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  • Microfluidic Chip-Capillary Electrophoresis...

    Sun,Hui; Fung,Ying Sing; Chen,Qidan; Du,Fuying; Guo,Wenpeng; Ma,Tongmei; Nie,Zhou; Wu,Ruige; Zhao,Wenfeng

    Capillary electrophoresis (CE) and microfluidic chip (MC) devices are relatively mature technologies, but this book demonstrates how they can be integrated into a single, revolutionary device that can provide on-site analysis of samples when...

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  • e-book

    Nie passiert etwas

    Brown, Sue

    Andrews Leben ist ein Klischee: Er ist ein schwuler Mann, der wegen seiner religiösen, herrschsüchtigen Mutter in einer lieblosen Ehe gefangen ist. Dann zieht ein neues Paar in ihre Straße und Andrew erwischt sich dabei, wie er sich Hals über Kopf in...

  • Scheidung Nie - Nur Mord!

    Hauptmann, Gaby

    Scheidung Nie - Nur Mord!

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  • e-book

    G Nie Du Christianisme, Ou Beaut S de La...

    Chateaubriand,Francois Auguste

    vous avez bien voulu prendre sous votre protection cette édition du génie du christianisme ; c'est un nouveau témoignage de la faveur que vous accordez à l'auguste cause, qui triomphe à l'abri de votre puissance. On ne peut s'empêcher de...

  • Von Erholung War Nie Die Rede


    Schwiegermutter Susanne lädt ein. Warum nicht, sagt sich Gundula, wenn der Urlaub umsonst ist? Vielleicht aber lieber nicht nach Norderney in den Regen. Und schon gar nicht mit der ganzen Familie Bundschuh. Im trügerisch glamourösen Hotel »Vier...

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  • e-book

    Moenie Stres Nie! - Positiewe boodskappe vir...

    Alan Knott-Craig

    Suid-Afrikaners onthou toe beurtkrag in 2008 die land tot stilstand gebring het. Daar was 'n stormloop vir opwekkers en eiendom in Perth, Australi?. 'n E-pos vanaf Alan Knott-Craig wat Suid-Afrikaners herinner aan die positiewe dinge verbonde aan 'n...

  • Die Auslese - Nichts Vergessen Und Nie...


    Cia Vale ist gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund Tomas an der Akademie von Tosu City aufgenommen worden. Und obwohl die Regierung ihnen ein Medikament verabreicht hat, das alle Erinnerungen an das brutale Auswahlverfahren der »Auslese« löschen soll, hat Cia...

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  • Wann Wird Es Endlich Wieder So, Wie Es Nie...

    Meyerhoff, Joachim

    Wann Wird Es Endlich Wieder So, Wie Es Nie War

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  • e-book

    The Eternal Paddy - Irish Identity and the...

    De Nie, Michael

        In The Eternal Paddy, Michael de Nie examines anti-Irish prejudice, Anglo-Irish relations, and the construction of Irish and British identities in nineteenth-century Britain. This book provides a new, more inclusive approach to the study of Irish...

  • e-book

    Envisioning Experience in Late Antiquity and...

    Nie,Giselle De

    Our imagination reveals our experience of ourselves and our world. The late philosopher of science and poetry Gaston Bachelard introduced the notion that each image that comes to mind spontaneously is a visual representation of the cognitive and...

  • e-book

    Medical Ethics in China


    Drawing on a wide range of primary historical and sociological sources and employing sharp philosophical analysis, this book investigates medical ethics from a Chinese-Western comparative perspective. In doing so, it offers a fascinating exploration...

  • Advanced Virtual Machine Design And...

    Li,Xiao-Feng; Nie,Jiu-Tao; Wang,Ligang

    Along with the increasingly important runtime engines pervasive in our daily-life computing, there is a strong demand from the software community for a solid presentation on the design and implementation of modern virtual machines, including the Java...

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  • e-book

    Light Alloys - Metallurgy of the Light Metals

    Polmear,Ian; Jian-Feng Nie; David StJohn

    Light Alloys: From Traditional Alloys to Nanocrystals, Fifth Edition, covers the materials science, properties, manufacturing processes, and applications of key engineering metals in a single accessible volume. As use of these metals is now more...

  • e-book

    Learning from Multiple Social Networks

    Chua,Tat-Seng; Song,Xuemeng; Nie,Liqiang

    With the proliferation of social network services, more and more social users, such as individuals and organizations, are simultaneously involved in multiple social networks for various purposes. In fact, multiple social networks characterize the...

  • Made In China - Secrets Of China's Dynamic...

    Nie,Winter; Xin,Katherine; Zhang,Lily

    Insight and analysis on the strategies that have led to China's rapid economic expansion China's rapid economic growth has made it a vital market for the biggest multinational corporations, most of which have invested heavily in China. Yet those...

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  • e-book

    Integrated Power Electronic Converters and...

    Emadi,Ali; Khaligh,Alireza; Nie,Zhong

    Because of the demand for higher efficiencies, smaller output ripple, and smaller converter size for modern power electronic systems, integrated power electronic converters could soon replace conventional switched-mode power supplies. Synthesized...

  • e-book

    The Dilemma of the Moral Curriculum in a...

    Nie,Hongping Annie

    Despite the implementation of numerous reform policies, moral education in China remains problematic. This study presents a student perspective on the dilemma of the moral education curriculum in a Chinese secondary school.




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  • So Weit Wie Noch Nie


    So Weit Wie Noch Nie

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  • SC'Nes De La Vie De Province, Vol. 1 - Ursule...

    Balzac,Honoré de

    Excerpt from Scènes de la Vie de Province, Vol. 1: Ursule Mirouet, Eugénie Grandet, les Célibataires; La Muse du Departement Serait - ii convenable que son neveu ne ptit boire un verre d'eau sucrée? D'ailleurs, il n'y fera pas attention. Ton père...

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  • Gas Purification 5Ed

    Kohl & Nie

    This massively updated and expanded fifth edition is the most complete, authoritative engineering treatment of the dehydration and gas purification processes used in industry today. Of great value to design and operations engineers, it gives...

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