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  • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck - A...


    In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be 'positive' all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking...

  • Not The Duke's Darling - Includes A Bonus...


    New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt brings us the first book in her sexy and sensual Greycourt Series!Freya de Moray is many things: a member of the secret order of Wise Women, the daughter of disgraced nobility, and a chaperone living...

  • Not Without Laughter


    Hughes has said that the novel is semi-autobiographical, and that a good portion of the characters and setting included in the book are based on his memories of growing up in Lawrence, Kansas. Hughes has said about Not Without Laugher: I wanted to...

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  • e-book

    Not Our Kind

    Kitty Zeldis

    With echoes of Rules of Civility and The Boston Girl, a compelling and thought-provoking novel set in postwar New York City, about two women—one Jewish, one a WASP—and the wholly unexpected consequences of their meeting.One rainy morning in June, two...

  • Not Straight, Not White - Black Gay Men From...


    This compelling book recounts the history of black gay men from the 1950s to the 1990s, tracing how the major movements of the times--from civil rights to black power to gay liberation to AIDS activism--helped shape the cultural stigmas that...

  • Not Quite Poetry


    Not Quite Poetry is a book of prose, structured poetry and essays describing quantum science, random thoughts on life, friendships and art. Lastly, the words reflect upon a life without the facility of speech taken for granted by most of us.

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  • Do Not Open!

    Holub, Joan

    Learn the story of Pandora’s Box in this beautifully illustrated Level 2 Ready-to-Read retelling of the myth, from Goddess Girls author Joan Holub!When Pandora receives a shiny, gold box that says “Do Not Open!” she is so curious that she ignores the...

  • Edição antiga - Tabelionato de Notas - Teoria...

    Rodrigues,Felipe Leonardo; Ferreira,Paulo Roberto Gaiger

    A Coleção Cartórios tem por finalidade abordar o direito notarial e registral em suas espécies, que dão origem aos cartórios extrajudiciais em nosso país. Elaborada por especialistas renomados, que atuam diretamente no cotidiano das serventias, cada...

  • Not That Kind Of Girl - A Young Woman Tells...


    For readers of Nora Ephron, Tina Fey, and David Sedaris, this hilarious, poignant, and extremely frank collection of personal essays confirms Lena Dunham the acclaimed creator, producer, and star of HBO's 'Girls' as one of the brightest and most...

  • e-book

    Not to Disturb


    Behind the high walls of a mansion in Geneva a night of sinister revelry is about to begin . . .In the staff quarters, the servants led by the cool, unflappable butler are preparing for the downfall of the Baron and Baroness. Meanwhile in the attic,...

  • e-book

    Not His Type

    Cameron Allie

    Gabe Fuller never thought that the day would come when he actually desired Brooke Holter. She plagued him all throughout high school, but now that she’s determined to push him away, he realizes that she’s exactly what he’s looking for.Allowing Gabe...

  • e-book

    Not My Will / The Light in My Window Set of 2

    Arnold,Francena H.

    This two book set includes Not My Will and The Light in My Window. In Not My Will, Eleanor'apos;s secret love for Chad could mean losing her inheritance and giving up a life-long dream. Will she follow her own will or make the hard choice to submit...

  • e-book

    Do Not Forsake Me Andre Drapp - A Novel

    John W. Austin

    John, a young boy growing up in depression-era Arkansas falls in love with his high school sweetheart. They have their lives ahead of them, but a terrible accident occurs, changing them forever. After the boy reaches manhood he seems to be living his...

  • e-book

    Not Without Flowers


    A new novel from a scion of the new generation of writers in Africa. She tells the story of women in Africa: here it is misery, pain, agony , dilemmas, frustrations. She floats the reader on a world of inverted reality, which yet becomes the norm....

  • e-book

    Not the Same Sky - A novel


    By 1848 famine has ravaged Ireland, and London remains undecided about what to do. A shortage of female labour in Australia offers a kind of solution and so, over the following two years, more than 4000 Irish girls are shipped across vast oceans to...

  • e-book

    Not to Be

    Gaudet,J. Aldric

    Young prince Hamlet despairs over the death of his father and the hasty marriage of his mother to his uncle. Then his father's ghost appears and tells him he was murdered by his brother and Hamlet must avenge him. On the same day, his sweetheart...

  • e-book

    Do Not Disturb


    You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.Investigative reporter Angel Buchanan dug up a whopping surprise: The late 'Artist of the Heart' Stephen Whitney -- famous for his family values -- was the father who'd abandoned her when...

  • e-book

    Not by Sight

    Kate Breslin

    When a misguided suffragette hands a white feather of cowardice to an English spy, neither could have imagined the dangerous consequences that follow.

  • e-book

    Not Human Enough

    Kazy Reed

    Jake Reinbach is the son of vampires. He is also a high-school senior, hoping to live as normal a life as possible within the human world, but his bright purple eyes and vampire parents make him an outcast. When falsely accused of threatening a...

  • e-book

    Not Working

    Lisa Owens

    Claire Flannery has quit her job in order to discover her true vocation - only to realize she has no idea how to go about finding it. Whilst everyone around her seems to have their lives entirely under control, Claire finds herself sinking under...

  • e-book

    Not The Marrying Kind


    Sixteen years ago, world-famous artist Harriet P. Smith was the nerdiest girl at Doolittle High School, and Jake Porter was the new boy in town. Charismatic, handsome, and instantly popular, Jake was way out of her league. Harriet was shocked when he...

  • e-book

    Not That Sort Of Girl

    Wesley, Mary

    When, on the night of their wedding, Ned asks his new wife Rose to promise that she will never leave him, Rose is quick to give her aristocratic husband her word: keeping it, however, proves harder. For even on the day when she has promised to...

  • e-book

    Not Collateral Damage


    Based on news items, and my personal experience in Nepal, Not Collateral Damage offers a unique glimpse of the country. Following 6 characters from various walks of life the reader is drawn into the growing political tension of 2004 that forms the...

  • e-book

    Not Walking On Water - The Most Improbable...

    Reiley, James S.

    Waking up to the idea that there may be more to the universe than he learned in Sunday School, Paul Bradley sets off to make sense of all manner of newly discovered spiritual notions. Fortunately he is guided by another computer software guy named...

  • e-book

    Not a Sparrow Falls


    Beautiful Repackaging for New Readers

  • e-book

    Not Without Flowers


    A new novel from a scion of the new generation of writers in Africa. She tells the story of women in Africa: here it is misery, pain, agony , dilemmas, frustrations. She floats the reader on a world of inverted reality, which yet becomes the norm....

  • e-book

    Not Under the Law

    Grace Livingston Hill

    Joyce Radway walks out on her cousins and into a graveyard cover-up. But will the men trailing her ruin all chances of a new life? 

  • e-book

    Not the Best Day

    Brynn Stein

    Henry hates Christmas shopping. Hates it with a passion. But here he is, downtown shopping two days before Christmas. It would almost be bearable except for the jerk in the trapper hat and plaid scarf who keeps turning up like a bad penny, apparently...

  • e-book

    Not Just Friends


    Leaving home to go to university is an exciting phase in anyone'apos;s life. One that'apos;s full of new places, new friends, and new experiences. But Lewis is not prepared for the sudden and intense crush he develops on his out-and-proud flatmate,...

  • e-book

    Not a Line of Bull


    Cassium Jones is closing in on his fourth century mark and over the years has held many roles, from farmer to soldier to vampire enforcer. Now, he's ready to settle down in moderate relaxation...if working a cattle ranch can be considered relaxing....

  • e-book

    Not As Easy As It Looks

    Samms, Jaime

    Don Jenkins will do anything for a happy, thriving family and home, but keeping his farm going is a constant challenge. He’s always depended on Griff McAllister, his partner and first love, to support him in his work and in his need to submit in the...

  • e-book

    Not Another Bad Date


    What does a gal have to do to get a good date in this town?Adele Harris can't even begin to answer that question. She's had so many lousy dates that she's sure she's cursed. Why else would every man she goes out with suddenly act like he's lost his...

  • e-book

    Not Quite A Lady


    Irresistible ForceDarius Carsington is a spectacularly handsome rake with a rare intelligence and no heart, a man who divides his time between bedding loose-moraled women and writing scholarly papers. He finds society's 'perfect darlings' exceedingly...

  • e-book

    Not Quite A Gentleman


    Nathan Oliver, younger son of an earl, is content being a country doctor. Years ago he had worked for the Crown, but when a spy mission went awry, he left London for a simpler life. Now his world is turned upside down with the arrival of Lady...

  • e-book

    Not Always Lost

    Tegan Morris

    Life is good for Shannon Carlisle, then a single instant changes everything.Life is good for Shannon Carlisle and it seems like her high school senior year will be smooth sailing. But a terrible car accident changes that. It turns not just Shannon’s...

  • e-book

    Not Just Another War Story

    Macdowell,Wayne G

    'Not Just Another War Story' transports the reader back in time in one of the most compelling World War II stories in many years. The author masterfully weaves this story through authentic towns and places of conflict that were focal points in the...

  • e-book

    Not Paradise

    Blay,Anna Rosner

    'How do you collect the shattered pieces of a broken mirror and put them back together. without the reflections of your own fractured face leering back at you? How can you handle these jagged fragments and not suffer deep cuts that bleed?' Anna...

  • e-book

    Not Crazy, No Success

    Liu Yong

    A famous Beijing opera quote says,'quot; If you don'apos;t go crazy, you will never have big accomplishments. 'quot; This book is a collection of prose and daily sketches.

  • e-book

    Not Your Average Joe


    Reality TV just got real in this Cinderella story about a factory worker and a CEO’s son…Jennifer Wright is finishing a long shift on the assembly line at Brickman Foods when she meets her newest trainee, Jason Baxter — only that’s not his name and...

  • e-book

    Not Fade Away


    Floorboard George Gastin is part of an insurance scam to wreck a pure white, mint condition '59 Cadillac originally intended for The Big Bopper as a token of an admirer's love. But Floorboard George has other ideas and when he disappears with the car...

  • e-book

    Not Your Average Beauty

    Michelle Helliwell

    Stephen Pembroke, the Marquess of Barronsfield, believes that where his love of beauty goes, death follows. Cursed to a loveless existence, and with his legacy at stake, Stephen makes a desperate proposal of marriage to Rosalind Schofield, his...

  • e-book

    Not My Will - How Much Will Surrender Cost

    Arnold,Francena H.

    Eleanor'apos;s secret love for Chad could mean losing her inheritance and giving up a life-long dream. Will she follow her will, or make the hard choice to submit her life to Christ'apos;s leadership? Fresh new look to a classic story of love, loss,...

  • e-book

    Not a Whole Man - A Pair of Erotic Science...


    Minotaur, is about an archaeologist hired by a mysterious Greek billionaire as a spelunker to descend into one of the very deep and dark places on his property. There are mysterious secrets, thousands of years old, buried there as they go along a...

  • e-book

    Not a Prison Ship

    A.C. Ellas

    With their ship disguised as a tramp freighter, Captain Nick Steele, Astrogator Cai and the crew of Laughing Owl serve as bait to catch a pirate preying on the ships traveling the silk road. Their orders are to disable and capture the pirates so that...

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