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  • Nápoles 1944 - Um Inglês no Labirinto...


    Graham Greene, que sabia de romance, e Luigi Barzini, que sabia de Itália, ambos recomendam 'Nápoles, 1944' como um dos melhores diários daquela época de transtorno, privações e ansiedades sobre o futuro por que passou a velha cidade e toda sua...

  • Alimento & Fé - Uma Teologia da Alimentação

    Wirzba, Norman

    Esta obra apresenta uma estrutura abrangente que nos possibilita avaliar a importância da alimentação, utilizando uma lente teológica trinitária para examinar a produção de alimentos e as atuais práticas de consumo dos sistemas alimentícios...

  • O Múltiplo Sem Um - Uma Apresentação do...

    Madarasz,Norman R.

    A filosofia produzida na França desde a Segunda Grande Guerra destacou-se por sua criação conceitual, produzindo teses inovadoras sobre a política, a percepção, o corpo e a literatura. Qual o rumo dessa maneira de fazer filosofia desde o falecimento...

  • e-book

    Norman #1

    Stan Silas

    Norman is a blue-eyed, blond-haired psychopath. He'apos;s also a little kid. And he really likes to kill people. Queen Bee of the Schoolyard, Grace, seems to have a knack for it, too. But she'apos;s nothing like Norman! He'apos;s a sicko. Grace is...

  • Um Sonho Americano - Col. L&pm Pocket


    'Um Sonho Americano' conta, na primeira pessoa, a história de Stephen Rojack, um herói de guerra condecorado, ex-congressista e um respeitado intelectual que tem seu próprio programa de televisão. Stephen é casado com uma bela e rica mulher da alta...

  • e-book

    Norman #2.1

    Stan Silas

    Norman has killed again, but this time his classmates will stop at nothing to find the psychopath among them! Are this bloodthirsty kid'apos;s killing days numbered? Or maybe he should just bump them all off one by one...

  • Dream Team 1 - Students & Workbook

    Whitney, Norman; Sharman,Elizabeth

    Dream Team is a new four-part series designed to meet the needs of students continuing English as well as those starting English for the first time. Based on extensive research, Dream Team is above all a course that is easy to use - even with large...

  • Star Team 1 ( Student's Book / Workbook /...

    Whitney, Norman; Sharman,Elizabeth

    Star Team 1 ( Student's Book / Workbook / Video-rom ) Combined Edition

  • Open Doors Workbook 1a

    Whitney, Norman

    Open Doors Workbook 1a

  • e-book

    The One-Minute Counselor for Men

    Wright,H. Norman

    Work conflicts? Rocky love relationship? Kids running wild? Noted Christian counselor Norm Wright can help! He provides concise, straightforward advice on topics you care about. Drawing on biblical wisdom, practical knowledge, and his years as a...

  • e-book

    The One-Minute Counselor for Parents

    Wright,H. Norman

    Trusted Christian counselor H. Norman Wright gives concise-and-clear answers to your questions on parenthood. Drawing on his years as a professional counselor, as well as biblical wisdom and real-life understanding, Norm helps you with issues that...

  • e-book

    'apos;I Shall Not Want'apos;


    Set in Edwardian London, this is the absorbing story of the life-long conflict between the love and ambitions of unrepentant sinner John Marco.

  • e-book

    God, I've Got a Question: Biblical Truth for...

    Merritt, James; Wright,James Norman

    James Merritt, popular pastor, author, and host of the television show Touching Lives, knows that when people wrestle with doubts, they are missing out on the security, promises, and power of Christ. Avoiding academic lingo, Merritt presents...

  • Open Doors Workbook 1

    Whitney, Norman

    Open Doors Workbook 1

  • Activate! B2 Teacher's Book 1E


    With its vibrant teen-appropriate topics. Activate! Helps you to motivate your 12 to 15 years old students and offers them exciting and stimulating exam preparation for a range of international exams.

  • Tenha um Dia Perfeito

    Peale, Norman Vincent

    Tenha um Dia Perfeito

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    One Prayer Away

    Norman-Bellamy, Kendra

    Seven years ago, Mitchell Andrews made the biggest mistake of his life. Turning to alcohol to temporarily drown out his own grief and guilt, he alienated his wife and she left him in fear of her life after Mitchell started becoming abusive. This wake...

  • e-book

    Words I Have Lived

    Peale,Norman Vincent

    Filled with Dr. Peale's favorite quotations from the Bible, Shakespeare, Socrates, Churchill, Einstein, and many others, this marvelous little volume makes a great gift for family, friends, and associates on any occasion. Topics covered include...

  • e-book

    After You Say "I Do" Devotional: Meditations...

    Wright, H. Norman

    Norm Wright, author of the bestselling Quiet Times for Couples (more than 500,000 copies sold), brings his keen insights into relationships and realistic approach to problem solving to these devotions that celebrate marriage, encourage open...

  • e-book

    Finding the Right One for You - Secrets to...

    Wright,H. Norman

    Finding the Right One for You is rich with guidelines and practical exercises developed by marriage enrichment expert and author of the bestseller Before You Say 'quot;I Do'quot; Norm Wright. Designed to help people in the process of dating make the...

  • Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned...

    Wright, H. Norman

    Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned From My Puppy

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  • I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist

    Turek, Frank; Geisler, Norman L.; Limbaugh,David

    I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist

    sob encomenda
  • Reader - Level 1 - Clifford Makes The Team

    Bridwell, Norman

    A brand-new, original Clifford early reader! It only takes a little to BE BIG! Clifford wants to play baseball with the kids, so he tries to find a bat his size: a tree, a utility pole, a pipe . . . nothing works, but in the end, the kids find a way...

    sob encomenda
  • Reader - Level 1 - Clifford's Field Day


    Classic Clifford reissued as an early reader! Clifford comes along with Emily Elizabeth for Field Day at school. The big red dog bounces through the sack race, tries to jump over the hurdles in one leap, and even helps Emily Elizabeth win a...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Honey Didn'apos;t I Tell You - Love is a...

    R. L. Norman

    Honey, Norman has a hard decision to make after his wedding was turned upside down. He was about to marry Lamont. And all of a sudden, Lamont's secret lover, Dre, jumped up and stopped the wedding. And right after that, Norman's first love, Lenny,...

  • e-book

    Before You Say"quot;I Do"quot;® Devotional -...

    Wright,H. Norman

    Christian counselor Norm Wright provides interactive questions and powerful insights to help you better appreciate each other'apos;s good qualities, discover mutual interests, and identify areas for growth. You'apos;ll find biblical wisdom and...

  • e-book

    Stone Fever - Erebus Tales, Book 1

    Norman Paul Westhoff

    In the 24th century, Canadian geologist Keltyn SparrowHawk flies to Antarctica, searching for the strategic mineral iridium. After her plane crash-lands, she and her crew are discovered by two teens from a local tribe of cattle-herders: orphan...

  • World War One - A Short History

    Stone, Norman

    The First World War was the overwhelming disaster from which everything else in the twentieth century stemmed. Fourteen million combatants died, a further twenty million were wounded, four empires were destroyed and even the victors' empires were...

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  • Fokker Dr I Aces of World War 1

    Franks,Norman; Wyngarden,Greg Van; Holmes,Tony (edt)

    Fokker Dr I Aces of World War 1

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  • e-book

    Two Moons of Earth - Where Am I?

    Norman Couse

    This is the story of John, an average man in an average town, somewhere in England, but the events that unfold, just happened to happen to John, who is cursed with the knowledge that there is more to life. Knowledge for some is a blessing, but for...

  • One Nation After Trump - A Guide For The...

    Mann, Thomas E.; Dionne, E. J.; Ornstein, Norman J.

    A call to action from three of Washington's premier political scholar-journalists, One Nation After Trump offers the definitive work on the threat posed by the Trump presidency and how to counter it.American democracy was never supposed to give the...

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  • After You Say I do Devotional

    Wright, H. Norman

    After You Say I do Devotional

    sob encomenda
  • Before You Say "i Do" Devotional

    Wright, H. Norman

    Couples are counseled how to clarify role expectations, establish a healthy sexual relationship, handle finances, and much more, as they acquire a solid understanding of how to develop a biblical relationship based on Jesus Christ and prayerfully...

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  • e-book

    Social Justice and the Hebrew Bible Volume...

    Gottwald, Norman K.

    CONTENTSPART 1: METHODS, MODELS, AND COMPARATIVE STUDIESWhat Does Sociology Have to Do with The Bible?The Bible and Economic EthicsSocial Class as an Analytic and Hermeneutical Category in Biblical StudiesSocial Class and Ideology in Isaiah 40-55: An...

  • Scholastic Reader Level 1: Clifford and the...

    Bridwell, Norman; Bridwell, Norman

    Clifford, the lovable oversized dog, has his costume picked out for the big Halloween parade, in a fun-filled easy reader with four-color illustrations. Reissue.

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  • e-book

    Honey Hush Don'apos;t Ask And I Won'apos;t...

    R. L. Norman

    After all his miss adventures of being miss understod, Norman is finally going to walk down the aisle. He is about to marry his perfect stranger; the true love of his life. But the problem is every one involved has a secret. A secret that could...

  • e-book

    The King Nobody Wanted

    Langford,Norman; 1stWorld Library

    Two thousand years ago, in the land of Palestine, the Jewish people were waiting for something to happen - or, really, were waiting for someone to come. 'When will he come?' was the question they were always asking one another. 'Will he come in...

  • Why Mahler?: How One Man And Ten Symphonies...


    A century after his death, Gustav Mahler is the most important composer of modern times. Displacing Beethoven as a box-office draw, his music offers more than the usual listening satisfactions. Many believe it has the power to heal emotional wounds...

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  • After You Say "i Do"

    Wright,H. Norman

    After You Say 'i Do'

    sob encomenda
  • Before You Say "i Do"

    Wright, H. Norman; Wright,Norman H.; Roberts,Wes

    Before You Say 'i Do'

    sob encomenda
  • I Hate To Leave This Beautiful Place

    Norman, Howard

    'The events of a single episode of Howard Norman's superb memoir are both on the edge of chaos and gathered superbly into coherent meaning . . . A wise, riskily written, beautiful book.' -- Michael Ondaatje Howard Norman's spellbinding memoir begins...

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  • e-book

    Um sonho americano

    Norman Mailer

    Um sonho americano conta, na primeira pessoa, a história de Stephen Rojack, um herói de guerra condecorado, ex-congressista e um respeitado intelectual que tem seu próprio programa de televisão. Stephen é casado com uma bela e rica mulher da alta...

  • Albatros Aces of World War I

    Franks, Norman; Holmes,Tony

    Albatros Aces of World War I

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Naval Weapons of World War One

    Norman Friedman

    Although the Great War might be regarded as the heyday of the big-gun at sea, it also saw the maturing of underwater weapons - the mine and torpedo - as well as the first signs of the future potency of air power. Between 1914 and 1918 weapons...

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