chinese New Year!


    A trim-sized gift edition of the best-selling introduction to Chinese New Year covers the traditions and ideas behind the Chinese New Year festival, from the fifteen-day preparation activities to the special feast on the eve of the new moon,...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Farewell Old Year New Evergreens - Beginner...

    Silver Tonalities

    From the New Evergreens for Beginner PianoA SilverTonalities Arrangement!Easy Note Style Sheet MusicLetter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

  • Dragon Dance a Chinese New Year

    Holub, Joan; Huang,Benrei

    A family enjoys celebrating Chinese New Year, including shopping at the outdoor market for fresh flowers, eating New Year's dinner with the whole family, receiving red envelopes from Grandma and Grandpa, and watching the parade.

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Rats: A Year With New York's Most Unwanted...


    Surprisingly funny and compulsively readable, Rats is an unlikely account of a year spent in a garbage-strewn alley in lower Manhattan. Sullivan spends the year with a notebook and night-vision goggles, hunting for fabled rat-kings, trapping a rat of...

  • e-book

    The New Dad'apos;s Survival Guide - What to...

    Rob Kemp

    You read the pregnancy books, the nine months flew by without a hitch, the birth was brilliant and your healthy baby arrived on schedule. Job done, right? Often, the birth of your baby can feel like the end of the journey but really the adventure has...

  • e-book

    The Chimes - A Goblin Story of Some Bells...


    This volume contains Charles Dickens's 1844 short story 'The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In'. Published one year after 'A Christmas Carol' and one year before 'The Cricket on the Hearth', this book...

  • e-book

    Cooking for Jewish New Year - 40 Holiday...

    Cohen, Jayne

    Ideal recipes for celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from Jayne Cohen'apos;s Jewish Holiday Cooking This is the perfect ebook for home cooks who want to make the Jewish New Year even more meaningful and delicious than ever before. It features...

  • e-book

    7 Lessons For New Pastors - Your First Year...

    Rev. Dr. Matthew D. Kim

    In 7 Lessons for New Pastors, author Matthew Kim discusses various experiences he had during his first year as a senior pastor. He offers seven lessons that he learned and continues to learn as a young minister in hopes of assisting others as they...

  • e-book

    City of Dreams - The 400-Year Epic History of...

    Anbinder, Tyler

    By an acclaimed historian, a sweeping history of the peoples who have come to New York for four centuries: a quintessential American story 

  • e-book

    Meditations for New Moms - Reflections,...

    Sandra Drescher-Lehman

    How does a new mom face the wonder and the wear that a baby brings? What happens to the woman she was? Is it normal to laugh and cry simultaneously?Sandra Drescher-Lehman, in her disarmingly forthright way, gives language to the eternally long hours...

  • Create And Celebrate - Chinese New Year!


    Celebrated every year starting in January or February, the Chinese New Year is a happy, fun festival that children will love learning all about. This joyful little book is jam-packed with puzzles and activities to complete, more than 50 stickers to...

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  • e-book

    Merry Christmas Joyful 2016 Happy New Year

    Yolandie Mostert

    Wishing everyone a happy new year for 2016 and a merry Christmas

  • e-book

    Real Food All Year - Eating Seasonal Whole...

    Nishanga Bliss

    Real Food All Year is a practical and important season-by-season guide to cooking techniques and recipes that allow readers to eat in harmony with nature. Using local, whole foods, readers learn to create delicious meals that can enhance their energy...

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